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  1. Tilt is useless on gimbal. I much prefer swivel for this reason and for remote camera as in many cases I cannot go behind the camera.
  2. I'm a big user of insta360 cameras, I have 2 of them, mostly to film myself and sometimes I use for projects too.... looking and some side by side the 1inch is definitely a step forward. I do agree that 8k would be the bar minimum.... I think the industry stays away from 8k as stitching 8k video would probably only be possible on top-of-the-line phones and PCs.... and the market that they target it is mostly consumers. Same for requiring higher speed microSD 8k, 400 Mbits, 10 bit LOG would be the quantum leap that is needed to have 360 cameras used more professionally All screen shoots from videos:
  3. The problem of the above kit is that the coupler does not deliver enough voltage for 8k 50/60. I found the best solution to use the FXLION One V Mount battery but using the USB-C port on a small rig V-Mount plate mounted on a Cage. It is really not my preferred solution to have a rig instead of a naked body but for people that use external monitors and tons of other things mine not but such bad solution. You can power a external screen from the same battery over D-Tap. Once somebody would build a coupler with d-tap that delivers 9v then I will simply switch the USB cable for the coupler.
  4. So I did many test and the face tracking the R5c thanks to the Face Only mode is more reliable/usable for video than the R5. I did shoot a school theater (not my usual stuff) and with a 70-200 at 2.8 with even changing lights etc the Face AF worked almost perfectly and when it loses the Face the fact that it does not jump focus it does not ruin the shoot. In pure speed R5 and R5c with the AF settings to the max speed/reactive they are exactly the same, I tested side by side with the same lens. Now here is where my problem was the "large AF area" of the R5c is similar to the second smaller AF area of the R5 the one that I use the most for action and it turns out that R5c tend to stick to the BG and not refocus on the subject but surprisingly when using the smaller AF area the R5c works like the R5 in the second smaller area. Bottomline this seems to fix my issue. Still it would be cool to have R5 AF engine animal, vehicle and all the other AF area at disposal but with this setup it seems to work for my stuff as I normal use either Face or the small area AF. Bottomline the camera is growing on me, but it could be just amazing if they would really share more between the two systems.
  5. One really annoying and wired thing is that if you switch from 59hz or 50hz to 24hz you need to format the card and if you go back to 50 or 59 you need to format again….. why? Also in 50hz you cannot playback 30p and 60 p videos and viceversa. R5 has none of these limitations
  6. It is lens dependent all the RF you can do but EF only a subset, R5 you can change for all lenses go figure.... R5c is the same as the C70
  7. I did some testing with the smallest AF area and is a tad better at least it does not stick to the BG forewer..... this Friday I will have the opportunity to test it again in a horse show completion and I will try with the small AF area but I'm not so sure it will be also hard to keep the AF area so small on the athletes.. . On the plus side the Face/Eye tracking with Face Only option is a better implementation than the R5c, is more reliable than as it does not switch to BG and back if camera lose the Face for a moment. You can force to search for the Face on the AF area only, so this is better than the R5 but not R3 level. Everything else regarding the AF the R5 seems quite a bit ahead. They should merge the teams and create a single set of AF algorithms that offers all the options that you have now spread in two OS.... the HW is the same so why not. Anyone that has the R5c that has a tip how to quickly scroll and delete videos as I could not find a quick way than clicky clicky clicky clicky done. On the R5 once setup is quite quick.
  8. I went to a mini airshow F/A 18 and F5 and to a horse show jumping in these 3 days, something that I used a lot the R5 for and unfortunately even with the max speed setting the AF of the R5c is basically unusable for action, where the R5 would mostly keep the subject covered in the AF area in focus, the R5c would mostly stick to the BG 😞. I used the large area that is very similar to the square area of the R5 that I normally used but unfortunately is a no go. On the jet I had to switch to the whole area to get something if focus but with the horse show jumping you can't as it will focus on the obstacles and not the athlete. Not really sure what to try but I would say the AF of the R5c is not ready for action. I really want the R5 AF on the R5c or just enable the video in the photo mode!!!!!!!!!!! Also another annoying thing that when you turn off and back on the camera it put the AF square back to the center, not sure there is a setting for this but it should stay where I left it. On the playback page you cannot applying any lut and you cannot magnify so really hard to tell if it is in focus. Now I need to think if to buy one as B cam where the AF is not so key as I mostly prefocus and for long recording or just stick with 2 R5. Conclusion so far R5c is not a better R5 is a different R5 with some better and some worst part. A missed opportunity imo. The R5 would never do this to stay on the BG and I have done 50+ Show Jumping video with the R5 and the exact same lens.
