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  1. Thanks, however I can't find a reliable source to see how much better is the S5 at high iso compared to the X-T4. I see people say that x-t4 can't do more than 3200 until there's an unusable noise, what about the S5? Does it perform like the A7III? Like this video? ?
  2. Hello I'm back again and definitely ready to buy a new camera now. Almost 2 years have passed so I'm starting with different cameras to choose from. First of all I'd would like to say I don't make money with cameras or plan to, this is a just a hobby. Based on this https://www.eoshd.com/news/a-review-of-the-year-2020-by-andrew-reid/ I'm debating between the Panasonic S5 e Fuji X-T4. I'm a sucker for low light video which the NX1 definitely was a failure at and I always dreamed of a Sony but Jesus is the A7S III is way too expensive for me I have a few manual Niko
  3. What exactly did you criticize on their forum?
  4. Hey! Yeah, I have nothing against GoPro. It's just that for my needs a new GoPro is out of my budget. Also I read everywhere that the Hero7B is seriously bugged where you can lose footage too often. That's not cool :)
  5. Since we're here, is it possible to set a manual shutter speed with automatic ISO?
  6. I read GoPro with their monopoly position are just crippling and releasing "new" cameras with an awful software full of bugs. I don't like that.
  7. I would be interested, where do you sell it?
  8. Is this a particular reason why you linked this? I mean did you try it? Seems worse than the Brave 6 Plus. That is more expensive than GoPro
  9. Hello I'm not sure if you guys have any experience with these cameras (I don't!) but I would like to record "relaxing" videos of my bicycle rides and I was wondering if there's something cheaper than GoPro/DJI for this kind of content. Something similar to this guy My requirements: - good 1080p30/60 or 4k30p - awesome IS, I want to put it on the handlebar - possibility to add an ext stereo mic Size is not that important, I won't be using on my chest or to record extreme bike rides. Just relaxing slow rides on asphalt or trails. The only cheap camera that I found
  10. Why failure? Too bad it doesn't ship outside Switzerland... Can anyone summarize what's all thing with Nikon being a failure, prices falling and stuff? I'm confused.
  11. what are the disadvantages of the z6 for video compared to its main competitor the a7iii? is it a monster for low light? i would guess with the z adapater the lenses is a bit contained compared to sony?
  12. I'm on the same boat though I'm not that focused on the AF. I don't remember that nx1 being so special for the AF capabilities.
  13. Is it good move to cost even more than the Sony a73?
  14. I think it was this. Sorry it was the z7
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