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  1. I'd like to know more. I'm still flying the p4pro too, but I'm ready for something that has more dynamic range (and a bit more stability: I found my little mavic a better platform for drone timelapses than the p4.)
  2. Agree! I don't really fancy much of what's on offer. I'd think about getting a video only cam, but the blackmagic is M/3 or bloody eos mount. The z-cam has similar caveats. AN d besides I dont mind being pampered now and then with an auto mode that actually works. Or Ibis. Or autofocus. Oy vey! I think I better think it out again
  3. its funny how the name of the thing shapes your expectations. I would have cut them way more slack if they'd given it the s moniker. Or called it the z6 and a half.
  4. yep i was saying this was nikon's last attempt to keep me. HAving said that I'm editing some footage at the mo, and it's lovely, and very easy to work with, but there is too much that is amateurish with these cameras. If they'd given me full frame 60p I might even have hung around in 8bit. But no 10 bit internal? get futtocky fucked. And "planned for february": weasels. THe promised external raw was a mess. Nope, bugger 'em
  5. someone in the nikonrumors comments said the sensor can only do 40hz in full frame. Not sure if this is true but if so, rules out 4k 60 FF. I agree, they shouldn't give it the ii moniker if its a minor update. Urgh!
  6. uh I didn't think of that. That's just the sort of bullshit nikon would do.
  7. *Hellios 44-2. Virtuallu no swirly bokeh though, so I guess its a new variant. After googling for an hour or so I now want a helios 40
  8. I've got the nikkor 50mm f1.2, this has a bendy field curvature and slightly swirly bokeh. I've also got a helios 50, but I prefer the nikkor. I'll google those others, thanks So the sweet 35 with the composer pro is on sale for $350 AUD - about $100 off. (About $260 usd). $100AUD more for the edge 35 (which is a bummer because that would be my preferred one of the 2). Its tempting, especially as the cheapest z tilt shift adaptor I can find is $250
  9. I love playing with charactful lenses, but can't decide if that lensbaby look has passed it's sell by date Its on sale in aus.
  10. yep no good for me, I've got nikon glass on nikon bodies, and i want to keep my lens control ANyhoo, I ordered a cheapish ND, some bizzarely cheap Nds to practice on and a glass cutter. I have seem someone saying that gel NDs dont give focus issues, which might be OK, but havent been able to find any. (Or at least not for sensible amounts of money). I wonder if the location of the ND makes a difference to the focus issues? Is it better to be close to the sensor, or close to the lens?
  11. how hard can it be? i know theres a company that makes them, but not for my z-6. i guess id' need to cut a rectangle out of a filter. is this a terrible idea?
  12. i think the cheap non-hybrid cameras are worth thinking about simply because they are literally thought about: they factor into equipment plans when a hybrid costs more than an alternative stills camera + a blackmagic or a z-cam. If the point of the list is to give folk the breadth of kit to consider when planning what kit they need, if they can think about a $10 hybrid, they can think about a $3k stills, plus a $7k cinema camera
  13. That is awesome. . Aren't $4000 cameras that you have to hack just to get them to do what it says on the tin brilliant?
  14. If there was a way to feed the correct time and date, and saved settings back to the camera that would be niiiiiiiiicer
  15. Nay! They'll find something that future us's can't live without. 16 stops of dynamic range or vastly more efficient codec are 2 obvious ones. Metamaterial lenses, 16k VR, allowing reframing, lightfield capture....
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