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  1. Image quality not as good or flatter profile?
  2. Sony signed a patent cross licensing deal with Aptina in 2013. https://www.dpreview.com/articles/6474906938/aptina-signs-patent-cross-license-agreement-with-sony Aptina was at the forefront of on sensor pdaf (it manufactured the sensor for the Nikon V1 which was widely recognized for its af at the time.) If people can recall Sony's first generation A7 were cdaf only and they introduced hybrid af only in the second generation.
  3. Yup. Assuming it is the pocket screen - it is virtually half the size of a Hero Black.
  4. I think you are spot on here.... This photo was posted by OsitaLV on twitter (serial DJI leaker.) He also referred to the OsmoSport as a repackaged Osmo Pocket with wider angle lens. This also looks very small to me. Looks like an interesting product (but, then again, I am something of a DJI fan boy!!)
  5. 'Mother: You father and I have done the sums, and we know that doctors get paid very well but if you worked for Adobe, over the decades the family discount actually makes it a more sensible option....' ....plus you will make a bundle from the stock options they give you!!
  6. According to this Petapixel article the US$10 a month offer is still available and you can lock it in for a further 3 years (maybe US only) https://petapixel.com/2019/05/02/adobes-10-photography-plan-gone-from-site-cheapest-is-20-month/ I think Adobe is bound to increase it to US$20 permanently at some stage. In fact when I first signed up to Photoshop on a monthly deal it was US$20 a month!! (without Lightroom)
  7. I only use Lumafusion for quick basic edits (usually of drone footage.) I dont have a separate keyboard and so dont use keyboard shortcuts - sticking to the touch screen. I have a contour shuttle (and palette gear) which I use and like but it is for my desktop workflow. I would guess that a lot of people would find this useful though.
  8. Camera sales have been abysmal this year. CIPA shows that for the first 3 months, DSLR shipments were down 40% and mirrorless down 10%. The fall in mirrorless is particularly bad considering that both Canon and Nikon have fairly aggressively entered the market. A friend of mine wants to upgrade his 5D mkiii - he was torn between the RP and the 5Div. After going back and forth for a month - he decided to wait another year. As for EF lenses - Canon doesnt have a lot of choice. The EF lenses are built for PDAF focusing and dont have stepper motors for efficient CDAF focusing, so they have to bring out new lenses. (Incidentally pdaf should always work better on a DSLR because the sensor array (off sensor) can be larger than on sensor mirrorless systems.
  9. Actually that isnt correct. F stops measure the aperture. Light transmission is measured in T stops. The T stop is always higher than the f stop as some light is lost in transmission through the lens. The faster the f stop lens you use - typically the greater the amount of light you lose. So as an example.... https://www.dxomark.com/olympus-m-zuiko-digital-ed-25mm-f-1-2-pro-lens-review-solid-choice/ https://www.dxomark.com/panasonic-lumix-g-25mm-f1-7-asph-micro-four-thirds-mount-lens-review-attractive-option/ the olympus 25 1.2 is t stop 1.8 and the panasonic 25 1.7 is t stop 2.0 So, as a guess, if you go from f1.2 to f0.95 you will probably only gain a third of a stop more light.
  10. Just to say - for those that dont know (like I didnt) - it is actually possible to send A7iii/A7riii videos to the ipad pro via usb-c (to usb-c) - you send directly from the camera. 1. Set the usb connection on the A7iii to MTP. 2. Turn off usb power supply. Connect the ipad. If your card is relatively full it may well give a 'no photos to import' message but it is just taking its time to read the card. You import via the photos app. Import time are painfully slow - 8MB/sec - so I timed a 1.9gb file at 4 minutes to transfer
  11. I am not optimistic for the DJI CoPilot. I am rather bias as I have wasted quite a lot of dosh trying to get an ipad pro workflow to work - Gnarbox anyone? - without success. The LaCie website says that the usb-c iipad pro is not supported. And when it is supported.... 1. I rather bet it will only let you 'see' your footage on the ipad rather than transfer and edit and 2. will it support raw photos as well as say Sony raws as well as video from non DJI cameras??.....
  12. I have a WD wireless pro. The wifi transfer speed I find too slow (about 2MB/s) to be of much practical use (my A7r3 wireless transfer is faster.) The ipad's 'file system' (and usb-c port) are so badly crippled, even the ipad pro isnt really usuable for content creation except at a pinch. Its a shame because LR mobile has come a long way and Lumafusion is pretty good (and as many have pointed out incredibly fast.) The ipad is still the best content consumption device out there.
  13. Seems totally counter-productive to me. Despite their best efforts - reviews of camera's video capabilities and recruitment of Jordan Drake - the site is still pretty much exclusively focused on 'stills'. The specialist video forum is pretty much deserted. They could do with interaction with a specialist video site.
  14. Seems odd to me to have a long thread bashing Sony users on the basis they go around bashing other brands!!
  15. Robert Collins

    Galaxy Fold

    The Huawei design looks better in terms of functionality as a tablet that can also act and be the size of a phone. However, its design looks to be a bit of a nightmare in terms of durability - both the back and the front of the phone are a screen when folded!!
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