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  1. You will definitely want to look into the USB-C power options for that. Many options out there.....power bricks, vmount batteries, etc. The S5 is great because it uses so little power that you do not need a PD rated USB power source.
  2. Welcome to the S5 family, the S5 IMO is definitely a big step up from the GH5 in terms of lowlight and even image quality. The dual native ISO alone puts it in a different class from the GH5. With my GH5 I was having to shoot with 0.95 lenses to try to overcome its lowlight shortcomings. I personally never use a battery grip when shooting video, I like to be able to quickly go from handheld to gimbal, and battery grips don't play well with gimbals (makes the camera top heavy and harder to balance). Also, your cage options are typically much more limited with a battery grip attached. What I found with the S5 was the Panasonic batteries lasted so long I rarely worried about battery life. For long form event work I used a V-Mount battery and the USB-C port, this setup gave me about 8hrs of filming time. In between shooting stationary I set up my rig to be able to quickly grab the camera off the V-Mount rig and go handheld with the internal battery. You can check out my different rigging setups here. I will admit I finally moved on to the C70 because the lack of CAF with the S5 and EF lenses finally got to me, but it is still a fantastic camera with an incredible feature list. I still miss the S5's IBIS, aspect ratio guide lines, and level guide. Even the VLOG was a real joy to grade.
  3. That could definitely be an option, I guess I am used to Canon's integrated grips which always use a larger single battery vs two of the same smaller batteries. All of Canon's add-on grips use two of the smaller batteries. Not sure what Sony or Nikon does.
  4. I think it would be cheaper for them to continue as they do now, body without a grip but offer an add on grip, Panasonic's camera division doesn't seem exactly flush with cash right now and not everyone wants a grip. To me offering an add-on grip is a perfectly acceptable compromise. Also, the main benefit of an integrated grip is the larger battery, which is also a downside; now you need multiple chargers and two battery systems if you have one with the grip and one without. With an add-on grip it uses the same batteries.
  5. My vote is with @webrunner5 but for me a product can reach a point to where it is so undependable that it is actually unusable. Pulsing is impossible to get rid of in post and it was also impossible to predict ahead of time when it would happen so to me that's the definition of both unusable and undependable. TBH IMO most AF is somewhat undependable, but the GH5's and S5's CAF were at the point to where for me they were so undependable that they did fall into the unusable category. My C70 on the other hand its AF is also somewhat undependable (just like every other CAF system that I've tried), but it is predictable enough for me to still consider it usable.
  6. I would still buy the one that I have now if I had to buy one tomorrow: the EVO II 6K. Yes the Nano is better in low-light, but where I live 10-20mph sustained winds are common and the smaller drones can't handle that kind of wind. I would rather a drone that I can fly back in the wind than one that is better at low light. I shot this video last year showcasing its abilities. I left DJI due to its very invasive data collection practices and geofencing.
  7. That's my point, when shooting in FF mode with the S1 you are using the full 6K sensor's worth of photosites to create the 4K image so there would be less noise than when using the S35 mode on the S1 which drops the photosites in use to only an 8MP region of the sensor. With the C70 it is never oversampling, so the number of photosites per MP stays the same regardless of it is in S35 mode or S16 mode.
  8. I think the way the S1 crops in explains why there is more noise.....the photosite to resolution ratio does change in the scenario you described. In FF mode it is using an oversampled 6K image and the full sensor to produce a 4K image so there are 6K worth of photosites being used to produce the smaller image which means the noise will be less than when you crop in where you are using less of the sensor but still creating a 4K image. In that scenario yes, I can definitely see where noise would increase. I wouldn't be surprised if the oversampling is turned off completely and only the S35 (8MP) worth of photosites is used. On the C70 it would be a different story because the photosite to resolution ration stays the same; in S35 mode the full 8MP sensor is being used and a 4K image is produced; in S16 mode the crop exactly matches 2K so a 2K image is produced. Now if the S16 mode let you record in 4K that's where the noise would increase because now the photosite to resolution ratio changed. Of course I could be completely wrong and the noise could still increase noticeably in the C70 in crop mode, but on paper at least it seems like it should remain constant when looking at the fact the photosite to resolution ratio does not change. The following video was a pretty interesting test of the S1 from a crop mode to noise relationship. That is a pretty fascinating analysis. Of course I was already aware of how important getting the exposure as perfect as possible in camera is, but their explanation of other sources of noise and the randomness of light itself definitely sheds more light on the issue. Maybe the oversampling process itself adds noise to the image. I think it all goes full circle...the only real way to know if the C70 specifically has more noise in S16 mode is to test it. At the moment I still think it is a 50:50 chance. Another question is....is there any camera out there that doesn't have increased noise in crop mode?
