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  1. Seems like I was about right. https://www.canonrumors.com/canon-eos-r5-launch-price-will-be-below-4000-usd-cr3/
  2. What are you actually talking about? You are absolutely ridiculous. I started photography with a 450D, used the 5D2 for years, the 5D3 for years. I have got the A7R II, the GH5, the GX85, Nikon D5500 and D5600, the A7III and multiple others. I am bashing shitty products from any company, and praising good products from good companies. You are again into this brand loyalty thing. It’s not about jumping ship, there is no ship. Only products. Yeah, it’s seems everything you see is hilarious, just as your first comment about the hilarious people bashing the R5 in the first place. You on the other end aren’t hilarious, you are sad.
  3. See, you say I look like a hater, you came on this page to say “Its funny listening to the R5 bashers, most of them shook fanboys.” and if I try to call you a fanboy you go crazy. Pathetic. Relax man, there is much more hate in your message than mine. I have used the EOS R btw. Garbage.
  4. lol you are as much of a Canon fanboy than the Sony fanboy you mention. Even when Canon ridiculously failed deeply with the EOS R your were saying here on EOSHD how great it was. What a joke. Personally I don’t understand at all fanboyism for a camera brand. Who cares if it’s Sony Canon or Nikon, I couldn’t care less about the name. I am bashing what’s wrong, and praising good stuff. When the 5D2 was out I was applauding. That’s why I bought it. When the EOS R was out I was laughing hard. Sony did an excellent job with the A7III when it was out. That’s why I bought it. The R5 looks absolutely fantastic and will most likely get it to replace my A7III.
  5. Sony is doomed. I think at best they can match R5 video specs (4K120 10 bits, 8K raw...) but that’s far from being enough for me to stay with Sony. Then they can match color science, still it’s again far from being enough. The EOS R5 looks super dialed as far as ergonomics and buttons, I know already it’s gonna be a joy to use. I am so excited for this. There is jut no way Sony will completely change its body shape, layout, menu, screen and so on at the same level as the very refined R5. I, and many other used Sony because we preferred making a compromise on ergonomics and other minor stuff to get the best video specs available with IBIS And PDAF, and no crop in 4K. If Sony can manage all of that though, and if the R5 has poor DR for stills and the Sony a 60mpx mode with insane DR, and 15mpx mode with insane low noise with the quad bayer, and other advantages then maybe we will talk. If they put that great quad bayer in an A7RIV body though, I won’t touch it, not even for 1000$ less than the R5. The R5 specs are more than satisfactory enough that they are not the main decision point anymore.
  6. wolf33d

    Canon EOS R6

    The EOS R is more Canon's one off failed entry into mirrorless. The EOS R is a joke in all regards. They might keep a RP or whatever as super low entry, I have no idea. All I am saying is the R6 is the equivalent of the 6D series. That doesn't mean they can't keep lower entry product lines.
  7. wolf33d

    Canon EOS R6

    What did you expect? The R5 is the equivalent of the 5D series, and the R6 the 6D series, which is entry level FF. If the R6 has 4K60 that’s already great. And considering the specs announced on the R5 I think it’s hard to complain at the moment.
  8. Let’s make bet on pricing. I say: $2999 if they want to kill the market in one shot an be very agressive (unlikely) $3499 if they still want to be reasonable for the specs and be agressive $3999 easy cash for the specs $4499, max acceptable price I think, pushing the limit (unlikely) All things considered I am betting on 3499-3999.
  9. 4K120p Full Frame 10 bits 422 with C-LOG and DPAF and IBIS, all in a Canon ergonomical package? For the past 3 years I have asked this repeatedly here on EOSHD, people laughing at me like it couldn’t happen as late as 2019. In fact, I asked those exact specs, but with 60p. Canon comes and does it with 120p. There always was an issue. We had no IBIS in Fuji, mini sensor on Panasonic, or bad ergonomics, or bad autofocus (S1). Now it comes in the most perfect possible way. Absolutely insane. Its crushing the competition so much that I don’t see Why anyone on earth wanting a mirror less for video and has the money for it would choose anything else Thanks Canon. It was about time. Now let’s get rid of those Sonys.
  10. Do you think there is any chance 4K60 will be with no crop? Cause I couldn’t care less about 8K, much more interested in 4k60p or better 4K120p. 8K will be nice to have in 3 years, I which point I’ll have another camera anyway.
  11. wolf33d

    Fuji X-T4

    I used the XT3 and A7III side by side for 2 weeks, the Sony had much better AF, and the A7III is not that good. The new AF in the A7RIV is way better. So to answer your question, no, XT3 doesn’t have a great AF, people happy with it have never tried Canon DPAF or latest Sony AF.
  12. wolf33d

