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  1. DJI just released a LiDAR module for their new gimbals. It is more limited than @BTM_Pix device but so for from the video I’ve seen it works well up to about 20 feet.
  2. I actually like the IPhone 12 Mini the most. My favorite iPhone was the boxy 4S. I’m tired of paying $1200 for a huge phone. It’s a tool for me. It should slip in my pocket and disappear until I need to navigate, call, messaged, or lookup public transit times. So glad they went back to the boxy shape and smaller size with the mini. Price is still pretty high.
  3. Confusing, overpriced product. It’s clear L-Mount is the focus for traditional image capture at Panasonic now.
  4. Damn, I think this is another G100 blunder. I don’t know how well that camera has sold but I can’t imagine it’s been very competitive against M50 and other cameras for beginners. Its a GH5S in a different body and a minimal spec boost, but it still falls short compared to Z-Cam and Kinefinity Terra 4K with the so far rumored specs. Is this Panasonic trying to find new opportunities in a low cost rehash of a GH5S that didn’t sell well to begin with? It just seems unusually off-the-mark for Panasonic. We can only speculated how badly Sony has them by the balls when it comes t
  5. Really hope Canon continue down this path of small, somewhat affordable EOS Cinema cameras. The R5 is a compromised camera but it makes more sense to me now with the release of the C70. A Canon photo-hybrid R5 with a C70 as dedicated video camera starts to make a lot of sense in a real-world usage for a solo or small crew. A solo operated can lean heavily onto having internal NDs, onboard multi-channel audio, and really great AF, letting us focus on other things like story and getting the shots. The R5 can fill the role as a excellent photo camera with the same excellent AF but still
  6. Despite that topic and all your work you put into investigated it, my eyes do see a difference. It’s shot dependent and wider angle shots with more movement in the scene see the biggest gain. However, almost everything on YouTube is destroyed by heavy compressing codecs to save on bandwidth. There is a threshold for “good enough” that is reach by even budget cameras. As always, content is what you should be worrying about on YouTube not image quality. There are channels out there with multiple 100K subscribers and views that are filmed on GoPro.
  7. DaVinci Resolve has a good upscaler. I doubt it’s available in the free version. There are dedicated programs you can pay money for like Topaz that are pretty amazing. But yes, you are just getting the extra bitrate from YouTube which is what really matters. Sorry, I admit I didn’t read your post closely enough. Maybe upgrading to FF EF would be better in the long run as it can be adapted to many things and works great with the benefit of adapters. that add extra useful features, to Canon RF cameras. Canon is usually always softer looking, sometimes to a fault. I wo
  8. Canon EOS R if you are ok without 4K 10-bit out of the camera. Honetly, for YouTube even 1080p that has been up scaled to 4K for YouTube looks good enough for what YouTube is at the moment. Other than that its the waiting game.
  9. @ntblowz what’s your impression of the R5? How is the AF in 4K120p? If you have newer EF glass, is the AF essentially the same as running RF on it? I’m seriously thinking about picking up an R5 despite the artificial timer. Im still going to wait for firmware update to see if they add another c-log and lower bitrates in 8K. They’ve hinted the lower bitrates will maybe improve recording times, ie they adjust the timer. And for to see if Apple Silicon macs will make a difference in editing 8K and 4K all-I. Would really like to see dynamic range closer to S1H levels for a real u
  10. This is from B&H. I’m assuming they are saying .cube 3D to mean you can make your own .cube and load them in?
  11. I just don't understand the form factor. It looks like a Zcam, will compete directly with ZCam, and the Zcam E2 is now defunct. GH5 owners will surely want something closer to a GH5 or even something S1H sized if it meant they got internal NDs, RAW or ProRes internal, autofocus, IBIS. This is either entirely a prototype housing for ease of testing or, maybe a long shot, the bigger boxy body with a MFT organic sensor in there. I would much rather see something more integrated like a C70 design than a cube. But all of that just doesn’t make sense to me unless they want to get organic s
  12. C70 has this. I’m looking to do something similar. Either C70 or R5 (I’m hoping they improve the R5 in light of the upcoming A7IV or A7RV) to help keep it competitive. Sony and Canon have pulled away from the pack and are battling out the Mid/Pro market. Canon overcompensated with the R5 exactly for this reason and then artificial software limited it so as to not hurt their upcoming cameras. Maybe later they will loosen the restrictions...shitty business but business nonetheless. OR I could also go for EOS R purely for photography since that camera is still good for that unti
  13. If it doesn’t have AF it’s dead in the water in my view. I can already see the reviews...
  14. Yes, because I’m convinced the holy grail of hybrid cameras will never come because, as someone said above, it’s in their best interests not to give it to you! At this point the system I’m most invested in, MFT, is barely breathing. No to mention the amount of stuff Panasonic would need to put into a GH6 for me to stay in a format that is rabidly declining is PDAF, Internal ND, and some kind of DR enhancement over the 11.4 stops max I get with my GH5S. I just don’t see it happening. Sony, I believe is to blame for some of Panasonic woes, so I’m not giving that company any money. Not
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