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  1. Read the article first. He said only the specs in bold were confirmed which is not the case of the 7-8 stops. Also, @crevice, yes codecs and crops remain to be seen, but considering what they have done on the 1DX, and considering 8K and 4K120 that shows it will rock in videos I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t put at least 10 bit codec. I don’t care about RAW. And in fact a good h265 8bit would be fine when you consider 4K120, that’s just insane. Now, if I was not clear enough in first comment for sure I am not confident in those specs. Definitely sounds too good to be true. Also how could it beat the 1DX which has bigger body and for sure bigger price is a question. But as I said we are allowed to dream..
  2. Well, ladies and gentlemen are we in the most exciting year since a decade for video gear? If this is true then yes. Canon rumors is usually reliable unlike Sony Alpha Rumors that is pure BS. Especially when rated CR3. So here you have it. Canon EOS R5 for photo + in february 45mpx / IBIS / 8k30p and 4k120p / canon DPAF. Comes with Canon colors and menus that we know. My dream camera and then more... the one I have been wishing for since many years on EOSHD. The one that could take me back to Canon. Also if true, Sony is dead. Canon took a massive hit with Sony being far better than their products since the A7III. They saw a massive number of people like me jump boat, even if massively invested in their system. They released in rush and too late an absolutely shitty EOS R, with laughable video specs, mediocre stills performance (FPS, dynamic range...), no IBIS and early gen mistakes. They should be dying now or soon. Yet before dying it seems they are giving all they can now to make a turn. We can clearly see that with the 1DX3, and HOPEFULLY we will see that with that thing. Why R5? Is it to rule the Sony RIV? :). Anyway Specs sound unreal... so brace yourself. But dreaming is free. https://www.canonrumors.com/canon-eos-r5-specifications/
  3. wolf33d

    Fuji X-T4

    I precisely said the stills, which we shot RAW so no picture profile to talk about. IQ wise video was great (I actually used the recommandations from this forum in a post I created prior to the trip and that was great). I edited hundreds of stills from both cameras, since we shot with a friend and myself. Many times we got "duplicates" like similar photos of a sunset for example taken with both the A7III and the XT3. And I confirm the A7III shots were much superior both in Dynamic range and noise control. It's just what I see on my screen. I agree, LX100 was disappointing. For sure a GH6 with proper AF would be killer, so would be a smaller S1 with better AF. Panasonic makes great video cameras, their main flaw right now is AF across the line.
  4. wolf33d

    Fuji X-T4

    Definitely my experience was based on XT3 and not XH line or future XT4. For sure if it really has better battery life, grip and so on it could be a great package. I guess I just made a focus on a few aspects during the 2 weeks of travel but they frustrated me very much and had a better experience on the Sony. now reviewing the footage I have more keeper on the Sony due to AF, IBIS and not missing key moments with battery issues. Also I have to be honest, now I want to stick to FF. There used to be a time Where you could only find good video specs at a good price and good form factor with M43 sensor size, or APSC, but 2020 should finally bring us all of this into a nice FF package and with a very decent weight and size unlike old FF DSLRs. Between an XH like body and an EOS R like body, there isn’t much difference. Some savings on weight with glasses... but FF rules it for me (and for stills also mostly). I am not even mentioning marvels like the sigma FP that almost competes with M43 sizing. Having GH5 video specs in an LX100 form factor would be great and have a real advantage and I could see myself using that in combinaison with a FF system. At least there is a lot of difference between the 2.
  5. wolf33d

