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  1. I think the 645Mbps is the RAW LT rate for the C70 4K. Which they obviously set for a safe maximum of V90 cards which the C70 is limited too.
  2. And 1GBps for 8K 12-bit footage is reasonable compromise compared to even ProRes HQ data rates at 10-bit. There are a shit ton of codec options for everybody. 95% solutions to high +2GBps RAW options. Sounds good to me.
  3. The R6 downsamples from 5K too and there is a clear difference between the image in clog3 from R6 and from R5. R5 has better noise control with the 8K -> 4K oversample. I see no downsides to oversampling if it doesn't impact RS. Well get on the phone to Canon, Sony, Fujifilm and the rest and let them know. There are some clear benefits in signal processing that have nothing to do with how the human eye works. I am in agreement that we don't need to be racing to 24K because we can. Dynamic range is a far more important factor but has things stand DR is very slow to improve.
  4. What is the benefit of these over WideDR Rec.709?
  5. This is probably why they removed IBIS in the first place. People complain about IBIS wobble all the time. I believe its the same quality as R5, ie line skipped or pixel binned of some sort. It still looks really good.
  6. Clearly this camera is not for large productions and large productions know exactly what they want. So I've they buy this cameras as an A cam they are idiots. That's what the C500 Mark II is for or any other suitable A-cam cinema camera. With regards to IBIS: assuming Canon solicited feedback it was clearly not a high priority feature request. GH5S didn't have IBIS either. You could make that argument about 4K 5 years ago. 8K is beneficial for many things: better downsampled footage, VR, effects. Gordon Lang has very shaky hands. I've seen it in other videos as well when he is just holding up something to camera.
  7. Agreed. Perfect camera would be a solid 6K camera, AF, internal ND, better audio, 4-5 inch bright LCD, and decent codecs and good DR
  8. No camera is perfect. I think this is certainly a better effort than what Sony did with the FX3. There is Cinema RAW in there at roughly 3:1, 6:1, and 10:1 compression. There is DPAF v2 with object, face, head, eye detection. Oversampled 4K from 8K up to 60p. 8K60p RAW is there but with need of external PD power via USB-C (not ideal but it is there). The R5C is an imperfect step forward but one in the right direction imho. It’s a proper cinema camera in a Large mirrorless form factor. The FX3 doesn’t even have shutter angle for fucks sake let alone false color. So here we are: the non-overheating R5 everybody wanted WITH full fledge EOS Cinema mode and people are still not happy. Perhaps it’s the S1H people wanted without the garbage AF?…With internal RAW to boot and even better exposure tools? No IBIS but I’ll take that over out of focus footage or being stuck to MF for everything. I’m excited. Let’s see what Sony does. Let’s see if Nikon can actually pull it off with Z6/7 mark 3. MF cinema from Fuji? PDAf from panasonic? Hell will freeze over but we can dream right?
  9. I like the concept of the R5C. It’s the better FX3 from Canon. No IBIS is a slight bummer but RF lens IS + digital EIS will get the job done for static handheld. All the rest of the features are great to see. I wonder if the DR comparison with R5 is exactly the same.
  10. This is why if something has a micro-hdmi port treat it like it doesn’t have hdmi out. That port is so flimsy and shitty and it is directly mounted to the main board on the R5.
  11. Looking at it more I think you are right. It's not on the front of the camera and the lettering looks like "Time" so I'm sure you are right.
  12. I agree. They probably don't need the capacity anymore because of pandemic and more importantly the chip shortage which, by guessing by their actions, they see continuing for awhile.
  13. What in the actually fuck. That is the cripple hammer right here. Unless you can have a battery grip and then do it. More detailed pictures on Canon Rumors. What the hell is that port on the top right of the picture.? Could this be the external power plug for 8K60p?
