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  1. 4K120p 10 bit. Still no 4K240p
  2. wolf33d

    DJI Pocket 3?

    No D-log in 4K120p is a joke and deal breaker. Was planning on buying it to use exclusively as a slow mo wide angle gimbal cam. Wish it had M43 sensor and 4K240p as well. Why is there essentially no 4K240 camera on the market except specialized tools? Is processing power in November 2023 the same as 5 years ago when 4K120p was already here? I don’t think so. Why is DJI not making a compact pro Osmo? Something with the IQ of a GH6 with M43 sensor and interchangeable lenses and all the modern features (good AF, 4k120…) and that’s very compact? DJI kills everyone else in the drone market I wish they invested more in the regular camera market or at least gimbal camera market.
  3. I have been using an R5 happily for years never got a heating issue even once. In which way the Z8 would kill the R5?
  4. I admit I have done my share of complaining haha especially on Canon!. So has done Andrew in pretty much every gear article on this blog :). And no @Andrew Reid I actually have never tried 1080p. I have the 3 custom modes set to 4K HQ, 4K60p and 4K120p. Never use 8K either. For my use though, just like Emanuel mentioned I never record long clips. No interviews and things like that. Anyway, good to see that this limitation isn’t one anymore for anybody using this camera
  5. I have spent 5 years on this forum complaining about every camera on the market. All I needed was 4K120, great reliable AF, IBIS, full frame, 10 bit, and great photo capabilities. We always had some of those specs in a camera but never all of them together in one package. Then the R5 was released. I sold my Sony, and been happily shooting ever since. You probably didn’t see me post anything since then. It has all the specs I listed and MORE (canon colors, great ergonomics etc). after 2Y of use I am still extremely happy with the R5. First time in 10y that I couldn’t care less about any camera release. the temperature issue is a joke. I have been shooting for 2 years and never got any overheating once.
  6. Well. After shooting years with Sony I fully switched to the R5 and couldn’t be happier. Best hybrid camera with perfect stills features and great video. Never overheated on me once, which seems to only happen if you shoot interviews or do some tests in your room to make it overheat. I know several people shooting full weddings on a R5 and never overheated. The ergonomics, colors, AF, and IBIS are an absolute dream compared to awful Sony ergonomics and IBIS. And the screen is much better too. Everything is better and I don’t have to carry an A7RIV and an A7SIII. It’s such a joy to use this camera that I shoot a lot more than before. I feel your pain though. No Av mode on the R6 is another of Canon’s bad joke. I am glad I did not get that crap, cause I shoot 90% in aperture mode as I switch often quickly between stills and videos. It’s unbelievable that they randomly screw some features on purpose like that. Canon fucked everything up for me since the Mark III but finally knocked it with the R5. That’s what I have dreamed of for 5 years all in one package. FF + 4K60 (bonus 120p) + 10 bits + best AF + best IBIS + best colors + excellent ergonomics with great stills at 45mpx. No camera can match that. Panasonic ? Fuck their horrible AF. Sony ? Fuck having 2 bodies for stills and videos and poor ergonomics and IBIS. Nikon ? Do Nikon cameras still have video modes?… lol.
  7. Well it’s not gonna fit in a Mavic 2 pro chassis for sure. They bumped the size of the air 1 significantly when releasing version 2. They will probably bump significantly size and price of the Mavic 3 Pro to accommodate larger sensor.
  8. My bet is a pro 3 this year with M43 sensor and interchangeable lenses.
  9. Absolutely sucks that 4K120 is still All-I though.
  10. Nevermind the answer is yes. All the details here http://downloads.canon.com/nw/home/products/camera/EOS-R5-firmware-full.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0ZapCAXcJ_hV9t90wcJ05JPQThFCTNGf0umDbEZKwJil2How3LaHzKAhE really nice!!
  11. The firmware is out. Can someone confirm if the 4K120p can now be recorded in IPB and IPB light or just ALL-I?
  12. In my opinion, here is what GoPro needs to make next year to truly stand out and offer a worthwhile upgrade: - GoPro X. Bigger sensor than the 9 and 4K120p along with 10 bits recording. - Gopro Max 2. Dual 8K30P sensor that gives a 4K image when you use it in Hero mode. It's like having a normal GoPro in every direction, no need to frame. And a mode that gives 2.7K60P when in hero mode (unlike FHD today). Same sensor size as today to make all that possible.
  13. Exactly. Plus a MacbookPro gets hot where you put your wrist. So are some phones. Yet the biggest company in the world did not bother with that. Be careful with cell temperature thing. Cells die when they reach a certain temperature yes which does not mean it's the case if you touch a camera body with your hands. It takes more heat and time for the cells to reach that temperature. And nobody has the camera in the hands for hours straight. You let it rest at your neck, use a tripod, gimbal, pack it etc. All in all, all that Canon could do if this was true was sending a warning once the camera is hot (instead of shutting down) to let the user know the camera can get hot to the touch. Let me use it on a gimbal for how long I want. Let me do lots of short recording : YES the camera will not have time to cool, but my cells will and I will be fine no worries. That's a kind of BS excuse. In the interview Canon says they have never crippled any product because it would be foolish to want a customer buy a 5000$ cinema camera instead and the customer is more likely to switch to competition than buy a Cine camera. It's absolute BS that they did not cripple any product. They did, like many other manufacturers in many industries. There are many reasons for a customer not to switch brands like being already invested in the system for example or loyalty (which is high at Canon)
  14. If my R5 ever ships (ordered day 1 - lol) I will keep it and keep this firmware if they ever cripple it. With the new firmware improvement it’ll be almost good enough for my use (very short clips) and if have an issue I can always pull the battery and start again. It sucks to do that on a 4000$ camera but for the package it offers I’ll do it.
  15. I don’t know what to think. 96min of short 4k120p clips is good enough for me on one hand, but overall 5min improvements in most codecs and mostly the very little improvement in recovery is a joke. Also I use the camera for photo between video shots and stills use kills the recovery. So I am gonna wait for some testing but first impression for this FW update is go f*** yourself Canon.
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