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  1. DJI Mavic Air

    Agree with you. I definitely want a 1in.
  2. NX2 rumors

    Insane. 4K120p with dual pixel AF, with NX1 body and ergonomics? Instant buy even at 3K$. Just fuckin do it Samsung.
  3. DJI Mavic Air

    If Mavic Pro 2 comes with the Phantom camera that would be awesome. Last year at a drone conference I told a DJI VP why on earth are you not releasing either a Phantom that folds like a Mavic or a bigger Mavic with Phantom's camera. I told him we are tons of videographers and photographers out there who need maximum portability (in my case mountain trekking for days) combined with maximum image quality. The Phantom form factor did not evolve since version 1, many years ago. It is not relevant anymore. He answered "we are not sure there is a market demand for that". I told him well who on earth would prefer the actual P4 Pro versus the same drone but completely foldable? Mavic Pro 2 with 1" camera and 4K60P is an INSTAN buy for me. However I am very afraid of this: They will release a Mavic Pro 2 with all advancements of Mavic Air (more avoidance sensor, gesture control, ...) + keep the better range and flight time + bump the camera to 100mbps and 4K60P which I do not care. Give me 1". Even if a bit bigger. There is a world of difference between an Mavic Pro and Phantom today in size.

    Lol. Allow me to disagree. Sigma make great lenses and they do not make you pay twice what it worth like everyone else. They make for great videos and pictures. That's what I want.

    Awesome results. The 20mm 1.4 on a gimbal should be insane. Super wide for action yet possible to blur the background. This is the type of lens you are happy to bed FF. Good luck having a 10mm lens on GH5 that can give you a bokeh equivalent of this 20 1.4 on ff. for portrait lens it is not an issue as a 42.5mm 1.2 will give you great enough DoF control. Super wide, not so much. What i would love to see is a comparison with tracking : someone walking towards the camera : will the Sigma MC11 track as good as a native lens ?
  6. 4K shooting Super 16mm compact from Canon?

    Dead. http://www.canonrumors.com/no-canon-powershot-g7-x-mark-iii-coming-ahead-of-cp-in-march-cr3/
  7. 4K shooting Super 16mm compact from Canon?

    @Andrew Reid "Also to do 4K 60p in such a compact body is very hard". Nope, DJI Phantom 4 Pro has a 1" sensor in a super tiny body (smaller than this) and does 4K60P log. Sometimes we try to technically excuse manufacturers a lot when it is just marketing decisions. 4K60P is easy with today's tech. Wether it is FF or 1". If you do not see it in a 2018 camera, it is because the manufacturer decided not to put it. Most likely because they have a 12000$ camera for that they would like you to buy instead.
  8. Nikon Reserved a big booth for NAB 2018

    Nikon FF D850 mirorless with IBIS 4K60p and DPAF. Count me in
  9. gimble for 10.5" ipad pro?

    You mean gimbal? I think that is the last device people would think putting on a gimbal. I do not know any gimbal mount for ipad.
  10. Sony A7R III review - the BBC fixed Sony's colour!

    You can also have a look at the new 24-105. Nice versatility and generally good comments online. But I am not a big fan of F4 lenses so I have not used them on the Sony. Now we are talking. 24-35mm F2.0 is great so are many Sigma lenses. I am very interested in getting more feedback on how those sigma lenses perform with continuous AF with the MC-11 VS Sony FE lens on the A7RIII. Also, Sigma announced that they have some Sigma native FE lens in development. First one is rumored to be 35mm. I like the fact that they come to this system because Sony FE pricing is rarely engaging...
  11. Sony A7R III review - the BBC fixed Sony's colour!

