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  1. This is what you want. https://revisionfx.com/products/rsmb/
  2. My theory is that the horrible rolling shutter is a contributing factor in Sony’s perceived IBIS performance. But then again the S1H does really well.... After using a EM1X briefly in a photo store I’m still blown away at its ability with the correct EIS setting.
  3. Not mine but very well done. Thought it kept the spirit of @mojo43 film above.
  4. I think there is more to an image than to sound for most people. Why aren’t their sound people recording on 20 year old sound capturing devices like there are people shooting on lenses.
  5. are they using high frame rates or something else to blend multiple images at different exposures?
  6. Nah, they are going to draw this tease out as long as possible. So much free press with people freaking about the rumored specs (we haven’t been given the fine print to read). Really hoping it’s a turning point for Canon, myself, even though I have no interest in 8K.
  7. The 4/3rd IMX594CQR is intriguing. 41MP but only shoots 4K DCI. I wonder if it does 4K 120p. Panasonic, this most likely candidate for 8K, said they aren’t ready for it in 2020. So that either means no GH6 this year, or a non-8K GH6 with oversampled 4K which would be beautiful.
  8. I’m glad I live in a rural area. Lots of social distance in the forest.
  9. You would need $1000 microphone to take advantage of it. And for most people it’s more than good enough. There are other questions as well as: Delivery medium (YouTube will butcher it) The hardware the person is listening on (90% probably crappy phone speakers or computer speakers or AirPods) I would say every one of those cameras except the A7III had more than good enough audio. Money better spent taking the 30 mins to learn how to clean up audio in your favorite NLE.
  10. https://petapixel.com/2020/03/26/sony-spins-off-camera-business-into-separate-company/ They must feel like they don’t need to hide their numbers in large corporate departments.
  11. I say ban all political discussion with a 15 days cool off ban for people who engage in it regardless of views. The next infraction gets a 30 day ban and the one after that is a lifetime ban. Just my 2 pence.
  12. America and Britain did have time to prepare for this. They did have a model of how this disease spreads and reacts with the population. We had observational data from China and Japan and Italy. What seemed to work and what didn’t work and what the consequences mostly likely would be (I.E. Italy) It is absolutely a failure of our govt’s to prepare the populace and our nations. They had two months to get into gear, to talk to the populace, to get people into the mindset. Instead we had govt’s that bumbled along badly with their heads up their asses and their hands in their pockets. Instead of informing the public, they mislead. Instead is leading they named called and played games. Speaking from people I know, friends, family, neighbors, It has done massive damage to the mindset of many of my fellow Americans. We are still arguing wether this is a real threat! Wether it’s a hoax. Wether It is some political conspiracy. Wether it’s just the flu. We are arguing about basic reality and we will pay dearly for it. In years of economic stagnation. In humans lives. In our mental health. And maybe even our nations themselves. Speaking of my own country. We are massively and deeply divided. I have family members that don’t talk and haven’t talked To each other since Mr. Trump was elected. Why? Because we allowed ourselves to vilify and hate. It wasn’t good enough to disagree. There are people in my family that would rather see it all burn than to work ”with the other side”. It is about taking sides. It’s all tribal and gross and disgusting now. Making it impossible to compromise or to see that we have more in common than we have differences. Will we come out better? It’s sad, but my honest answer is: Probably not.
  13. Same here and I’m in a rural area. Why? I don’t get it. People are really concerned about keeping their ass clean as the world ends.
  14. Sounds worst than my part of the US! I was on the phone with a client to reschedule, explaining about the mandatory closures etc... The man went on a tear about how its all-to-do-about nothing. That it’s just the flu and some vast political conspiracy. I just bit my tongue and listened to the man and then told him to stay safe. Honestly, some people require a 10 ton brick to fall on their head to wake-the-fuck-up. If anything, this pandemic has made it abundantly clear the ignorance? delusion? hate? All of the above? that some people have to their fellow citizens. On the plus side, a lot of people are staying home here in my area and taking it seriously.
  15. I don’t have much faith. It’s not about politics anymore. It’s about hate and the fear and loathing that breeds it.
  16. I recommend the plant leaf and stem below for the current US administration.
  17. I thought they said 2020 will be a focus on MFT. But at this point I have very little faith their will be a market for any camera. I might have to film the apocalypse on my GH5S...😫
  18. COVID-19 is an RNA based virus. That means it can mutate just like Influenza. It is very important to get a vaccine and eliminate its current form as soon as possible before it mutates. The bottom line is this: the world will never be the same again. We are very likely going to be in a situation where every flu season we will have influenza and a Coronavirus outbreak.
  19. Well... The Gov. of my State just ordered all non-essential businesses closed for 14 days. I expect it will be longer than 14 days when all said and done. So I have to close the doors and made the hard decision to lay-off 7 employees. So two weeks mandatory unpaid vacation it is for me and a ton of financial uncertainty. Time to do all those things I never have time for and hope I don’t lose businesses My wife and I have been building for a decade. Stay safe out there.
  20. I’m going to say it will be closer to a $5K launch price and slowly work down to $4K and stay there for awhile. As with everything Canon, it’s a wait and see after all the gotchas are found out. Like no 24p in 1080p or massive rolling shutter, or record limits in 4k24p but not 30p. Head scratcher shit like that. But so far it’s looking pretty nice except for the wallet bashing it will take to buy into RF.
  21. Masks not really useful unless you are already sick. Best you can do is wash your hands, don’t touch your face and limit your contact with people until the infection rate is under control. I’m more worried about the broader impact on my businesses. I have employees but it looks like, If the political parties put aside their grievances, we will have some financial relief for employees who become sick and can’t work. Too bad I can’t take advantage of them since I’m self-employed!
  22. There is always some dumb mf that has to make a global calamity into some political shit throwing contest. So. Sick. Of. It.
  23. I do cream first for coffee and bag, water, cream for tea but I am one of those savage cousins.
  24. Anyone else notice the horrible focus breathing on the new RF 15-35? It’s like having DfD in the EOS R!
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