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  1. Dave Maze

    Olympus OM-1

    Interesting... Ya i have sold every hybrid camera recently and am rocking just the OM-1 for photos and C70 for video. Pretty happy with the setup... but it hurts my brain sometimes having two completely different setups. I just don't like any of the canon hybrid cameras right now and the lenses are freakin huge. Been pretty pleased overall with the image quality coming off of the OM1 taking pictures of my kids and stuff. Autofocus finally works a treat. Color science is good too... it's the low light that kills me though. Even when shooting with decent light and good exposures, you can't really go past ISO 400 or you're going to get noise. The new sensor on the OM-1 is nice though. Pleased with the dynamic range and the new EVF alone is worth the upgrade. Been having some really weird flickering in the EVF though with certain lighting. Never seen that much flicker before with any other camera. Just depends on the lighting but it's annoying for sure.
  2. I owned the R7 for about two months and used it with my C70. Was a nice b roll camera but on a gimbal in the 7k to 4k downres the rolling shutter was too much for me. Looked like jello everywhere. Also, the footage didn't have that wow factor I've gotten used to with the C70. It was a joy to use, but not worth keeping in my opinion. Honestly, I am hoping for a proper C200 upgrade with the DGO sensor in it... prefer that more traditional Canon cine body and miss not having an EVF. May just shoot all my YouTube videos on C70's from now on though. They do look truly great when exposed properly in Clog 2
  3. Dave Maze

    Olympus OM-1

    @Andrew Reid did you return your OM-1? Just keeping the EM1X?
  4. APS-C is still alive? Hopeful for some "pro" RF-S lenses in the future to pair with the C70. For now.. we a 7k oversampled 4k image on the R7 with uncrossed 4k at 60fps. Clog3 and no time limit. Wonder if the IBIS is less "wobbly" with the smaller sensor...
  5. Dave Maze

    Olympus OM-1

    Based on what I'm seeing with GH6, it seems OM-1 will still have better autofocus for video. All of this complaining would be over if Panasonic just ate dirt and put phase detect on their cameras. So annoying they won't be humble and just admit that DFD is not good enough for video hybrid shooters. That being said, I still love my Olympus bodies and there is something about it that I can't escape. I love the feel of the camera, I enjoy their color science, and the micro 4/3 lens ecosystem is just a wonderful thing. It's not necessarily smaller than full-frame now with the compact lenses for E-mount...but the overall balance of the whole package on micro 4/3 is something I truly enjoy. Planning on selling my EM1 mkii and mkiii and buying the OM-1 when it goes on sale in 6 months.
  6. I'd go with the new ZV-E10! Compact size. Fair price. Amazing autofocus and a clean image.
  7. That's awesome man! They are great cameras but they aren't for everyone. You have to work with its limitations for sure. I really love using it for casual shooting and pictures of the kids... but when I was at Indy Mogul, we used it as the A cam for many of the shoots I was a part of!
  8. couldn't agree more about the EM1X. I still use my EM1 mkii and mkiii every week. Don't see myself switching to anything anytime soon either. I really hope Olympus will have something great again soon to upgrade this.
  9. I freaking love that lens and it's a gorgeous pair with the EM1 as well! Used it as my primary lens for a while on the Olympus bodies. Just a bit big for everyday carry (which is all i need these days). Been using my 15mm f1.7 pancake on the EM1 mkiii for all my photography of the kids these days.
  10. Your article made me miss shooting on my 1DC! LOL. I do have the C70 now and find it to be pretty solid. Need to dust off my 1DC and send it in to canon to fix it. Battery fried something in it a while ago.
  11. Bringing life back to this thread. I use my mkiii daily. It’s my primary camera. Love it for hybrid shooting with those f1.2 primes. Still haven’t tried the new prores raw feature. Really incredible they added that. im just a bit scared for the future of the company. I really hope to see a new camera with updated specs like better EVF and newer sensor this year. We’ll see if the new owners handle it well.
  12. Anyone have experience with the metabones speed booster for c70? Work good enough?
  13. Incredible interview @Andrew Reid!! Thank you for coming on!
  14. Hey guys! I’m about to interview our very own @Andrew Reidon my podcast Golden Hour! Reply with any questions you have for him and I’ll try to get them in the show!
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