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  1. I've put my dick into too many things, tbh. Also, an Olympus camera has been up my arse searching for polyps. But my nether regions have avoided SD slots thus far. I suppose for some fan boys they could eventually be STD slots if they're not careful?
  2. Yeah, but aside from agreeing with the sentiment, is it effectively amusing? For me this video misses opportunities at solid jokes and just constantly leans on the premise you mentioned. Its like SNL doing political personalities. Just because you do a impression doesn’t make it funny...needs interesting humor beyond the initial novelty.
  3. Aside from the shallow dof issue, how about the humor of this piece? I’m old. I don’t trust that my preferences resonate with other’s. So, funny or not? I found it so annoying I stopped watching after a minute.
  4. Weirdly enough, my mom as a college kid had a Morris 1000. And, like mentioned, I ended up with a 1960 Mini 850. A bit remarkable considering both of us were from the USA Midwest, and these old English cars were very rare...but pretty cool to my eye. As a kid only 15 years old without a job, I committed to working for my mom for 6 months on a house project...and she gave me the extra $200 I needed to buy the mini. I guess somewhat similar to the Strangler’s song?
  5. Im'a gonna make a channel about my current adventure of re-aquiring of the very same Morris Minor Mini I bought as a 15 year old in 1984...and then trying to refurbish it with almost no knowledge and wisdom of mechanics and welding. So, yeah, just started "filming" yesterday. I've decided I'm not going to try and make it professional at all. I just want to raw document my process over the next....5 years or so of rebuilding the thing. So, no designs at being commercial or successful at the channel, just doing it to do it.
  6. Yeah. And since this is a website about film and filmmaking, I’ll point out that this concept of vocabulary and perception is pretty much the entire plot of “Arrival,” fwiw.
  7. Reminds me of anthropologist's wild speculation that humans have only recently learned to acutely experience the color blue. The theory is that the capacity evolved through gradual etymology progress, which is a societal/cultural advancement not a biological one.
  8. Personal anecdote: Lost a LUMIX GX7 a few years back through ebay. Used them to move a ton of gear back in the early 'aughts, but stay well clear of them now.
  9. My work flow is to edit with proxies and let the ultimate transcoding happen upon completion of the project.
  10. Saw lots of Iceland volcano footage online lately, reminded me of this shoot. Straight from the source. No color grade. Play guess the camera with this one:
  11. My wife shoots Fuji. Great cameras. I shoot Oly. You can do 4k with an Oly for half of a used X-T3. I do like Olympus cameras --they never got much luv from video enthusiasts though, not sure why.
  12. If budget is a concern, however, the EM10iii for under $400 ain't a bad alternative Oly option. LUMIX camera have better resolution IQ, no question about that, but the Oly shines in different ways --really gotta know what you want to do with the camera and how much you want to spend when making choices!
  13. I posted footage from my EM10iii last year, you can see the discussion and URL link here: It's not the most tricked out camera, but that's why I like it.
  14. I do think it's the way things are at the moment, across all brands. Prices are going up for these used low-end cams. The original Andrew challenge was to find a decent 4K camera for $200 --which doesn't seem possible right now. I would have believed a year ago it would be doable; surprised the prices went north. The best I could find is a really beat up GX7 'buy-it-now' listed at $190 ($80 shipping) ...and that's a camera with a sensor that's capable of doing 4K, but the camera itself only delivers 1080. It's a mighty fine 1080, but not 4K. These are just observations. I got no
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