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  1. I think at this point you are focusing too much on things at the pixel peeping level that won't matter to most people. 60FPS is pretty much the new standard and will probably look identical between the S1H, S5, and GH5 as well as most others that shoot 4K 60FPS when all else is equal (DR. Color Science, etc). I have always considered the high frame rate stuff where it does it in camera to be a bit of an exotic workaround that will never yield the same results as doing it the traditional way by increasing the framerate in the file. Also, are you planning on using the new body 100% for vid
  2. Don't forget the S5 has a mini HDMI port vs the S1H with the full HDMI port so if you use an external monitor a lot that could be pretty important. For me personally, the S line never interested me until the S5 due to the cost of the bodies and the lenses. With the S5's reduced cost and the EF lens adapter, my two main reasons for not considering the S line were removed. For the S1H specifically, I was never sold on the fan either. Of course it prevents overheating when shooting video, but for hybrid photo/video shoots I felt like too much dust and moisture could get pulled into the body via t
  3. Yes that's strange. I shot 4K60FPS 10bit 4:2:0 for 60 seconds straight, then switched the dial to the M position and immediately shot 10 images....no delay at all.
  4. Ok, after reading your post I just tested that as well. I shot video then hit the stop button and immediately started taking pictures and it was still instant. I still think this may be the type of memory cards that are being used. I've had my cameras go haywire if the memory card is too slow or there's something about the format that they don't like. I have attached a picture of the exact memory cards that I use, I also always format them in camera right before a shoot. These are the same cards in my C200, GH5, and 5DIV....I've never had a single issue with them.
  5. @MrSMW @elgabogomez I stick to the 180 degree rule most of the time especially outdoors. To my eyes if you are filming pretty much anything with a lot of motion in the image it looks almost like the image is stuttering when the shutter speed is too high. Where I do ignore it however is on the opposite end. With the GH5 I did everything possible to not go over ISO 1600...so if the lens was wide open and it still wasn't enough light I would try dropping the shutter speed to match the frame rate to get a tiny bit more light before having to increase the ISO. This trick worked for me
  6. That would make sense. The part I don't get though is why e stabilization in $3K mirrorless cameras is nowhere near as good as GoPro's Hypersmooth. I get the GoPro's sensor is tiny by comparison (maybe that is the full explanation), or maybe it is too costly to risk the R&D costs needed to make it work with no guarantee customers will buy into the system just because of the feature. I can see this being the next area where cell phones start to overtake dedicated cameras. They can already livestream, email, record pictures and video at the touch of a button, etc. They also already hav
  7. Yes I'm reaching the same conclusion...so much for an "alliance" it seems like Sigmas on the Panasonics are worse than Sigmas on the Canons. The behavior that you describe switching from stills to video is interesting; I don't have that at all, it is instant for me. The only way to know it changed is some things on the display change. It does seem to freeze a bit when I hit the playback button but that's it. Also, I haven't observed any writing delay, what memory cards are you using? Mine were formatted in the camera and they are the Sandisk Extreme PRO 170MB/s class 10 256GB cards.
  8. As I have used the S5 more, I have discovered a few more things that I like and dislike: THE GOOD - BASE / RANGE Zebras - There is a pretty cool feature in the S5 which is the BASE/RANGE option which lets you set a zebra pattern based on F stop which maps to a VLOG percentage. So from now on when exposing for people with no gray card I'm going to turn that one on until there are zebras on the people's faces which means they are properly exposed. - Vertical Video - I found by accident that the S5 even does vertical video. So if you are shooting something that you onl
  9. I'm still hoping for something like that too. GoPro's Hypersmooth and DJI's RockSteady technologies are pretty incredible. A lot of the mirrorless cameras might already have the necessary technology since most of them have an electronic level, I'm assuming that's tied to a gyroscope. Of course this will never happen, but if they all collaborated on an open standard metadata file (kind of like the subtitle srt standardized format) and NLEs got on board as well, it would be awesome to be able to just import the footage and the metadata file and dial in the level of stabilization in real time in
  10. I've only got one question...does it return to center after a pan? I was a DJI fan after using their drones, but the Ronin S and their refusal to fix a rudimentary feature of any gimbal has made me feel the same way about them that I feel about Canon deliberately crippling the R5 and R6's video features.
  11. According to the guide that I linked, it says there is information up to 109 IRE when shooting VLOG. In DR I've had the wave form off the Rec709 scale and it let me bring it back without clipping, so I figure 90% or 95% leaves me plenty of headroom. 85% sounds too low to me. I think the main thing is to get the subject/talent properly exposed.
  12. What is your reference for that? Everything I've read talks about 42% for middle gray with a color chart but good luck using that at an event or a hybrid shoot. Every guide I have read is also always vague when it comes to scenes that should be dark. This is one of the best guides I've found and it is for cameras with 14 stops of dynamic range (like the S5) and VLOG. This guide says to set the zebras at 90%. https://na.panasonic.com/ns/253602_V-Log_Excerpt.pdf After watching a few videos though, I do have a new strategy for quickly getting exposure for the two toughest types of scen
  13. To me it looks like it does, if you are in VLOG and the top of the WFM starts going flat that's how I tell its clipping. I also set 95% zebras which I use after a quick WFM check because the WFM is so large you can't shoot with it turned on for many shots.
  14. I completely loathe my Ronin-S as well, in fact, I posted so much on the DJI forum about its complete failure to return to center that I got banned there; no other gimbal on the planet has this problem and DJI completely refuses to acknowledge or fix it; in fact no other gimbal that DJI makes including their drones, the Ronin M/MX, Ronin etc does this......but that's a different rant for a different day. It is without a doubt the most annoying piece of gear that I own. I don't like the Crane either; the shape with the permanent low slung handle just doesn't appeal to me; the gim
  15. I already took it back......the whole situation was unbearable for me, I live in a very hot humid climate which is like that 8 months out of the year; I can't wonder before every shoot if the camera will make it through the shoot. I did try pulling the battery once while it was on and changing the date just to see if the timer would add time...but I probably did it in the wrong order or something so it did not work for me. For my particular situation the R6 simply was not fit for anything but photography. I now own the Panasonic S5 and so far it is amazing in nearly every way. In case yo
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