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  1. wolf33d

    Great new additions to FCPX

    I have been using Premiere, FCPX and Resolve and I always come back to FCPX. Much faster, much easier and a joy to work with IMO. Today, new additions are coming which allow third party apps directly within FCPX. This video shows an exemple with Frame.io. Looks great.
  2. wolf33d

    What Canon Rumors is up to

    That's crazy if not scary
  3. wolf33d

    What Canon Rumors is up to

    What the hell. Who cares anyway? 2 weeks before EOS R the guy was saying no FF mirorless until 2019 LOL.
  4. wolf33d

    Big is better!

    The difference is huge. Panasonic "XT3" specs with GoPro 7 like stabilization, Medium Format organic sensor and 8K60P, here we come 2025.
  5. wolf33d

    Just in time!

    You are a bit hard. He spend a third of the video explaining what lenses he uses and settings in the test and so on. He actually do the test with different settings. Overall the Canon doesnt do better than the competition. Worst in some cases. The fuji is impressive. All do a good job.
  6. wolf33d

    FujiFilm X-T3 - Thoughts After One Month

    Sorry but @androidlad is not totally wrong and your words are a bit disproportioned. While I would not allow myself to say that a "camera can or cannot deserve someone" like he did, I am a bit shocked at the quality of your outputs versus the equipment you have. No offense meant at all just my point of view. Good for you that you can spend 45 000$ on 2 camera system, but again what is the point if you get those results (stills you posted above)? You would get the same results (and could get better) with a Canon T2i. I am just a bit shocked. Anyway, you are totally free to buy what you want and do the pics you want, and I imagine I can also go fuk myself too... As far as the hardware failure is concerned, I am hopeful for Fuji that it is an isolated case, and sorry to hear it happened to you, it sucks for sure especially twice in a row. Good that you can return them for sure. For the canon, at $6000 and 1.5KG it better be reliable!
  7. wolf33d

    DJI Mavic Pro II

    Well, what I can tell is that from the Mavic Pro 1, my 2 has much much better overall IQ. Also it grades well, and noise level is low. I find the sharpness too soft at 0, but perfect at +1 (unhappy people above can choose +2 ..). I do not think it lacks details. Those are 1in sensor not FF so in any case it has its limitation. Also there is 0 debate for me on the P4P and this as it so much smaller and lighter I bring it everywhere. I had a P3 Pro before, no way I go back to a full backpack dedicated to a drone. No way.
  8. wolf33d

    Panasonic announcing a full frame camera on Sept. 25???

    I tried that once because I thought the same thing. Didn’t work. Might have to rework my dream specs lol
  9. Cool. Do you have any footage comparison with Flat profile (instead of standard)?
  10. wolf33d

    Color science

    This was my point too. The video has good points. Not everything but some good points. Me too. My result with a 5 min grading in total (not per shot) in my Cuba video proves it. Now guys and @Andrew Reid what about this test? "PDN (Photo District News) did a more scientific test for color accuracy using the X-Rite ColorChecker SG color target and measuring the results using a calibrated spectrophotometer. This objective test backs up the subjective testing by Tony. Sony cameras proved to be the most accurate at reproducing the color chips of the color target with the A7III at the top of the heap closely followed in second place by the A7RIII which tied with the Fuji X-E3 and Leica CL. The Sony A9 was third. The first Canon (M50) came in fifth with the 6DM2 finishing seventh. Read the full review at this link:" https://www.pdnonline.com/gear/cameras/the-best-cameras-for-color-reproduction-ranked/
  11. wolf33d

    Color science

    Nope. Poll Includes outdoor portraits. “I gave 1,500 photographers a blind poll and had them pick the image with the best color in several different scenes, including portraits in different lighting and outdoor photos” I think people should stop yelling fake news and click bait each time anything is released on internet. There is always an amount of bias, affiliate and so on somewhere. Just analyze and pick the info you need. There are multiple useful info in this test imho.
  12. wolf33d

    Color science

    @Andrew Reid I think you missed the point of the video. Instead of trying to explain why his test was scientifically wrong you should see the interesting points. For example the fact that changing WB makes people change their mind on what is the best image. The fact that most movies have very strong color shifts. The fact that in one click you get a completely different image. I always got great results with Cine 2/4 on Sony. I think people's debate on color science is overrated. It's more the ergonomics, touch screen and things like that that bother me on Sonys a lot more than the color science.
  13. wolf33d

    Color science

    Very, very good video.
  14. wolf33d

    Panasonic announcing a full frame camera on Sept. 25???

    Seems like a confirmation that the S1 will be a lot more video oriented. I am looking at buying 2 bodies one for photo one for video in the same system to be able to use only the same lenses and one menu and button layout. It seems the only option in 2019 will be Sony A7SIII + RIII and S1 and S1s. Can’t wait to see those on the table.
  15. My comment was ironic. The Z7 looks like a zombie with makeup