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  1. No 32bit float although it maybe implemented in the future or maybe not. https://www.rode.com/blog/all/Wireless-GO-II-On-Board-Recording-and-Audio-Export-Modes-Explained 32 bit float export is useless at the moment imo is there just to confuse or marketing
  2. gt3rs

    R5 vs R6

    In general I prefer the EF lens as the vND adapter is just too good to pass, plus you can buy some good ones "cheap" on the used market. I have the RF 35 1.8 (mostly for is compactness so I can keep it the jacket pocket) and the RF 70-200 2.8 (my EF 70-200 had an accident and the weight/size of the new one was too hard to pass), If the RF 70-200 F4 would have had a tripod collar would have been maybe even a better choice. I don't do stuff on sound sensitive places yet the RF 35 1.8 I find it a bit disturbing. I have these EFs and to me they seems all quite quiet in term of AF
  3. gt3rs

    R5 vs R6

    The 70-200 2.8 RF is very smooth, silent and fast compared to the RF 35 1.8 so not sure you can generalize.
  4. From the spec it seems to record 24bit uncompressed and you can export 32 bit float but not sure what is the advantage compared to 24bit ....
  5. gt3rs

    R5 vs R6

    I find quite noisy to be honest the RF 35 AF motor... also AF is not the fastest in town..... image quality is good and size and price great. I hope that they will cone out with a 24mm version. As a compact travel 24mm plus 50mm 1.8 would be great. RF 35 1.8 screen grabs from 8k RAW:
  6. I think will upgrade from go to go ii as the two transmitters plus better range and internal recording are very useful to me but: - If I understand well is not recording 32bit float, just exporting in 32bit.... - internal recording starts as soon as you connect to the receiver this is great but if it loses the connection for more than 15min it will stop and turn off, rarely but sometime is an issue for me as I put the go on an athlete that is doing warmup somewhere else.... wish it has a start and stop indipendently from the receiver connectivity. The 15min shutdown is also on the pr
  7. On Ronin S is a separate setting. I can still do the double trigger to get gimbal center again.
  8. On Ronin S you can disable selfie mode etc... I did it to avoid these mistakes not sure if it can be done on weebill s...
  9. I use only with the screen flipped out, it is the whole point of have having a screen that flips out that helps on gimbal tremendously. Before I was using an external monitor as anything not eye level would be a pain. You should balance the camera with already the screen flipped out. I never hit the screen to the gimbal so far, but a bit of risk is there but only in extreme conditions....
  10. This is exactly how I mount for most of my remote camera work. Add a safety lanyard to the camera strap holder, super clamp etc just in case that super clamp get loose for whatever reason. The critical part is when mounting and dismounting as if something fall it can injure. Normally I prepare all in the ground, fix the lanyard first and then mount so that nothing can accidentally fall. You should also check the insurance, here in stadium if you don't have a professional insurance you cannot mount anything anywhere (rightly so). Again in all top league hockey in the world we mount the c
  11. gt3rs

    Stills from video

    Not sure what kind of revelation is this. Also not sure why the A1 bring something new here, actually on some canon body you get RAW so you have almost zero quality loss in taking still from video, I only wish there would be an open gate mode. The only thing that really change is the shutter speed but there sometime you get cool panned shoot if you are 1/50 vice versa for other scenes you could optimize more for the photo. New gen care less about the shutter speed as with games and gopro/phone video is all very high shutter speed stuff. Advantage of taking still from video is that yo
  12. gt3rs

    R5 vs R6

    New intel chips should have quick sync HW h265 10bit 4:2:2 but is such a mess to find the right spec....
  13. gt3rs

    R5 vs R6

    Not sure about the story of RAW Light: Canon C500 II 5.9K RAW data rate 2100 MBits Canon R5 8K RAW data rate 2600 Mbits So per pixel R5 is more light than RAW light on C500....
  14. This I think is normal, if you put a 25p on 24p timeline Resolve needs to adapt to depending on your retiming settings in the project it will have some sort of issue (frame blend, frame skip, whatever) but it will playback at the original speed. If you change the attribute to 24p basically you are slowing down your video by 4%, for a drone shoot it may not be noticeable but for other things yes. Basically is playing it back at 24 instead of 25 so your clip is longer by 4% and slower by 4%.
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