    Fuji X-T4

    Well it’s so so. Video specs are fine I mean 4K60p is great. But the same bad grip from the XT3 and probably the same AF has me not excited. I mean, hard to be after the R5 development announcement.
  13. I have 0 EF, fully invested in E mount but I could not care less about that. It takes 5min to put an ad online and sell lenses. If they have at least clean 4K60 10 bit no crop in that EOS R5, I am switching back to Canon.
  14. I created a EOS R5 topic that has 9 pages already, now we have two threads.. This is the real deal. right here. Amazing body and ergonomics, with articulated screen, nice touch operations, nice menu, good grip, IBIS that works with IS, Canon DPAF, 45mpx, 8K, Canon colors.. I don’t event see one thing just one thing that’s left to Sony ? if 4K120 (or even just 4K60p) is confirmed with a good 10 bit codec this is it. The dream come true.. Come on Canon get that thing shipping and take the camera world’s money. is Sony the new Canon, and Canon the new Sony? with the Underwhelming A9II, and this announcement, it seems it is.
  15. I agree. The only difference is that there is one point you reach where you do not need to ever work. Basically you can live decently with just the money you have on interest. This is not possible if you have 50K in your savings account. Someone with 2M in his savings can get 80K per year for ever without touching the 2M base. So I agree, he probably wants 5M then 10 then 20, then 200. You never stop. But the difference is he WANTS that, he does not need it. Someone making 50K a year NEEDS to continue working. There is a huge difference in life when under pressure between wanting to and needing to. Those people should never complain, as they do not need to continue. They could live as well or better than most people on this forum without ever making a cent again from YouTube. But as I said in my first post, good for them. I like people succeed. A lot of them took a risk and it paid off.
  16. If you make a normal salary yes. If you make 2M a year, considering this guy started in 2017, he can stop today. Put that money into a mix of index funds and with a withdrawal rate of 4% ($80K a year, a good salary) he can retire for ever then pass 2M to his descendants... Also someone said above do you have to make content super regularly. Not when you reach millions of subs. Casey Neistat posts sometimes 1 video a month, so he can take 100K home advertising a product, and channel is doing fine.
  17. Yes, if you watch the above video he actually tells you how much people make per view for some categories. Any content with violence or bad words doesn’t get much. You just mentioned an extreme example. The majority, including the initial guy we talked about in the other thread who reviews camera make a lot per view. Also if your people with millions of sub make family friendly content, then you don’t know them well. Reminds me of that French youtuber having 10M sub and daring to say on his channel he takes home 500$ per month. A few days after he was bashed by the French YouTube community for being so insulting to his subs.
  18. So a few weeks ago on the forum, a lot of people were wondering how some YouTube with hundreds of thousands of subs could afford to buy many cameras like C500 and so on. That’s when I realized people are completely clueless about YouTube revenue. As I said, any Youtuber in the world with 1M+ subs is a multi millionaire. Someone with 500K subs is already quit rich. That guy made 250K a year when he had 200K subs. He now made US$1.9M in 2019 with 1M subs. Time to stop being blind.. Sometimes I do not know how to think about it. It makes me feel similar to soccer players and so on with irrational amount of money. I am like, good for them you know. But when you think about it, the guy picking up trash in your street does a more useful job to the world than a guy telling jokes on YouTube. Yet one gets 15K a year, the other 100 times that. Just the world we live in I guess. Also about that video below, his channel is about personal finance. He his making money explaining you how much he makes thanks to you watching him explaining you how to make money
  19. Haha. Trying to hack EOSHD, but I need more ram.
  20. I am welcoming 8K. I don't need it, but I will never say we don't need it ever. If that camera could shoot 32K, well fine, as long as that's not the only mode of course cause I don't want my Mac to explode :). I remember a conversation with an IT guys years ago, I was getting a new PC and wanted 4GB of ram. He was laughing saying that 1GB was fine, and that never ever we would need 4GB of RAM on a computer, it was just physics and stuff. Yeah right, as I speak my system is using 30GB out of the 40 I have. Lol. So back to resolution. Right now my need is higher FPS 4K, not 8K. But a camera capable of 8K means the camera can handle a lot. If it can handle a lot, it probably can handle higher fps 4K, which is exactly the case in this rumor. So we are winning on all front.
  21. One second lol that’s hard to work with. 4 seconds would be nice. 2K240p for 4 seconds would be amazing.
  22. I don’t agree. I would like 240 or 580 4K. Of course due to technology my today’s expectation is 4K60. But I would love to see that 4K120 become true. It really allows for some creative stuff.
  23. Read the article first. He said only the specs in bold were confirmed which is not the case of the 7-8 stops. Also, @crevice, yes codecs and crops remain to be seen, but considering what they have done on the 1DX, and considering 8K and 4K120 that shows it will rock in videos I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t put at least 10 bit codec. I don’t care about RAW. And in fact a good h265 8bit would be fine when you consider 4K120, that’s just insane. Now, if I was not clear enough in first comment for sure I am not confident in those specs. Definitely sounds too good to be true. Also how could it beat the 1DX which has bigger body and for sure bigger price is a question. But as I said we are allowed to dream..
  24. Well, ladies and gentlemen are we in the most exciting year since a decade for video gear? If this is true then yes. Canon rumors is usually reliable unlike Sony Alpha Rumors that is pure BS. Especially when rated CR3. So here you have it. Canon EOS R5 for photo + in february 45mpx / IBIS / 8k30p and 4k120p / canon DPAF. Comes with Canon colors and menus that we know. My dream camera and then more... the one I have been wishing for since many years on EOSHD. The one that could take me back to Canon. Also if true, Sony is dead. Canon took a massive hit with Sony being far better than their products since the A7III. They saw a massive number of people like me jump boat, even if massively invested in their system. They released in rush and too late an absolutely shitty EOS R, with laughable video specs, mediocre stills performance (FPS, dynamic range...), no IBIS and early gen mistakes. They should be dying now or soon. Yet before dying it seems they are giving all they can now to make a turn. We can clearly see that with the 1DX3, and HOPEFULLY we will see that with that thing. Why R5? Is it to rule the Sony RIV? :). Anyway Specs sound unreal... so brace yourself. But dreaming is free. https://www.canonrumors.com/canon-eos-r5-specifications/
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