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  1. 100% agree. AS LONG AS having 24mp allows for better video features. It seems difficult in today's tech to have 24MP + 4K60P ... ... If Canikon releases an A7III copy (same video feature and quality, AF on par, stills on par, IBIS) I will buy it. In fact the Canon will have better AF for sure and probably worst video feature and still quality. Nikon will have better still quality (Dynamic Range as always) but AF is a question. THEN I will buy it to replace my A7III. Why? Because in the past for DSLRs Sony was always behind and always the brand releasing good specs on paper but worst in real use. Honestly they did not change much when you see all the ergonomic cons of the A7. BUT NOW Sony will release an A7SIII with 4K60p, which for sure the Canikon won't do. So I will need this one for video and will be stuck with either having an A7SIII and the Nikon FF or stay completely with Sony. Ideally for me, as Andrew said I would love a 24mp camera with best video features 4K60p and so on from Nikon and one 46mp D850 like mirrorless. Best in class codec and profile, best in class ergonomics... Would be perfect. But A7S sales are very low in comparison to A7r and A7 so for sure Canikon will not do an A7s competitor. Frustrating to see that 1DX II is old today, yet it is the only FF with 4K60p and best FHD120p...
  2. wolf33d

    Nikon FF Mirrorless

    great. If only it had 4K60p...
  3. wolf33d

    Sony a7 III discussion

    BTW, I was thinking, if Nikon is copying the A7III with their soon to come mirorless well it should be great because I am sure the ergonomics, menus and so on will be better. And it will have a timelapse intervalometer. Again, what were Sony thinking in removing this feature ?!
  4. wolf33d

    Sony a7 III discussion

    Been using the A7 III with the new Tamron 28-75 for a couple of day. Great camera overall. Lots of improvement compared with my older A7RII. Much better than the GH5 for the same price. In fact a totally different league for stills. For video the AF is so unusable on the GH5 and so good on the A7 that it's also a kill for me. The cons are still the shitty menus even though I could set up my own ones. There are still some frustrating shits from Sony. For exemple I set up the dial "1" for 4K and the dial "2" for 120p with specific settings. Great. Now I can only set once and forever what shooting mode (aperture priority, manual...) for those otherwise I have to completely start over. What it means is in "1" and "2" mode that you use with the dial, you cannot choose even in the menus your shooting mode. This is ridiculous. Many frustrating and ridiculous ergonomic stuff like this. Also the camera is way too short. The grip is fine for a kid or small woman hand but not a man, what were they thinking? But much overall better than before. And IQ is great, 120p is great, AF is great, IBIS is fine, S35 mode is fantastic ... Definitely the best camera on the market for 2K and that Tamron 28-75mm is fantastic. 800 bucks and 550g for a 28-75mm f/2.8 is killing it. Combo works well on my Crane Plus. Until the A7SIII is out there is nothing better at that price. EDIT: this might fix the grip too short problem https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1334069-REG/really_right_stuff_ba9_base_plate_base_plate_for_sony.html?ap=y&gclid=CjwKCAjwyrvaBRACEiwAcyuzRCIVpadM8fw7qzuDhV_PDMbeD_m0_IQY1m06fG9E_t2KTAqy-MEt-xoCn-wQAvD_BwE&smp=y
  5. This is a recurrent and common issue in most PC even twice as thick as the macbook pro with the new I9. Intel really sucks, and Apple failed in realizing this i9 does not do well or to properly cool it.
  6. wolf33d

    EVA1 vs Terra 4k or Mavo vs FS5 II - decisions!