  9. Oh I would never do that just to test the camera, I just like shooting waterfalls since there are none where I live; nearest waterfall is probably a 10hr drive. I should have better worded my response. Waterfalls are where I have seen compressed codecs fall apart the fastest so if I had a chance to shoot a waterfall I think that's where the data rate for the codec would be the highest.....so to me that would be the best real world test of the RAW LT data rates using a subject that I actually shoot from time to time vs using the monitor setup. As far as actually testing the codec specifically, my way of testing it is just getting out there and shooting. For the first few paying gigs I will just keep a V90 in one of the slots just like I did for XF-AVC. To me, sure in a controlled test environment it may be possible to get it to buffer overflow using the monitor test, but if it never does so in the real world shooting the projects that I shoot which is not fast action or that much difference from frame to frame then for my purposes my setup meets my needs.
  10. I guess I just don't understand why that would be. If you are using the same number of photosites on the sensor for a given resolution how could there be more noise since you are not increasing the gain when cropping in? It would make more sense to me if say the native ISO increased when switching to the S16 mode, but without an increase in gain how is there an increase in noise? Maybe the S1 line skips when in cropped mode or some maybe some kind of upscaling is occurring which decreases the image quality or maybe its circuits are just more noisy when handling the crop mode. But with the C70 in cropped mode and RAW there is no line skipping or upscaling, it is just using a smaller region of the sensor and the native ISO does not change. It would be very interesting to see someone perform a noise test for the C70 in the cropped vs S35 mode. That is true, I do need to do more testing, my favorite test is a waterfall where nearly every pixel changes from one frame to the next. I don't have the patience to do the whole computer monitor stills thing 🙂 I am not a very good tester in general, I'd much rather be out shooting than testing. I work through the basics then get out there and shoot. For the work that I do, what comes out of the C70 is good enough for me. I agree though, the back screen always looks perfect and I have yet to find a LUT that can reproduce that look in post. There is a great YT video that I posted earlier in the thread where he went through many of the available LUTs and showed the results. I ended up going with the Buttery LUT for my Rec709 workflow, it looks the most natural to me and gets me the closest to where I want to be.
  11. That is a good point, I haven't looked at the cropped modes at all except when testing crop sensor lenses. BTW in cropped mode APS-C lenses work fine so that opens up many more options for cheap lenses when combined with the straight through adapter or speedbooster. I don't think cropped mode would affect its lowlight capabilities; sure, it is using less of the sensor, but it is also producing a lower resolution image so the pixel density is the same. I think the bigger question would be if the cropped FOV would be wide enough to still be useable. Cropped mode with RAW LT combined with my APS-C Sigma 18-35 F1.8 and the speedbooster dropping that to F1.4 could be an interesting combination for shooting RAW in lowlight for something like a wedding reception.
  12. I tested out the new C70 firmware today and shot in Cinema RAW LT at 30FPS. On a whim, I directed the RAW footage to record to my V30 card and it actually recorded fine. I just shot a few seconds of footage to test out playback on my editing system and to see if my SD cards could handle it. I definitely think my 1TB SandDisk Extreme Pro cards are rock solid, it was almost comical seeing 411 min of recording time available when recording to the 1TB card in RAW LT. When I tested RAW LT at 60FPS though it buffer overflowed immediately. So my storage concerns were definitely unwarranted; this camera, despite its faults is really turning into a rock solid workhorse for me. Below is a quick table that I put together to show the codecs that I care about and their recording times. SanDisk Extreme Pro 1TB V30 Canon RAW LT -> 29.97FPS -> Recording Time 422min Canon XF-AVC Long GOP -> 29.97FPS -> Recording Time 852min Canon XF-AVC Long GOP -> 59.97FPS -> Recording Time 524min ProGrade 256GB V90 Canon RAW ST -> 29.97FPS -> 68min Canon RAW LT -> 29.97FPS -> Recording Time 105min Canon RAW LT -> 59.97FPS -> Recording Time 52min Canon XF-AVC Long GOP -> 29.97FPS -> Recording Time 213min Canon XF-AVC Long GOP -> 59.97FPS -> Recording Time 131min Also, the Canon RAW LT at 29.97FPS seems to have a bitrate of 322Mb/s which is a data rate of 40MB/s, which is only half the 80MB/s that my SanDisk V30 card registered during its tests so I should be pretty safe with it. I will definitely keep the ProGrade cards in my bag, but it looks like for 90% of my work I am fine with keeping two 1TB SanDisk Pro cards in the camera with it set to dual slot recording. If I shoot a project that requires raw footage I will probably just use two ProGrade cards, not worth the headache of trying to remember which footage gets recorded to where depending on framerate.
  13. I wouldn't mind a built in grip for photography but would not want it for video. I have a grip for my 5DIV but for video I add cages, handles, etc. and need to go from handheld to gimbal pretty often so the extra bulk from an integrated grip would not work for my needs. For photography and the type of work I shoot a grip is essential since I shoot mostly portrait orientation and the extra buttons in portrait mode really help out; not to mention of course the extra battery life.
  14. That does sound like the best combination. I never use IBIS for walking, anything that needs more than simple hand holding and I put the camera on a gimbal, tripod, or monopod.
  15. I am hoping its not their "Going out of Business" sale....there's always that possibility.
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