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  1. Looks like a GoPro copy, and the 7 has insane stabilization. I have it and it really works. Really happy with the footage I get. On my previous GoPros I was always disappointed with how the image looked on my computer VS gopro promotional videos. Not anymore. I think the IS accounts for 90% of that and the IQ is also better. Let’s see what DJI brings, raw maybe? But useless for me on an action cam. i don’t get why they wouldn’t put a 1” sensor. The P4 and Mavic Pro have very small cameras yet 1” sensors.
  2. A lot of people here thought it would be 4K60 8 bit and that no 10 bit would be possible. Now Sony says 4k60 10bit is easy and below what they will release. Interesting.. probably either/combination of those: - global shutter - raw - massive ergonomics improvements - massive sensor improvements With the new AF update on A9 being best AF of the industry, this camera will be very exciting for sure.
  3. When the A6400 was released and first AF videos showed its performance, I said it was definitely equal or better than DPAF. Some people here laughed. This direct comparison might make them think a little more. A7S3 will match or beat the A6400 for sure as there is no way on earth the future Flagship performs less than the old entry level. The latest Canon bodies are crap, and Sony is really trying to work on their issues/critics at each body release (V3 of A7 line saw massive body improvements, battery life and so on). On top they exceed competition in performance even where they were behind like AF.
  4. My wish is a Canon XC body (or EOS R body) style with 4K60p, DPAF and FF sensor. But I can dream for this one. Second wish is A7SIII with real time tracking AF, 4K60p 10 bit FF and 24-36mpx sensor. Would be an absolute killer with the Tamron 28-75mm and the upcoming Tamron 17-28 2.8 (announced this week).
  5. This is getting way too serious and long. You are missing some full sentences in your quotes like when you immediately replied to my first message that what I said was utter crap, which is why I answered you talk shit. Or when you tell my pictures a trash, not sellable and so on. I stopped reading after that. Let’s move on. Only thing I kindly ask in the future is if I criticize a camera not talking to you in any point, please don’t come attack me and my work the way you did. It’s not because I say a camera has very poor DR and bad shadow recovery that it makes me a fool and my pictures fool of crap.
  6. You are such a poor human being. I commented on a Canon camera, not even mentioning you or answering your post, and you come out of nowhere to insult me. Of course I respond. Now you come and screenshot my 2 worst Instagram shot and try to compare it with your best pics.... Ok. Be careful though with posting pictures of people that are not yours without permission, which I am not giving you by the way. I am happy about my work especially when I see what you do with a $6000 camera, when I do this with a $500 one:
  7. Right because that's exactly what you did with your first post. Good to see you came to your senses though
  8. You can't be serious with no DPAF in 4K? This manufacturer disgusts me more and more.
  9. I don't care about Sony. First thing I post in the thread was Canon VS Nikon DR. I own a Nikon body right now. Funny enough, I also have 15K followers on IG. But it does not prove anything. I also make some $$$ with photography being my last source of income as I am a corporate director in a totally different industry. But wait a minute, my intent was not to start a game of who is making better pictures. You kind of insulted me because I just posted a concrete proof that a Nikon APSC body from 2016 that cost $400 trumps the latest 2019 Canon FF which is insane. This proof happens to be at +6 IL recovery ; thing is even at +4 the difference is also great. So you totally got my point which was valid, you are just trying as a lot of people do today, to troll other people posts for no apparent reason. Absolutely wrong. World famous Pro landscape photographers like C Burkard and Max Rive use Sony and Nikon and do not do luminosity mask AT ALL. I have done bracketing and luminosity masks and it sucks time processing wise. You only need to do them with Canon in fact. Saying that "if you do pro landscape work you focus stack and bracket" is a proof that you know nothing about pro landscape photography. Most Pros don't have the time in post to do that kind of shit. Thanks. Overexposed? I shoot 95% of my pictures in aperture mode with exposure dial at -0.7 to benefit from shadow recovery that is always better than highlight recovery. Sorry this does not work with Canon as shadow recovery is not in their vocabulary. I do not think my pictures are over exposed. Totally agree about the D850 even though the A7RIII is almost as good. Agree with Fuji but their UWA offer sucks, and the price is a different league, not speaking about video. Honestly dude, I think we agree on everything and you are more trying to argue against me than debating a point here. As far as video is concerned, it's worst than the DR debate.
  10. You can talk your shit all day dude, show me your photography work, I’ll show you mine. You might be surprised. For sure for your cat pictures you are right you won’t see any difference in DR. I have had FF Canons Nikons Sonys. The real life usable DR difference between Canon bodies and Sony/Nikon is INSANE for landscape work. Night and day. This camera is another epic joke from Canon that performs less than crop bodies in every single way but lowlight performance. When they decide to release a body that has similar specs from other cameras released this decade, I will be the first to buy one. I have 0 brand loyalty. Just shooting loud what we should not accept which is a lot in the today’s Photography market owned by a couple of old-fashion Japanese.
  11. @Andrew Reid “Personally, I like the idea of perfect autofocus in a small affordable 4K body with full frame stills for $1299”. Well have a look at the A6400. You get the same crop, even better autofocus, smaller and lighter body and for much less money. And well you know, with lenses you CAN actually buy. As far as still capabilities, this 6D2 sensor should not even exist. I am just gonna post the attached and say no word.
  12. It absolutely does. A7 will get real time eye-AF, but not automatic transition between eye-AF and object AF, while A9 gets the full update. 100% the A7S III will have the best AF on the market, when we see what the A6400 already brings. Now the few people saying video AF is useless geemick and any pro should use MF will have less arguments. The thing is that good in each video I am seeing. https://www.dpreview.com/news/5057389015/sony-promises-firmware-updates-for-a7-iii-a7r-iii-and-a9-improving-af
  13. https://www.dpreview.com/articles/0650136683/sony-s-real-time-tracking-is-a-big-leap-forward-for-autofocus I think that the new Sony AF beats Canon DPAF. I did not expect that this soon.
  14. wolf33d

    Panasonic GH6 rumours

    A proper DPAF is the first feature I wait for in the GH6. Secondly internal ProRes Raw would be amazing, if not at least internal 10bit at 4K60p. 4K120p or at least a good quality FHD 180p would be nice.
  15. I can't believe they are serving the 6DII sensor in this camera. This company will never stop to disappoint. A $200 APSC Nikon D5200 has better DR and produce better landscape photos than this. That's insane, really insane. They just have to put a decent sony-like sensor in their cameras and give decent specs like 4K no crop (like ALL FF mirrorless manufacturers in the world do except them) and people would be all over Canon. Every body out there no exception would buy Canon if they matched A7III specs even for more expensive because everybody agree their ergonomics is better. Yet ergonomics is not all. At the end of the day if I have the best body and menus in the world to output a 1.7 crop wobbly image at this price then I have got nothing. Yet they prefer to release garbage and only retain some of their users, with 80% of Sony/Nikon users laughing at them. Can't understand this company.
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