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  1. Want the ultimate DR shot? Use a slider and expose for the interior then repeat the shot with the same exact movement (this is where the slider comes in) and expose for the exterior. Combined the shots in post production, although it might appear to be "hyper" realistic to the point of looking fake because the highlight roll off in the interior won't match the exposure of the exterior and your brain will pull a massive hmmmmm.
  2. I also think it’s a tools thing as well. Blackmagic is trying to build marketshare by releasing free tools to entice people to use their stuff. Once they start using it they might stay in the platform, thus maybe buying a BM camera in the future. It’s what Apple does with their ecosystem. Look at Davinci Resolve. It has morphed into a full feature NLE that rivals premiere in features and Final Cut in performance.
  3. This is great for P4K owners. Will be interesting to see if Panasonic doesn’t something, anything, for their GH5S users. My guess is no.
  4. Gerald Undone (on YouTube) has looked at this. Amazon Basic HDMI cables work just fine. They are $8. He’s tested them all with his ninja V and has seen no difference and actually finds them easier to work with than bulky twisted cables. EDIT: I see this has been posted before
  5. GH5S firmware announcement with HDMI Raw output and some interesting new recording formats (3.7K 96fps!?) to help make the GH5S more unique from gh5 and compete with BMPC4K.
  6. Interesting. The GH5S is about halfway in between MFT and ASP-C. I actually don’t quite understand the EVA1 in its current form. I wish Panasonic would innovate MFT and play it’s strengths in the video space. I mean the GH5 is now 2 years old and it’s still pretty unmatched in features offered in a $2000 (now $1500) mirrorless camera. If they ever released a GH camera with PDAf, I bet they would sell well.
  7. What lens are you using and what's the f stop at and what was the ISO in that video/screenshots? Just looks like a grey, poorly lit scene with noise.
  8. Bit rate has less affect on grading potential than the color depth and chroma subsampling. If you want to grade a look into your videos, or are shooting a lot gradients or contrasty scenes, you’ll want that 10-bit AND 4:2:2. However if you like the colors right out of the camera, like many canon people do, and don’t mind a little color banding here and there than 8 bit is fine if your not heavily grading. BUT like other people have mentioned different cameras have different compression hardware and Canon’s 480Mbps all-I isn’t necessarily the same codec quality as Panasonic’s 400 Mbps all-I. In Panasonic’s case, their 150Mbps LongGOP encoder is solid in almost any case except when motion cadence is of particularly importance (sports) or the scene has a lot of random motion (ocean waves). That’s when All-I comes in. For example I find Sony’s 8bit 100Mbps codec pretty crap compared to the 100Mbps IPB one in the GH5. I do wish however that Panasonic would release a firmware update for GH5S that would allow a rec. format that had 10bit and VFR that doesn’t cap out at 60fps. Or better yet 4K option higher than 60fps. I’d even take a 5 min record limited 96fps 4K HD wide (3840x1600). The sensor can do it! I’m not sure that is going to hurt their cinema sales. People buy cinema cameras for the ease of use and with more robust ports and battery options and monitoring solutions.
  9. I think it’s more about hedging their bets and their brand in the market and selling their old camera tech in new bodies for as long as they can get away with it. No other camera company, other than Leica, can get away with it.
  10. I believe there is a limitation of the latest hdmi spec that limits signals to 60fps.
  11. Man, this is a nice camera from Panasonic with a lot of potential. I hope they get a chance to develop it more. Great IBIS, easy handling ergo, great stills and lots of video options. But it’s biggest problem is that it doesn’t have Canon/Nikon on the front of the camera. The glass is expensive, but so is Canon RF glass. If it has similar quality what’s the problem? Also, it’ll have cheaper Sigma options. I still think Sony’s new eye detect hybrid af (A9) is going to eat this things lunch though. I also think we haven’t seen the A7Siii precisely because of this camera. They wanted to see how Panasonic priced it and what software they put in it. They obviously knew what the hardware was capable of. I expect the see the A7siii priced similar or slightly higher than the S1R.
  12. Does anyone have any hands on time with Icecam Tiny 3 Vision? https://www.icecam-gimbal.it/en/home-page-icecam-gimbal-2/ I’m looking for a small, packable gimbal with a payload in the 2.5-4kg range. I’ve seen reviews in Italian on YouTube and one of them has someone with a A7iii with a 24-700 f4 and it looks rock solid. That’s around a 2kg load.
  13. I have some questions: 1. Is Canon basically conceding the shrinking consumer hybrid camera market in favor of their pro (cinema/sports photography) line? Everything they have released has been old, underwhelming, rehashed tech. Only thing new is the RF mount (with Pro glass at incredibly high pro prices). 2. If you want quality, uncompromised video options in a small DSLR sized package is your best bet with a company that does not have a cinema line of camera? (Hint: fujifilm) 3. Will the people who buy the RP realize they bought a 6Dmii all over again? 4. Is Canon actually really smart in not investing in a rapidly bottoming out camera market?
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