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  1. Look at the end of the day we will have the same arguments. The brokerages will argue that they stopped people buying at incredibly stupid prices in order to protect them and the investors will argue that they should be allowed to be as stupid as they wish. But at what point does allowing people to do incredibly stupid things become incredibly stupid?
  2. Strange that isnt it? It is almost as if the Fed (unlimited printing for free) is in bed with the hedge funds... https://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/16/business/ben-bernanke-will-work-with-citadel-a-hedge-fund-as-an-adviser.html https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2021/01/janet-yellen-paid-speeches-citadel-gamestop.html
  3. Let me ask you a question? 2 years from now will GME stock be above US$250 or below US$250 a share. I think we can both agree it will be below US$250 a share. So if you currently hold GME stock valued at US$250 a share you have already been 'pumped and dumped'
  4. I have enormous sympathy for your political views on this subject just not your financial ones. I think you believe that you are part of a revolution when in reality you are just getting sucked into 'pump and dumps'
  5. On the other hand, destroying your own wealth, to try destroying a hedge fund (Melvin Capital) because you believe they are destroying other people is a life affirming virtuous circle? Revenge trading is simply a destructive circle and I 100% guarantee you wont get your money back!!
  6. The largest investment I have in the world today is bitcoin and it has made me several million dollars (well I guess it would if I sold them). I also believe in the revolution that bitcoin 'could' create... But there is a quantum difference between bitcoin and dogecoin (which was designed to be worthless). Look at the end of the day if you are arguing about the price of shit ....you are simply arguing about the price of shit. Yes you can all agree that the price of shit should be higher and screw the odd hedge fund but at the end of the day all you are left with is pile of shit....
  7. Trouble? Wow lets start a revolution betting on Dogecoin.... Look I think our society suffers from very deep inherent problems - specifically the ever increasing inequalities between rich and poor and to less extent the young and the old.... Marx wrote about this over 100 years ago and predicted revolution with the rich being the first ones in front of the firing squad. The reality is that people have simply been distracted (much like in The Hunger Games) by TV, by the internet and I guess ultimately by speculating on worthless stocks and cryptos where effectively they are swapp
  8. As a former investment banker I guess I am the bad guy in all this. But seriously the odd burps from financial markets arent going to change anything - the rich will get richer and well everyone else will simply have to get by.... The Hamptons may not be a defensible position but revolutions were never created on gambling sites on the internet. Enjoy the fun while it lasts... Kind of reminds me of The Hunger Games....
  9. The specs on this camera seem almost insane - I guess there will be a catch. Shouldnt it suffer from overheating?
  10. I remember a problem with the A9/A9ii that didnt have 'picture profiles' in video (possibly linked to the electronic shutter.) How about this A1?
  11. Yes, right. Bought them in 2016. BTW someone told me that Glyph was suffering from financial problems
  12. LaCie is owned by Seagate - GTech by Western Digital. These are effectively the only 2 major spinning hard drive manufacturers in the world. I doubt you would go far wrong with either one but if you have a preference it should be based on the original manufacturer. In my case, I chose LaCie because support/product availability/price all seemed better in my country (Thailand). My advice (and what I have done) is to buy TWO enclosures (2x2Big T3s). ONE enclosure simply syncs with the other providing back up. That way you can have RAID0 for fast speeds/maximum space over 2 drives as wel
  13. LaCie is owned by Seagate and your LaCie will likely have Seagate drives.
  14. I like Ben Kingsley but I thought that Ghandhi was an awful self-indulgic film. Actually it reminds me of E.T. Which came out the same year, had a pretty similar story and with a star who looked and sounded remarkably similar!!
  15. I have the smaller stream deck (15 key) and love it. The Stream Deck works in layers - so press photoshop and move to 15 shortcut/macros, press lightroom and move to 15 shortcut/macros, press chrome and have links to 15 websites. It can also control my sound, aircon and lights. I have well over 100 shortcuts/macros mapped to my stream deck. It works very well for me.... Against this - the 3 macro black macro tabs on the monogram seem somewhat redundant although their location does make them useful. As I said before it is the jog wheel and dials that monogram has done really well (my guess
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