  14. R5C confirmed to have internal unlimited 8K/60P Recording Also: Full-featured 13 assignable buttons (hint at a more C70 style body) Simultaneous audio record enabled with HFR RAW LITE in several bitrate flavors https://www.canonrumors.com/here-are-some-canon-eos-r5-c-specifications/
  15. I hope so. None that I know of that are for ILC cameras. A few for high-end video surveillance/industrial uses.
  16. Lets give them the benefit of the doubt and see what they do. I think it will be hard going since MFT sensor development has slowed compared to FF and MF sensors. Having moved to FF, and looking at affordable S35 cinema cameras, I still would consider MFT if the entire package is there. A MFT cinema camera with internal ND and good dynamic range around 13 stops in a mirrorless style body smaller than C70...that is interesting. Olympus has great f/1.2 primes. They need to update their f/2 zooms and revamp them for video in useful focal ranges: 9-25, 12-40, 40-100 f/2. A 9-25 f/2 + 40-100 f/2 would be a sweet small package if the body has cinema features.
  17. Hearing this makes me think this is just another buttered up spec feature rather than offering anything of practical value. R5 is 8K RAW Lite @ 1350Mbps which is just over double what the supposed C70 will offer at 4K. So I guess R5 is much more compressed considering its 4x the data (4K vs 8K).
  18. V90 SD cards top out at 90MB/s which is 720 Mbits/sec. They are saying 645Mbit/sec so that makes sense since there is always protocol overhead.
  19. Rumors are saying the CRAW LT on the C70 will be internal to SD cards at 645Mbps. That’s highly compressed. How? Also, perhaps they will tease new RF cinema cameras. If this is true then they are going all in on RF across product categories.
  20. And this is why the GH6 will most likely fail, and the S2H and so on. AF is becoming competent enough where its actually reliable and useful for common situations. Why spend that kind of money and not get AF? Panasonic wake up. C70 has superior DR, XLR, internal NDs, CLOG2 and pro level exposure tools. And this is why I'm confused with why it's in the Canon Cinema line. A "pro" compact VIDEO cinema camera with a mirrorless photo camera's sensor. I'm excited to see the body and form factor though.
  21. I'm kinda surprised Pentax isn't more popular among optical viewfinder reflex diehards. Seems like they have excellent lenses and feature rich cameras that do just about anything. The K-1 is legendary among Pentax users and Pentax has a 645 medium format line they could revive and compete against FujiFilm GFX system with a fairly extensive lens lineup from 33mm to 400mm (FF 21mm to 312). I wonder who else will join the medium format party? Fujifilm is really making inroads among landscape photographers with GFX line.
  22. Sony is probably selling a lot of high-end cameras at the moment. Probably most likely A7IV, A7SIII, and A1. Margins are much higher for those products. Canon is announcing a R5C. A camera probably no one will be able to buy for 4-6 months. I hope it has more than the rumors are saying it has. I’m more excited to see the body and form factor. Nikon is probably most disappointed. They finally release a pro mirrorless camera for a good price with more than competent video chops and probably can’t produce enough of them. Hopefully it doesn’t hurt future development from Nikon. It finally seems like they are on a strong course for mirrorless hybrids.
  23. Video Hummus

    EOS R1

    I’m glad they are taking the shutters out. More room for other things. Benefits of quad-pixel? Better AF acquisition horizontal and vertically? I’m really impressed already with R5 and A1 tap-to-track and eye/face/body tracking.
  24. I'm saving for a C70 to replace a R6 mostly for the internal NDs and video exposure tools. I have no desire to buy EF glass when RF is here and can share with my R5. So I would be running a C70 with RF glass and a S35 sensor. Good thing is many of the RF glass has IS built-in which helps with the lack of IBIS in the C70. I'm thinking with RF IS lenses and EIS when needed that will be enough for my needs. Perhaps a C90 will come with C70 body and FF sensor. If the R5C has the same sensor as the R5 it is a hard pass for me. I already have a R5 and I would prefer better video DR performance on par or better than C70 can offer. It's pretty clear we probably won't get much better hybrid cameras from Canon. C70 is kinda in-between and initial I didn't like it but it has grown on me after renting one for a week. I hope Canon refines this form factor more and adds capabilities and performance. I enjoyed just exposing in the middle and the DGO sensor really kept detail and shadow noise down.
  25. BMPCC6K is kinda a low bar. I think it lacks in build quality compared to the other C cameras. The screen hinge is weak and can easily become floppy. The distance pin on top can break easily. Some of the buttons are just sloppy feeling. For $5,500 they can at least fix these things. It's a pro tool it should feel solid and reliable.
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