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  1. I agree the one x style cameras is the future of action cam and for some usage even normal camera. I have one and once reframed the quality is just barely usable but it is so much easier to film especially for things that you cannot retake.... making timeshift with this is soo easy... you can also mimic gimbal and drone shoot (using a long pole) with ease. Workflow could be better... lcd is almost useless as lowlight.... but reframing in post is just more easy and convenient.... similar form factor with 1inch 8k 24/5 fps and 5.7k 50/60fps I would buy even for 4 time the price
  2. h264 is hw accelareted only in the paid version of resolve. I manage some light grading also on c200 raw at 24 fps
  3. Buy a gaming notebook with at least 8 GB Video Ram. For resolve gpu ram is more important than the system RAM. I edit on a ASUS gaming notebook with 16 GB Ram and Nvidia GTX 1070 with 8 GB Ram. I edit 4k 60fps Mjpg and 4k 60 fps h264 without issue and without render cache or optimize media.
  4. gt3rs

    DJI Mavic Pro II

    Is this picture supposed to be a good example? Imo is not that great.. but I don't know the conditions that it was taken... there is no detail on it... A somewhat similar picture form P4p (still not that great but better than the above):
  5. I remember when I brought the 1Dx II more than two years ago and a lot of people were saying when the Sony A7s III will come, when the G5 will come, when this and when that.... 2.5 years after if you need 4k 60p and great AF the 1Dx II is probably still the best choice. It is not perfect but is a great camera. Considering that it is a 2.5 years old model I would try to find a used one instead of buying a new one... Pro: 4k60p with great quality Super video AF Solid codec 4:2:2 (funny that everybody is saying that the EOS R has fixed the codec but the ALL-I at 480Mbits is 4:2:0, I take the 1Dx II at 500Mbits 4:2:2, the addition of the 120mbits h264 is anyway welcome on the R) Very good rolling shutter 4k120p with AF (quality ok, not great) Super sports/actions camera for photo Very quick camera to operate Cons: No C-Log Expensive CFcard for 4k60 are expensive but got cheaper lately Big and heavy No Zebra Fix LCD If you do only video I think the C200 is a better buy but if you want a camera that does it all the 1Dx II is a solid choice (assuming that 4k60p and great video AF are key requirements)
  6. Not sure about the 5d IV but the 1Dx II, wich I own, will record movie on the card that is set for playback. No paralell writing of movie. If you don’t trust me search the manual.
  7. No canon dslr can write video on two cards simultaneously..... so even with the 1Dx II he would have had the same issue
  8. Canon DPAF can AF continuously at 120fps in the 1DxII, I use it many times.....
  9. Not sure how you would save exporting time by converting to another format, Resolve is definitely faster with MJPEG than h264 content... Saving space for archiving etc.. is another story and there h264 probably is probably the best as KinghtsFan has mentioned. Now 200 mbits vs 500 mbits it is an important save but converting takes time and some works, so I simply buy more storage and I keep the MJPEG.
  10. Why you want to reencode? ... if you have a good enough machine you can edit MJPEG directly... If you want to save storage for conservation then h264 or h265 but to edit why somebody would convert to even bigger DNxHR 444 or ProRes 4444? PS: I use a 1Dx II and edit MJPEG directly in Resolve, sometime even directly from the CFcard.
  11. gt3rs

    DJI Ronin S

    If you test it with the 1dx ii please report back
  12. From what I saw from Twixtor so far I doubt that is possible to use it for sports movements. I need to do something similar to this that was done in 2010 with a phantom flex: http://video1.nytimes.com/video/2010/08/24/9533_1_magtennis-victoria_wg_16x9_xxl_bb_mm.mp4 http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2010/08/29/magazine/womens-tennis.html I doubt golf, tennis, baseball can be faked with twixtor. Happy to be proved wrong
  13. I want an additional camera for super slowmotion. I’m not expecting a FF to have 500 fps. I have a sport project where I need 480 fps or more. The sony rx the quality is to low. Best would be to rent a phantom flex but it is really expensive. Chronos could be an option but also not cheap and hard to find. Rent would be good but here nobody has one. 240fps is still to low and almost the best quality is the iPhone X that I used from some early tests
  14. I have a 1dx II In addition I would love: C200 Compact mirrorless with 4k with great video AF compatible with canon lenses. Currently using an M5 but only fhd. An affordable (renting would be better) HFR camera, ideally > 480 fps in FHD
  15. The 1Dx II is my primary camera for both still and video. I also own a 1Dx (mostly used as backup and remote camera) and a M5 for street and vacation photography. The 1Dx II and the A7R III are very different cameras and IMO they are not target to the same user. 1Dx II is the one of the best action camera for both stills and video thanks to 4k60p + DPAF, also DPAF works at 120fps. But is not silent, is big and visible so not great for street photography. For me I miss only two thing: completely silent shutter and better 120fps or even 240fps FHD. C-Log would be nice too but I can live without. The A7R III is a great landscape, portrait camera with good video but it will fail at any action where you need to track an athlete, dancer etc... the slideshow or simulate blackout whatever it is called is a real pain while shooting hfr and tracking somebody or something. The A9 would be a better camera for somebody trying to do action/sport/dance but need silent and a compact body for street photography. In the video department is for sure less powerful than the 1dx II. The A9 has also less DR than a 1Dx II in RAW. Currently IMO there is not a perfect camera that can do anything from great video, to action photography, landscape, street, portrait etc.. I think you can cover most of your needs with a 1Dx II aside street photography and where a complete silent shutter is needed.
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