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  1. I can see Nolans point of view, I personally had to disconnect the internet in my work office because its too distracting, even told my boss to get me one of those dumb phones since we were required to take phone calls. Only three times a day did I connect to the internet, when I came to work, after lunch and 30 mins before the workday was over, and all of that, was to check and reply to emails as those are primary source of tasks including updating the progress on various jobs online. I really hate working on computers in general for the simple fact its easier to draw concepts on paper than it is to make one in a computer says it all. It even went to the point where if I had no idea what to design or create, I had to walk out the office, go sit somewhere, and I probably sit there for 2 -3 hours just drawing madly in my notes until the boss had enough of that and I quit 6 months later for burn-out. The world is so connected today its honestly mind blowing when people complain they are "lonely" in life, well I wonder why? Most people sit in their little echo-chambers feeding narcissism and other toxic attitudes, the days of social gatherings ended and I am so thankful to have actually lived in an era before social media just so that I personally know what it is like having to meet friends and go out do something, we used to go photography trips together a lot, but no one wants to do it, why? Oh they got smartphones now, it take pictures, they are bored of it. Thats another problem, ease of access, makes things boring, there no struggle, there no challenge to anything thats easy, why work hard when you can work easy? Right? What took a team of 3 people to make a magazine design, is now pushed onto suckers like me who have deadlines in 1 week. The thing how Nolan was missing out is true to many extent, people making groups in social media and chatting away, but in my 14 years of experience, I never seen these groups ever do anything productive, its always toxicity brewing eventually. But if you were to meet out for a drink, thats rarely the case mostly because everyones too drunk to care. I miss the analogue world, and while I do appreciate the modern wonders, too many side effects.
  2. Its ironic that Karl Marx wrote about automation and even went as far as stating under Socialism the automation would rid workers off the most arduous works so that the worker could enjoy more time spent on reading, fishing and other hobbies such as art and music to expand himself. Yet here we are today, Capitalists using less automation in factories and mines to get cheaper labour in third world while developing new methods of automation to destroy artistic jobs that require higher paying labour. Why hire artists, when a machine can do similar job in quicker succession at fraction of the cost? A dream come true for every venture Capitalist, no need to hire a graphics designer anymore, buy a 300 dollar subscription from Google or whoever and have AI churn out designs in minutes with easy changes at click of a button!! Welcome to the future, the government planners in the 1950s Soviet was actually afraid of the computerisation of Soviet economy, they argued they be causing work shortage by automating the planning processes, the irony here is that they underestimated how many bureaucrats they needed to do the same job of a computer and by 1980s the Soviet economy had shortage of 100 million workers despite the country being almost 300 million in population, for every worker there were 3 bureaucrats, the change came too late. Whats the moral of story? Automation is good in sections which creativity has little benefits, but automation in sectors in which creativity is paramount can be disastrous. They already use AI/algorithmic software to write popular music lyrics for past 10 years now.
  3. For video IBIS its hands down. 1 - Panasonic GH6 2 - Panasonic S1H 3 - Panasonic S5/S5II (They are identical in performance) 4 - Panasonic GH5II 5 - Sony A7IV + OIS lens + digital IS The reason I exclude Olympus is because they have mediocre video specs, worse than GH4, OM-1 has video quality between GH4 and GH5. Canon all have pretty meh video IBIS, struggles with panning, wobbles with wide angle. Fuji is only useful for tripod style video with no panning or movements at all, worse than Sony for video IBIS. Nikon suffers from similar issues to Canon but have worse wobble with wide lenses. Panasonic S1 is rated 8 stops compared to 5 stops in S5 but suffers from wide angle wobble whereas S5 has really minimal amount of it which makes the S5 superior overall and in my own experience I saw little difference in video mode. And as for Sony, really they all are pretty mediocre and have realistically 2 - 3 stops at best, but if you have a lens with OIS and turn on digital IS you actually get really good results, close to a S5 body IBIS. But its very railroaded setup and not versatile whereas S5 is good even with an adapted manual lens and extremely good work a native lens with OIS.
  4. Really waiting for Intel to bring Arc over to laptops, the A750 slaughters everything in video and photo work thanks to its amazing media accelerator, even A380/DG1 ran circles around the M1 except in Final Cut Pro, and whole lot cheaper
  5. 1000mm in case those damn flying saucers appears, never seem to have enough reach when I spot one with my tape recorder.
  6. You are not getting the RS3 mini? My gimbal FeiyuTech AK2000s is like 1,2kg already + Samsung NX1 with its 16-50mm F2-2.8 makes that gimbal extremely unyielding, it brings back memories of my military days holding a 3kg rifle all day really did a number on you. Zhiyun Crane M3 seems almost half the size of my AK2000s and much lighter. Overall in event shoots I found gimbals to be cumbersome and more often than not actually limited shots I could get specially among crowds of people, eventually I just detached the gimbal and shot handheld with the S5, worked way better that way, got better shots, got moments I would have lost otherwise, kept having to power down the gimbal when not in use and then power it on again which took 2 - 3 seconds. Never again, oh and people do not seem to care much when you are holding the dinky little S5 and a Sigma prime, but a gimbal? Oh man LOL Yes I will dream, LX15 actually shoots pretty good video with the V-log hack and its a really easy camera to work with, fits on some smartphone gimbals too because of its low weight.