  9. So I got a R5c for a week to test to decide if to switch one of my R5 to a R5c. After the first two days these are my observations in comparison to the R5, that are hard to get from the youtube reviewer madness. The good: 8K 60 RAW is the same quality as 8K 30. Btw in Resolve on my gaming notebook I can playback on a 4k 60 timeline with no issue with some basic color grading. I was expecting worse 4k 60 is great and better than R5 4k 60 logically S35 6K RAW is also very good 4k 120 it seems also a tad better than the R5 but I need more test here to confirm XAVC is a way better format to edit than h265 so the fact that you can do 4k up to 120 fps 10bit Clog3 in XAVC is great The Cinema menu system is much more logical and better organized. Waveform! False Color and Magnifying all during recording. All the right info on the recoding display, the R5 is a bit of mess while recording video. You can decide what you show where for almost anything LCD vs VF vs HDMI You can really decide what you want to record on the second card in parallel, the R5 is ok but fairly restricted More DR, is it 1.5 stop more than R5 as Gerald claims I cannot judge but is definitely better than the R5 No limits, no overheating Still very small body With long lens with IS I really don’t miss IBIS, I see no difference vs R5 (70-200 and 100-500), non IS lens is a no go compared to the R5 logically. Face Only AF is really good for filming person as it will not focus on the bg and back to the face if it looses the face. R5 does not have this mode. AF at the maximum speed settings is on pair with the R5 it seems but I need more test to confirm Media playback has waveform and vector scope, R5 has nothing 2TB delikin cards are fast enough for 8K RAW LT 60 fps I can work with but it could be better: Switching from Photo to Video is slow but not as terrible as I thought, disabling in both Photo and Video the sensor cleaning make it somewhat usable Maximum shutter speed is 1/2000….. I sometime use the camera in 8K RAW as remote camera for pictures and I need more that 1/2000….R5 is 1/4000 Why is like this I have no idea,? The media playback part is not that great, no magnification on playback (same as R5), UI not great, no slow motion playback speed (R5 has it), need a lot of button press to delete videos, you cannot scroll through videos with the wheel, although on the plus side it plays back one after the other (R5 cannot do this). Would be super useful that you could cut RAW video files in the media playback (R5 cannot do neither) No audio controls for the onboard mic. R5 has it. The body is wider so balancing on a Ronin S with the nd adapter and EF 24-70 2.8 is not ideal as the VF bumps on the motor…. with some weights or having the motor work more is fixable. With EF lens no auto Iris but the R5 can do it. Prerecording does not work in RAW The bad: Battery is really miserable and if you record or not it consumes basically the same, the problem that when the menus are displayed the camera still capture video at the frame rate that you set….. the only way that it seems to stop chewing battery is to call the media playback menu, so this is the only trick that seems to work to save battery instead of turning it off. Using PD power banks solve the issue but the USB-C is bound to break and is on the main board. Using a Dummy battery coupler with a V-Mount battery currently is not a good solution because all the dummy ones regulate at 7.2v not enough for 60fps! The only one that serves 9v is the canon one Canon DR-E6C DC Coupler for EOS R5 C 5664C001 B&H Photo Video (bhphotovideo.com) that is overpriced and a piece of junk as you need another adapter for the D-Tap Anton Bauer P-Tap to Canon 9V Barrel Cable (20") 8075-0271 B&H (bhphotovideo.com). Really a bad solution. It desperately needs a third party dummy battery that regulates at 9v similar to this Kondor Blue D-Tap to Canon LP-E6 Dummy Battery KB-DTAP-CLPE6 B&H (bhphotovideo.com) Or the real better solution a battery grip with 1Dx,R3 battery……. If I keep it my plan is to buy a FXLION Nano One and use the USB PD port until somebody sells a 9v D-Tap dummy battery and then simply switch the cable. AF is way less features rich than the R5: no animal, vehicle, helmet tracking. No various AF sizes only whole, large and small. AF > 60fps is limited to Continuous AF, so no face tracking and no object tracking. This is the second biggest issue other than the battery I could not find a way to store and recall settings like C1, C2, C3 on the R5…… so changing from 8K RAW 24p to 4k 120fps XAVC you need to touch multiple menu items. This should really be added. Onboard WiFi is not working in Video mode. Canon should enable the video feature in photo mode like in the R5 so if you need more rich AF and better battery is there. Second they should optimize the battery management while not recording and add more features to the AF. The HW is capable so why not? Third they should sell a D-Tap 9v dummy battery and a R3 battery grip too. Forth they should remake the media playback part, with zoom, minimum video editing and better usability I love the cinema OS for video but they really need to fix the battery and add AF feature then it would be the best camera. I’m even happy if they just re-enable video on the photo mode. More tests in the next days.
  10. I don’t get why sensors are not 1:1 seems only a relic of the film era….. Insta360 GO is 1:1 and is very handy as you can reframe in all the aspects that you need. 8K helps but a true 1:1 8k x 8k would be amazing even 6k 6k would be great
  11. Is cool and strange that they got more DR out of the R5c as I pretty sure the sensor is the same as the R5. Not sure that I get the part that he loves USB PD power (very small plug that can break) but hates the micro hdmi (again a very small plug that can break).
