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  1. I’m talking about the sharpness and is very visible in the posted video. 8 or 10bit would not matter.
  2. I also did notice that is not super stable but it is hard to compare if not using the same focal length,k the same way to carry the camera and also very important the same light situation. Also he does not use the enhanced because he says nothing changes but at least with the M6 II the difference between the two mode is big. The 5.5 and 4k seem very detailed and looks good. On the 120fps I'm not so sure is an improvement over the MkII….. if you compare the same pier scene the normal 1080 with the 1080 120fps there is a very visible drop in quality. Not unexpected but I do not agree to his comment that the 120fps is great. Still probably one of the best FF 120fps but for sure not great.
  3. On YouTube there a re few but no out of camera clog or raw to download yet
  4. Seems, at least for photo, at low ISO DR has improved quite a bit compared to Mk II, basically on pair with the A7R IV (1/3 stop worse at ISO 100, 1/3 stop better at ISO 200) http://www.photonstophotos.net/Charts/PDR.htm#Canon EOS 1D X Mark II,Canon EOS 1D X Mark III,Sony ILCE-7RM4
  5. No worry 1Dx III also has the image extractor (from the official manual):
  6. Finally got the insta360 One R Tested quickly yesterday on a skiing session. Here some observation compared to the One X that I have since a year: + Gopro swivel mount is great on action cam especially in case of impact as it tend to lose and not break like the tripod mount of the One X. I wish it would be like the Max that the "wings" are part of the body and you don't need a frame. + Water proof without the stupid venture case is good, no more crappy stitching or strange vignetting while using it in snow or water. + Screen is small but visible in daylight and quite intuitive to use + You can use apple watch to control it and to get the GPS stats, I find the phone not ideal while doing sports.... much prefer the watch as remote. I wish it had GPS in the camera itself like gopros + battery seems to last longer + Phone app is better you can edit without copying the file first so you save space and you can have a quicker turnaround -+ with the frame and swivel is noticeable heavier that the One X but the shape is better for helm mounting, rollbars, handlebars, etc... - USB C, MicroSD card door is quite cheap and hard to use while inside the frame - Construction seems less polished than the One X - 25 fps not yet available Video quality is exactly the same as the One X nothing more nothing less. Did not test yet the 4k mod (seems very similar to a Hero 8 so not a bad option to have) but with the advantage that you can enable and disable FOV and more important stabilization in post. Did not order yet the 1 inch as you cannot find it nowhere Bottom-line if you use the One X as action cam then this is quite a big upgrade if not then is not worth the upgrade cost. My One X is on sale and I keep this one.
  7. Some users just got the 1Dx III so is shipping, probably in small quantities, but a few people have it already.
  8. Random guesses taking the 1Dx III tech on a R5: data flow for 5.5k 60fps is similar to 8k 30 fps so in theory with CFexpress it could do it in RAW. Not sure what is more limiting for DPAF the data volume or the frame rate.... so not sure it will have DPAF in 8k. 5.5k 60fps is super sampled to 4k 60fps, so again it would be possible to take 8k 30fps and supersampled to 4k 30fps h265 10bit Clog but again would it have DPAF? Now FF 4k 60fps super sampled is probably unrealistic. Probably a 1:1 crop maybe with DPAF 4k 120fps IMO only possible either line skipping or 1:1 crop. Best case by guessing: 8k 30fps RAW at same data rate that the 5.5k RAW 60 fps of the 1Dx III but with DPAF FF supersampled 4k 30fps 10 bit h265 CLog with DPAF 4k 60fps or maybe even 120fps 1:1 pixel so 2x crop. 60fps with DPAF Let see how far they are pushing it..... maybe a big disappointment or maybe another all in like the 1Dx III.....
  9. Yep unrealistic expectation if you count that even the C200, C300 II and C500 II do not have prores...
  10. I should receive my One R this week, the 360 module does not seems any better than the One X that I have, but the waterproof and the screen is a good upgrade for me as the venturecase is a piece of c.... so I will sell the One X as I used a lot in the snow and water. The 360 reframe quality is not yet ready for prime time but is so good to reframe in post that for certain type of action is unbeatable. The 1 inch module seems a good step up from the hero 8 and similar. One cool thing is that you can enable or disable the stabilization and the fov in post..... the hero 8 is already processed so if you set the wrong one or you don't know if is better with what level of stabilization you are toasted…. I was shooting last week some rally cars with some hero 8s and when I wanted the hypersmooth on I had it off and vice versa….
  11. Cool would be that the R6 as the same sensor as the 1Dx III and at least 4k 30fps with DPAF FF and 4k 1.3 crop 60 fps with DPAF all 10bit 4:2:2 then I have my A (1dx) and B (R6) cam...….. the R5 with all these mpixels smell fishy for video if Canon did not get some breakthrough in sensor technology....
  12. gt3rs

    Canon EOS R6

    People are a bit too optimistic.... if the R6 will use the 1Dx III sensor, as it could be view that it has the same mpixels and same 20 fps in electronic mode, in a cheaper model it will probably be 4k 30fps FF and 4k 60 fps 1.3 crop hopefully at 10 bit 4:2:2. Question is if FF is super sampled or not. If no CFExpress then no RAW for sure.
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