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  1. So are we going to see a Canon camera with latest Sony sensor technology AND internal, reasonably compressed RAW?
  2. Which is kind of interesting because they have official said it shoots oversampled 4K and internal RAW. The internal RAW could be anywhere from 5K to 8K. I highly doubt they have the 45MP R5 sensor in there and underselling its capability... And further rumors put the sensor around 30MP mark, which I find more believable than 20MP at this point. So maybe it has 6K internal RAW with a stacked sensor. That would be something. Hell it could be some variant of the sensor in the RED which is rumored to be from Canon and KNOWN not to be from REDs sensor team.
  3. Thats fine. R5 clearly is not the right tool for you. I'm not trying to sell you on the camera. I just shared my experience using it in the conditions I have so far encountered.
  4. I'll give it a pass since it is the A7S series of "sensitive" cameras from Sony. You simply have to shoot at 12800 with ND. Now, if they did that with the A7IV then there would be something to complain about. I had a dual gain with the GH5S, and while helpful for that camera, I started to become annoyed with messing around with hitting one of the native gains––especially when you had to stop ISO down and add a faster lens. I much prefer a linear gain curve and just applying de-noise in post if needed. Very predictable. I like Canon's/ARRI DGO approach better.
  5. On a $1700 M1 MBP. 8K RAW Lite included when playback mode set to "performance" in FCP. Premiere has garbage performance about anyway you slice it. This has been my experience as well. R5 has been a great camera after FW 1.3.1. 8K RAW is an awesome tool and it looks great! I use it to fake camera movement in a 4K timeline for select shots. I have not once been kicked out of 4KHQ mode or RAW Lite mode. I shot a mix of video and stills all day last Sunday—mostly 4KHQ but several 2-5 minute 8K RAW Lite clips. Camera was turned off for 5-8 mins at a time in-between taking stills
  6. I think it’s pretty clear the main processor and DSP become pretty toasty on the R5. The CFExpress heat is a contributing side factor as well. But please don’t buy the R5 thinking you will make it into a 8K C500 (Unless you are @Matt Perks) You are buying the wrong camera. We have a masochist here lol.
  7. Any tidbits about possible sensor? Sony doesn’t have a 24MP MFT sensor listed on their website. So perhaps it’s a custom ordered design from Panasonic and JIP. I think the internal ND feature would make it stand out, especially if they can keep the G9/S5 form factor. I’m still on the hunt for a smallish camera that shoots 4K with good AF. If it has internal ND and much improved AF It would jump to the front.
  8. I can see your point. We are also up to 6 months away from a potential release and they were clearly teasing that there is more surprises. I would want to hope those surprises are big ticket items like internal ND or internal RAW or both. I find internal RAW less likely than an internal ND. They seem to be all in on external RAW options. DFD AF could be workable if they can get it to work at 24/30fps as well as it does at 50/60fps. Hopefully the new processor and faster scanning sensor will allow them to sample more and achieve more accurate adjustments with less pulsing. There
  9. I think 24MP is plenty for a MFT camera. I suspect 120p won't be cropped. There are so many things they could improve to make a better camera: Bright, higher definition LCD somewhere around 800nits and 3.5" or larger. Phase Detect Autofocus with eye, face, body tracking. Animal AF a bonus! Internal RAW High dynamic range (12.7 - 14 stops) Internal ND Refined color science Smaller than a C70 Basically make a better, smaller Canon C70--with a viewfinder!
  10. Hopefully that 5.7K on the GH6 is internal RAW. The 25-50mm f1.7 is a pleasant surprise. It and the 10-25mm will be a great, but expensive, two lens setup. I'm not sure it makes much of a compelling difference to a FF 24-105mm f4...apart from maybe offering 20mm on the wide end. Also lets not forget Panasonic always holds back for future firmware updates. Really, really hope GH6 has PDAF. Live-streaming is a smart pivot for these cameras for sure. Go Panasonic!
  11. This is why I hope Dominion wins their suit against Fox News, NewsMax, and others for their blatant, malicious lies and deception. To serve as a shot across the bow of all news organizations (or wanna be news organizations) for dipping their toes in this crap. You can't rely on shame or morals anymore you simply have to take their money. Many of the worlds woes can be traced back to "opinion news", perhaps the most ridiculous pair of words together I have ever seen, and this toxic tabloid conspiracy theory fear mongering prattle from Murdoch owned companies and others.
  12. It's the implementation of a codec. Sometimes steps are cut to speed encoding because of hardware/power consumption issues. This is also the endless confusion that photographers and videographers fight over because most camera's use different readouts (12-bit vs 14-bit for stills) for different modes. I wish I had 14-bit RAW on the R5 it would be amazing. Well, I do, it's just at 12fps and in photo mode only.
  13. Does the S1R still suffer from the same issue?
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