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  1. I believe part of Panasonics woes is this exact problem. The Sony juggernaut marketing machine is now eroding the classic word of mouth professional back-channel chatter. At the tip of Sony's Marketing spear is YouTube.
  2. They are lifestyle channels now. I swear all of Matti's camera "reviews" are the same video. They all follow a script and marketing material with nothing added except their lifestyle stuff. Yes, Gerald at least is still releasing quality information about products without unnecessary hype, most of the time.
  3. Simple answer, because Panasonic didn't send them a bunch of stuff and a free camera to review and return.
  4. Yes, and they sent him a bunch of swag in a pelican case to "sweeten" the review. How is that not payment? They have to disclose that Sony didn't sponsor them or have control over the review in anyway, yet they send him all this crap as an implicit: "look at what you won't get if we don't like your review". Everybody knows if piss these companies off they won't include you in their YouTube marketing and you won't get free shit.
  5. Andrew is so right about this camera. When I saw the release I was like...OK so this is a worst A7SIII for $400 more with a XLR top handle but all the important cinema features are missing: No internal ND No XLR on body No audio controls on body Same shitty LCD screen without an EVF to save it No SDI They didn't even include a way to secure the HDMI PORT! LOL! Cinema camera my ass!
  6. Oh man. I would have returned immediately to BH saying it was defective. I have seen other people experiencing something similar. Sorry, I don't have any solutions. I fear with the camera market shrinking that camera companies are cutting on manufacturing quality, parts, and assembly to increase margins. Another pet peeve of mine is "weather sealing". If the warranty excludes weather related damage in their fine print, obviously the company does not feel confident about their product, and anything they say around the subject should be taken with a grain of salt.
  7. Video Hummus


    ND, polarizer, BPM 1/4. ND is used the most by far. Would love an internal ND solution in a mirrorless camera.
  8. I'm really excited for M1X or M2 powered Macs, especially a refreshed future Mac Mini. As far as video editing is concerned, the MBP 13" just eats H265 without breaking a sweat...on battery power for 3+ hours with 20% battery remaining. The performance (video editing) is amazing, but the power efficiency is what really impresses me the most and what really makes the new M1 powered Macs impressive. I have an Anker USB-C PD battery bank that can output 30W charging, adds 94Whr on top of 58Whr internal battery in the MPB, and could probably power this laptop for over a week or more, even wit
  9. Yes, all pictures on the PL 50-200mm (except for the dog; that one is the PL 10-25mm). PL50-200 is one of my all time favorite lenses.
  10. Interesting...but camera manufactures are allergic to quality screens. I call fanciful BS.
  11. Panasonic should release a S5S (lol) with Sony's 12MP sensor in A7SIII but without a mechanical shutter and a internal ND solution. Throw in some kind of internal RAW of some kind and it will be attractive vs A7SIII even without Sony level AF. With a good telephoto it can take great pictures. But, I agree. Panasonic should make a future video centric camera more like a FX3 than the GH5S.
  12. The Cost for Panasonic to have Sony manufacture a MFT 4/3 sensor, that isn’t a security camera sensor with a very narrow feature set, is probably rising by the day. Especially since Olympus is essentially gone. They said they were going to look into leaning into MFT strengths and their next cameras was...the BGH1. I would be very surprised to see a GH6, especially since Panasonic had been completely quiet. They would be better off making their FF cameras competitive because everything is trending up from there.
  13. They both have their place & uses. Personally I see the C70 has a more reliable, better built workhorse camera without RAW. I think the more apt comparison would be between this and REDs “crash cam” Komodo. This makes a much better crash cam money wise and also has more useful features for 1/2 the price.
  14. I’m wondering if the new design is part of a future FF EF mount model with internal ND?
  15. Ugly duckling but useful features. Somehow they made the Pocket camera even bigger and bulkier.
  16. Ok, I found an image on Sony's website. Doesn't look quite the same to me. You're probably right though.
  17. Will probably still have the same crappy 3.0" 1.44M dot LCD screen on it, that much is for sure!
  18. So you thought you would get an eND before 10-bit? I think its coming. They are running out of things to compete on.
  19. Video Hummus

    R5 vs R6

    How long did you actually shoot if you can remember? I had mine out the other day in -2C weather (wind chill was pretty bitter) shot up to the imposed 30min restriction, changed battery, and SD card and turned the camera back on and it said I had full recording ability. Camera was off for like 5 mins. So its definitely factoring in the actual temps with latest firmware. Still wish they would improve it more so I can essential forget about it.
  20. I use a T7 as an editing drive that I have Velcro'd to the back of the screen of my M1 MacBook Pro and it has been great. Drive mounts fast and editing has had zero hiccups with supplied USB-C cable. I did briefly use another cable I had (a shorter one in an attempt to clean up the rig a bit) but I was having weird problems and dips to 200MB/s writing via BM drive speed test app. I threw the cable in the bin. So I guess, not all USB-C cables are the same. I average ~700MB/s for reading/writing with the supplied cable. I welcome USB-C everything but they gotta sort out the cabling and bran
  21. Perhaps, but Sony A1 + XLR-K3M is a compelling setup. No internal ND or SDI. I would bet money Sony will release a mirrorless camera like A1 or A7S with a eND within the next 2-3 years.
  22. Yep, and that describes exactly what I did. When they released the S5 without PDAF I saw the writing on the wall. I simply want a camera with excellent AF regardless if I use it 90% of the time or 30% of the time...it's there when I need it. It's a shame really, Panasonic offers all these excellent features, great camera bodies that double as weapons, good menus, excellent features sets, great firmware updates, but the market demands good AF and they have been left behind.
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