  7. I thank God Panny kept the sensor, amazing organic look from it you cannot take for granted these days. I hope S1II will have the stacked version of that sensor which is found in the Sony A9m2, giving us 4k120p FF. I own the MC-21 adapter for a long time now but cannot wait to test my Canon glass with the adapter on the S5II and CAF. If it can even get 80% close to native performance, that is a true keeper for sure. Its also perfect for gimbal setup, no need to use complex wireless focus pullers anymore and lots of extra battery to power it all. I dream that Panny also updates the LX15 with their newer 1 inch sensor which was their test bed for the phase detect system. And their entire MFT line up.
  8. While there is hundreds of sample video from YouTube and Vimeo people using S1, S1H and S5 with HDR exports. It appears all of them are either 10bit 422 or 12/14bit 444 RAW video, and I watched a handful to see if the OP's colour issues were present in them despite the compression rate I could not see any such artefacting which I assume happens in lower light areas. I would suggest the OP actually tests the 10bit 422 mode to see if he experiences the same issues, I am not sure he is all that justified in complaining when he only tests the HDR grade he is trying to accomplish in a 10bit 420 mode, I saw the images and he is clearly colour banding, essentially just hitting a limitation of his codec not having the colour information. No amount of magic can solve this. Also the OP did not mention which HDR specifications he is trying to grade towards, it would be helpful which HDR spec he is gunning, if its Dolby or some of the other dozens of HDR specs out there, it also be interesting to know what nits those colour banding happens at in those particular areas, to me it seems apparent issue in the shadow areas so a higher ISO could be destroying colour information.
  9. Actually that would be interesting to test out, the Panny S5 is also rated by Netflix as approved camera because it meets their HDR requirements, but I have not seen much documentation regarding how you are suppose to dial in that HDR specs with the S5. Sadly I live in eternal darkness right now until February so I cannot go out try to shoot some HDR content but it would be interesting to test out, not sure a bright spot light and dark enough shadow would do it justice. Also it be interesting if anyone are editing these clips on broadcast monitors specced for HDR content as Vincent points out, monitors do produce artefacting displaying HDR content way above its own game. I know for a fact my OLED display that can do 1000 nits actually struggles severely with darker areas displaying green blobs in places for some reasons when watching HDR content.
  10. Wow, never seen such toxicity on this forum before, I think the OP is having some massive delusions trying to cram magic into a limited codec format that just wont happen and claiming everyone pointing it out are wrong LOL HDR only looks good when your monitor/TV can achieve HDR-800+ otherwise its pointless, OLED really struggle to hit those 1000 nits requirements for perfect HDR. I also suggest watching some video from this guy who is a professional TV and monitor calibrator who actually has a clue what he is on about when it comes to HDR viewer experience. https://youtu.be/XPzM3NDGuSc https://youtu.be/D83SXcguwBU
  11. Amazing work, maybe a bit less jitter next time and actors should be more theatrical in their performance and scream their lines as was the norm in the 1930s, their microphones were shoddy which is why people spoke so loud in old movies LOL Loved the old timey dolly movements though and those classic zoom in.
  12. SMGJohn

    Olympus OM-1

    Never seen such bad video from these guys before, well maybe 10 years ago LOL but wow, thats terrible, GH4 produced better looking images than this OM-1, user error?? Or just bad codec and CFA implementation?
  13. I recommend you just mention you are from Georgia. This absolute HEINOUS racist attitude towards Russian people are disgusting just because a certain Oligarch government decided it was a good idea to split up USSR, sell whatever remained for pocket changes, force one hundred million people into poverty, then proceed to fight wars against those who were once their brothers and sisters to kickstart their own weapon industry. Ah nothing makes my blood boil more, even worse when European media is portraying Russian people as responsible for all of its short comings, no logic involved just more racist pandering.
  14. Nice reel, do not sell yourself too low on that one. Have you considered freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer? Sorry if you already considered these, I assume the job market in Georgia is just as bad as rest of Europe, but international freelance sites do allow you to get more clients, I mostly got small time work on Fiverr but they took 1 - 2 hours to complete and stuff started to add up by the end of the month.
  15. IBIS + OIS are always better than some digital motion sensor which always ruins the image in one way or another with artefacting, there just no way around this, maybe in the year 2050 we will have AI capable of reconstructing an image perfectly. There some wobble on the S5 with a wide angle lens, but if you have a wide angle lens with OIS/OSS should the wobble issues not be removed? Considering Panasonic uses the same method as Sony for IBIS + OIS, the sensor only does X - Y axis with roll and lens does pitch and yaw. Canon IBIS is pretty mediocre, I would say Sony newer cameras does a better job with IBIS + digital IS in video mode than Canon does, Canon have the same issues as Olympus and Fuji in that they are solely made for photography use, they all seem to suffer when you start panning or doing walks they go all over the place, whereas Panasonic and later Sony cameras seem to really refined their IBIS for video, Sony A7IV does not suffer from these panning issues. Honestly, Canon is just making excuses with R5C, it should have IBIS LOL, you could always just make it lock itself in place like some cameras do when you do not use it however there is an argument for not using IBIS, it makes the camera 100g lighter, it makes the camera a lot more sturdy, IBIS systems break REALLY easily on impact, but if Canon worried about breaking and the sensor floating around when the IBIS is not in use, I do not understand why they could not just invent in a locking system that locks it in centre.
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