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  1. I'm totally with you...however...have you had any bugs with the EM1X? I owned two of them and both had crazy firmware bugs. Like the camera locks up and doesn't let me take photos, or in video mode all of a sudden the buttons get all whacked out and don't work. Gotta be just early firmware issues. If I can get a good deal on an EM1X I'd go with that over the EM1mkii. Great perspective though on pricing. It is cheaper than the Sony a6400 and is a much better option for most people. Ya...I won't let go of the 1DC again. I think its an important camera and it's a camera I want to always have in my collection. The Leica Q feels excessive. I may sell that honestly lol. I want to pick up that Panny Leica 10-25mm f1.7 for the Olympus system and I'll be set.
  2. I currently only have a Z6 and a GH5 at my disposal...I can try to get a hold of an a7iii but the Z6 is pretty similar. But ya I'll do some boring focus tests for sure! lol One thing that does suck is it needs light. A lot of it. Its a noisy camera. Gotta keep that ISO low and shoot super shallow if possible.
  3. Dave Maze

    S1 Anyone?

    I'm stoked on S1H...gonna have to review the S1 though...I know this...and I know I am probably gonna love it. It seems to create extremely rich files and love the color science. Such a shame no reliable video AF....but you can't have everything. S1 or S1H will pair perfectly with my CONTAX Zeiss lenses..
  4. This is very exciting for sure! I hope the AF performs well in video (however my Z6 needs some serious firmware updates to fix the Video AF as is with Z lenses) I'll order one as soon as I get paid next ? Being a gear reviewer is expensive
  5. I will certainly include that in my review... with maybe a full comparison video as well..
  6. I just received my EM1 Mkii from B&H used department and immediately loaded V3 on it. I am using the Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 and the autofocus performs flawlessly. As good as Canon Dual Pixel AF IMO and more reliable than the Nikon Z6. I love the colors on the camera and I feel the size of this body is just perfect. THIS is what I wanted. The EM1X was overpriced and always having a grip made it unnecessarily bulky for a MFT camera. Going to do a review on this new setup soon. I feel the upcoming Panasonic Leica 10-25mm f1.7 paired with this camera will be my go to "YouTuber" camera for a while. I love the color science and IBIS is magical. Only thing "missing" is a good 120fps mode...which I can just get with my Z6 when I occasionally need it. So for now my current setup is this: 1DC on a tripod in my studio setup for that 4K MJPG Canon Log. EM1 Mkii for vlog style, run and gun shooting. Nikon Z6 for 120fps and run and gun shooting/ backup cam. Leica Q (which I just picked up used for a steal) pictures of my kid and everyday life/ instagram shots.
  7. Already ordered an EM1 Mkii from B&H....gonna do a vid about it! I think this is now going to be a way better option for people than the EM1X...WAY cheaper. Paid $1,100 for it used. If the AF is as good as the EM1X there is no reason to get the EM1X for video...other than the limited 120fps mode. EM1 Mkii may be the best option for solo content creators who want best bang for buck in both price and size.
  8. I'd love to buy a used Alexa as a studio camera. Why not! Loving my stupid little 1DC again. There was something great about the effort it took for me to use it. I'm starting to go back to my original reason why I started making youtube videos again...and Im excited to be using the 1DC. Sold my EOS R and will be shooting on the GH5 and 1DC primarily now for a while.....with the exception of gear I will be reviewing. If I can get an Alexa for $5k I'll jump on it.
  9. So.... I re purchased a 1DC I have owned this camera in the past twice already... so this makes my third unit. I cant get over the fact that the image off this thing is some of the best ever Why I Bought the Canon 1DC in 2019!! https://youtu.be/kFd_YvCugOk
  10. Totally. AF would be nice.. but id use this as a handheld camera with my vintage glass. Just pure cinematic goodness
  11. I really love the richness of the image this camera produces. Really impressive honestly. Hmmmmm.....maybe I should pick one up
  12. Nope...never got around to it. For the last year I have just been bouncing around based on what is new and trending for gear reviews. Im tired of bouncing around all the time and ready to stick to a system I will use for a while. Currently...the EOS R is in my bag along with the GH5. I recently re purchased the 1DC...but will probably just hold onto it for sentimental reasons now. Only paid $1700 for it. Its a great camera as a backup or something and I greatly prefer the look of it to the GH5 or the EOS R still! I bought and sold the EM1X from Olympus. Really enjoyed that camera and may trade my GH5 for that....Its the perfect little run and gun camera (ironically even though its got a massive built in grip). The IBIS is insanity...the color science is wonderful...I love MFT for the tiny lenses. ITS JUST WAY OVERPRICED!!! So I sold it....and will maybe re purchase one when I can get a deal on it.... There are some rumors of two new Olympus bodies coming out this year. Hopefully one of them will either be an EM5 mkiii or EM1 mkiii. Both of which should have the same improvements the EM1X had. Better more reliable phase detect AF for video....and the mode1 for stabilization correcting the wobble effect of the ibis. mode1 on the EM1X was incredible. Really makes using only the IBIS even for a wide angle lens possible. In 2020 we will see a 1DX mkiii and I will certainly buy one of those as I know it will hold its value for several years and it will be the most advanced Canon hybrid for a while. IDK. Canon makes me angry.
  13. @Dolaris Films Did you end up using the EM1X? Im curious to know your experience with it. I personally really love the camera. Shooting baked in the Natural or Flat profile.
  14. Thanks for sharing my video @DBounce . I was surprised that anyone watched that 20 minute rant video lol. There is literally nothing to it but a rant. glad you like it. I wish Canon made better STM EF-S lenses so that crop wouldnt be such an issue.
  15. So literally everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt. This camera was SOOOO beta it was ridiculous. Totally a prototype...not even a demo unit. The camera got hot after shooting with it but never overheated. No idea on recording times...never ran into a cutoff but we didnt run it past 5 minutes to save on file size. No IBIS or stabilization to come that I know of....
  16. Lol! I was totally color blind in that comparison video. Did a terrible job matching everything
  17. New video! Lowlight test. Uploading the raw files!
  18. I spoke with Sharp directly and they are denying any red involvement. But who knows! ?
  19. Had a sweet hands-on with it! Give it a minute....still transcoding! It'll click into 4k soon....
  20. At first I totally disregarded the E-M1X... now I feel it fills a VERY VERY special niche for video. YouTubers who can afford it. Did a quick collab with Sara Dietschy comparing it to the GH5. Check it out!
  21. Don’t forget about the a6400. Would be a fair comparison really
  22. First video of the show... the underdog and hidden gem on the CES show flow squeezed between Samsung and Canon... at the SHARP booth. The story is Foxconn is making this camera with SHARP so you know there is some serious money behind it. Ask away as I will directly answer any questions on a future video on our channel. I interviewed Jeremy from Atomos about ProRes raw with Nikon Z6 and that video will come out soon as well. I will also try to do videos about any other requests above or below this video.
  23. Not a ton of camera news here but Connor and I just arrived in Vegas and are willing to cover anything that you all find appealing. Let me know in this thread and I’ll try my best to get info.
  24. Me and Jeven (who was linked up there in his two reviews) just did a first look on the new firmware. Vids will come out tomorrow but basically, DJI fixed some of the issues with it. 120fps 1080p officially now. Better AF. and better audio!
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