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  1. Glad they didn’t double down on the Touch Bar. I wonder if it will be on the R6? As far as looks, I prefer canon over Sony. Although, the on/off on the left isn’t my favorite. Can’t pick it up with one hand and switch the power. Also not a fan of the digital mode setup. If your screen gets cracked or gives out your screwed. Canon will very likely be my FF camera of choice. So glad they are pushing again.
  2. You get to stay! Anyway, hopefully this means more refined and great front page content which is why I keep coming back to this site anyway. Thanks for keeping house Andrew. Moderating is like herding cats, so I don’t blame you in your decision to cut the forum.
  3. I think I’m just going to unplug from YouTube and gear related sites during the release of this thing. Not that I’m boycotting anything, but the hype and repeated hype over and over is a bit crazy.
  4. Definitely some dude that gets shown Sony sensor slides before they are published. Seems to know a lot about Sony’s sensor tech. More likely on the engineering side than PR or marketing. Also likes Fujifilm cameras. Is very careful to release information, like 2 minutes before some obscure press release or website version bump. So perhaps takes his inside knowledge seriously and respects NDAs. most information is very close to what actually pans out...except for that 41MP Olympus sensor rumor hearsay. That was a dud. How did I do @androidlad?
  5. They need to make these: https://stcoptics.com/en/clip_filter/ but with lens mount contacts and a eVND that allow pass through but also somehow is powered off the pins. Probably not possible without building a lens mount with this in mind. I think current eVND use a fair mount of power.
  6. Intel added HEVC 10-bit 4:2:2 acceleration in Ice Lake and Tiger Lake Quicksync. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Quick_Sync_Video
  7. In my experience any 10-bit 4:2:2 that is competently implemented with sufficient bitrate for the resolution is excellent. ProRes just has a benefit of being easy on the computer. I don’t see much difference from 150Mbps AVC and 400Mbps AVC All-I on Panasonic cameras. The All-I has subjectively better motion, but it’s so slight I only use it in the edge cases. I don’t see much difference between 400Mbps ALl-I and ProRes or ProRes HQ unless you are just pushing sliders all over the place, especially the white balance. Just get it right, or close to right, in camera like you should. Having said all of that, I would still like to see a mirrorless camera that records internally to ProRes flavors if only to speed up workflow.
  8. Maybe a good time for Panasonic to announce a GH6 with ProRes RAW internal with full sensor readout 4:3 anamorphic
  9. I don’t know...When I’m paying $1,800 for the 10-25, 1,600 for a 50-200, or $2,300 for a 50mm f1.4 prime (!!!) I would except it should last with normal usage for a while. Unless of course you have a serious drop or damage. Thats a lot of money and if you aren’t using the lens every single day making hundreds of dollars a day on jobs then it’s even worst. Makes me wonder all the old vintage glass, like the nikkor stuff, some with only 3-7 elements and manual focus, still perfectly fine after 30 years and NO SERVICE. Our glass will never be vintage because it’ll all be broken or unusable!
  10. I think it’s just a structural move. It makes it easier to sell ofF camera division if they feel the need or to not hide camera loses in a huge division that they want to show shareholders profit in. I would be highly surprised they would pull out completely. They may scale back though. Maybe the weak sauce ASPC updates where part of this trend of nominal investment refreshes as the market tumbles and re-adjusts. They are now the market leader, really. If anything Panasonic is more likely to put out a press release and cease production of LUMIX like they did their TVs.
  11. Yeah its bullshit. Lots of great photography out there from MFT users. Not everyone is a wedding shooter or a portrait only shooter. MFT is perhaps one of the best for landscapes and wildlife and nature photography. Lighter capable kit. With balanced (keyword there) performance. Olympus’ HHHR and 80MP tripods modes were excellent landscape photography tools. You could even use HHHR for portraits. You could use 80MP tripod Mode for product photography. It’s a great, balanced system that gets shit on all the time for no apparent reason other than to boost peoples egos? Not sure...don’t care anymore really to try and understand why the need for it. Maybe if we were more focused on the results and less about the gear it wouldn’t be this way and this thread wouldn’t have 100 posts about why MFT sucks with the same repeated subjective bullshit. Stupid waste of time. Go create something, like this dude (shot on the craptastic GH5 btw with its tiny shitty sensor):
  12. I suspect Sony is going to build their Alpha user base even more after July. It sure sounds like they are focusing heavily on video in this camera and in the future. I hope they don’t deviate too crazily from the hybrid mirrorless form factor too much. If they put S-cinetone in there, 4K60p, 10-bit everywhere, with a decent bit rate. They will have a winner. S1H just got it’s lunch eaten. But that’s what happens when your sensor tech is made by a company that is owned by your competitor. They get the good stuff first and maybe even exclusively. I’m of the opinion 8K will be a gimmicky spec sheet feature this go around. I can’t see 8K RAW from the R5 being practical at all if it has the same bitrate ratios as 5,5K RAW on 1DXIII. You’ll need a beast of a computer. Tons of storage. Impractical for smaller creators or shops that don’t have a Mac Pro under the desk, unless they secured something from RED that allows them to use more compression....? Oh well, I’m going to watch the fireworks. Wait for prices to come down. Maybe see if GH6 comes then eventually probably pick a mount for FF when the dust settles.
  13. All the prices going up as expected. July should be interesting. This is the first time really Canon and Sony are coming out swinging at each other.
  14. My 2 cents for future fp In order of importance for me Phase Detection Auto Focus EVF or rear bright, high resolution OLED tilt screen Internal ND from 2 - 8 stops Internal 10-bit LOG ALL-I to CFExpress (ProRes preferably) Internal RAW to CFExpress (BM RAW would be nice) Sensor size not that important to me (ASP-C or FF) SDI out (HDMI is too bloated; licenses, implementations, patents) just give us fastest SDI data pipe out. I like physical dials front and back near hand grip Cellular modem with SIM slot (internal or some kind of slick attachment)
  15. I forgot about the Z50. LOL Like you said, Canon the brand name is pretty powerful. They could sit on theirs hands for years and still sell lukewarm cameras. Oh, wait...
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