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  1. Really? Not sure why you are so aggressive? You can make any ratio out of a square sensor but not the inverse. It allows also auto horizon level, better stabilization and more anamorphic support too but according to you I’m the only one interested in the world in this but yet Gopro hero 11, 11 mini and 12 have a 8:7 sensor, Insta360 go 2 and 3 have a 1:1 sensor… https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/features/i-think-gopro-hero-11-blacks-87-sensor-is-the-future-of-smartphone-photography The new Black magic phone app let you film landscape by keeping the phone portrait a square sensor would be even better and so on… But honestly why are you attacking me? Having a bad day? This place is getting worse by the day… call me ignorant and arrogant because I asked a feature in a forum that some companies are already implementing…. wow
  2. We are also talking about photo either from video or directly as photo. On top of social media, a lot of publications, books or photobooks have portrait format so I don't agree with your assessment. Just one example the hockey team that I cover wanted a vertical photo for their year book and also an horizontal poster for the vip area of one of the most iconic photo we did. It was a live action no time to rotate bla bla. Square sensor problem would be solved. As it was a 45Mpix photo I could crop vertically for the year book cover. Plus what about anamorphic... stabilization, auto horizon level so many application for a square sensor. Not everybody just do films....
  3. iPad with iPadOS 17 and USB-C supports UVC so you can use them as monitor with a cheap hdmi-usb-c dongle. Will iPhone 15 support this too this is the question…
  4. From a 8K you get a portrait 3:4 image of almost 14 Mpixels, a vertical 9:16 video slightly above 4k. From a 45 Mpixels 3:2 photo you get a 3:4 22.5 Mpixels portrait one. For my uses cases I rarely take pictures in portrait mode as I can give two versions instead of one by shooting landscape. For the video I never shot vertically as most vertical video are for social media anyway and 4k is more than adequate. I found framing in post vertical video it gives me more control. Btw I hate vertical video but I'm just too old 🙂 Never the less why no 3:2 open gate RAW !?! Or although I understand is much more complex why no square sensors (I know then square EVF, square LCD, incompatibility with many lenses etc...). Gopro and Insta started to get this right in some of their cameras...
  5. I saw that it has one big flaw for me it needs a battery and is a Sony battery that I have none. So one more charger, set of batteries, etc. Would have had power by USB also I would have brought it… Maybe as on the iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C there will be more elegant solutions…
  6. I also from time to time intercut to (R5, R5c) iPhone footage, you can spot it but most of the audience does not even notice. I even intercut 360 reframed content that is even more lower quality. But is more important to get the shot. As you said not everywhere is easy to be there with a R5 type of rig. I also started to record with the iPhone on top of the R5c as I tend to use really long lenses in the 300mm to 600mm range so I can have a second view much wider with the iPhone (77mm). I have a 13 Pro Max and contemplating a move to the 15 Pro Max for 3 reasons: 120mm instead of 77mm, satellite emergency (I can skip the Garmin and its subscription) and the most important for me the workflow as the lighting (non really lighting speed 🙂 ) is a huge pita. Hopefully with direct SSD/CFexpress reader support I can record directly or quickly copy to an external storage. I use to use Filmic Pro but is now a robbery and also the UI imo was a bit cumbersome especially when I'm in hectic places so I went back to the normal camera app. I just installed the Blackmagic one and it seems ok but I need to test it out more. Overall I truly hate filming with the iPhone but it get the job done when it would be hard to have a bigger camera. Btw my R5 in 8K RAW never overheated but I had once the iPhone on top in 4k 25fps overheating and shutting down 🙂 It would also be cool if you could use it directly as a wired monitor..... but for Apple is too much to ask...
  7. I have an iPhone 13 pro max and I some time use video that I intercut with my R5c and R5, is better than gopro and co imo but I really hate the shooting experience due to the internal storage and slow transfer speed and hard to manage file system..... also it does not keep the focal length selected e.g. 3x. I used iFilmic in the past, imo also not relly great, but now with the new subscription is a robbery. The new on is intriguing if you can really shoot to an external SSD or maybe even a CFexpress or SD reader... this would be good. I also hope that with the USB-C transferring video to a pc will be much faster and reliable. When I shoot athletes with long lenses I mount the iPhone on top of the flash shoe so I have a "safety always in focus version" and a more wide shot too, but the 77mm is still too short, I feel that 120mm is a good focal length for this. So in one pass I get 400mm/500mm and 120mm.
  8. gt3rs

    GoPro Hero12

    Probably the most underwhelming release in gpro history. This should have been a free firmware. Ripping off customers… Gopro really needs a new leadership.
  9. gt3rs

    GoPro Hero12

    1 2 3 … ready fo the next Gopro disappointment. It seems a HW and Firmware fix of the Hero 11 issues but of course they will introduce new issues.
  10. I don't want another device just another Rode RX on my second camera. If I have the RX sending TC to Deity or similar I cannot send the audio to the camera... a dual RX would make it much more simpler. I don't want an additional set of devices. 2 TX, 2 RX, 2 Cameras a common scenario.
  11. As far as I could see you can have only one receiver, you can jam sync a camera, move to the next and so on but you cannot have 2 receivers at the same time.
  12. I agree with you, classical youtube non sense, yes is not a professional time code system but for 400$ you get time coded 2 x 32 bit recording, really nothing to complain about. Would be cool if in the future they would support additional receivers to sync time code across cameras instead of jam sync.
  13. There was a thread a few months ago claiming that RF lenses were not a step forwards compared to their EF equivalents, happy now to see that I'm not the only one seeing the improvements and value. Having said this adapted EF lenses works so well that people can skip RF altogether either by using their collection or by buying quite discounted used EF lenses.
  14. You are right that is far from a scientific test, especially when they do not publish the AF settings that they are using. Btw the use case of people facing away is something that improved a lot with the latest firmware the video was made before the new fw. The stabilization test is a wired one either you mount both cameras on the same bracket or is not really scientific.... is even a different framing..... As I said multiple times the Z9 seems a really good camera, so it make sense to learn and test both cameras before investing.
  15. Yes, it has mymenu. You can also assign a button to change the S&F framerate quicky, but it does not work for me as I normally go from 8k RAW to 4k 120 10bit and back.
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