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  1. I suspected that but I never actually checked if the color space was wider in a nle software. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know why when I shoot in V-Log th color space is bt.709 and not the wider V-Gamut as it should? I see that info from apps like mediainfo and mpc-hc media player.
  3. Has anyone tried creating HDR content for YouTube (for HDR TVs of course) with the S5 using Vlog or HLG?
  4. I would go for the 3700, the additional cores do help in exporting.
  5. Oh you mean that. Basically it's a "6K" HVEC video in 3:2 format?
  6. Where is it exactly? Never heard the S5 could do that. Anyway am I the only very confused with the recording formats? We can choose between MP4 and MOV (why?), then inside each container some options are with h265 some are h264 (why?) with no way of knowing what to expect.
  7. Sorry if my question wasn't clear. Considering the price of the L-mount native lenses I was wondering if I could get away with cheaper Canon/Nikon mount lenses + adapter to keep the costs down. Apparently this should be possible but with many limitations. Even the Sigma adapter has a limited selection of lenses compatible. I have a Tokina 11-16 ATX PRO Nikon F mount, I can forget about using AF-S with the S5?
  8. Thanks, has anyone tried any electronic EF o Nikon adapter to see how they work with autofocus? To see if this method can replace the expensive native L mount lenses...
  9. I'm not sure if they make adapters that also support OIS from other lenses, in this case will 6.5 stops work? So even dummy adapter make ibis work? well lenses in general... I remember in the old days Canon need an electronic pin to tell the camera a lens was mounted,
  10. Hello, do you need a special adapter to make ibis work with vintage lenses? Also I have the Tokina 11-16 on a Nikon mount and AF, is there a way to make it work?
  11. Thanks, however I can't find a reliable source to see how much better is the S5 at high iso compared to the X-T4. I see people say that x-t4 can't do more than 3200 until there's an unusable noise, what about the S5? Does it perform like the A7III? Like this video? ?
  12. Hello I'm back again and definitely ready to buy a new camera now. Almost 2 years have passed so I'm starting with different cameras to choose from. First of all I'd would like to say I don't make money with cameras or plan to, this is a just a hobby. Based on this https://www.eoshd.com/news/a-review-of-the-year-2020-by-andrew-reid/ I'm debating between the Panasonic S5 e Fuji X-T4. I'm a sucker for low light video which the NX1 definitely was a failure at and I always dreamed of a Sony but Jesus is the A7S III is way too expensive for me 😞 I have a few manual Nikon F lenses so IBIS is a must have. S5: + full frame so better low light performance, is it comparable with the Sonys? - more expensive body and more expensive lenses, overall more expensive to "maintain"? X-T4: + cheaper body and cheaper lenses - APS-C with low light performance compared to the NX1, no upgrade in this sense? Is there anything to add? Anyway what happened to the "cheap" full frame Nikons?
  13. What exactly did you criticize on their forum?
  14. Hey! Yeah, I have nothing against GoPro. It's just that for my needs a new GoPro is out of my budget. Also I read everywhere that the Hero7B is seriously bugged where you can lose footage too often. That's not cool :)
  15. Since we're here, is it possible to set a manual shutter speed with automatic ISO?
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