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  1. wolf33d

    Major Sony update for A9, A7 line

  2. Yes you are missing the AF. D5700 AF will suck in video. So I would much prefer a mirorless D5700 with 4K60p IBIS and good AF for $1300$.
  3. wolf33d

    Canon EOS R - The Sum Is Larger Than Its Parts

    They did not really fixed it with the 5DIV. It's still a full stop behind the competition which is not what I call fixed. It's just that in comparison to what they did before (their FF sensors with no better DR than a M43 sensor, which was really ridiculous) it's much better. Much better than absolute shit does not mean it is great, at all. By the time they are "within 10% of the competition" and release 4K with little to no crop, the competition will be 4K60P no crop 10 bit internal already, and so on.
  4. wolf33d

    Canon EOS R - The Sum Is Larger Than Its Parts

    For someone who owns a C200 and 1DXII and films his face then yeah, the EOS R makes a lot of sense. You can use the same lens, easy to match in post, the colors right out of the box need less grading than let's say a Sony. You don't need wide angle and you have little to no movement and you do not use slowmo (on the EOSR, you have the 1DX for that). So yeah that's a lot of sense. Now someone like me who is not into one ecosystem, who needs wide angle (mountain/extreme sports/landscape shooting) 80% of the time, who needs slowmo, and who needs decent RS due to action well, the EOS-R is garbage, even for $500 I would not get one. And while I am a specific case, I think most video oriented people do want decent RS, use their lenses without 1.7 crop and a lot do want slowmo too. So overall objectively this camera is an epic fail. It's very good that it cant fit the need of a minority of people and specific use for sure. Hopefully they will release something with 4K60P and no crop. I love Canon bodies and ergonomics. My first ever DSLR was a Canon. I then owned the 5D2 and 5D3, at which point the competition started to be much much better.
  5. wolf33d

    Major Sony update for A9, A7 line

    Now this is what I call an update. Many improvements, new features for video, intervalometer, finally touch screen tracking. Most of those improvement I thought would come for the A7SIII. Now they also come for existing product.
  6. wolf33d

    Sony a7 III discussion

    Sony just announced a major firmware update with continuous Eye AF tracking, animal Eye AF and finally.... intervalometer!!
  7. wolf33d

    Sony A6400

    Truly insane. Bye Canon DPAF?
  8. wolf33d

    Sony A6400

    Sony A6400 is here. My point of view: Uninteresting camera, with great new AF tech. check the Sony video. The AF tracking seems incredible and they finally implemented touch AF. While I don’t care about this camera I am happy to see the A7SIII AF will be great.
  9. wolf33d

    M43 not dead Panasonic S1

    The S1 does not have phase detect af. contrast based
  10. 1.18 x 1.5 =1.77. Yep, that's huge. In any case, I am not buying a FF camera to get any kind of crop. I hope the S1 will be 4K60p no crop, and same for A7SIII. If there is a crop on a FF like the EOS-R, then I am better buying a smaller sensor, with lenses that are smaller and eventually getting the same final crop.
  11. wolf33d

    What you can do with a Panasonic G7

    Totally agree with him on Premiere. FCPX is a million time more enjoyable AND faster.
  12. wolf33d

    What you can do with a FHD 60p no ibis no AF camera

    A friend of mine photographer was at the wedding :). Also why this thread turned into a discussion about jon?
  13. Brilliant. ProRes RAW is awesome. If only this thing had 4k60p. Good news for the competition from Pana and Sony
  14. wolf33d

    What you can do with a FHD 60p no ibis no AF camera

    Oh did it? Sorry. Again not my video just saw this random guy work, and found his video quite great looking and natural. In a time where we go for 4K gimbals and super strong AF (myself included) it’s nice to see what you can do with an old lens and basic stuff.
  15. wolf33d

    What you can do with a FHD 60p no ibis no AF camera

    basic cage. Footage not by me. No gimbal