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  1. It is such a false info…. media is a contributor to the heat and having the door open will have some minimal cooling effect but is not the main issue and solution seems really fragile.
  2. Looks like something ready to break, big chance to lose data....not even sure how stable is when the battery runs low and so on. Imo is the wrong saving (if any) but if it works for you.
  3. I have this Delkin Devices 2TB CFexpress POWER Memory Card DCFX1-2TB B&H (bhphotovideo.com) I may be wrong but I believe the door open has more to do with not overheating that the external storage. The thermal control is there to prevent damage is like a rev limiter in a car it will not have any consequences. In my 8 months R5 only shooting 8k raw and 4k 120 (the only two modes that I use) it never overheated once. I do many short takes up to 5min....
  4. Not sure it is really worth, risking stuff entering the camera, breaking the door, breaking the cable etc.. A delikin 2 TB CFexpress that sometime is on sale for 800$ is a better investment.
  5. Try Resolve, I shoot 90% in RAW, and now RAW Light and on my Gaming Notebook is very fast to edit on 4k DCI timeline. I'm not a big fan of CLog3 as it introduce a bit too much noise on the shadows..... but I'm in the minority. I'm on PC and I think the M1 was just a big hype due to HW decoding of h265 10bit 4:2:2 but for the rest is a bit of a slow dog not really up for video editing especially with the 8 GB model. Resolve needs 8 GB Vram just for 4k how can it works well on a 8 GB shared ram....
  6. He is expected companies to send him free gears just to ear his "valuable" feedback yea right....... the most silly part is that they refer themselves as content creators..... they are not content creators they are sales guys replacing the guys in the shop or in TV sales. This is it. The argument that the value of the good is only a couple of 100$ is also ridiculous.
  7. I agree 8k RAW and RAW Light are directly editable in Davinci on a good PC mine is a 2500 usd 1 year old gaming notebook i9-10980HK, 2070 super Max-Q. 8k timeline with complex stuff is an issue with only 8GB VRam in Davicine no matter what codec but 4k timeline is not a problem
  8. FX9 FW was just delivering promised features that were not ready at launch... so not really a fair comparison imo. Product should be ready at launch not launch something with a lot of *coming later....
  9. Maybe it will be an amazing tool but looking at the image the only real value is to be able to reuse the gimbal of a drone like the inspire and that it seems to have a spring for the vertical movement dampening. The way that the gimbal is built it limits the lens selection massively as it seems to not have a big travel adjustments. I see no way to have a medium to long lens (>=200mm) on it. It seems way less flexible that a normal one hand gimbal, you cannot really extend it with a monopod for example or easily run it underslung. The fact that the camera is not centered on the mounting
  10. FW 1.3.1 is out at fixes the view assist in clog3.
  11. Ok now I get it, it is just metadata and exposure trickery. I did a test aperture and shutter speed fixed, exposed to almost clip highlight in RAW Clog3 iso800, then re-shoot the same scene in RAW with nolog iso100 and changed the iso to 800 in Resolve Camera Raw and you get basically the same image and parade. So what the camera is doing is capturing at iso 100 and fake the metadata to iso 800 so when Resolve process the raw the image is correctly exposed by bosting the exposure by 3 stop. Zebra, Meter and Histogram are tricked to think that the camera is at iso 800 so you end up under
  12. Partially as they also don't have explanation how it works. What we know that RAW, RAW with Clog (more headroom for HL but more shadow noise) and RAW with Clog3 (even more headroom for HL but even more shadow noise) are different but stilly RAW as you can apply WB, any log curve, etc.. They process RAW with Clog3 on by applying a Clog2 curve in Resolve. Now I'm even more confused.... would be nice if Canon would publish a white paper that explain what they are doing....
  13. There is no curve in RAW as it is impossible as is not debeyered
  14. RAW is RAW 12bit 4:4:4, if you have CLOG on or off it changes the base iso (clog 400 or clog3 800) to give more headroom to the highlight, If I get it right it is just an exposure trick. From the manual:
  15. gt3rs

    R5 vs R6

    I was 100% sure because I used many time but I didi test it before posting the above.
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