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  1. There isn't any 25MP MFT sensor leak or Information of any kind. Usually there is some kind of Sony product paper out there. So my guess was it could be manufactured by Canon. Why? It's most probably BSI and it has a form of DGO of some derivative. Unless Canon isn't manufacturing their own BSI sensors? Is the sensor in the R3 a Canon manufactured sensor or Sony (there were rumors they were perhaps having Sony do the fab)? On Semi doesn't have any 4/3 sensors listed on their product page. I doubt they are the provider. That leaves Samsung as a possibility. I feel like the A7SIII was hyped to the max but it honestly performs pretty badly between its native ISOs. Kinda weak codec mushy stuff as well. Side by side against the GH6 it looks like crap as far as useable detail. GH6 has the detail without being over-sharp looking. Honestly, the image looks pretty damn good. I wish it had better AF because it would be on my shortlist.
  2. M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max will eat H265 all day everyday. It's basically a non-issue for those computers. Just get as much RAM as you can afford.
  3. By definition Depth from Defocus (DfD) achieves focus by this pulsing of focus. I’m not sure you can completely eliminate it…except for…you know…using phase detection instead. Matt also had good answers on the livestream about how the fan is engineered. The fan doesn’t have a traditional motor and drive shaft but instead uses magnets to spin the fan from inside the case without any connection. Pretty neat.
  4. Why? It has hardware in it to do ProRes encoding. Not that much of a stretch to think ProRes RAW is in there too.
  5. I think he kinda missed the entire point. It is fine to compare it to a FF camera competitor. I don't have a problem with that. It is however kinda like comparing a compact suped up Hatchback to a sports car. Sure, it won't be as fast and have a bigger engine but people still really enjoy driving the hatchback for many reasons and thats the entire fucking point! I honestly think the tone of the video was very weird. He was lamenting that a MFT camera wasn't a FF camera. He wasn't excited at all that a MFT camera could keep up with FF. He didn't even touch on the subject of what this kind of tech in a FF Panasonic camera could do. It was just this odd, apparently painful, review of a product. Why didn't he just objectively review it like all his other product reviews? I think the ending was just painful to watch. Claiming MFT is dead FOR HIM and then titling his video with LAST MFT camera is just fucking ridiculous from Gerald and flys in the face of all his other great videos that don't have shitty clickbait titles like this one. I mean, what was he expecting?...The GH6 to fold out a FF sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range to best the mighty A7SIII? Potato Jet did a much better job of just showing footage and comparing it to other cameras with excitement and objectivity. Gene was pretty excited it kept up with a A7SIII, which is amazing for a sensor that small. Will I buy this camera? Probably not right now. But kudos to Panasonic for basically improving on almost all aspects of the GH5, including that damn DfD AF. It looks like they revamped the entire imaging pipeline from hardware to video file. Way better screen design Better lowlight Better highlight retention with DR boost (looks like a respectable 11.5 stops in H265 modes). Internal ProRes! (and I suspect ProRes RAW in future firmware) Improved IBIS performance in video (it looks damn good without very little wobble) Ability to punch-in zoom while recording 200 FPS in FHD with autofocus without VFR 48 FPS I'm sure I'm missing a few. If it had PDAF I would be considering the GH6 over something like the R5C for sure.
  6. I mean Samsung could be one of the few companies to make something like this. I'm not sure though. Hopefully someone with some knowledge can clear it up.
  7. Also, in the official Lumix launch video Matt was talking about in the USA they will be offering free CFExpress Cards with preorders. He was very specific about telling people that the cards will support all recording formats (so it isn't some cheap card) and all FUTURE recording formats that are coming and he was hinting that there was more to come. He also misspoke about being able to shoot ProRes RAW and then caught himself. I honestly think this camera is going to get Internal ProRes RAW recording in firmware update down the line.
  8. At 25MP the pixel pitch is quite small so I would assume BSI would help here by increasing surface area on sensor to capture light. Not sure if it is a stacked design or not. It is a very interesting development if it turns out not to be manufactured by Sony. Sony doesn’t have any cameras with the dual gain simultaneously readout. Makes me think there is an association/collaboration with Canon or whoever makes ARRI sensor.
  9. Yeah, I honestly had my mouth open the whole time in disbelief that they were running with that line again. Oh, well.
  10. I encourage everyone to watch Media Division. Gerald's video has a very weird tone. I can't tell if he is sad its not a FF Sony camera or that he knows he just burnt his relationship with Panasonic? Very different from his usual product tours and testing of other cameras. Oh well. Media division did an awesome job actually using the camera and telling us about its features and problems. @Andrew Reid what are your thoughts with it so far?
  11. Kinda smells this way. Just like YouTubers getting thousands of dollars of free gear and say they aren't getting paid! They then openly resell it on eBay. Total bullshit.
  12. Video Hummus

    Olympus OM-1

    It is. I'm honestly wondering if the name, OM-1 and also it being said as being the last camera with the Olympus badge on the front is helping to sell it. Kinda sad knowing this, but also makes me want to have it as a MFT option for shits and giggles.
  13. Video Hummus

    Olympus OM-1

    Nice! Looking forward to hearing your experience with the OM-1. From what I have seen, the video AF on the OM-1 is pretty solid. Honestly, the OM-1 has been made 3x more interesting BECAUSE Panasonic didn't put PDAF in the GH6. It's still a pulsing mess from the leaked video. I still think OM Systems could capitalize on this by releasing a more video focused camera that has PDAF. I'm sure a lot of GH5 users would take notice.
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