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  1. bye bye and by the way I eard that canon is contacting you as you suggested for point 2 of your article as advisor on the next camera and alto build a 7nm cpu fab for them and for intel view that they are late...... you have some serious problem with anybody that do not share your opinion and you are wondering why nobody in the camera industry wants to discuss with you.... please delete my account. thx
  2. I’m the first disappointed but the choices probably were: 1 do an amazing photo camera with 4k 30 binned/line skipped 2 do an amazing photo camera with 4k 30 binned/line skipped + limited but super high quality modes 3 do an amazing photo camera with unlimited super quality modes is a bigger body with a fan ala sh1 Now what is the no 1 competitor camera in the R5 segment for canon? A7R IV so any business man would pick 1 or 2 with 2 making it more attractive spec wise..... even we 50 cry babies in this forum will not be happy and call the ultimate demise of canon.... go read some photo forums I never saw so much exitemnt for a canon camera in the last 10 years by people that they got the camera Wanna bet that R5 will sell more than the 5d iii + 5d iv combined?
  3. according to nfs test is not after 1500 pictures thy got almost 20min of 8k..... On the photo side of the world only 1 guy managed to get the overheated sign and was using an old 90d battery and with really no details on the occurrence nobody else has reported an issue with photo mode with people went through 2 batteries and 3000+ photos at 20fps... at least so far....
  4. why? they publish the data and it matches the 3 party tests... why a business would recall a camera that it performs according to the data that they did publish and is selling a lot..... The recovery times are well specified on canon doc so nothing surprising.... disappointing yes..... but not surprising.... It will cost them a fortune to do the recall to make the rather small video segment happy. If I would be canon I would announce a R5c ... 700$ more in a body with fan..... video oriented people would be very happy... no recall and most people that are just doing a few short clip are happy with the current R5 On the photo part of the world it seems a gold rush to get one....
  5. https://www.canonrumors.com/gerald-undone-completes-exhaustive-record-time-testing-on-the-canon-eos-r5-and-canon-eos-r6/ Getald has done similar test but indoor about the same record time as Canon has published..... seems almost timer controlled than temp controlled...... if a firmware fix will ever come out this is the change maxTime = maxTime * 1.5 If I get it right you could get 4k hq external for 75min but I hate external recorders......
  6. Canon has now a great new sensor with great dr, fast readout, good RS, can do 8k raw and 4k super detailed oversampled, ibis, 20fps, great af and they put it in the wrong body.....
  7. nfs test took 1500 pictures and right after they got 17min of 8k 10bit.... under the sun. canon says 20min 8k at room temp I see hard time to prove that is not performing as advertised..... is not performing as we have hoped
  8. This seems the best photo camera ever made from canon 45mpix, 12/20fps, great ibis, low noise, af tracking seems great too with both RF and EF lenses, great photodr, cfexpress from nfs test the overheating are on pair with what canon says. imo chance of a recall almost 0 Unfortunately as video workhorse is a bit too compromised..... I wish it could do for every high end mode minute it would recover with a minute cool down....
  9. I should have posted the link : https://www.photonstophotos.net/Charts/PDR.htm#Canon EOS R5,Sony ILCE-7RM4
  10. Apparently R5 has a small bit more DR than the A7R4 in photo mode.... a big improvements over previous R sensor
  11. I see some people removing the plastic body and put in aftermath cooled enclosure.... the video quality is really good and I really don’t get why they don’t do a mini c100 with this internals.....
  12. NFS has a fairly detailed overheat test in various modes. No link as their are not Andrew's friends.
  13. It is even worse as I don't have a R5 and I'm not even defending it for the overheat in video as is a big question mark for any video usage. I also praised the A7S although it has also issues including possible overheating. But this guy joined 3 weeks ago and did 90 useless posts and attacking people and is not banned..... maybe is time for me to move somewhere else...
  14. NVIDIA HW decoding / encoding support matrix: https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-decode-gpu-support-matrix
  15. As I posted multiple times in varius thread the issue is that Nvidia supports only h265 10bit 4:2:0 and 4:4:4 on 20xx platform and only 10bit 4:2:0 on 10xx platform. Intel quick sync also does not support h265 4:2:2.... Apple arm seems to support it. Not sure why 4:4:4 works and Nvidia cannot do driver update for 4:2:2....
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