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  1. So much this. WTH/F Adobe? There's no reason with their budget that they couldn't have released a cohesive "PRO" version of their editing software with strict hardware requirements and support so it's an effective reliable tool. Nope, just an endlessly buggy BS. My favorite new annoyance is this: I do a lot of slow-mo, and I like to shoot in 60p. So, I batch apply 50% speed to my clips for my 30p sequences. In bins I can scroll the thumbnails, which is helpful. However, latest version, for no discernible reason, will now "blank" all thumbnails of clips with any speed variance applied. They get turned to black. So now I'm looking at a bin full of black thumbnails. Basically, making thumbnails of clips with speed adjustment useless. https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2622768 Yes, it's not the end of the world, but it affects the workflow. One needs to fight Premiere to work effectively. That's always been the problem. It just doesn't play nice. I've been using Premiere on and off since version 1, so I know it's always been a problem child. Had a 15 year run there when I was on Final Cut and that was nice. One of my colleagues is still using FCP. I might return to it although I don't find it as appealing as the traditional version. Ugh, I dunno. Gave Resolve a spin but their version of using proxies was unreliable and everything I do is proxy editing...so still looking.
  2. That’s right. I took a screen shot of my iOS on August 1st. For the past two weeks Ive been admiring how hardcore and dark I am when randomly browsing my kitten photos.
  3. No. Living in a retirement home playing Bingo on Tuesday nights, but not dead yet.
  4. Face to face, if someone said that to me at a film festival, it would be terrible. I’d probably be gobsmacked and just say something like, “okaaay” and walk away thinking, “man, that guy was cruel.” I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t feel like talking about a short documentary dog movie at that point. And along those lines, asking for advice from some people that consider me condescending might not be the best bet either. Certainly apologies to you if you’ve felt condecendent or patronized by me. FWIW, your writings here offer some of the better insight I’ve read. Any slight by me to you would have been unintentional.
  5. I do proxy edits for everything in Premiere. Is it a waste of time? Not for me. I’ll ingest the footage and a day’s shoot will take about an hour to transcode into low-res proxies. Usually I do this in the evening. In the morning it’s ready to go. The proxy editing is very responsive too. Actual Source 4K footage is too laggy and slow. Editing that stuff is an exercise in frustration.
  6. Exactly, and when one is ignorant of how to use either, it all becomes a big challenge. Not afraid of challenges, but the fact is I'd rather play with film-making ideas and gear rather than selling. Somehow I have to get to a balance that is effective for what I want to do. Do you have any advice from your experience?
  7. Good on ya. Personally, I don't really feel intimidated by the notion of marketing, it just doesn't really get me excited is all. Perhaps if I ever did something and realized the cause-and-affect in a positive way, I be more curious, but it's mostly a "meh" for me if I'm being honest. So, gotta find a way to fix that attitude and try to have a run at some success. This is VERY important to DIY'ers, obviously. Just feel like I'm trying to hit a target and I'm facing the wrong direction most of the time; would love more advice to get pointed in the right direction.
  8. You enjoy social media marketing? Can I hire you on commission!? 😀
  9. That hashtag is a bit of a “can of worms” when it comes to the history of this project. Luckily we now have #flyingfurfilm It’s easy to see how I struggle with social media. I think it’s a cultural/ageism thing. (Along with my curmudgeon attitude) I’m older so I sort of resent it, while anyone under 30 embraces it as part of their existence. They hardly even consider it, they just use it. Man, I just want to make movies, but now I gotta do all this other stuff? Yikes.
  10. Well, I did update/change from the announcement video to a proper trailer. I also plan on making a new trailer-promo with a lot of positive movie reviews in it. In the meantime... FLYING FUR! Whoohoo, it’s great! Dogs! Airplanes! Happy Endings! Hooray! https://www.flyingfurfilm.com #FLYINGFURanimalrescueDOCUMENTARY! Hows that for promotion?
  11. We’ll put it up on amazon after a few months of our VOD “direct” sales. I’d be curious what the net revenue per sale is on amazon, however. Still, you’re right, they’re a big sandbox, have the viewers, and offer a DIY route. I be curious how to take a run at AppleTV/iTunes. My understanding is that they’re a pretty substantial streaming service as well.
  12. Have you done this DIY? Any ideas on how they got to millions of views? TBF, that “trailer” you referenced is a release announcement video so the subject could share the movie directly to his fans during the initial launch of the film. They’re already invested in the guy and know what’s what so its a direct appeal to his niche audience. We do have a standard trailer that we’ve been using elsewhere and we’ll be updating it later this week. But I agree. More storytelling for a general audience.
  13. I don’t think so. What do you mean by this exactly? F me. I don’t even know what a relevant hashtag would be. You mean, like the title of the film? Something like #flyingfurfilm Not really trying to do this, just trying to make the film known within a niche market.
  14. If you add up the “sweat equity” of professional time put into the production, it’s kind of crazy how expensive the film should be —but we all know the words to that particular song. I’m doing an accounting of the true film expenses next month. All of it. Travel, food, lodging, rentals, etc. Reckoning time. Yikes.
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