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  1. Based that you are a pro photographer and you work with many of them you are pointing this out, or do you have some market survey? At every ice hockey match that I cover we are 5 to 10 pro photographers all with 1Dx (ca 40%) or D5 (ca 50%) , more than half produces also videos from interviews at the end of the match to promo video for the club etc. When I cover FIS alpine ski people also do video. Same for Horse races and car races. The way that you get pay is to get affiliated to a team, event organization or web sites and then you start offering both photo coverage but also video (not for the match or race because are broadcasted) but interviews, trainings, promo of various type, special events etc.... When you have 2 top of the line cameras you don't want to invest also in let say C200 that is a big cost but also something more to carry around. Action is also an area that people use DSLR for multiple role. Just watch Free Solo and you see that they use multiple 1Dx for filming in addition to C300....
  2. Better video autofocus since when? 1Dx II is probably the best video AF on the market still, even better than the C200 including AF at 120 fps. Also the 1Dx II you can upload custom picture styles. So the A9 II is targeted only to the 200 pro photographers that goes to the Olympics, and out of them only 20 will shoot Sony...…so as soon as the Olympic is over they remove it from the market..... And me and many other colleagues that do both photos and video we are not the target? I have 2 1 DX II and don't want to carry another video body. Just out of curiosity how many A9 or 1Dx or D5 do you have and use for?
  3. As I do pro sport photography and video, own 1dx II, I think I qualify as intended audience.... Many of my colleagues do the same so video is an important aspect of a camera targeted for action and sport.
  4. I remember reading here when it was announced... 1.4 crop in video, crippled etc... It was and it still a very good camera. I have mine since it was released and it served me very well for both photo and video. Still the best 4k60p with AF on the market... I was hoping that the new a9 ii would have much better video spec to eventually push canon and nikon to do better but sadly is not the case. It is sad how these company they limit features even on their top of the line cameras... Why no picture profiles, log, 4k 60p etc..? I still hope that the new 1dx iii will have ff 4k60p with clog and fhd 120fps with much better quality... but knowing canon probably not.
  5. Merely a firmware update...
  6. yeah quite bad that they don’t publish detailed spec sheet
  7. Reframing is just so convenient problem is it needs 8k to be able to get a decent quality
  8. I was hoping for something more on the MAX compared to the insta360 one X. The cool part is that it has 6 mics, gps (if I got it right) and 5m water resistant without case. Of course we need to compare the video quality before any conclusion. Really curios to see how the audio is, something that the insta360 one X is basically unusable especially in movement. Also not sure if it has desktop software for reframing other than the premiere plug-in as I only use Resolve.
  9. Do mostly action and sports photos and videos. Pro Ice Hockey, Car Racing, Alpine ski, Trial Bike, Horse Show Jumping, Figure Skating, etc… Canon C500 II *Canon 1Dx II Canon M6 II + EF Adapter Chronos 2.1 *EF-M 22 2 *EF-M 11-22 *Canon 16-35 2.8 *Canon 24-105 4 *Canon 200-400 4 *Canon 24 1.4 *Canon 50 1.2 Canon 85 1.2 *Canon 8-16 fisheye Inspire 2 x7 + DJI x7 lens set *Insta360 one X 4x Aputure 300D + battery *Tripods *DJI Ronin Gimbal tons of other accessories *Already own. For action and sports I need AF, too hard to do it manually for me. Need at least 4k 60p so having canon lenses C500 II it is a no brainer. M6 II as small hidden remote camera where more than gopro / insta360 quality is needed. Inspire x7 would be a good step up, currently using a phantom 4 pro. Chronos would be for some special super slow motion, would never buy one but view that is a dream kit list….
  10. No internal RAW, external RAW needs a add-on module, no 6k recording internal or external, DCI coming later, 60p coming later. Specs are not great hopefully the image quality will be
  11. So you pay first and then get piece by piece through firmware updates..... is a new form of Crowdfunding? Basically the fw of the camera is far from finished....
  12. Curious what framerates it has at what resolution....
  13. @Kisaha yep the insta one x is misarble in low light.... The Ricoh 1" start to be usable for photos problem is that is week on video only 4k 30..... for video quality is below the insta…. I think already 8k from two 1" would already be a game changer... maybe in a year or so.... with dual cards I don't think it is a problem to save two 6k streams to be stitched to 8k problem is that they target consumers and editing on phones and low end PC would simply not work for 8k.... is already a stretch 5.7k
  14. Fully agree especially with 360.... I played around with a samsung gear 360 2 years agoo and it was just crap, now I have 2 insta360 one x and the quality is still miserable when reframed but is so much easier to reframe in post.... small wide angle cameras like gopros, osmos, drone fix lens cameras have their days counted.... with 360 reframing and stabilization is just an easier game.... just need 8k or better 16k. Especially for things that you cannot retake is so much easier.... 360 camera vendors have the advantage that is not so easy to achieve the same freedom with phones so they may have a safer market
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