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  1. zetty


    Anyone got Canon EF 50mm F1.4 USM? I just bought one second hand and the focus ring has an awful uneven plastic friction feel, notably worse than a couple of other similar lenses I got, such as 85mm F1.8 USM (best out of the three) and 28mm F1.8 USM (quite bad but still better). And while we're it, any good third party lens hoods for Canon lenses?
  2. zetty


    Can anybody advise please if Canon's 70-200mm F4 (first version, no IS) has hard stops with focusing?
  3. Now, wait a little. Is that how S1 is recording audio?!
  4. Interesting.. I wonder if there is any basis in need of phantom power for a decent shotgun? Ambient TinyMike is pretty damn good without it, still sounding notably better when recorded with external recorder than in-camera (GH4/5). It annoys me when people say "XLR" as if that was a hallmark of good sound. It's just a connector, the sound quality is mic and ADC dependent. Certainly, there's no need for balanced inputs for such short cable runs as having the mic on camera, and even with all this, we should have long since switched to mini XLR.
  5. I am planning to get SLR Magic VND but I am a bit worried about two rings on such a thin body, doesn't polarization get turned accidentally when you just want to adjust the ND? I have been using Hoya NDs for years and managed just fine, even though sometimes have had to compensate with a bit of aperture or shutter speed adjustment. However, with a longer run and gun project coming up with potentially frequent moving between indoor and outdoor locations, thought I should get a VND as an option. Would the IR pollution be an issue for GH5?
  6. Wouldn't it work even better to have the collapsible hood at the end of the variable ND? That way you only need a single hood and ND is always visible/accessible..
  7. Yeah, I have noticed that too, whitebalancing on grey card often gives a clearly inaccurate result. I found out the translucent lens cap is working better for this but most often I'll just dial it in. Haven't played around with the new AWBc yet, which is supposedly suppressing the prevalent reddish tones under certain conditions.
  8. Something for @mercer EDIT: apparently has its own topic here: http://eoshd.com/comments/topic/24803-improving-gh5-colour-comparison-with-5d3-raw/
  9. I tend to think it will up the quality a notch where it matters but it's all just guessing, cause the compression is such a complicated thing and there are so many variables in play.. Let's hope Panny's engineers know what they're doing. Meanwhile, there's also a petition making rounds: https://www.change.org/p/panasonic-introduce-4k-4-2-2-ipb-400mbps-and-fhd-4-2-2-ipb-200mbps-modes-for-panasonic-gh5
  10. I don't use auto but can confirm you can set the ISO range even while recording -- when you press the ISO button, one of the dials sets the upper ISO limit while the other the ISO itself, including switch to AUTO if so desired. I wish I could assign the dial by the LCD for the ISO adjustment, much like how it works on 5D, without need to press any button first at all. Right now, the dial does nothing in video mode and isn't assignable either.
  11. So it's not getting this information electronically from the lens even with an active adapter? I thought it would have considering it provides full EXIF data..
  12. Well, it's the same when adjusting ISO manually. Pretty annoying indeed, as you have to go in and out of the menu to check for zebras.
  13. I don't think Panasonic anticipated all this fuss about AF, so the settings and the manual aren't that well thought out. Frankly, neither did I. Can't believe the % of attention this camera is getting that's going into this. Personally, I don't give a rat's ass about AF even if it could be a nice extra. I rarely use gimbal and can live with deep DOF or keeping appropriate distance and just tapping on my phone attached to my arm when I need to refocus. Now, with IBIS (which is truly amazing) I'll use gimbal even less as I don't mind slight handheld look most of the time. FWIW, I think the Panasonic's excuse for not implementing PD focus because it degrades IQ is bullshit though. I reckon it was a commercial decision they had to make as clearly there is a limit of R&D that can go into a camera at this price.
  14. Of course it does. What I am saying is that the metering isn't as precise or consistent but then just slightly so. I have had shit batteries like DSTE where the metering goes from 2/3rds to flashing red like in 10 minutes. I have another Patona double charger for GX85 and use a single power adapter from Ravpower to feed both of these as well as AA/18350 battery charger (it has three outputs, each rated at 2.4A). Pretty handy and compact setup.
  15. I bought Patona charger that takes 2 batteries at the same time. It's USB powered and requires 2.1A input minimum, which I can provide with a dedicated adapter (mine is 2.4A and it seems to charge quickly enough, although I haven't compared the time with Panasonic's original charger directly). Also, I have found out Patona and in particular Dot.Foto batteries to be of better quality than the rest of generic ones -- in fact, they last almost the same time as the original, just somewhat less precise with determining of how much juice there's left. I think both of these brands are available in Europe only.
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