    Fuji X-T4

    I have used during two weeks of shooting in a recent Asia trip the XT3 and Sony A7III. The XT3 was a massive disappointment. I had to use 4 batteries in a day where I used 1 for the Sony. The grip was awful. The AF was much worst than I anticipated. The lack of IBIS ruined some footages and the stills we took at the same time same place are laughable versus the Sony. I am much more interested to see what the A7SIII and Canon bring at this point
  6. 1. I would recommend having the same scale for any criteria. Either 1 to 3 stars, or 1 to 5 stars, or bad/average/good/great so there is consistency. Right now you have 1 scale for AF (Yes/No), 1 scale for menus (bad average good), 1 scale for colour, etc. AF reliable yes/no is pretty vague. Clearly having 4 or 5 scale would be better. 2. I would recommend separate the specs category (Max resolution, bitrate,...) with the "review/appreciation" category, maybe into 2 different paragraphs in your review of the camera. That way we clearly identify facts/specs and your review/appreciation/ 3. I would add other criteria, such as "Body ergonomics" and other specs such as ND filter / sensor (APSC,FF,...) Overall, it's an excellent idea. If you can do that for all the most recent cameras to start a database that would be a great and valuable addition to the website for sure. Drone shots I would bet DJI Phantom or equivalent.
  7. Canon rumors just released a CR2 rumor that Canon EOS R competing A7S line will come this May. Let’s be clear, if Canon releases an EOS R with same video specs as the 1DX (maybe at least 10 bit 4K60, not raw) with IBIS and enabled DPAF, and Sony releases an A7S3 with no better specs, I am selling all my Sony gear and move back to Canon. A few clowns here liked to say I am a Sony fan, I couldn’t care less about Sony or any camera manufacturer. I am buying the gear I need wherever it comes from. If H&M releases the camera I need tomorrow I would buy it. First company to offer 4K60p 10 bit with IBIS and Canon DPAF or Sony-like AF in a small mirrorless body gets my money. If both Sony and Canon do it this year the same, I go to Canon because at same spec level I would rather have better menus/ergo. But it’s hard to believe Canon won’t fuck up again (they did not with the 1DX but only because it’s $6.5K and very big body with easy heat management). Oh and Tamron better releases 17-28 on the Canon bodies, cause who wants to pay 3 times the price for a twice the weight 15-35mm? Not me. Credit card is ready anyway.
  8. If the A7SIV is 4K60p crop only that's a fail. Sony top management said last year "The A7S III will come late because we want to exceed people expectations. People expect 4K60p. 4K60P is easy, we want to exceed that". So either that chart is complete BS, either Sony couldn't possibly achieve 4K60 FF in such a small body with IBIS and that would be very disappointing. They would have no excuse not to put a great 10 bit codec in that case at least.
  9. Hahaha. I must say you are on your way for the top 2020 clueless comment on any internet forum. That guy has a net worth over $US20 million, and multiple properties you and I could only dream of under his name. In fact, that reported net worth is probably much much less than it’s actual. Wake up to the real world buddy. As for Potato Jet absolute BS income video, he his doing like 90% of the YouTubers. We have a French Youtuber, very popular with 7M subscribers. One of his video was how much I make? He basically talked BS during 10min, and the only numbers he gave was « as a Youtuber you never know how your month is gonna be made of, sometimes you can make $5000 a month and sometimes $500 ». Another French Youtuber, with similar sub made a video a few days basically saying I am sorry but you cant fool people like that, that’s the $ you make PER video and just with ads, not counting brand deal. The first guy in question is a YouTube millionaire. I am giving this as an example, but it’s super common for some reason for all influencers to completely under talk, lie on those aspects. My theory is that if you actually talk money and are transparent with the shit loads of money you make, your followers will be a bit disgusted/jealous and less trustful with your ads. As I said, I have first hand info from good friends, while they do not have millions of subs, only 100K+, they already make a good living with just that. There is no debate to have here. Potato thing makes great money with YouTube and good for him. He fools people about it (including his wife fake comments about paying the house) so we can cry for him and be more susceptible to click his affiliate links and stuff, but that’s what they all do. Anyone thinking it’s not the case is unfortunately fooling himself.
  10. People here don’t realize. I have friends with 100K followers on IG getting paid thousands of dollars for a few stories and a post with product placement. Just from IG they can make good living. We are talking 100K/y. It’s just a matter of having the right brand deals often. Youtubers with millions of subs are all multi millionaires. They make good already money with views, but product advertised in the videos are what get the most cash. Casey said himself he once got a $200K deal for one video showing a product, the biggest deal he got, but it shows. As he explains in that poadcast, some companies pay big money to have an Ad on TV that nobody watches and everybody is feeling negative about tv ad. Influencers are trusted by they followers, and they are followers because they share the same day interest. The power of an ad with an influencer that goes to 10M subs is beyond measure so they don’t hesitate to pay dozens/hundreds of thousands. Generally money topic is avoided as a youtuber, but a few of them used that as a point and openly talked about money, with proof including live video of Google Ads account. Pretending to be open and transparent unlike other youtubers, but doing this to get attention of course. Regardless, shit loads of money. If your follower count is in the millions as youtuber and you are not a millionaire, you either completely suck or hit that number five days ago. As for the guy in the OP video clearly he did not reach that level yet, but with 500K subs for sure he can afford those few MacBooks and cameras. Some of the equipment might be given free of charge and with big $ bonus, as an ad. And I didn’t mention affiliate links as well. Those few cameras are peanuts.
  11. IBIS in video is improved over A7III? Did not know that. As for the 1DX, some of the specs are utterly impressive, especially coming from Canon. It really is a great move. However I am far from buying it because it's $6.5K. Although even at $3K I would not buy it because: - 1.5KG, thanks but no thanks - DSLR and its shortcomings especially in videos. Thanks, but no thanks. Are we in 2020? - No IBIS. Well we must be in 2012. - No AF in 4K60P FF. Literally the interesting spec for me is the 4K60p FF 10 bit which is amazing, but I shoot 90% video with AF on, so unfortunately that's a major deal breaker. - Couple of details like fixed screen If they would have released some of those specs (4K60 FF 10 bits, with DPAF) in the EOS-R body, with IBIS, I would be all over it. Now Sony can do it with the A7SIII, releasing what I have asked for years here, a FF 4K60P 10 bit camera with great AF (sorry S1H) and IBIS in a decent form factor. If they don't then f*ck it, I am gonna shoot with iPhones now on :).
  12. That’s why nobody bought the S1 series and they are 50% off.
  13. Wait, the multi year old 1DX II does 4K60p (with small crop) WITH DPAF but the Mark III cannot? Must be either another joke from Canon or a rumor mistake. Regardless, a 1.5kg tank = not interest for me. That’s great to see powerful features like 10 bit, raw, and so on which will push Sony to have at least 10 bit with the A7S III.
  14. The S1R is half the price for a reason: nobody buys that crap.
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