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  1. In my opinion, here is what GoPro needs to make next year to truly stand out and offer a worthwhile upgrade: - GoPro X. Bigger sensor than the 9 and 4K120p along with 10 bits recording. - Gopro Max 2. Dual 8K30P sensor that gives a 4K image when you use it in Hero mode. It's like having a normal GoPro in every direction, no need to frame. And a mode that gives 2.7K60P when in hero mode (unlike FHD today). Same sensor size as today to make all that possible.
  2. Exactly. Plus a MacbookPro gets hot where you put your wrist. So are some phones. Yet the biggest company in the world did not bother with that. Be careful with cell temperature thing. Cells die when they reach a certain temperature yes which does not mean it's the case if you touch a camera body with your hands. It takes more heat and time for the cells to reach that temperature. And nobody has the camera in the hands for hours straight. You let it rest at your neck, use a tripod, gimbal, pack it etc. All in all, all that Canon could do if this was true was sending a warning once
  3. If my R5 ever ships (ordered day 1 - lol) I will keep it and keep this firmware if they ever cripple it. With the new firmware improvement it’ll be almost good enough for my use (very short clips) and if have an issue I can always pull the battery and start again. It sucks to do that on a 4000$ camera but for the package it offers I’ll do it.
  4. I don’t know what to think. 96min of short 4k120p clips is good enough for me on one hand, but overall 5min improvements in most codecs and mostly the very little improvement in recovery is a joke. Also I use the camera for photo between video shots and stills use kills the recovery. So I am gonna wait for some testing but first impression for this FW update is go f*** yourself Canon.
  5. FW update to fix thermal issue coming tonight https://www.canonrumors.com/canon-eos-r5-firmware-update-coming-in-the-next-24-hours/ Obviously it's not like they will release many of them so the moment of truth is tonight. Tomorrow we will know if the camera is usable or not. Either they will go deeper in the same and shit on us with allowing something like 5min more recording and little shorter recovery (but overall still timer based), or they will make it right and make it non timer based but temperature based making this camera perfect or if they can't (because of poor thermal data
  6. I think you should create a new thread just for that petition. In fact it would be nice if @Andrew Reid created a blog post with it as it would reach far more people.
  7. Signed and shared. Considering putting money on advertising it as well. I don’t like the description though, it’s not strong enough. You should say there that It has now been demonstrated that the R5 limitations are based on a timer and that with simple tweeks the R5 can record 8K and any video mode for much longer than advertised. Those artificial limitations are an insult to us customers and we require a software fix and nothing else (not a press release or whatever pure BS from Canon as said in the petition).
  8. Because as an hybrid photo/video shooter in wild/extreme sport environment, it’s the best tool (would be) for the job. It’s an extreme frustration to have to go through what Canon is doing right now, but I would shoot myself hard in the foot if I would use something else should they fix the issue. However I have done my part. Since the 5D3 I stopped shooting Canon and never gave them a cent because of their crippling. I have a dozen people around me who listen to my camera/tech advice (mostly for beginner camera stuff) over the last few years. I all made them buy Nikon for photography a
  9. Can’t believe already 5 assholes dislike the video. Please the whole EOSHD community go like and share the video. This needs to make noise. Imagine the face of those decision makers at Canon. Freaking ridiculous lol, those should resign and vow to never ever work again for any company. What do this clowned thought? That nobody would ever notice? How can you be dumb enough to implement such limitation and expect people to never find out? Lol. A big pros to the engineers who designed this camera though. Without software limitation decided by whoever it’s clearly the camera of the decade!
  10. I have been insulted also on other forums, when I explained why I strongly believed it was a Canon limitation on purpose (once we got various bits of info like the camera keeping same behavior regardless of temperatures etc) on the early days. Those people / other sites shut their mouth now. But who cares... I and a lot of other people appreciate the digging you have done. Don’t worry about Canon their image is impacted you can be sure of that. Tons of people around me are just like me maintaining their preorder because they have a chance to make it right but if they don’t they will
  11. I can’t believe 80% of the internet are in disbelief with the truth. Some weird humans will invent the most non sense to say that no Canon didn’t cripple anything and did their best they could. L o L. We have a dozen proof they did not do their best by far with that overheating. Canon fucked up. Let’s see if they make it right now. Firmware update with less recording limit already rumored by CR. I have a very bad feeling that Canon will update their crippled software by allowing a few minutes more recording but still very long recovery and the same cripple timer, just to say «
  12. When I say that I do not care, I mean that I do not care if they put a limitation in the camera if then they remove it. A company is here to make profit. When they "listen" like Fuji and bring you a good feature update, that's not to make you happy or because they are nice guys. Fuji CEO couldn't care less about you, as much as Canon CEO. They do bring that update because they think you are more likely to buy their camera and stay with them if they do it. They do it for your money. Stop being blind, camera manufacturers are not charity. They want to make money, and they happen to have
  13. And I will be one of them. I could not care less about Canon, Sony or any other business and how they treat their customers. If Canon give me the camera I want which NO other manufacturer can offer me, I'll buy it even if they initially lied about overheating. It's not like they killed children in Africa. They are little bastards trying to make us buy their big Cine cameras by crippling the R5 but that's about it. If they offer the best I'll buy the best. I am not gonna buy a much inferior A7S III just to punish Canon lol. Now that's if they make it the best, which means removing t
  14. +1 Put a gopro and a light in there to film what's happening on the screen. https://www.canonrumors.com/canon-eos-r5-firmware-update-coming-soon-raw-light-to-be-added-cr2/ Come on Canon let's do it. C-LOG 3, light raw and remove your BS soft limitation so we can all be happy.
  15. Canonrumors just posted an article finishing with « As pointed out by EOSHD, why does not of this matter when recording externally? I and others think it’s probably some kind of software limit.» I like that more sites point that out as it seems most of the usual sites like Dpreview are very very shy in pointing out what Canon did here.
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