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  1. Eventually ended up being a dedicated virtual keyboard instrument for our bubble-gum-punk-rock band. --Dial up a keyboard emulator and go to town. Moog, Jupiter, Hammond, Harpsicord, String Ensembles, etc. We used that thing until 2012. Not a bad life cycle for a laptop.
  2. I had that laptop too. Rugged little bugger...well, at least mine held together okay. Went around the world with me a few times. Miss it. Was really a good balance of size/performance.
  3. Not sure if it's possible, but I still prefer the original scheme. Less contrast is more comfortable for me (older guy) to read. Anyway to offer that as a theme preference selection?
  4. I was wondering what that film crew was doing in my hometown last month...He was here doing "Last Days in the Desert" a few years ago so I bet he used that knowledge of location to bang out this PR piece. Man, I really need to befriend someone at park services to find out what the heck is happening. We have crews coming through all the time. These folks literally stay across the street from me when they're in town and I never seem to find out about it 'til they're gone.
  5. 10 years just about EVERYBODY on the planet that can afford a phone will have the same motion picture IQ power we currently have. Best to question "what exactly do I bring to the table when offering video production services?" If your answer is "the camera" you need to start getting really paranoid. Most clients are not going to fret about DXO scores. If that's where your attention lies (and there's nothing really wrong with that) I hope you're aspiring to a much higher echelon of production than I am! I'm pretty close to retirement so my day in the sun with all this stuff is comin
  6. Personally, not going to worry. 98% of the other things happening in production to think about before shadow banding becomes a priority. Like, should I go to bed early so I can get up at 4am and capture 2 hours of footage during sunrise? What's for breakfast? How can I frame my composition to take advantage of backlight? Who has the coffee? Where do I need to be to get the best exposure of that subject? Can the actress doing the supporting role actually help carry this scene? How long is it going to take to get to location? Should I use the 50mm so the shots of the dogs look more
  7. Not for me, because they look the same, or are so similar to not matter to my eye. Maybe I missed something more obvious?
  8. With a bit more contrast the image would look "thicker," I think. I wouldn't mind losing detail in those shadows. What's it really buying you anyway? You can also mask the sky to hold some detail there if you wanted to. Still, its a shot of partially backlit colorful buildings on an overcast midday...which isn't going to render wonderfully on any camera, digital or film.
  9. Always try and solve problems before you get to post production.
  10. The only time I get interference is if I don't do a channel scan. I'm really corporate'y with what I'm using mine for. Rarely stretch the distance on them. When I do they seems to go for about 100 yards or so?
  11. So...I've had my Sennheiser G3 trans/receiver for...12 years now? I think that was a good ROI. Just used it again today.
  12. As a teenager my dad's darkroom offered a practical wisdom built from hours of self-inflicted failure. Buying the film and chemicals to develop one's shots, and then having them not "turn out" makes you really pay attention to the technique of achieving a strong image while in the field. The same sentiment the OP has mentioned. In the digital age, the notion that technology -such as bit depth and/or raw- is going to solve problems is not misguided, it's just overstated. I used to think I could save a thin negative at the enlarger. Nope. I could only make it marginally better. If it
  13. Well, I'd qualify the poll and say that the best IQ value for the $$ in my experience is the LUMIX GX7. I don't know what was going on there, but the images off that damn sensor looked awesome. I suppose anyone that grabbed a BM pocket back in the day for $500 would be able to dispute the $$-to-IQ-value claim, but out of all the cameras I've owned the GX7 always looked wonderful to me.
  14. So here's a simple story: I was in the market to hire a guy about 4 years ago for a video shoot. A shooter contacted me to inquire about the gig, but had almost no experience with motion pictures. He was just getting into video from photography and he asked me if his lowly Pentax, which only did 60p @720 would be okay. His photos showed that he had a great eye for composition and when we talked about the assignment he explained that he was a video neophyte, but was willing and eager to learn. Seemed like a bit of a risk to hire this dude. After all here was a guy shooting on a d
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