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  1. How dare you. Do many people by $2000 cameras off Amazon. I never have.
  2. Man, this is why 8K is appealing to me but I don’t want to think what I need to edit 8K footage. CFast and express cards better drop in price a lot in the next 4 years. Even H265 10bit 8K is pretty hefty and most people will want to shoot in ProRes RAW. Honestly—the way we consume media—mostly YouTube or Vimeo with highly compressed h264 or h265 streams on mobile devices, 4K with a 1080p deliverable is still plenty good.
  3. I’m going to pass on this version. Give me the same thing with a 1” sensor and I’m all over it.
  4. I’m pretty positive that is not how it works with moving pictures (or, video) It’s a horizon and framing problem. You want to keep the horizon and angular velocities from changing as much as possible. You don’t have to look at the image data. That’s how stabilizer tank cannon platforms work. Anybody remember the famous leopard tank demonstration with the flask of beer on the end of the barrel? of course doing this process off camera with a faster cpu and multiple passes is going to yield better results. I invite Olympus or whomever to standardized some file format for it and software to take advantage of it. what your are suggesting in post can easily be done with dedicated hardware in camera and in real-time, which is still better than having to do it in post. Yeah that’s basic physics. The farther your focal magnification the more amplified movements become. OIS and EIS can help in both situations. The camera industry would do well to incorporate some features from the action camera market. There is a physical limit to how small a gimbal can be. That is interpolating acceleration and gyro data from the image. Which will always be worse than actually reading and using that data in real-time or in post from dedicated hardware. Yeah, this is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Now, put the hardware in camera and have dedicated CPU correct the image in real-time and you have your gimbal footage without a gimbal. Also works in low light because you aren’t relying on image data. It is by-far the better method. And what’s is stopping you to do more post stabilization after the fact as well?
  5. Actually, I believe having EIS done in-camera when the camera has a gyroscope and accelerometers allows those sensors data to inform the electronic stabilization. That’s the only reason HyperSmooth and Rock Steady do such a good job. I also think it’s somethingOlympus and Panasonic need to offer in their next cameras. Having sensor stabilized and then advanced sensor EIS on top can get you gimbal performance without the bulk. It is a fundamentally better method because it would be like having to guess the speed of your car without having an speedometer versus actually having a speedometer. Measuring will always be more precise than interpolating.
  6. But she has done that in the past without burning entire cities and killing thousands of innocents in what was essential demolition porn with the C4 explosive buff Drogon suddenly received. My biggest gripe is how lazy and sloppy they have been with basic continuity, basic character arcs, and history EVEN INSIDE THEIR OWN SHOW. It’s almost like they forgot what they even wrote in Seasons 1-7. I have no problem with Dany slipping into madness and killing everyone. I do have problem with the utter lazy, sloppy, convenient writing they did to just get it done. This season was so in effective in getting me to actually care what happens to the characters (something they did so well in past seasons) that it just comes off as almost malicious ineptitude. Especially around the Night King, Jamie, Jon, Dany, the power of the Dragons, and Euron. Oh, Euron! Euron is perhaps the most weakly, misrepresented character to ever be created. He exists solely to save D&Ds lacks of skill in wiring something compelling, makes sense, and has emotional impact. ”Man, how do we write this to make sense and resonate with the audience.” ”I don’t know man” ”Lets just have Euron teleport in, go all OP, and then peace out cause it’s to hard for us to write something compelling”. ”Awesome Idea!” Hopefully their work becomes a lesson on NOT what to do in writing stories.
  7. Holy hell it was. I only watched to marvel at the rolling train wreck the writers have accomplished. I don’t care about the ending because it’s vapid and stupid. The spectacle is how bad they messed up. It’s not the story.
  8. This is nice to know. I’ve been using resolve more and more. I prefer this over the transform LUT.
  9. Guess the drone market is slowing down. Why on earth would they want to get into the action camera market, especially with these rumored specs? Last GoPro I bought was a Hero 3 Black. Was never impressed with the footage. You seriously need to be jumping out of a airplane or doing a 360 degree backflip triple reverse spine bend on a rocket powered arm chair for the footage to look good. The hero 7 changed some of that.
  10. I’m pretty sure Panasonic engineers have said HLG squeezes out a half stop more of dynamic range over V-LogL. I know HLG is not made to be a log capture profile but with something like the leeming lut that does a transform to Rec.709 you can have a solid base to work with and get some pretty impressive results out of HLG.
  11. Wow, so I've finally caught up with the latest season. The show has completely lost its edge. The latest episode felt like a Marvel movie spin off written by first year film and art students. I remember the first 3 seasons as being mesmerizing, engaging television. You cared about the characters and kinda dreaded watching the next episode for fear of what could happen. The intrigue and the suspense was soooo soo good. We started to see the problem in season 7 but season 8 is complete garbage. They took an extra year to write this trash? This should be a text book example of how not to do a critically acclaimed book adaptation before the book series is done. After they left the pages of the books behind the show has plummeted in imagination and view experience. Season 8 gets a 5/10 from me and EP4 a 2/10 Lazy television award. Who was the night king again? Ah who cares. We only spent the last 7 SEASONS building a story about his looming threat and then...LOL! The details make this story special and engaging. Not just the marvel action scenes.
  12. I’ll take 4K simply for the ability to re-frame, correct horizons, image stabilize, keyframe crops and zooms and panning motions in post any day of the week. Storage requirements for 4K aren’t terrible, especially if you have some kind of archive the only the best and delete the rest workflow. Hanging onto every scarp or footage indefinitely is wasteful.
  13. Yeah, the P4K is a beast. Depends if you want ProRes and BRAW internal recording or need a weather sealed body and autofocus. I use continuous autofocus with the GH5S during certain situations with good results. I think if you don’t need weather sealing then the P4K is a better buy because it offers more features for the price. Panasonic needs to show the GH5S some love.
  14. But...those are crop sensor cameras...it can't be true. I don't accept it. Full frame...
  15. Probably not that different from the raw footage of filming from the matrix. A lot of green screens and bare bones shots in that that are filled in with VFX in post.
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