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  1. In case anyone is interested...DR 17.0 just came out of beta. You can read about the announcement here: https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=135371 I have been using it since the first beta and it really is a good upgrade from 16; still quirky in some ways and still buggy in others but definitely worth it.
  2. My 20-60mm is gathering dust after using it once while I waited for the EF adapter. It was just too slow for me on the long end. If I ever switch to L mount lenses the 20mm end might be interested as long as its daylight. I thought the exact same thing when I read it. I really like 24mm on the wide end and I also really like F1.4 when there is no light or I'm shooting detail shots; so this lens is interesting but falls right outside of what I need both in speed and in FOV. Right now my favorite 3 lenses on my S5 are the Canon EF 24mm F2.8, the Canon 24-105mm F4.0 L, and the Sigm
  3. I doubt they will...Panasonic wants to sell native lenses; Sigma also wants to sell Sigma lenses and their L Mount cameras, so no one has any incentive to assist in adding CAF for EF lenses. Also, not sure how true it is, but I read somewhere that due to the rapid pulsing that DFD uses to achieve focus lock, EF lenses aren't designed to support this focusing method continuously which could be another reason why there is currently no CAF support for EF lenses on Panasonic bodies.
  4. Well my .02 is I stopped using LUTS for primaries grading for the S5 and feel like my footage is now better than before. LUTS always seemed to do things to the footage that I had no way of knowing what exactly they did with no good way to get back whatever was lost. The C200 is a different story and I cannot match the Canon CLOG3 to Rec709 LUT so I still use that for primaries grading for the C200's footage. For the S5 I always shoot in VLOG 10bit and use the following workflow in Davinci Resolve as my starting point for all clips: I create 3 Nodes (Primaries, Curves, FalseColor)
  5. No, this is a nato rail, it creates a clamping surface for other accessories: https://www.amazon.com/Smallrig-Release-Safety-Spring-Scarlet/dp/B00EVG3M68
  6. I use a nato rail to connect to the camera cage then the handle's coldshoe to connect the monitor and wireless lav equipment. My particular top handle has two cold shoes. https://www.amazon.com/SMALLRIG-Camera-Anti-Off-Designed-Spanner/dp/B07X1QKB1Z/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=smallrig+top+handle+wooden&qid=1612396679&sr=8-1
  7. Top handles usually have a mount on them, you just need to figure out what mounting options your top handle has. Mine have enough mounts for two more pieces of gear once the handle is attached. I typically attach the monitor to the front mounting point and the Sennheiser receiver to the other. If you look at the link I sent it will show you how the monitor can be mounted to the top handle.
  8. The instant sharing part is a very important piece of the puzzle. When I am doing a photo shoot there are more pictures of the model on her Instagram page from her cell phone during the shoot than I am going to deliver for the whole session and the model spends more time trying to set up her phone for behind the scenes footage than she does listening to my directions. Also, I always say, thanks to cell phones the expectation is for quantity, not quality and an Instagram filter to fix it in 2s vs me spending hrs in Photoshop and Lightroom refining every detail. People don't care anymore i
  9. I use them nearly daily; they are a great relatively inexpensive way to increase the production value of a project. That being said, many people overdo it or end up with long boring drone videos that only other drone pilots would want to watch. To me a few seconds here and there to tell more of the story or to set up for a transition is all that's really needed. Also, living in FL, they are invaluable for boat and ocean footage when it is needed.
  10. I for one have never delivered stills from video. I work pretty heavily in the fashion and modeling industry and stills from video isn't even remotely comparable to the type of quality that my clients expect. It would be great actually if I could deliver stills from the video but the difference is too great at least for what I do. Real estate is another area that I shoot and its definitely not possible there. The main difference for my particular use case is the extensive lighting setups that I use for photography that would not work for video. I think now that we are in the cellphone era
  11. I did a pretty comprehensive thread on the add-ons that I put on my camera. I use cages with all of my cameras setup for video. Here is the link to my thread where I posted my different setups. At a minimum I go with a removable top handle, tripod plate, and side handle. For me, I'm always adding something to the camera; wireless audio transmitters, XLR modules, directional mic, gimbal, monopod, rails, batteries, etc. So a cage is critical for me. Also, I actually like the feel of the cage when I am shooting handheld, it adds weight to the camera and size so it feels better to me than w
  12. I have the C200 with the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 lens, here is a sample shot in low light at ISO800 4K30FPS 4:2:0 8bit LongGOP. I haven't had any problems with noise or saturation out of the C200. Remember all LUTs are just meant to get you close, you still need to use your color grading NLE and tools of choice to finish developing the image. For the attached sample image, I did not add any saturation. Also, I tend to slightly ETTR until the highs show a little hot in the WFM then pull down the Lift in post to lower the black point. It is a balancing act though, I only ETTR if I can get away with
  13. I recently picked up the Autel EVO II Pro 6K after having flown nothing but DJI drones since 2014. DJI's geofencing system kept becoming increasingly intrusive until 2wks ago when it suddenly thought my Mavic Pro was in a no fly zone and force landed it into the ocean. I had never even heard of Autel before this incident but after the incident I never want to own another DJI drone so after a lot of research I ended up buying the Autel EVO II 6K. THE BAD Most of the things on this list really aren't that bad, in fact if it weren't for DJI the Autel would far exceed my expectatio
  14. Yes, I have a lot of gripes about the Ronin S but I actually tested the C200 on it with the Sigma 18-35mm and it balanced it with no problems; so it definitely is incredibly strong. I guarantee you that the S5 with the Rokinon 10mm F2.8 EF-S + MC-21 is far lighter than your current setup. I'm looking forward to testing this setup on my next real estate video shoot.
  15. I shoot nearly exclusively hand held, on a gimbal, or on a monopod; I hardly ever use a tripod. The flip out screen is so useful it was the sole reason I did not seriously consider the S1 when it came out; I had gotten too used to the GH5's flip out screen. I have the Ronin S gimbal and for low shots it is a lifesaver, handheld is even better and even on a monopod when you are crammed into a corner somewhere and have to raise the camera above the crowd the flip out screen is great then too. I never use an external monitor for any of my cameras except the C200 when it is locked down on a t
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