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  1. Looks like on a FHD timeline, people ask in the comments and no answer, it is such a basic things to explain as it has a huge impact on gpu (in this case shared) memory consumption. Still performance is great for the price but these video imo are a bit misleading.
  2. h264 8bit on what it seems a HD timeline..... Any video showing 4k 265 10bit 4:2:2 on a 4k dci with a 2-3 nodes with and without NR?
  3. I got my R5 10 days ago and did many tests and then did 3 photo shootings and 1 photo + video, here my observation so far: Regarding the photo part is simply the best camera I had so far, very good resolution, AF, FPS, very quick in all the operations. The EVF is quite good but could be even better in term of color representation there is quite a bit difference between the EVF and the LCD. EVF with a bit more res would also be good. The 1DX III is still better in initial AF acquisition, panning fast and balance with big lenses as with the 200-400 is not that great with the R5 proba
  4. I want to see running Resolve in a 16 GB ram shared with the GPU.... when for an 8K timeline the official BM recommendation is 24 GB GPU VRAM and 64 GB RAM !!! I bet on these machines you can playback 8k ProRes videos in real-time, as Apple says, on a FHD timeline with Resolve.....
  5. For me: Out of memory random errors. You restart resolve and then it works. Optimize VRAM needed h265 10bit 4:2:2 All-I should be faster than IPB (currently is the other way around) Faster way to save a still frame (currently you need to grab a still then go to the gallery and save it from there, would be cool a right click save as tiff menu) Speed ramp that you can enter the % in the chart instead of moving the point History of changes like photoshop to make it easy to do multiple undo 360 reframe without plugins or go in fusion Stabilizer could be fur
  6. 4:2:2 10bit no HW decoding so you need a very very fast cpu 4:2:0 10bit is HW decoded so no issue problem is not resolve is the gpus that they do not support 265 10bit 4:2:2
  7. With Resolve 16 on Windows 10 on a high end gaming notebook i9-10980HK and RTX 2070 Max-Q with external 4k screen: R5 h265 10bit on a 4k dci timeline with some basic grading real-time (CPU is the bottle neck so a top desktop should do even better): 24 and 25 fps ALL-I and IPB 30fps IPB (yes IPB in Resolve is faster not sure why) Above 30fps even on 30fps timeline it chokes 8k RAW on a 4k DCI 24,25,30fps timeline with half resolution on the camera raw tab is real-time. I change to full resolution before final rendering. Overall even 8k RAW is quicker to edit than h265 10b
  8. Yes would be cool 5.1k RAW Lite.... but I doubt it will come like this
  9. the TC in I think it was added for the Netflix cert.
  10. Not this model but similar size almost happened..... that was the last time a drone that size was use in Alpine Ski World Cup if I'm not mistaken.....
  11. So FullHD vs 8k ..... not really useful no?
  12. Current RAW vs light version will not change the speed of editing only storage. It may even be slower due to decompressing..... In resolve you need > 20 GB Vram for 8k timeline whatever codec. And actually canon raw is quite fast and setting the half res while editing work really good. So the problem is h265 4:2:2 not the raw
  13. I really don't get it why they are not putting the R5 internals in that body with CLog3, RAW light, fan cooled, it would have been almost perfect.... Or offer two models one with R5 internals and one with the C300 III internals
  14. If I remember correctly was around 700 MB/s and dropped to 120MB/s was in room at 34C.... card was really hot could not hold in hand for long time, but once you stop using it cools very quickly....
  15. Coping an almost full 512 Sandisk CFE USB-C reader to internal M2 SSD did go in trothing mode after around 400 GB.... 7 time slower.. was all Canon RAW video files
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