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  1. Thanks for this and I certainly hadn't picked up on the procedure and I have read the manual! Will have to check out Like this guy.
  2. That's really fascinating and great to hear they did it like this and why. It is a shame to me that in fact very many films use very little sound shot on set, even dialogue with so much of it done as ADR. This enables great control and gets round all the problems herein2020 mentions but also makes things kind of artificial. But then cinema is probably as artificial these days as it has ever been. It is quite similar to the idea of capturing images only for post production processing and not getting them to look good when shooting. This leads to the modern obsession with a 'look' which to
  3. Good suggestion, thanks. Will check this when the camera comes back from the menders!
  4. Thing is audio people say exactly the same about video. Just think about formats and codecs - with audio there is uncompressed which is basically the same (wav or maybe aif) with just some simple varying sample rates and bit depths (but nearly always 48K 16 bit PCM) and compressed which is also main only two formats (MP4, AAC and at 48k, 320 bit). Then think about video codecs, containers, data rates, raw, V-log, progressive/interlaced, loads of resolutions, trying to match cameras blah blah blah. And cameras have their own unique formats too that you cannot edit directly! There's no compariso
  5. Yeah will persevere yet with V-Log - I need to learn about it really as I am quite ignorant of how to use it properly. I will need to work out a simple workflow for it to be useable for me but that seems possible from casual research. I like Like709 and CineLikeD though - are Noam Kroll's settings available somewhere? The flickering is on non-electronic text and can even be seen in high contrast areas generally. Here are a couple of short clips both FHD 50p 8-bit. The first shows the flickering though it is hardly noticeable on my laptop screen but is on a larger external screen (I t
  6. Thanks for the reply mercer - I have a lot to learn about V-Log I think. It might not be for me but I was drawn to it because the flickering I mentioned did not occur when I shot log. Can you set the Herz rating of the S5? I cannot find anything about that. I am PAL land so use 25 / 50p I did wonder if the problem was due to the artificial light - not fluorescent though, LED standard (modern) lightbulbs.
  7. My camera is going to be returned for fixing due to the fault mentioned above but I have another issue I wanted to ask of V-Log users. I have tried this profile but beyond the expected very flat look is it supposed to be so noisy in its raw state? When I switch to V-log profile in the camera, the image is incredibly noisy and grainy and this is really obvious, even on the monitor screen. Is this normal? Looking at tutorials online, the V-log footage does not look noisy to me at all, though the shots I took were in fairly low light but other colour profiles had very little noise in the same lig
  8. My S5 has developed a major fault, or at least I think so: the monitor screen is now upside down and no matter how I adjust the monitor display settings, the screen view never flips (I assume that 'Auto' for both default vertical and horizontal flip is the best setting but I have now tried all combinations). I can invert the vertical view by setting the flip to On rather than Auto and it changes to the correct orientation but then no flipping occurs by default. Basically the monitor is stuck in no flipping mode, and upside down. I think it happened after I (correctly disconnected the came
  9. Ha, yes interesting point. Tbf it actually works pretty well until you want the tracking kind and then it is variable. Fortunately for me I rarely need to use this and was aware when I bought the camera. The challenge for me at the moment is not so much focussing but what to focus on - the depth of field variations are pretty good but the small screen / viewfinder is too small and so actually being totally clear what you are doing is problematic. An external screen just isn't practicable for me. Much of this is getting used to the screen though, and being more careful!
  10. Thank you that has clarified things a lot. One thing to add - the dedicated button 'AF ON' on the back is very handy I find (instead of the touch screen version) and also the this one-shot focus still works in scenario three with the lens switched to MF.
  11. This will seem like a stupid question but I cannot get the combination of menu actions / button settings right to get the press half shutter to focus in video mode - how do you set it up? It works in the other modes (e.g. M) but not in video - nothing happens.
  12. I mean audio inputs, not outputs above!
  13. Yes, audio is as much of a discipline as video and of course normally it is done by a dedicated person, so having to do both is a tall order for anyone. Plus what you have to do is taxing of itself - having to pick up intelligible and clear speech from various individuals, ambience etc. It is one of those truisms too that bad sound will be rejected by the public much more readily and quickly than dodgy images. I don't think the sound on the Panasonic module is bad btw, I just have a much lower tolerance as a sound person. I suspect most people would not notice what I do. One test you could do
  14. Sorry no experience with the GH5. This has been discussed in this thread though, somewhere! The problem with the focus peaking is that sometimes you just can't see it on the screen.
  15. One thing I am trying to work out is what settings data is actually recorded with video and can be displayed on playback. By default the ISO is displayed when you play back videos but not the f-stop. When learning the look / limitations of the camera as I am at the moment this would be really handy. So I am wondering if there is any way to get it to do this but can't find anything in the manual, yet.
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