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  1. yep I linked to my youtube channel at the bottom of my post hey thanks folks, sensible suggestions here! SO yeah I think the choice comes down to get a Z7ii now and wait to see what the Z9 brings or get the A1 now and start transitioning to sony. One thing I'd love to play with is a camera with decent autofocus I have a knack for buying first gen stuff with shitty AF: canon 7d, d800, z6 (it really isn't good). Thats Af for stills, but even in video it would be nice for instance to be able to track in to someone and have the camera find a face from 3 metres away on a 20mm!
  2. there are bugs in premiere I have been trying to resolve (boomtish) for like 6 years. I even ended up tweeting at various managers to try to get their attention. Theres one that was introduced after ppro2018, which has kept me on that version. I've thought about making a Louis Theroux style documentary where I try to get adobe to repsond. It's hilarious how shite they are at dealing with bugs
  3. Lets say you have about $15k USD to spend before the end of the tax year, all your kit is nikon but you've been looking on at 8k raw files a bit wistfully what kit would you buy? (Knowing that z9 is not out yet) I'm toying with the idea of an R5, but nikon glass doesn't seem to adapt to canon, whereas there are adapters out there to sony. My bread and butter work is real estate video, but I also shoot timelapse, nightscapes, landscape. I've got a d800 (which I still love for stills), and a z6. The z6 is fine for real estate, but I'm starting to see amazing quality video shot by
  4. Starting to look at phones with better stills cameras than my ZenFone 5 (which is now 20 years old in phone-years. They're the same as dog years dontcha know). Idly wondered if the camera centric phones have 25fps available yet: I have totally struck out. Anyone know of any? I won't be shooting much vid on it, but it would be nice to have the option. It's a bit of a headfuck that it's not available. I can imagine for a documentary film maker having an emergency 4k cam on hand 24/7 would be awesome, but not if you have to do pulldown on the footage. Apart from all that: Any
  5. gethin

    A7rii in 2021

    Yeah but if I'm Paying $3k for a z7, I may as well pay $4.5k for a z7ii . The other option is to stick to what I know and get a d810. Only 1080p, but usable 1080. And an autofocus that works WHat I'd really like is decent 4k60, but the z9 is going to be 10k, the A1 is the same, and I just don't know if I can go back to Canon.
  6. gethin

    A7rii in 2021

    Yep I thought about that but used z7s are still about $3k in Aus, I saw a used a7rii yesterday for $1000! I figure I can get an autofocus lens adaptor. And still be ahead. But yes matching the colours might be interesting. I probably should find some RAWS and footage to play with before I jump in.
  7. gethin

    A7rii in 2021

    My lovely battered d800 is near the end My z6 is my video shooter. I still prefer the stills from the d800. It has better dynamic range than the z6. Ive been thinking about getting a second cam that can shoot 4k of some sort, but primarily for stills. I can get an a7rii for half the price of a d850 (and half the size and weight). From what I've seen the raw files are similar to the d800. Is that a terrible idea in 2021?
  8. I'd like to know more. I'm still flying the p4pro too, but I'm ready for something that has more dynamic range (and a bit more stability: I found my little mavic a better platform for drone timelapses than the p4.)
  9. Agree! I don't really fancy much of what's on offer. I'd think about getting a video only cam, but the blackmagic is M/3 or bloody eos mount. The z-cam has similar caveats. AN d besides I dont mind being pampered now and then with an auto mode that actually works. Or Ibis. Or autofocus. Oy vey! I think I better think it out again
  10. its funny how the name of the thing shapes your expectations. I would have cut them way more slack if they'd given it the s moniker. Or called it the z6 and a half.
  11. yep i was saying this was nikon's last attempt to keep me. HAving said that I'm editing some footage at the mo, and it's lovely, and very easy to work with, but there is too much that is amateurish with these cameras. If they'd given me full frame 60p I might even have hung around in 8bit. But no 10 bit internal? get futtocky fucked. And "planned for february": weasels. THe promised external raw was a mess. Nope, bugger 'em
  12. someone in the nikonrumors comments said the sensor can only do 40hz in full frame. Not sure if this is true but if so, rules out 4k 60 FF. I agree, they shouldn't give it the ii moniker if its a minor update. Urgh!
  13. uh I didn't think of that. That's just the sort of bullshit nikon would do.
  14. *Hellios 44-2. Virtuallu no swirly bokeh though, so I guess its a new variant. After googling for an hour or so I now want a helios 40
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