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  1. I did not know the FZ2500 had a built in ND. Dreaming of having a sweet little ND selector on the GH camera! Please, panny!
  2. @wolf33d 's wait may finally come to an end! 😁 3 long years....
  3. Vlog does have the custom view assist .VLTs...otherwise, I don't see many drawbacks to shooting CineD.
  4. Apple should make a FCPX Lite for the iPad that allows you to preview footage, mark, cut, trim, favorite, and keyword footage and then bring it into FCPX on Mac with a few clicks and the iPad within a couple feet of the desktop Mac. Like a seamless project airdrop. It would make categorizing and find your selects in the field much easier when its fresh.
  5. Must be the new Mavic 3 Pro with 35mm sensor.
  6. I counted 3, maybe 4 shallow depth of field shots in that entire gorgeous film.
  7. At what, like 5Gbps.... Have fun with that.
  8. Shots fired. I said it before, but I think the S1H is going to be a cult favorite, especially if Panasonic continues to improve it through firmware upgrades. It would have been a run away success if they fixed the damn autofocus once and for all. But I’m kinda exhausted with all the new stuff. I’m ignoring all the shiny new toys this year and instead diverting that excitement and energy into creating.
  9. I’m buying that EOS R5! Oh, someone pinched me...I’m back in the reality. Im just going to keep my GH5S and hope for a late 2020 announcement of a GH6, perhaps the last MFT camera from Panasonic. Should be good for the next 3 years 🙃
  10. Canon traditionally released under whelming spec’d cameras and now suddenly has the fastest readout of any sensor, better IBIS than Panasonic and Olympus, and 8K 30p RAW in a mirrorless form factor? Why isn’t that in the C500, their flagship cinema camera?
  11. I’ll believe it when it’s released and in peoples hands. Highly doubt Canon would sell you an R camera with better specs and less money than a C500.
  12. Some of the best times was milk runs in my Ferrari. It’s only down the street but it only takes 6 seconds to go from 0-60.
  13. 75% lightning and composition, 20% lens, 5% camera with any camera made after 2016. I mean with the new way of filming... https://www.slashfilm.com/the-mandalorian-stagecraft-photos/ They probably could have filmed the Mandolorian with a GH5 and nice cinema lenses, definitely an S1H. You don’t need Alexa levels of Dynamic range when the background is a digital HDR screen.
  14. I really hope they give us the tilt + flip in the next MFT camera. Sometimes I just want a tilt screen as well.
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