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  1. It is. And now it records 4K60p with extended HDR on all 4 cameras (including selfie). And the car shot in apple video was shot handheld which is insane. Quite impressive for video this new phone.
  2. A7SIII was ready. It was going to suck so they waited and improved. They reported they wanted to exceed customer expectations and that 4K60P was easy. This has been reported by Sony management. Now I think they got some issue with the body design. People mentioning XT3 forget it doesn’t have IBIS and smaller sensor. There is no Full Frame 4K60P fan less mirrorless on the market. It means it’s not that easy. And they said multiple time for A7 line their priority is among others size and weight. The S1H is a huge brick. So let’s see but if we see no A7S3 by year end it sucks hard. I am still waiting on a camera like the S1H but with good AF.
  3. So are you telling me they don’t cripple products by purpose? And the 24p they do it because « Canon likes 30p » ? I mean come on. Maybe EOS R is not top of the line, but then at the price it came out it was clearly offering less than the competition for more $. They have no excuse. Like Sony doesn’t have excuse for the APSC garbage they just released. Not after what Samsung has done 5 years ago and Fuji a year ago.
  4. Wait, it’s 2019. Who needs another proof Canon is crippling every bit of product they have to protect the next one in line ..? The worst is they also do that with their top of the line FF ! 5D or EOS R same crippled crap. Well not really top of the line, I forgot the 1DX, a very good product from canon. But you have to put 6000$ to get a non crippled product from canon which is a shame. Considering they were capable of doing that camera years ago I would love to see a 2500$ non crippled full frame camera from them! Too bad.
  5. wait to see the A7S3 before saying that. Sony left aside APSC to concentrate on A7 line. There is no equivalent to the A7R4 on the market at this price in term of sensor and AF. Canon has been crippling FF as well as APSC. If the A7S3 is as bad as this A6600 then I would agree with you. But I doubt much it will. One thing is for sure this A6600 is very bad. And at that price a good joke.
  6. This is so disappointing from Sony. With that lens and upgrades the A6600 with a proper 10 bit codec and 4K60p would have been great. Now it’s a joke. I was surprised they would release the new tech in the APSC first before the A7S. Now it makes sense, they just want their A7S line to be top for video. Still unacceptable, they give the sensor tech to Fuji a year ago and don’t even use it.
  7. That’s an amazing camera for sure. They did many things really right. I still think lack of good AF is a shame at this price point when Fuji, Sony, Nikon and Canon all have good AF tech now. Personally good AF is a must for my shooting. But I understand it’s not for many. Also the camera is too big for my use. Lately I have been shooting with the A7III + Tamron 17-28 2.8 and 28-75 2.8. The Tamron 17-28 2.8 is exactly half the weight of the Canon RF 15-35 and much lighter than the Sony 16-35 F4. It still heavy in long days and I decided that combo is my weight limit which basically rules out any camera except the new sigma, the A7, and APSC bodies. While not for me, it’s a fantastic job from Panasonic. They do truly put their best possible work on the table, unlike Canon, and that’s great to see.
  8. I can’t wait for @Mattias Burling to tell us how great the camera is. You know it’s all about the image. Forget the specs. The Canon mojo!!
  9. Yes, way ahead at 6000 dollars and in a 1.5kg huge body that has even less heat constraint compared to a GH5 and small sensor. So this your comment is absolutely pointless. As far as my prediction 2 years ago for the A7SIII well I guess it’s good I don’t run a rumor site ?
  10. 100% agree with last Andrew post. For me personally no point in a small camera that needs a rig. IBIS, EVF, good video AF are must for me. For people who rig their camera anyway and don’t care about the above, the specs are great for the price.
  11. ? 1) That’s M43. Much easier to bring 4K60p on a tiny sensor. My phone has had that before the Gh5... 2) M43 is not suitable for everybody 3) The GH5 while great in some regards has a ridiculous video AF which is unusable for some video needs like mine 4) the stills while not ridiculous can’t compete with an A7/S1/Z6 type 5) being at the same price of the above mentioned bodies, it better have good specs... Lastly I was mainly speaking about APSC and FF bodies. I wasn’t saying 2019 is the first year ever bringing 4K60 on any camera..
  12. With great surprises already in and more to come I would say this is a good year gear wise. Nokishita (reliable rumor) confirmed the EOS90D and M6 are coming this month. According to Canon Rumors they will feature 4K60p and FHD 180p and DPAF, which sounds surprising (wait for that 3x crop...). If not in those at least one camera from canon should feature it soon. It seems confirmed that 2 new E-mount cameras will come on August 28th, including the A6500 replacement with finally 4K60 from Sony. The A7SIII as well as a pro body (EOS R X ?) from Canon are due this year as well. It will be the year of 4K60p which we will finally see on bodies with IBIS (unlike XT3) and good AF (unlike S1) so that’s great. This and the massive amount of proper video cameras released this year (E2, Pocket 6K, Red Komodo,...) and it seems that everybody will have a good shoe to their foot. 2020 is therefore the year I stop complaining about gear on EOSHD, after 3 years of asking 4K60 - good AF - IBIS in an APSC/FF affordable mirrorless camera. Or not
  13. What a beast. It puts to shame anything else at that price on the market spec wise. I really hope this pushes the others to up their game.