  12. Again Canon user and very happy but the Z9 has 8k RAW 60 with no external power supply for 1000$ more. A 400$ battery grip would solve easily this issue. As I said I would like to swap one of my R5 for a R5c mostly for the 60p in 8k RAW (I mostly shoot right now 8k RAW 24-30p but for sport/action would be great to have 60p) and unlimited 4k 120 with audio (on R5 is the mode that mostly overheats and is with no audio). Lack of IBIS is a bit of a concern but I would still have an R5. But the external battery is really a no go.
  13. I have shoot pro trial bike, pro horse showjumping, pro hockey, pro ski, pro tennis, pro ice skating and pro car racing and you are telling me that to be PRO I need a dam cable hanging out of the camera that goes to a pocket or a mounting solution..... yeah right I really want a cable and a battery hanging around that could be ripped a part in a second. I owned 1Dx, 1Dx II, 1Dx III and now own two R5, would love to swap one for a R5c but the external cable is a no go for me. Do I want to jump on and off an helicopter with a hanging cable: no Do I want to be on my onewheel following an horse with a cable a big battery hanging around: no Do I want to mount a camera on a rally car and then need to mount a battery too: no Do I want to ski down a mountain with a cable and a battery: no Not every body shoot video statically from a tripod is a safe environment all the time. Guess what Nikon Z9 can shoot unlimited 8k RAW at 60fps with no external battery so I'm not asking the moon just a bloody battery grip that has enough power for 8k 60. And to the V Mount battery yes it make sense to use a battery that weight more than the camera itself.
  14. I really don't get why they do not make an optional battery grip that would give the right power, it is annoying the external power requirement. As the DC coupler works there is no limitation on the battery compartment to get enough power in....
  15. Real RAW is linear if not it needs some sort of processing. RED RAW is linear, Canon RAW is linear and this one too. So the log setting is just for preview to better expose for post.
  16. From the official spec it was always clear that 8K 50/60 works with internal battery only without AF and IS, with external power AF IS works as normal including EF lenses. If I recall correctly that Gordon got it working on internal battery 8k 50p (not 60) with AF and IS but it was a pre release camera. This could even be lens dependent as I can imagine that you need less power for a 35 1.8 IS than for a 400 2.8 IS lens or could be that the final firmware simply does not allow it anymore as it may not be reliable.
  17. Could you test with a full battery 8k RAW LT 50p with AF and IS on? As some reviewers (who trust them 🙂 ) mention that it works up to 50p....
  18. Are you sure that is a 18w pd? R5 needs 45w pd for charging while on, I’m surprised that R5c works with 18w Does 8k 50 work with IS and AF on internal battery?
  19. As soon as you export to something Resolve would need to process the RAW. I wish there would be a tool that can generate a cRaw frame out of a CRL video file. As I process video and photo differently and I do a lot of frame extraction this is how I do: - In Resolve on a 8k timeline I do select the CRL and then the frame that I want hit I and then O so basically mark the a single frame and drop it to the timeline, repeat for each frame that I want. - Render the 8k timeline as 16bit Tiff - Edit the Tiff in Adobe Camera Raw - I also have the canon LUTs installed in Adobe Camera Raw - Ev final edit in photoshop if needed I set the camera raw panel in resolve to not apply any sharpening. If you need a big wb change you need to do it in Resolve up front, the rest I can do all in ACR and I’m quite happy on how much processing I can do on the 16bit Tiff. For video I do everything in Resolve I see no point in doing CRL -> Tiff -> ACR for video…
  20. I think they have messed up the spec.... on canon official there is no open gate unfortunately: https://www.canon-europe.com/cameras/eos-r5c/specifications/
  21. Or just use the internal XF-AVC as every canon cinema user do and in this case you get 4k oversampled 4:2:2 410 Mbts All-i or 160 Mbtis Lgop
  22. On the ProAV live stream with Canon they did answer a lot of questions. For powering the R5c over USB-C you need a PD 45w (btw exactly the same as the R5) Apparently you may get away with 8k 50 RAW with the internal battery if you don't use hot shoe accessories and depending on the lens IS apparently looking forward to see some tests. 8k 60 only manual focus and manual aperture lens works with the internal battery. The original R5 battery grip does not help other than more run time. They explain a bit that IBIS as it cannot be locked is not good for video. I have also seen issue with my R5 when on gimbal and car and the wobble on wide angle lens. But I also love it above 35mm as it almost acts as tripod. I wish they would have a fully lockable IBIS. Up to 60p is all oversampled even HD from 8k, 4k 120 is not and is the same as the R5.
  23. So 4k 120 in XF-AVC is unlimited I saw one test with 1.5h. Now is the same quality or even better than the R5?
  24. Something that I could not find out if the 4k 120 is oversampled and unlimited too. Anyone has seen something in this regard?
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