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  1. Incredible interview @Andrew Reid!! Thank you for coming on!
  2. Hey guys! I’m about to interview our very own @Andrew Reidon my podcast Golden Hour! Reply with any questions you have for him and I’ll try to get them in the show!
  3. let me know your thoughts! i found after making the vid that the magenta issues are more or less solved if you shoot slog2 instead
  4. I still have an em1mkiii and the three Pro prime lenses. It’s a buggy camera and I’ve had issues with it locking up on me. I’ve stopped using it for that reason. Hopefully firmware will solve those issues. I think Panasonic made a bad move going to full frame. They should have just embraced m43 and dominated the space and that in turn would help boost Olympus. With cameras like the XT3 being only $999 now I don’t see a point in the Oly anymore. The ibis and colors are great but low light is bad and video features are lackluster. Maybe we will see some firmware updates that will add more video
  5. All the Oly Pro primes are amazing. I recommend the 17,25, and 45
  6. I have had about a week with the camera and seriously LOVE it! Totally sold on it. The footage out of this thing is incredible.
  7. lol no offense taken. I understand. I’ve texted this myself and statistically I get higher click through rate when my face is on the thumbnail as well as when there is a more intense expression. It doesnt translate well here because the image is so large... but on a youtube home feed it can help make your video stand out. Correct it works. I’m sorry you hate it. YouTube is filled with a bunch of adhd tweens who just click on the first shiny thing they see. Ya it really is. It gives you a lot of extra flexibility for a marginal difference in price.
  8. I actually helped develop this mic over a year ago when I had a meeting with Andrew from Deity. I was sharing how I really hated how muffled audio sounded when talking behind camera for vlogs. I wanted a solution and they delivered. Not only does the mic have two mics on it... but you get an input that allows for a lav or other audio source to feed into your camera or recorder. The Rode Wireless GO is perfect for it and can clip right onto the Rycote mount. Just wanted to share these vids with you guys. Jeven and I are the only people who have posted hands on reviews so far... IDK if
  9. Dave Maze

    RED Komodo

    I'm so stoked to see these hit the wild! I wanna get one asap! Gotta come up with $7k tho
  10. well dangit @Andrew Reid ... guess we won't be able to drink sake all night this year then.
  11. ya exactly. watch time. yup. my agent goes to square space and says: “i got 10 guys who all will work with you for $X” and then he splits that money up to all of us depending on our size
  12. I still don’t have clarity... does the EM1 mkiii output 10bit 4:2:2 out of the HDMI? I would imagine that if they are saying it in the official “brochure” from Olympus it is true no?
  13. I literally haven't heard the 10bit 4:2:2 spec anywhere! That is a big deal!!
  14. i'm gonna upgrade to it from my em1 mkii for that joy stick lol. i love the camera. its just a good tool that i enjoy...especially for family photos and videos. HOWEVER... i am SOOO dissapointed here. Was hoping to at least see 4k 60fps!!! idk whats going on. so stupid. nobody will buy this except olympus enthusiasts. it should really be called the EM1 mk2.5
  15. ya if i didn’t have an agent by now i’d be looking for one. almost everyone has one at higher levels. i share an agent with kai w, jarad poland, gerald undone, and jeven dovey for example.
  16. absolutely. running a youtube channel isn’t about the channel itself. it’s about the other streams of income you make to pay for everything else. again... brand deals are where it’s at. i only make around $900 a month off ad revenue for example. the rest of my money is from all the other things like affiliate and brand deals
  17. it’s a combination of subs, views, comments, audience engagement that led to getting an agent who lands the brand deals. that’s the majority of my income. half of it is through sponsorships. the rest is all related to ad rev and affiliate
  18. I was lucky enough to break six figures last year with 73,000 subs. I’ve never enjoyed my work more and i’ve never made more in my life. I highly recommend it if you’re thinking of starting a youtube channel.
  19. neither. save your money for RED Komodo. May have decent AF and r3d is the best
  20. Just a little end of the year lol for you guys. Have been cookin this one up for a while. I hope you guys get a laugh out of it. This is a parody of the Billie Eilish song “bad guy” except... this one is all about camera gear ? Let me know your thoughts! mostly shot on GH5 in 10bit on atomos ninja v. pickup shots in the garage were shot on EOS R in 4k internal. a few minor pickups on the EM1 mkii.
  21. Really dig this adapter. Fixes the EOS R in my book. Here is my video test first look
  22. Mine is coming in tomorrow! Gonna make a first look video for you guys. What do you want to see?
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