    No hesitation for me the FS5 choice. Great slowmo. Prores Raw is sick. Best B and C cam with the incoming a7siii with great AF for gimbal shots.
  7. wolf33d

    DJI Ronin S

    LOL. @jonpais I think that @webrunner5 has never used a gimbal. Or a camera, I am not sure. Asking why one would even need a gimbal using an A7 because it has IBIS is beyond me . Now I am not saying that you need a gimbal, depends on your work and style, but that's a different question. The thing is IBIS does not replace a gimbal and if it does for you that simply means you do not need stabilized footage while walking/running which is fine.
  8. wolf33d

    DJI Ronin S

    Just bought a Crane Plus. Holds an A7III easily and weight HALF of the DJI. 2 pounds less ! this is enormous. I would never get the DJI even for free just for the weight. Let me precise that 80% of my camera use is away from home or in the mountain where weight counts a lot. If I were to fly a 1DX for work project then yes the DJI makes sense.
  9. wolf33d

    Sony a7 III discussion

    Loved my adventures in Bali. Too many tourists though.
  10. Also worth mentioning, the new MBP are really fast. The high end model as better single core CPU performance than the best IMAC PRO. The overall performance jump both in CPU and GPU vs 2017 models is enormous. The new DDR4 memory is very fast. And the faster SSD are out of this world. In fact PC manufacturer should feel ashamed, as seen in the attached picture.
  11. wolf33d

    DJI Mavic Pro II

    My prediction: dji mavic 2 and Mavic Pro 2 the one in the image is a Mavic 2 With its silver bands. It has the bigger sensor Mavic Pro 2 caméra attached to it. On the gimbal on the side there is the smaller Mavic 2 camera. They will be interchangeable. Mavic 2 same price a pro 1 and Mavic Pro 2 1300
  12. wolf33d

    Sony A7S Mark 3 - What to expect

    Wait, who said no 4K60fps in this thread ? Lol. As for CDAF no way. Are you serious!? It’s got to be the A7III kind of AF. It’s actually gonna be the main advantage over the GH5.
  13. wolf33d

    Sony a7 III discussion

    Hello, I am getting the 7III soon. Shot with A7RII 2 years ago, cant remember what I used. I plan to set the Custom 1 dial to 4K30p with specific PP and settings, Custom 2 for HD120p with specific settings again, and using the regular priority aperture mode for photos. Therefore I would never be using the proper video mode. Few questions: - Is there an inconvenient with that? - I assume the Custom 1 and 2 on the dials are considered photo mode. Any disadvantage shooting videos in photo mode? (like different AF performance, ...) Am I loosing anything not using the regular video mode? If above is not good what do you recommend? For PP, AF settings and so on I am all set. Thanks
  14. wolf33d

    If you had one lens only?

    Just saw your comment. Good advice actually. 28mm F2, 45mm F2 when crop mode used, 85mm 1.8 and 125mm 1.8 when crop mode used. 28-125mm F1.8-2 in 2 lenses. And the weight almost equal the Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 You almost make me change my mind. I guess I would have to try in real word trekking how it goes. From what I remember in Cuba with the 28 + 55, I did not like changing between the 2 lenses all the time but I was still happy to have both. Cuba is traveling though. In the Dolomites I am gonna be on Via Ferratas and climbs. So changing lens will be a pain sometimes... I guess the zoom versatility wins. I am gonna use Peak Designs capture clips to clip both my cameras to my right and left backpack shoulder straps. Have used that in the past and works amazing for hiking. I Noticed if you hike and keep your camera in the backpack, you never take it out as you are already in a big effort and removing the 30lbs backpack and so on is a pain. This makes me think in an ideal word I would have an A7RIII (or A7III) for timelapses with a Sony 16-35mm, clipped to my right shoulder, and a A7S III for video on the left with the 28mm F2. And in the bag a 85mm 1.8 for those occasional portraits or far mountains/waterfalls/wildlife. A7RIII could be used for super wide video shots or b-shots unlike the D5500. Crop mode is fantastic. This is why I hope A7SIII will have 18mpx to allow crop mode. 12mpx sensor does not allow crop mode in 4k... Never used clear zoom with the A7RII, will give it a try with the A7III. Does it allow to zoom more than 1.5x? For those interested in the Tamron. Great test that shows it works on Crane 2, it is sharper than the GM especially at 75mm! and the AF in video seems actually good:
  15. wolf33d

    First couple of videos of RX100VI

    2 generation and no improvement in bitrates, fps and quality ...