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  1. Panasonic manager admits that the GH2 hacker movement made them realize the GH series should be made for professionals In an interview with the Chinese blog Xitek a Panasonic manager admitted this (google translated text): Very curios Panasonic's opinion. I believe that the role of GH hacks in digital cinema history is as important as that of Magic Lantern.
  2. Hi guys! Anybody know from what focal length vignetting disappears when using B4 (2/3" eng) lenses on the m43 sensor (w/out using ex. tele mode)? Thank You!
  3. Hello all! I've heard that Canon cameras (in particular m6 mark ii) that are sold in Hong Kong (with HK firmware) has no video recording limit (30 minutes). Here is specs for m6 mark ii (hk version): https://hk.canon/en/support/6200640100/1. There is no any reference about video recording limits as compared with EU/US versions. Can anybody confirm that? Thank You!
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