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  1. Is it good move to cost even more than the Sony a73?
  2. I think it was this. Sorry it was the z7
  3. sandro

    Nikon Z6 Low Light

    Hi can you show samples at very high ISO?
  4. So the rumor is that the sony a7s3 will have more MP then the non-S version? it doesn't make sense...
  5. Thanks, just curious how much is the renting per day?
  6. do we know already if the ztf adapter will work even for third party lenses like Tamrons for vr, aperture and focus?
  7. seems like the details is there, that's the thing
  8. for video from your experiences what is the maximum ISO you would use? I remember the xt2 had nice grain up to 12800.
  9. I saw a comparison between a73 and z6 and noticed the sony wins hands down in low light performance. I wonder what sony does differently considering they're both full frame and have the same MP.
  10. is there a good low light comparison with other cameras?
  11. Is it a windows machine? if you have a i7 7xxx series you have hardware acceleration for playback, for 10 bit only with the 8xxx series.
  12. If it has the same grainy look I'm ok with that... will have to wait for more comparisons!
  13. I will, do you own the x-t2? What do you think it's the maximum ISO you can go and still get an usable image?
  14. Do we have any comparison for high ISO in video mode? Maybe to other cameras and the XT2 (to see how much of a "downgrade" that is looking at pictures)?
  15. Isn't 4k60p cropped also? I was just saying that I was expecting in 2018 to drop these freaking crop factors for >1.5k cameras that clearly shows they just can't handle the data. So did you check the ISO?
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