  14. I am so tired of this absolute BS argument. First of all neither me or anybody at EOSHD has ever said we cant produce a great video with todays equipment. But because we can do great video with an iPhone and a 5D Mark II means we shouldn’t expect/need more???? Because a car from 30 years ago can perfectly take you from A to B means you do not want/need anything newer? Stop with that argument that is counter innovation. The fact is that the camera market lacks a lot of innovation. We should have already a Full Frame camera with full modern touch screen interface, DPAF with AI, Raw video and 4K60P 10 bit no crop, IBIS, new sensor tech, in camera stills treatment and sharing on platforms without having the need to transfer anything. Why not video treatment as well? I have iMovie on my phone and can edit a full movie on it since years and share it in seconds in a device far smaller than any FF camera. Another proof the camera market is just far far behind. Compare the processor in a Sony, their BionzX Bulls*** versus Apple A12. The ones who try to innovate the most like BlackMagic are not the big players and have lower resources, hard to blame them much. Canikon are the most ridiculous, followed by Sony. Sony while innovating in some regards (or at least not practicing full crippling like Canon) forgets the basics like UI and ergonomics. They would invest 50 bucks a little boy in India he would probably do a better UI than they do today. But all of this is thanks to people like you, who gets satisfied with that situation and even defend manufacturers. And people like me, who complain but still buy their shit and give them no reason to invest in innovation. Wait a minute, isn’t the camera market fully shrinking since years now, isn’t that a reason to question a bit?? Oh no, because the reason it shrinks is the smartphones...... sure.
  15. This is the most exciting rumor from 2019. It seems as I was hoping that DJI will release a mirrorless camera. I am tired from all these Japanese camera crap company that give us 2010 technology at high price over and over again. DJI has been crazy innovating for years, they make the best drone with incredible cameras, the best gimbals, best action cam, .., When they enter the market with a new product it’s always the best. They have given us 4K60 and 10 bits in 1inch sensor for years in super tiny cameras when Sony is not capable of doing so in a much larger RX100 in 2019. Ridiculous. This camera could be a game changer with modern touch screen controls and ergonomics associated with clean aluminium body with a last gen Sony sensor and massive specs like RAW, 10 bits, 4K60P and so on. I wish DJI success and to shame all that Japanese crap on the market. Camera market has been shitting on us for years with no innovation at premium prices. Only small companies like Black Magic and few others innovate. Or could it be a rebadged X1D at a premium price lol? Hopefully not. Let’s see. https://photorumors.com/2019/08/02/rumors-dji-coming-with-a-mirrorless-camera-that-looks-like-the-hasselblad-x1d/#more-112221 FYI compared to the X1D there is a joystick, tilt screen and different speaker and button layout. Otherwise super similar. Also MF would be surprising as FF is much more popular and cheaper.
  16. Selling my Crane Plus gimbal, which is a step up from the V2. Great gimbal, only used a few times, comes complete with the case. Great condition, with a couple of paint scratches. $250, includes shipping in the US.
  17. The new Kodak if they don't react quickly. Their new EOS M6 is rumored to have 4K30p only, when the XT3 has 4K60P and the new Sony APSC will have it for sure. Even basic consumers expect 4K60 now, which they have for years on their phones. They continue to be FAR behind whether on stills sensor performance or video specs. The EOS RX might be great, so was the 1DX, but at what price? That camera will not save the company. They need to release a APSC with XT3 specs and FF EOS R to compete with the A7RIV (on its way, let's see if the Dynamic Range exceed the smartphone-like DR of the horrible 5Ds) and more important a camera that does far better than the EOS R for not more money.
  18. Thanks for the input. GH5 is not APSC. C100, I should have mentioned "compact mirrorless camera". XH1 and XT3, well if XT3 had IBIS I would have used this one also for the 4K60. It seems that the Z6 is the best proposition in fitting all criteria. For info I will shoot wedding in my family. For once I do not need 4K, but something light good in 60p and good in photo. IBIS is for the convenience. One question, which has the best 120p: A7III, Z6 or XT3?
  19. Doesn’t have IS and I am not sure it has the cleanest 60p around...
  20. What's the camera <$2500 with the best (cleanest) 1080p 60fps, APSC or FF, with IS and with very good AF video tracking? Thanks.
  21. This. I think it's hard to blame Sony for not having 4K60 on the RIV that is 100% still oriented and that gives amazing stills specs that does not exist on the market. However they really suck with the A7S and A6500 replacement schedule. They have no excuse for no camera body with 4K60p. That sucks.
  22. You guys seem to have a problem understanding this is a 61mpx 10fps FF pro still camera. It's already cool to have that kind of video features on it which does not exist in any competitor. It's a world first in many areas. This camera has nothing to do on EOSHD for video. Panasonic is the world first mirrorless 4K60P FF camera and they had to have a massive body for heat at 24mpx so imagine 61mpx...? Clearly impossible. This will be for the A7SIII. Where I am really disappointed is having only this announcement today.
  23. absolutely not 6k. They specifically said it is 4K from 6K oversampling which the image shows.
  24. It's 61MP with 15 stop dynamic range, but they just announced it's 4k, not 8k.
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