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  1. Unfortunately, it is a consumer device. @kye I agree with you that they should do a pro model, ideally dual 1 inch, SD UHS-III, 800+ Mbits, 10 bit LOG and better DR. With the revival of VR (Vision Pro, Quest 3) there may be more demand for VR180 and 360 content that may push Insta to create a pro model and maybe even 180 3D one.... time will tell.... Anyway, finally there is a noticeable step forward in quality after years of stagnation....
  2. DR of course is not world leading.... In less-than-ideal light is not great, but I would say better than the 1 inch that is surprising. You can see from the motion blur that probably it was 1/60 or less (no ND of course), but still some details in me and the bike.. Compared to 1 inch: In quality is definitely a big step forward, I honestly did not expect this much. I think a combination of more pixel, double bitrate and improvement in processing made it possible. Here an iPhone 15 Pro Max 4k screen grab....
  3. In good light the X4 is just on another planet compared to the 1 inch. Is not apple to apple as is the same location, mount but different time of the year but still I could never get such details from the 1 inch or the R. Just look at the mountains in the background and the detail on me.... Unprocessed screen grab from 8k 30, 200 mbits, sharpening low Processed X4 Processed 1 inch from 5.7 30 I will compare also in low light, but for a first quick look I feel they both look similarly bad 😉
  4. I just got mine 1h ago, boy they were fast in delivering. I will go for an MTB ride in 1h and test it out a bit and report back. First thing I did is to set it to 8k 30, highbitrate and sharpens to low.
  5. For me to upgrade..... Must have: 8k 60 RAW with AF and Aperture control using the internal battery Waveform while recording No time limits Better IBIS for video Face AF within an AF Zone like the R3 Nice to have: Zoom-in while video playback or at least when paused on a frame... why does no C line nor R line have it?!? LUT applied on video playback Better DR Better RS Peaking while in AF mode Sharper 4k 120 4k 120 with audio Less lag wifi video transmission Easier phone-camera connection.... it is a mess at the moment they should copy insta360 approach that always work. I'm dreaming: Dual CFExpress Two USB-C ports USB-C no lag video to iPhone so can be used as a screen without additional HW that make no sense... Low latency bluetooth audio Full HDMI port 32 bit float audio Wireless mic support (RODE or DJI or your Canon developed transmitter) Dual tripod socket, this is so basic not sure why no camera manufactured do this. 4k 240
  6. I just sold my trusted 2 years old 1 inch 360 (I still have 2 normal 1 inch + dual lens) and ordered the X4 for the same price. From the paid "reviews" it seems that the X4 has more details and less artifacts, the biggest issue I have with the 1 inch but without trying myself I don't trust to much these reviews. Lowlight I think they are all quite bad and not really usable, already skiing on north faces in shade in Alaska the 1 inch breaks apart compared to south faces in sunshine. 1 inch sun vs shade: The X4 is 20% lighter, smaller and better weatherproof so if it turns out to really deliver a bit better detail and less artifacts, I'm happy. I will let you know if it is really an improvement or not over the 1 inch. Ideally, they should do a X4 Pro with 8k and 2x 1 inch.... let's hope it comes in the future.
  7. I was in Lapland 2 weeks ago and I'm now in Alaska. If you don't have them yet buy a great pair of glows with inner glows so you can take out the first layer without exposing your bare skin to the helmets. Filming yourself -> Insta360 One X3 Filming others -> Gopro Hero 12 or Insta360 Ace Pro
  8. I do tons of snowboard and ski videos but the first key question do you want to film yourself (helmet, selfistick, etc) or film others (follow cam) ? Btw all insta360 cameras have a single button mode, one long press it turns on and record, one long press again stop recording and shuts down. If I recall correctly gopros have it too.
  9. It is so flawed, he could just buy one used R5 + adapter no need to change everything, keep the DSLR as backup and gain a much much more reliable AF, no lens focus tuning, better still quality, silent shutter with EVF and much better video quality. It even uses the same battery. A used R5 here is a round 2800 USD, you keep it for 3 years, resell it for 500 USD it makes a whooping 65 USD a month, if you cannot afford this change job. Again YT BS
  10. YT nonsense, the Uber old Prius example is basically saying you are at the bottom of the food chain stay there 😉
  11. Canon in camera NDs for example are not VNDs but are normal NDs so you don't have these issues. On the opposite Canon EF-RF ND adapter is an VND filter, and you have all these issues. The more range the VND have the more problem at the extreme they bring. In my experience, and I have a few of them, the price does not really make a huge difference. If you want the maximum quality normal NDs is the way to go but of course less practical but changing the ISO impact less the image quality that VND.....
  12. Also, most flashes at full speed are rather slow so funny enough buying a A9 III for overpowering the sun with its base iso 250 would not help that much. You lower flash output to sync faster you gain not that much. Maybe more flashes will optimize for shorter duration something that there was no need until GS.
  13. After 11 pages of answers and great suggestions @Jedi Master come up with wait, I forgot to tell you that 70% of my needs are still.... incredible.... hope you had a lot of fun because I'm not amused at all.... so unrespectful of other people time.
  14. Above 100mm IBIS become less efficient but if the lens has IS you can handheld, I regularly handheld 400mm
  15. Other than 120fps that is 4k only, everything else I shoot in RAW so is 8k (R5c has cropped RAW too but I don't use it as I prefer to crop myself). I'm a fan of RAW as it can be graded more heavily without breaking apart, good colorists (not like me 😉 ) can do great with 10bit log material, me less so. I also like that I don't need to set the WB upfront especially when I have zero time for setup or mistakes. I take a lot of stills out both horizontal and vertical, so the resolution helps. Also with 8k I can frame it a bit more loose and have some safety or is some case adding camera movements when the camera is fix like a fake panning, I add a bit of fake camera shake in Resolve to have it more natural. I normally deliver in 4k. I do archive in 8k.
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