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  1. I just watched that newsshooter vid and agree it looks great. I was peeping for moire and I didn't see any. Need to see more footage before reaching any conclusions
  2. the quoted values are always pretty much bulshit. My D5300 had virtually the same dynamic range as the d800 according to DXO. The usable dynamic range was nowhere near the same. The z7 and z6 have banding in the shadows which means you cant push them as far, and on the z6 at least the noise is not as pleasant - so again you can't push it as far (and the lower MP doesn't help either). Until we can get someone to do a controlled test with and without th 12 bit raw i reckon all this is a big fat waste of breath ? One thing I will say though is that sometimes I feel like the flat image on video almost retains better highlight detail than the raw still. Making me wonder if they deliberately hobbled the raw to create a bigger gap to the z7.
  3. Now if we could only have 4k 60 I'd be as happy as a pig in shit
  4. No 14+stop on the z6. The d800 supposedly has 13.something stops and the z6 does not reach the same levels of dr. I get the feeling it could if they turned up the active d-lighting. Anyhoo the blacks are way noisier than the d800, I'd guess 12 usable stops at most (which would still be awesome)
  5. I'm a nikon shooter, but I'm just about done with them. And I really want my 4k 60 back. (I ditched my gh5 for a z6). Anyone here had experience with both nikons and fujis? Will I miss the dynamic range shooting stills?
  6. Hurrah. Apsc is the ideal sensor size IMHO. Better noise and dynamic range than m43, higher frame rates than full frame, easier to move and cool than full frame. Speed-boostable for a full frame look. There's nothing sensible out there at the moment so I'll be watching this fuji closely.
  7. Just in case anyone was under the delusion that the z6 raw update was a) nearly here b) a high priority I had an exchange with a nikon tech about it via email: he didn't know anything about it - i got the impression that he hadn't heard that a hardware update is going to be necessary, making it look like Nikon Australia has no plans in place to manage it. He said he expected it to come out with an update in the next few months (which I took to mean that he thought it would be done with a firmware update only, which we know is wrong and kinda shows they are as clueless as the rest of us).
  8. I've been shooting real estate vids on the z6. I want to start shooting small docos on it. Just for youtube and myself. The preamps are rubbish. Can anyone recommend a teeny sound recorder? I've just ordered the rode wireless go, that I can mate it with. (I've got this we thingy:https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/673340-REG/Tascam_DR_08_DR_08_Portable_Digital_Audio.html but it is really beat up, and i dont trust the 3.5mm inputs 100% - totally not ideal for doco reording. Need it to be bulletproof). Also the inbuilt h.264 is probably OK, I'm shooting flat. Anyone using Andrew's flat profile? Pros/cons? Any other little bits of kit that would improve the experience? I dont know about and external recorder - relatively big expense for how much benefit? I've not seen any news about z6 raw either - is it out yet?
  9. looking forward to hearing what you think of the z-cams. Very much liking the footage I;ve seen so far
  10. massive. prediction: the sort of processing I do on real estate pics will be pretty well dead in 5-10 years time. They won't be as good, but they will be "good enough". I can imagine the new image processing software will just have bunch of looks, and ai will do the rest. This is the reason I'm trying to get out of the game now. It's bound to come to video, too.
  11. you beat me to it. The pico mic looks pretty good. bit more expensive, but you get 2 mics in a kit.
  12. What's this sigma camera is going to be like I wonder? I'm a bit over the big boys. I'm not loving the Z6. (Actually I wonder if anyone does. It's a fiddly pain in the bum). I'd be curious @Andrew Reid how you'd find the z-cams. I'm loving the image I'm seeing from them (if only the E2 wasn't 3x the cost of the BMPCC4K), and their super35 bodies didn't have EF mount.
  13. Ah yes, Because of that I end up creating my own proxies for DJI h.264, otherwise I just edit with the source footage (my 4k nikon stuff edits OK). Hey the other thing you can try is resetting the workspace, that sometimes jogs thumbnails back to life. and the thing that pushed me to download resolve was 4 hours spent trying to do the most basic of things in premiere (import h.265 4k, speed it up, export it). Premiere and media encoder kept crashing. I downloaded resolve, and having never used it, did all that, stabilised and exported it in the half an hour you'd expect it to take I posted the wip on my insta page And it didn't crash!
  14. Nasty, makes it a poor choice for a gimbal camera. You need faster readout for warp stabiliser not to poo itself.
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