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  1. Yes would be cool 5.1k RAW Lite.... but I doubt it will come like this
  2. the TC in I think it was added for the Netflix cert.
  3. Not this model but similar size almost happened..... that was the last time a drone that size was use in Alpine Ski World Cup if I'm not mistaken.....
  4. So FullHD vs 8k ..... not really useful no?
  5. Current RAW vs light version will not change the speed of editing only storage. It may even be slower due to decompressing..... In resolve you need > 20 GB Vram for 8k timeline whatever codec. And actually canon raw is quite fast and setting the half res while editing work really good. So the problem is h265 4:2:2 not the raw
  6. I really don't get it why they are not putting the R5 internals in that body with CLog3, RAW light, fan cooled, it would have been almost perfect.... Or offer two models one with R5 internals and one with the C300 III internals
  7. If I remember correctly was around 700 MB/s and dropped to 120MB/s was in room at 34C.... card was really hot could not hold in hand for long time, but once you stop using it cools very quickly....
  8. Coping an almost full 512 Sandisk CFE USB-C reader to internal M2 SSD did go in trothing mode after around 400 GB.... 7 time slower.. was all Canon RAW video files
  9. Not sure if he is the same @horshack that is so hated here....... but this guy posted an interesting test on dpreview that having the camera on a fridge at 0.4C for 11h and then start shooting 8k he could do go for 69 minutes so for sure not a timer only temperature play a key role. Seems also the type of CFExpress has an impact https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/64261516
  10. It seems not the card or battery but driving the screen to affect more the heat or the timer.... Would be nice to see 8k and 4k 120 if with external screen will get 30min and also no build up of heat while not recording like menu, framing, etc..... it would be already a better proposition
  11. Somebody at FM did 20 min 8k then 20 min fridge and then 20min 8k again so there is for sure some connection between internal temperature and recovery time... but still a lot of fishy things on these limits
  12. If you disable internal screen and evf and use an external hdmi screen does the internal recording time improve?
  13. Seems the screen on has more impact than the card..... @Andrew Reid would be a test to do internal recording but screen off using an external monitor.....
  14. There is only HQ up to 30, 60 is lineskipped/binned, 120 is internal only the same for 8k at the moment. From the test that I saw external "unlimited" without card is HQ but another test would not be bad..
  15. slashcam has tested RS and 8k, 4kHQ is 16ms!!!...... boy they have created what would be the perfect hybrid but nobody can use for video because the recovery times are just insane. Either is software crippled or it has a big HW flaw.... if the first let's hope they remove/fix if the second why they don't sell a version in a bigger body with a Fan?!? 8k 30 RAW, 4k oversampled from 8k 10bit with 16ms RS and AF and nobody can take advantage..... what a waste. Problem is that is a very good photo camera (best canon ever) so even if they do nothing they will sell a ton....
  16. bye bye and by the way I eard that canon is contacting you as you suggested for point 2 of your article as advisor on the next camera and alto build a 7nm cpu fab for them and for intel view that they are late...... you have some serious problem with anybody that do not share your opinion and you are wondering why nobody in the camera industry wants to discuss with you.... please delete my account. thx
  17. I’m the first disappointed but the choices probably were: 1 do an amazing photo camera with 4k 30 binned/line skipped 2 do an amazing photo camera with 4k 30 binned/line skipped + limited but super high quality modes 3 do an amazing photo camera with unlimited super quality modes is a bigger body with a fan ala sh1 Now what is the no 1 competitor camera in the R5 segment for canon? A7R IV so any business man would pick 1 or 2 with 2 making it more attractive spec wise..... even we 50 cry babies in this forum will not be happy and call the ultimate demise of canon....
  18. according to nfs test is not after 1500 pictures thy got almost 20min of 8k..... On the photo side of the world only 1 guy managed to get the overheated sign and was using an old 90d battery and with really no details on the occurrence nobody else has reported an issue with photo mode with people went through 2 batteries and 3000+ photos at 20fps... at least so far....
  19. why? they publish the data and it matches the 3 party tests... why a business would recall a camera that it performs according to the data that they did publish and is selling a lot..... The recovery times are well specified on canon doc so nothing surprising.... disappointing yes..... but not surprising.... It will cost them a fortune to do the recall to make the rather small video segment happy. If I would be canon I would announce a R5c ... 700$ more in a body with fan..... video oriented people would be very happy... no recall and most people that are just doing a few short clip are
  20. https://www.canonrumors.com/gerald-undone-completes-exhaustive-record-time-testing-on-the-canon-eos-r5-and-canon-eos-r6/ Getald has done similar test but indoor about the same record time as Canon has published..... seems almost timer controlled than temp controlled...... if a firmware fix will ever come out this is the change maxTime = maxTime * 1.5 If I get it right you could get 4k hq external for 75min but I hate external recorders......
  21. Canon has now a great new sensor with great dr, fast readout, good RS, can do 8k raw and 4k super detailed oversampled, ibis, 20fps, great af and they put it in the wrong body.....
  22. nfs test took 1500 pictures and right after they got 17min of 8k 10bit.... under the sun. canon says 20min 8k at room temp I see hard time to prove that is not performing as advertised..... is not performing as we have hoped
  23. This seems the best photo camera ever made from canon 45mpix, 12/20fps, great ibis, low noise, af tracking seems great too with both RF and EF lenses, great photodr, cfexpress from nfs test the overheating are on pair with what canon says. imo chance of a recall almost 0 Unfortunately as video workhorse is a bit too compromised..... I wish it could do for every high end mode minute it would recover with a minute cool down....
  24. I should have posted the link : https://www.photonstophotos.net/Charts/PDR.htm#Canon EOS R5,Sony ILCE-7RM4
  25. Apparently R5 has a small bit more DR than the A7R4 in photo mode.... a big improvements over previous R sensor
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