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  1. I would be concerned as well if Sony really was the only high volume high end sensor maker around. Look at Panasonic...strictly conjecture but I love a good conspiracy theory and I truly think Sony has told Panasonic they can only use their sensors if they stick with DFD.....no other explanation makes sense. So imagine Sony waiting a few yrs until all of Canon's sensor production capabilities are gone then they slap some onerous restriction on Canon's sensors. Of course every bit of this is wildly speculative and as outsiders we truly have no clue what is really going on but its st
  2. There is a gap in NVIDIA's GPU acceleration specifically when it comes to H.265 and H.264 and 4:2:2 encoding. If you look closely at their supported GPU acceleration matrix, 4:2:2 is not listed anywhere; which is strange because 4:4:4 is supported. I believe the AMD story is the same. https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-and-decode-gpu-support-matrix-new What is weird is that even the RTX3080 is not listed as supporting GPU acceleration for 4:2:2 yet @ntblowz is able to edit the footage. I have to guess that the RTX3080 is somehow decoding/encoding the footage although the offic
  3. For me the biggest problem with proxies is time. I am already competing in a race to the bottom to get customers as it is, they are not going to pay me extra to spend extra time creating proxies or editing impossible to edit footage. I know you can just start the process and walk away then return when the proxies are completed, but that is still taking up your workstation's time, affecting your power bill, etc...all for what? 4:2:2 vs 4:2:0 the difference which is imperceptible to the customer? Now if you work in the space where customers have budgets that include the additional cos
  4. I think everything comes down to cost and time. If it would have cost them more to make their own or take so long that they could not meet their production timelines then it would make sense to outsource. We still don't even know if it is true and to what extent Sony is even involved. Maybe Sony can more efficiently mass produce the sensor that Canon designed or maybe there was a patent problem that could be overcome by partnering with Sony...who knows. Now if Panasonic would just partner with Canon to implement DPAF...... At the end of the day it's all about money; stranger partner
  5. The Panasonics use Sony sensors so even if this is true its not the end of the world. I would still take the S5 over any Sony camera any day so if the R3 has a Sony sensor it would make for interesting table talk but the image quality should still be able to stand on its own.
  6. The question though is if you can record to the internal card and output a clean HDMI signal to an external recorder at the same time. The R6 does not let you do this.
  7. I am not sure...the R6 deliberately disables this capability. If you try to record clean HDMI out it disables internal recording. But if the R5 does allow this and you did configure it that way...it would defeat the purpose of using the recorder to reduce overheating and the internal card would not be ProRes not to mention your recording time would also now be limited to the internal storage card's size vs the larger SSD in the recorder. To me true dual video recording is no loss in functionality and the exact same codec used in both copies. But yes, if you are as paranoid as I am about h
  8. The S5 really shines here.....at 4000ISO with a 50mm F1.4 I've been able to shoot clean footage using nothing but practicals. Throw in a hotshoe mounted Falcon Eyes F7 and I can even shoot F4.5 with clean blacks.
  9. Oh I agree 100%, use whatever works for you; but being forced to buy/use a recorder to overcome a camera's shortcomings is a pretty poor excuse of a camera if you ask me. Now using a recorder just because that's the way you rig is one thing @Andrew Reid listed all of the same reasons that I have for not using a recorder. One additional downside that Andrew did not mention is you still only get a single storage device for your footage. If that SSD gets corrupted or fails then you lose all of your footage. With my cameras, they all provide dual slot video recording so I also get redundanc
  10. Actually that is the only thing that makes sense to me with the R6....they used the 1DX3 sensor. Which sounds fantastic...get the sensor from a $6KUSD camera and only pay $2500USD for it....20MP even makes sense if the R6 turned out to be a lowlight beast. But of course we all know how that actually turned out. This is my second biggest pet peeve, with my first being no XLR adapter options. But yes....you are correct, the last thing Canon wants users to do is use their mirrorless camera line for professional video work. They want you to buy the R6 as a B photography camera, the
  11. It does sound pretty interesting, they even mentioned the hotshoe would now support additional accessories which may mean an XLR module somewhere in its future. My 5DIV has never had it's battery grip removed so I can see the R3 possibly finally replacing my 5DIV for photography since with the battery grip I would imagine they are about the same size; they are clearly not trying to oversell its video capabilities (unlike what they did with the R5) and I am clearly not trying to get too excited about them either now that Canon's strategy makes it obvious that they will do everything in their
  12. No way! I remember when Apple made the news over filing a lawsuit against RED but it was vague and didn't have many details at the time. Had no idea they already lost the case and it was over RAW....talk about stifling innovation....its such a BS patent, but anyways, I digress. It's pretty clear Canon has some kind of secret deal with RED but their CRAW Light data rates are still too high for me, maybe the R3 will offer something more compressed for 4K.
  13. According to CR, the R3 will get internal RAW and CLOG3 as well. I still don't understand why no one has taken RED to court and sued them out of business for that patent. I've read a few legal opinions that say it is unenforceable but no one feels like paying for the legal battle.
  14. I have always felt the EOS R was nothing more than a stopgap to stop the Sony bleeding while Canon prepared their mature line of cripple hammered EOS mirrorless cameras. With the EOS R they shoved everything they could into the body and tied it all to the 5DIV sensor and threw it out the door to hope it sticks. The EOS R then gave them enough breathing room to really sit back and figure out how they could screw the consumer at each price point and I think they executed that plan perfectly. The big selling point that piqued my interest was the IDX3 sensor in a far cheaper body....but
  15. @Video Hummus @wolf33d The R5 just wasn't a consideration for me; mainly because even with the price it still had no XLR input options (the S5 offers an XLR module) no dual slot video recording (I might have been able to come to live without it if everything else was perfect), and I don't know where you live but I live in FL USA. A typical summer day is 90F+ with humidity at 100%.....its been so hot here even my C200 with the fan on showed an overheat warning a few times. I simply could not believe the R5 would not overheat here. In my testing of the R6....outdoors taking a few stills an
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