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  1. I was lucky enough to break six figures last year with 73,000 subs. I’ve never enjoyed my work more and i’ve never made more in my life. I highly recommend it if you’re thinking of starting a youtube channel.
  2. neither. save your money for RED Komodo. May have decent AF and r3d is the best
  3. Just a little end of the year lol for you guys. Have been cookin this one up for a while. I hope you guys get a laugh out of it. This is a parody of the Billie Eilish song “bad guy” except... this one is all about camera gear ? Let me know your thoughts! mostly shot on GH5 in 10bit on atomos ninja v. pickup shots in the garage were shot on EOS R in 4k internal. a few minor pickups on the EM1 mkii.
  4. Really dig this adapter. Fixes the EOS R in my book. Here is my video test first look
  5. Mine is coming in tomorrow! Gonna make a first look video for you guys. What do you want to see?
  6. Works perfectly for me with panasonic lenses. Haven’t tried the sigma but I’m sure it’ll work well
  7. Shot with my Mavic Mini today. Really enjoy the thing. It’s so small it fits perfectly in my camera bag and it just turns on and goes with no fuss. Sure it’s not manual controls.... but locking the exposure before you make a move is good enough. I need to soften the image in post and maybe throw filmconvert on it or something to make it look less “video” but I think this is gonna stay in my bag way more than the original simply because the size.
  8. I see this thing as like the iPhone camera app in the sky. No raw, or crazy settings or bitrates....just a clean, easy to use product and something that I can keep in my bag all the time. I honestly will be using this more than I ever used my Mavic Pro. But I am in a weird position now only doing YouTube content instead of freelance work.
  9. Let me know if you have any questions. Lack of manual video controls sucks. 2.7K is fine. No log sucks. No raw photos sucks.
  10. Nothing new here. Just my overall thoughts on the thing. Pretty stoked. Really hope they get rid of MJPG and the crop
  11. Stoked to review the EM5 mkiii. Been using only the EM1 mkii with the new firmware the last few months and for the most part love it. I wish it had the button layout of a Canon 1DX or something...but other than that...I love the image I get out of it. The EM5 mkiii seems like basically a mini EM1mkii with minimal loss in ergonomics and battery life for a smaller and more compact size. I'll take it. Love it!
  12. I haven’t been able to figure out why. It just turned off. No corrupt data. Battery was charged. It just turned off
  13. Did a shoot this week with the BMPCC 6k and the camera crashed on me multiple times.
  14. My hands on first look and footage vid is live. Love the camera!
  15. I have the 8-18 f2.8-4 and it is great! Wish it was constant but 2.8 on the wide end is good for me
  16. Bumping this thread! Just made a video showing the amazing advancements of the V3 firmware! I love using this camera. Colors are great. Ibis is amazing and now autofocus is totally reliable
  17. 1) technically BMPCC 4k with an XL Speedbooster will give you a "larger sensor" than the BMPCC 6k....but with LucAdapter Magicbooster....you can make the BMPCC 6k FULL FRAME potentially! 2) no workflow isn't ready yet. Resolve is still super buggy cause its in beta and 6k didn't work well on my machine. I am not going to mess with it till it gets better. 3)low light is great! 4) 4k ProRes uses the full sensor
  18. Ask me any questions you have. Disclaimer: I wasn’t able to get 6k raw to work and need to spend some time getting it in Resolve. For now... here is a first look and impression video with some footage. Some 6k raw was able to be transcoded to 1080p... but that’s it. Seriously been a pain in the neck but it is what it is.... https://youtu.be/jvnf02X3EhU
  19. Absolutely. Only a matter of time. May not FULLY replace proper cameras, but would be a great run and gun alternative for quick B-Roll shots or something. I use my portrait mode all the time for instagram and have been really pleased. I hope to see more and more computational video over the next few years. Gonna be fun to change focus in post
  20. This is so exciting. Will be buying one ASAP. Can't wait to put the small Tamron zooms on it.
  21. Hey Kaylee! I will speak for myself but also speak for my friends who are all in this YouTube creator space making a full time living. I have a channel called Kinotika and I am a full time YouTuber. I went full time about a year and a half ago and we have over 60,000 subscribers...on track to hit 100,000 next year hopefully. First off...the money I make off ad revenue from Google is nothing. I’ll just say it to you....We make on average $1,000 a month off ad rev. That is by no means enough to live off of. On the months where we have had viral videos where we get close to a million views that month, we make $3,000 roughly that month. Even on our BEST months....$3,000 just isn’t enough money per month to live off of for me and my wife and kids. Thats where affiliate marketing comes in. I make sometimes double money or sometimes more off affiliate compared to ad rev...and it is continuing to grow. (I still haven’t even enabled international amazon...so I am only dealing with the USA) On top of affiliate, once we hit about 50,000 subscribers...agents started reaching out to me to represent us. I now have two agents working for me that get brand deals. Have you ever seen a video where they say “ This video brought to you by _____”? That is a brand deal. I get paid often $1,000 or more just to do one ad read. I make four videos a month and if I can get a brand to sponsor every video on my channel...we have some serious cash. Moral of the story is: CREATE AN AUDIENCE OF PEOPLE WHO CARE FIRST. Don’t worry about the money from Ad Rev or even affiliates. The biggest YouTube channels out there make the majority of their money from brand deals. The biggest creators I know for a fact will charge $20,000 and up just for an ad read. You aren’t going to make any money for at least a year or more. It took me about a year of uploading two videos a week every week talking about camera gear before I started making anything substantial. Making an “ENTERTAINMENT” channel is even harder than what I have done because it is difficult to monetize that. You have to gather a large following and then you will get calls from brands who want to pay you to sponsor your content. With what I do...people are already searching for the things I am talking about because I talk about new camera gear every day so it has a high searchability and discoverability rate. Watch channels like Derral Eves, Think Media, Video Creators, etc. They have tons and tons of videos teaching you how to get started. Moral of the story is...make videos that make you happy first. Just have fun. Make stuff you are good at. Don’t try to conform to what you THINK other people want to see. It has taken me a long time to accept the fact that I am naturally good at talking about camera gear and apple tech....that’s about it. Anyways....hope this helps.
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