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  1. Master Black Levels at -15 0-255 GammaDR with 0.95 greens, sharpness at -10 and contrast at -10 And with the hack you want the video files at 130+ bitrate just to avoid the banding issues you might run into otherwise. You can always tweak the master black levels and contrast to something like -10 and -5 respectably. This is at least the flattest profile I ever gotten out of it when it was 80 bitrate I had banding issues in the sky, but increasing to 135 bitrate solved a lot of it.
  2. I tested the methods explained in this thread and I cannot find this supposed superiority, there is a severe penalty to the sharpness, you have a HUGE shift towards green even though I turned the green to 1.90 This is all with manual mode, no automatic garbage going on, all old fashioned adjustment, white balance equal for every image to show you the shift it goes from magenta to green its quite severe. There massive loss of sharpness with this method, the noise is far more prominent and here are examples that took me 5 minutes to do with manual focus, 1/30 shutter, 2.8 aperture and IS
  3. How is the Fujifilm colour science compared to NX1? I am struggling to find anything remotely comparable to the in-camera NX1 colours just the one single reason I never got a camcorder for video.
  4. MPC-HC works just fine for me though, you have to remember the only reason why SMPlayer seem to work better is because it has hardware acceleration for H265 built in which MPC-HC older versions lacked but it has it available in newest versions for me anyway, my 15W TDP AMD APU runs the NX1 HEVC files fine.
  5. Audio can only be recorded through the hotshoe however I recommend you rather invest in a microphone that you can attach to the camera that records internally instead of going into the camera. Røde has one of these I think that you can use with the camera.
  6. Why do I often find amazing products on sale on eBay with like 20+ people watching and no one buying? Korean dude sold me a Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro with original packing and when I received the camera for the price I paid I expected it to be in an "okay" condition but its almost brand new, no marks or scratches only done 39k shutter counts which is criminally low compared to its age. I think there were like 30 people watching the camera, no one bought it for some reasons and I watched that for a few days before I just decided to go for it. Surprised with the Tamron lens how sharp i
  7. God, I will have nightmares about the cost of that thing when released, on the other hand the samples look very nice, I will wait for review samples though the advertisers like to Photoshop their images before publish.
  8. I disagree the Nikons seem to do better than the Samsung NX1, I am talking APS-C sensor cameras at the same time of release, the Sammy seem to loose a lot of dynamic range at higher ISO's, yes its got good ISO performance comparable to most cameras but the colour accuracy seem to suggest that dynamic range at higher ISO's had to be sacrificed, you have to consider that in order to capture more light you have to make it extract less information of course the NX1 has a BSI sensor on the top of that which suggests that without BSI it would suffer even greater, the Nikons at the time does not have
  9. So I took the camera out in the nature when there was a lot of light hitting the Foveon censor thinking that this behaves a lot like old CCD sensors, if you do not feed them enough light they start to suffer. As someone suggested I took these at F5.6 to give them both fair chance. Both the Samsung NX1 and the Sigma SD Quattro are shot at ISO 100 and same lens range, same everything including standard picture profiles, nothing is touched on in Photoshop just cropped. turned off Sigma PhotoPro 6 noise reduction when exporting X3F RAW files to JPEG. And as I suspected, the Foveon was no
  10. Samsung keeps hiring old Japanese engineers, designers and other talented people who are "honourably" fired from Japanese Corporations because the new generation must replace the old. And this is the result, Samsung is destroying Japanese Corporations, Sony fired a lot of elderly extremely talented people and Korean Corporations fished them in. Having tried several cameras it seems that Samsung NX1 and NX500 trades high ISO performance for superior extremely high colour reproduction. So while having very bad ISO performance in general with huge drops when reaching 800 ISO and beyond
  11. Its the removal lens camera, SD Quattro is their latest high end camera, I heard a lot of praise for the image quality it makes, however I cannot seem to find it any better than the Samsung NX500 or NX1. Saturation is already insane compared to what I usually use on my Sammy cameras. Maybe Samsung just have an exceptional high tech sensor with colour reproduction prioritisation in exchange for high ISO performance. I will do some more tests, I prefer real world tests and its a good time to be testing these cameras as its closing in on autumn that means lots of nice colours that CMOS
  12. I recently acquired a Sigma SD Quattro from Japan just to have some fun alongside a 17-50mm Sigma F2.8 which for the price is okay lens. I put it up against my Samsung NX500 and I just do not see it, what does this camera do better than my Samsung? It seems Samsung has exceptional colours out the camera as well albeit the profiles fall flat so I boosted them in bridge but other than that everything else is straight out the camera, DNG/RAW to JPEG with no edit except a crop, both cameras using standard colour profile which should not matter as neither seem to translate that to the RAW file
  13. Samsung cameras are quite popular in Europe so I have no idea why they really exited, I fear that it really was because that #%("?¤=% president decided to merge the camera division with the smartphone division, lately smartphone cameras from Samsung have suffered because of this and it seems to have been a floppy strategy. Perhaps they will reenter the camera section again, believe it or not, its not very fun to just scrap an entire product line like this for no real good reasons, there were millions going into that camera division and it was far from unsuccessful.
  14. You should contact Samsung support while you can, they still service these cameras under warranty.
  15. I wish you did a test with Samsung NX1 using bitrate hack seeing how it does improve 120fps 1080p footage substantially.
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