    At the moment I am waiting for DJI announcement on Jan 23. I am tired of the shitty image quality of my Mavic. It's a pain in the ass but has given me good money which is why I kept it. Why on earth are they not releasing a drone with the 1inch sensor camera of P4 Pro, with folding concept like mavic?! Be sure I will be here to comment what seems to be a new kind of Mavic next week Come on, I was sold and you come here and depress me. You are true... Sony sucks, most of what constitute their product sucks: reliability, weather sealing, menus, ergonomics, heating, long exposure... In fact usability sucks VS Canikon. Yet they are the only one giving us a well specced line of hybrid video photo FF mirrorless. As of Jan 2018, this out-weights usability issues for me. Pray for no dead pixel or deal with it. Don't put the camera in heavy rain (I would not do it with a 5DIV either), and deal with the menus man. There is nothing on the market competing with A7RIII now. D850 is a 1kg brick. I tried it the other day with a 24-70mm at B&H and the combo was so heavy, I was not confortable after 3min. Others are tiny sensors and/or tiny resolutions or damn expensive (medium format). For A7SIII, one could argue that GH5S competes because even if the sensor is small, it has great low light and so on. Yet shitty AF and no IBIS, and no FF for depth of field, so still not exactly comparable. We miss more companies in the FF mirrorless market
  12. Sony A7R III review - the BBC fixed Sony's colour!

    Thanks for trying to analyze my personal behavior on the forum lol... I am not sure I could make sense of your post though. In a more basic way, it sounds to me that you were the one who came and argue with all of that. I was juste positively commenting that the A7SIII and RIII should be a great combo to which you answered "in 8 bit" which triggered the rest. Anyway, peace
  13. Sony A7R III review - the BBC fixed Sony's colour!

    Really? Who said it won't? Your imagination? Truth is you do not know more than I do on this one. But logical people like Andrew in this article, think that it is the logical step after A7SII considering the GH5 competition. That's true, most Sony lenses will be heavier and the combo lens + body too. But honestly I have never used a 200mm on a gimbal and will never do. I have used extensively the A7RII on gimbal with no issue regarding weight. I do not agree. I have posted, and many other before and after me, Sony videos that do not look fake at all. Attached is a screenshot of one of my video. Does not look like videocam fake to me. Plus Andrew says vast improvement in colors with mark III.
  14. Sony A7R III review - the BBC fixed Sony's colour!

    A7SIII should be 10bit. Anyway, 10 bit is nice but not more important for me than things like good video AF or IBIS. I have found 8 bit easily gradable and people have posted master piece 8 bit cinematic videos where you would not tell the difference with 10bit. It does not really change how people see your content. IBIS and AF does. A shaky video is trash, focus hunting is trash. @Andrew Reid I found the HLG different profile significations: HLG: Gamma curve for HDR recording. Equivalent to the HDR standard Hybrid Log-Gamma, ITU-R BT.2100. HLG1: Gamma curve for HDR recording. Emphasizes noise reduction. However, shooting is restricted to a narrower dynamic range than with [HLG2] or [HLG3]. HLG2: Gamma curve for HDR recording. Provides a balance of dynamic range and noise reduction. HLG3: Gamma curve for HDR recording. Wider dynamic range than [HLG2]. However, noise may increase. [HLG1], [HLG2], and [HLG3] all apply a gamma curve with the same characteristics, but each offers a different balance between dynamic range and noise reduction. Each has a different maximum video output level, as follows: [HLG1]: approx. 87%, [HLG2]: approx. 95%, [HLG3]: approx. 100%. AS seen here http://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1710/v1/en/contents/TP0001211745.html @Andrew Reid which one did you like?
  15. Sony A7R III review - the BBC fixed Sony's colour!

    @Andrew Reidexcellent review thanks. Great to see the AF is that good and those HLG colors are an excellent surprise. I think the combo of A7RIII and A7SIII is going to be the best combo ever. You know I am like you, hybrid photo video and always wanted one camera body for that. But I realized it is not gonna happen soon. You have to make compromise somewhere. Also I realized that only 1 camera on the field is not the most convenient: Sometimes I am setting up the stills camera for a 1 hour timelapse, nice to be able to shoot video during this time with the other camera, and so on. A7RIII + A7SIII is going to allow me to share lenses / batteries /..., have one of the best still quality for landscape ever, small bodies and lighter than GH5 yet Full frame with IBIS, great video AF, great video features and a S35 mode if reach is needed. Hard to beat that... Just have to see Canikon mirrorless offering in FF this year but I am pretty sure it wont be as well specced, and it's gonna need 2 years to have decent lens system. After selling the A7RII because of ergonomics nightmare and no pleasure to shoot with, and not buying A7SII because of those same reasons and no good video AF, I think I am sold again.