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  1. A camera so hot it was gone in a flash.
  2. Thank you for looking out for other members of this board. A 1x crop @ 4K on the EOS R is too good to be true...or is it? There is a reason Canon put the multi Touch Bar on the camera.
  3. I heard If you swipe left-right-left-left-right-left on the multi function bar and then immediately take a picture of this QR code you will unlock 4K without a crop! Tried it and it works. Finally!
  4. This. It’s a race as much with the CPUs in the cameras as much as the sensor now. Especially with all this “AI” aka machine learning features and tracking algorithms. Tomorrow it will be simulated depth of field. Only advantage left for dedicated cameras is their focal range abilities and well “look and feel”.
  5. YouTube is the ultimate brain hack. It’s been weaponized to feed us corporate products and ideas through personalities. I mean, we all knew it from day one but we still want to watch our favorite people. I’ve learned a lot of concepts off YouTube. So I guess it’s a fair trade?
  6. Video Hummus

    Davinci Resolve 16

    If I had a YouTube channel I would be making as many resolve tutorial videos as possible right now. There will be a demand for it soon I think.
  7. It is a shame Pany didn’t improve DfD with the release of the S1 or didn’t go all-in for a phase detect system. But I would say if AF is number one on your list then you should just buy canon and take the canon cripple hit for other features. Just don’t buy this 50mm for video. Thanks Andrew. Is the EM-1X review up next?
  8. This was a strange interview. I lightly know the backstory here but it’s was unprofessional. I was under the impression that BRAW needed in camera hardware as it was doing something special in camera before outputting it? I also did some research and found out RED has a broad patent claim on compressed raw, WTF. That would be like issuing a patent to Budweiser for fermentation.
  9. I wish it was smaller but it looks really solid.
  10. Video Hummus

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Yes, who needs an expensive large sensor camera with gigantic telephotos when you can just shoot with a m4/3 camera with a compact 400mm telephoto at F4 and just click a button for that sweet f1.2 bokeh. Lol Resolve 16 should scare Adobe a bit. I wouldn’t be surprised if apple drops FCPX in the near future.
  11. Video Hummus

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Yes, I can see the cut page being used, to well, make your cuts and then the edit page to dice it up more finely.
  12. So, its no larger than 90MB/s (720 Mb/s) H.265 for the bitrate. Well, it would be less than 90 in the real world.
  13. I would hate to deal with 8K H.265 files with CFast2 media. Shit would get expensive fast.
  14. The Honda commercial set changing was crazy!
  15. But it doesn’t have good autofocus /s.
  16. As long as you aren’t required to carry a license to do the professional work you do then what’s the difference? Anybody can “take” your job if they are smart and motivated enough. Wether that is photography or videography or selling shoes or they are a painter, landscaper, etc... Now if someone setup shop next door to your PT office and offered PT work and they didn’t have a license then that’s different and against the law.
  17. I’m not a professional either but I prefer Resolve more and more over FCPX. I don’t use Premiere after it crashed on my multiple times and the performance was crap. Resolve is shaping up to have the performance of FCPX but with the seamless feature set and intergration of Premiere + After Effects. BM also seems to be throwing a lot of resources at improving it. Reminds me of an Alien bursting out of some poor shipmates cinema camera.
  18. Because it's their side gig. With YouTube and the internet and cheaper and cheaper cameras the cost of entry is low for people that like to do this stuff on the side or as a hobby. I own my own business but I really love videography as a hobby and I''ll sure as hell taking $300 to $500 for a weekends worth of work here and there to pay for my gear or to make a few extra bucks on the side. Would I do corporate work? Nah, that shits stressful.
  19. I'm actually quite excited about Resolve 16, it's a great editing suite that is absolutely packed full of features. It's a program you definitely grow with over time. I'm crossing fingers and toes for something of substance from Panasonic. I want a release date and pricing for the 10-25 f1.7 at the very least. ProRes RAW via HDMI would be a smart move and any firmware improvements are always nice to have. RAW on the EOS R would be absolutely game changing but I don't think Canon would do it. They would rather have you pay $7500 for a C200 for that pleasure. Adobe has added their Content Aware Spot removal tool from photoshop to After Effects for video. It looks incredible powerful.
  20. Video Hummus

    Davinci Resolve 16

    I recently made the decision to move from FCPX to Resolve and I think in the long run it was the right move.
  21. Same. You could almost just attach it and leave it on the camera cage it’s so small.
  22. If said this before but I think we are going to see more innovation from smaller camera companies like Z Cam here in the pro-mirrorless-cinema realm. They will offer you more bang for your buck than the bigger guys minus probably stellar support when things go wrong. As long as they can keep the quality of their products up, people will buy these simply because the big guys don’t offer them what they want for sub $3K. Only bigger production companies will want cinema lines (and support) from the bigger companies. And Id you already have all the other gear (Vmount batteries, monitor, Audio) these are incredibly cheap and will pay off quicker than having to charge rental for a $14,000 Canon cinema camera.
  23. If Fuji continues to up their video game and listen to their customers the Fuji X-H2 could pull me away from future Panasonic MFT cameras... I love my versatile MFT mount though.
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