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  1. Some frames from a shoot I did this week. All shot on various Pro Color profiles (with some of my own tweaks here and there) below are frames from two a7iii’s using a customized version of EOSHD ProColor V4 PP1. And below is a6300 on the tight shot and a7sii on the wide. Both using EOSHD ProColor 3.0 All of these frames were color corrected to match, and I was extremely pleased with how easy they were to match one another. The client was very happy with the results.
  2. Yup. YouTube is a game. Gotta play it right to win
  3. Lol! Me too actually. Idk why I did it. I’m sorry haha
  4. Had to make a video about it. Im excited about this one...
  5. Correct. It is The thing that excites me about this rumor is the fact that Panasonic UNDERSTANDS the video game really really well. I think they were caught off guard with the Phase Detect AF for video thing. When they started designing the GH5 I don't think it was that much of a need or concern. Now, in 2018...its become quite a requirement and I know Panasonic knows that. The other thing that excites me is the fact that it will most definitely have all the video features thrown in it that we expect it to have coming from a GH5. Waveforms, high bit rates, max frame rates...(however it may be less powerful than a GH5 cause the sensor is so much larger and requires some serious processing and cooling) BUT MOST OF ALL....it WILL have a flip out screen and we all know it will. Hahahaha. This is great news. And I am glad its later in the year....that gives me time to make a bunch of videos about the sony a7siii, canon mirrorless, and Nikon before it comes out. Its spaced out nicely for my channel
  6. I formed my own opinion before reading the recent posts in this thread and my opinion based on the three videos Blackmagic has posted initially is that this thing does not deliver in the ways we all expect a Blackmagic camera to deliver. Its not bad at all and if Sony put out a camera that looked this good we would all be over the moon. But as a former BMCC 2.5k owner and BMPCC owner/ operator I can tell you flat out that this BMPCC 4K sensor is not looking as “Alexa like” as literally ALL of Blackmagics other cameras. It has seemed since day one that the goal of Blackmagic cameras was to emulate Alexa as much as possible. I’m not seeing that with the bmpcc4k and I think that’s why everyone is so confused. It’s not what we expect. It’s not bad, but it’s not what we expected. I can’t wait to get my hands on one and do some of my own proper tests.
  7. I need to do more extensive testing, but I feel like my old Phantom 4 Pro had a better image than the M2 Pro. BUT the M2 Pro is good enough to justify making it your primary drone. There was noise in the image for sure from the compression. But when you aren't pixel peeping and look at it from a distance it looks really rich and sharp.
  8. Our review is live! Been so hard reading these posts and keeping my mouth shut the last month!!
  9. When can we preorder? I’m excited to get one.
  10. Im so confused by HLG. Is it just applying a non destructive LUT on a log file that you can directly manipulate in post or something?
  11. Gonna be a big day tomorrow
  12. So out of all three of the custom PP's which ones do you guys like? I stick to PP3 and use the EOSHD Canon Color LUT to get me to a starting point.
  13. It’s official. I’m selling my 1DC! Lol. $3599 including the body with the charger and three batteries! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F113199473201
  14. 60% of my audience watches on a Desktop. Many of those desktops are probably 5K iMacs. Making assumptions like this are only an overall assumption. When your audience is a bunch of video and photo pros, resolution matters. Also, shooting at 16mm focal length in full frame 4k gives me a wide, medium, and tight zoom in option. I still edit on a 4k timeline and zoom in on the 4k actually. Nobody cares about the resolution loss on the zoom ins. for me personally I like the zooms for comedy. As far as post production, shooting 4k in 8bit on a sony is as easy to edit with as 1080p .... at least on my base model 13" MBP in FCPX
  15. Post cropping. And also "being the best". I cant tell you how many comments I get when we don't shoot 4k. People say "WHY DONT YOU SHOOOT 4k YOU IDIOT!".
  16. All those things go out the window for me as a daily Youtuber. Reliable AF and great low light in full frame 4k is all I need. Good in camera audio as well is important to me. Color science is better though. A7III paired with EOSHD ProColor V4 is great. almost 3hr battery too! Unless the GH6/S has better AF I won't switch. Its a necessity for me now days....
  17. I’m in the same boat as @EOSHD_Twitter the Sony is more reliable. Better workhorse and the full frame sensor is great to have. As much as I love the video specs on a GH5/S, the reliability and image out of the Sony is better to me. And i know the canon mirrorless won’t have IBIS or flat profiles or the ability to plug in an XLR mic like the sony
  18. HDR footage shows up over exposed and insane. But just try pulling your highlights down and playing with it. All the information is there. The LUT fixes it too. So just apply the lut and you’ll see
  19. It seems like you guys aren't doing proper settings in FCPX. In the PDF it teaches you how to set everything up. Works perfect for me.
  20. Just went into the apple store with a hard drive full of 1DC MJPG files. FCPX cuts through it like a breeze. I layered four layers of MJPG 4k in a timeline and added a color grade. It played fine. Only when I did 8 layers did it drop frames. Apple has a leasing program I wasn't aware of. An iMac Pro base model to lease is like $180 a month for a 24 month lease. A MBP to lease is $160 a month! For $20 more you can have a computer that SMOKES. Im going to think more about it, but I may go iMac Pro. I sit in my office all day anyways.
  21. Thank you for testing that. So sad that it's sucking. I hope FCPX fixes this so external GPU is better. I guess Ill go with an i7 MacBook Pro 15". I still need to try an iMac Pro with MJPG files.
  22. Can you do some testing with your MJPG files from your 1DXII? That is what I am thinking will really see a jump. If you can natively play MJPG inside of FCPX without transcoding, things would get a lot better for me....
  23. I wouldn't recommend it, and neither would DJI...its not rated as being "weather proof" however.....if you get a little splash on it or a bit of rain, I don't think it'll ruin it!
  24. Hey @EOSHD_Twitter Does V4 work with the new RX100 VI? It has HLG and all the PP....it also seems to have improved color science. I just got the RX100 VI for review and would love to rep your profile
  25. Hey Thanks! Really appreciate the kind words! Ya...its a great gimbal for sure Totally. I will still use a MoVI Pro for bigger setups, but for everyday use, especially if you are a single operator, the Ronin-S is great
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