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  1. I just wanted to put in a good word for 'cloud storage' to the extent it helped/saved' me. I 'accidentally' deleted a year of photos some time ago and by the time I realized, my 'back ups' had 'synced' and that years photos had been deleted too. Luckily my 'cloud storage' let me 'go back in time' so I could restore the photos that had been deleted. My point being is that if your back up is based on 'backing up/syncing' your primary source there is some 'risk'.
  2. I have a mate who has been doubly unlucky with drones. 1. First he had a Phantom which true to their name occasionally had batteries whose capacity would suddenly go from 40% to 10% in a few seconds. Tried to get it back over water but it sunk 20m from dry land. 2. The second time is immortalized in this video, The chances of 2 drones colliding in 3D space seem pretty slim to me but it happened in Myanmar. What happened next can only be described as 'lucky'.
  3. Somehow I think the logic is back to front here. I have always felt comfortable telling my friends that 'I think they are talking absolute garbage' when I think they are. It would shock me if I subsequently met them in a 'grocery store' (full stop.) But if I did and I enquired about their family, I would be pretty surprised if they told me to 'fuck off'.
  4. DJI is still pushing the boundaries but is beginning to take the piss with its pricing. How come its 'upgraded' smart controller has gone from US$650 to US$1100? But my biggest beef (and quite frankly it isnt just DJI) is the 'this drone has a bunch of fantastic features but you will have to wait for a firmware update in January for them to work.' It really is a huge 'pass' to claim a product does this or that when some future update arrives. And to be honest it makes a total mockery of all the youtube reviews if instead of reviewing a product they are actually reviewing what DJI envisions the product will become at some future date. 'These problems will be sorted out in a future firmware update' should read 'this product was not ready for release'....
  5. Let's see. I bought both the Gnarbox 1 and Gnarbox 2 and they are both gathering dust at the back of some cupboard (they werent cheap either.) The specs on this kit look great but then that happens with Indiegogo projects. Currently my 'backup' is a 2018 Ipad pro combined with a caldigit hub (and Crucial x8 portable SSD.) I am getting speeds of about 200MB/s for whatever I am doing which is good enough for me.... Obviously the ipad pro is an expensive addition but I use for a bunch of other stuff.
  6. Seems a bit of a stretch if you ask me.
  7. Nope, I am arguing the exact opposite. I understand that EOSHD needs ad revenue to exist. However, independent content and opinion will continue whether the likes of EOSHD exist or not.
  8. I totally disagree with this conclusion. Yes, we will always have a 'paid content model.' But we will also always have a 'non-advertiser friendly, non-shills' model. That is because we all like to express our opinions - it is human nature - and we will tend to express our opinions whether we are 'paid' in one form or another or not. Now that the marginal cost of presenting your opinion is effectively zero, you dont need a revenue model.
  9. In Britain, in 'normal conversation' it is possible to make jokes about pretty much anything especially if that conversation is with someone you know well. Just yesterday a mate of mine asked me if I thought what my kid was doing on a swing was dangerous and I replied... 'Dont worry, I have a spare!!' (Get it?) However, it appears that 'humor rules' change completely when you move from 'normal conversation' to the internet. 'This is my french friend but he is not all bad!' is a joke in 'normal conversation' but a 'xenophobic attack' on the internet. As I see it there are 2 reasons for this. One is fairly obvious. If you are having a normal conversation with someone you tend to 'assume the best' (on the basis that if you assumed he was an axxhole in the beginning, you wouldnt be having a conversation). But when you are communicating on the internet you are largely talking to strangers who are very quick to jump to any old conclusion. But, more importantly, on the internet (particularly twitter) people are 'fighting' to draw attention to themselves and to be a relevant part of the on-going conversation. Being rude, obnoxious and even deliberately confrontational is an 'internet tactic' in many respects. Life was far simpler in the past. When you were offended, you wrote a letter to the BBC (and presumably the BBC took your letter, scrumpled it up and threw it in the bin.)
  10. If I was a Canon user, I would be far more worried if the sensor with this specs was manufactured by Canon. Canon simply hasnt invested (nor has the capacity to invest) in very high end sensor specs. And basically you are getting Sony's high end sensor specs matched with every thing you like about Canon (and generally hate in the Sony world.) The writing has been on the wall here for many years...
  11. I rather think in the UK it is slightly different to 0.1% disobeying the rules. If you say 'self-quarantine' to a Brit he sort of goes 'Sure, you are vaguely serious about this but not really.' So people are pretty much bound 'not' to follow the rules. Here in Thailand you get escorted by people in hazmat suits to a hotel for 14 days quarantine (no alcohol, no yoghurt (!) and 1 hour a day outside for exercise.) You can even play tennis but you must play by yourself. Of course with these restrictions noone actually comes to Thailand but it is pretty effective.
  12. I started to do a few calculations based on this post - that the UK had spent GBP37bn on a test and trace app and worked out that it amounted to about GBP600 for every man, woman and child in the UK. It is also equivalent to roughly the UK annual defense budget which would be pretty incredible given those nuclear subs and what not. Unfortunately for the story it turns out that the total cost of the test and trace app is actually around GBP35m that is 'm for million' as opposed to 'bn for billion'. So it is wrong by a factor of a 1,000 (one thousand). It is a bit of a shame as it would have been incredibly funny if the UK had spent GBP37bn on a test and trace app. https://www.digitalhealth.net/2020/09/total-cost-of-nhs-contact-tracing-app-set-to-top-35-million/
  13. Once the 'annoying daughter' of the chief protagonist turned up 20 minutes into the film - I assumed it would be downhill all the way and switched off.....
  14. Andrew you seem to have an incredibly romantic view of British royalty 'I once met Princess Diana as a schoolboy. I remember it vividly. Waving flags, bright colours.' That's ok I guess (I used to hang out with Di's brother, Charles, at school and he seemed a decent sort of guy.) But I do think the whole royalty thing has been massively devalued (not that it really should have been valued in the first place) by the whole millionaire royals complaining to millionaire presenters about being traumatized by their 'excessive privileges'. When you get involved with the royal family (or like Diana choose to get involved with the royal family) you are in fact taking on 'a deal with devil' with ultimate riches and the consequences that come with them...
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