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  1. I shot my last vid in 8bit h.265 flat with active dlight cranked to the max, and I honestly think I got a better result than I've been getting with 10 but nlog. Just looking at the histogram nlog was leaving big bands of nothing at either end so those extra 2 bits were probably going to waste. 8 bit was using the full histogram, and I think has some inbuilt noise reduction which saved me a bunch of time in post. There were a couple of shots that I ettr'd a bit too much, but they were just about salvageable. The post was so much quicker. I could chuck on all my presets from my z6, and the h.265 fell apart less. But it leaves me wondering why I spent $7.5k on a new camera šŸ¤” They need to have optional noise reduction and dlight available on 10bit footage. Nlog is garbage. I've not bothered with nraw yet. Mostly shoot in 4k at 25,30,50,60 and a few 8k30 shots
  2. well after a day of cutting z8 and mavic 3 footage, I'm wondering what the hell I'm doing. I stumbled on some phantom 4 pro stuff I shot a few year ago and honestly its less noisy, has better highlight rolloff, but most of all it was quicker: That's the thing I'm increasingly thinking. Maybe I can improve on what I was doing 3 years ago, but only a bit, if at all, and at what time cost? If I have to denoise every shot, and mask windows to try to squeak some highlights in from outside, for a marginal improvement in a sector where I'm competing with people charging $200 and shooting on an iphone. I've seen some of the HDR iphone footage and its pretty amazing.
  3. Yes but the z8 flat isn't as flat as the z6 šŸ˜­. The z6 flat is fantastic, and I swear there is more dynamic range than in raw (maybe the active dlight helps there?) Im still finding the highlight rolloff on the z8 much worse than the z6. I'll keep plugging away at it, but at the moment I'm hoping the z6iii has more to offer. I saw some real estate stuff shot on an iPhone and honestly I though it looked better than my z8 stuff. They are obviously doing some computational magic to bring down the window exposures and stop harsh highlights. But makes me wonder why I've spent so much to get worse footage, that takes me longer to edit. Sigh. This is just for what I shoot. Most.people won't be running into these issues. If I was a wedding or event shooter I'd love it. Would I should drama on it? Nopety nope
  4. Aha thanks I just saw your earlier post too. I'll check them out
  5. I just shot my first couple of things in nlog. Can anyone point me to alternative luts I can check out? The nikon lut is contrasty, and the skies are a bit fluro-turquoise. I've just had a go at grading it myself without the lut and I need something in-between mine and the nikon one. I'm in premiere for now. I've tried turning down the intensity and tweaking the HUE/HUE controls in premiere but its a bit limited.
  6. I bit the bullet and bought a z8. I've done a bit of testing and couple of shoots. First impressions are not great. I need to do some more scientific testing this weekend, but the highlight rolloff and lack of dynamic range make the 10 bit h.265 look worse than my 8bit z6ii. I was keen to get the raw video for those times where I wanted the best possible quality, but kinda hoping and expecting (from the general comments/videos/raving I've seen) that the h.265 would be a step up from the z6. The stills dynamic range isn't quite up to my 11 year old d800 either. And today I found the autofocus hunting a bit in low light. Seeing as my bread and butter shooting involves low light and very high contrast I'm not sure it's the right fit for me so far. I've tried ramping up the d-lighting but meh. Anyone know if the highlight rolloff improves with pro res? I really don't want to shoot raw for my little shoots - $7K AUD to make my life harder šŸ¤¦ I really love high dynamic range stills cameras, I don't think there's one hybrid camera in sony's line up that is a good fit either. It's kinda depressing knowing that I could increase the quality of my output by shooting stills consistently with that 11 year old beastie.
  7. The sensor in the z9 is designed for speed. I've found Nikon flagship D4/5 cameras lacking in dynamic range. It was the first thing I googled when it came out: what the video dynamic range was like, and from everything I could find it wasn't great. And yep the odd video sample with gnarly highlight rolloff. Say that itqs dynamic range is limited in a Nikon group and people go slightly nuts šŸ˜†. I'm a Nikon shooter, im used to waiting: so I'm waiting for the z6iii or z8, and Nikon hopefully getting back to the 14 stops of the d8xx's
  8. gethin

    Fuji X-H2S

    Photons to photos just released its stills dynamic range results and it's really confusing. I like P to P because at least you can compare one cam to another. Xh2s has worse dr than my z6. How that translates to 14 stops of video dynamic range I dunno.
  9. gethin

    Fuji X-H2S

    I just saw the pricing in Australia I was expecting 3-3.5k AUD, but $4200 is kinda nuts. Sigh
  10. Yep! I usually specify that, I forgot
  11. Just been looking again at Fujifilm esp xt4. Always thought they had poor dynamic range, seems I'm wrong. How are they regarded?
  12. I'm a one man band when it comes to shooting. My bread and butter is real estate videos (hopefully with a bit more flair than your average shoot - plonk music - edit it in few hours variety). With gimbal shots, I shoot super wide, fixed focus even on full frame. I've used the face autofocus when shooting talent a handful of times but it is hilariously hit and miss. The other thing I do is shoot landscape, and factual stuff, some tourism related stuff. The latter is probably where I'd miss the hybrid camera the most, but its a small fraction of my output. I could always hire for those shoots. (Camera assistants and/or gear). I admit I've not looked properly into file sizes. I know i'd be dealing with "much bigger", but I've never quantified it - which I probably should. @django mentioned noisy footage: I've just been googling it. Thanks this is really good to know. My perception of it was that the noise was excellently controlled. Knowing that I'll have to ETTR and denoise pretty much everything I do is quite a a turnoff. I'm happy to be a bit slower shooting, and do a bit more grading, but if I'm adding 5 mins to each shot I work with over the z6, then that's an extra 3 hours or so in my average edit. I wish nikon were doing something with HDR raw - even in stills - with the Z9. My 9 year old d800 has more dynamic range than any camera I've owned since. That z9 has the sensor read speed and processor to merge on the fly I would've thought.
  13. after ~3 years of z6 and then z6ii I'm wanting to focus again on quality rather than speed. toyed with getting a ninja v, but just looked at 10-bit prores n-log files, and they're noisy and šŸ¤® And just watched a review of the BM video assist with the z6. Heavy and short battery life. So I'm thinking of the BMPCC 6k pro. I'll have to adapt my nikon glass, and get used to manual everything, and I'll be back to 2 separate cameras for video and stills. My other, slightly nutso thought, was to trade in my 2 z6's and a few nikon F lenses and get the z9. But I suspect I'll still get a nicer video image out of the Blackmagic.
  14. I've got a phantom 4 pro: I was waiting for the mavic 3. I'm now looking at the EVO drones. Mavic 3: gimmick camera, dynamic range not significantly improved from phantom 4, expensive and with issues.
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