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  1. Thanks for your quick response. I thought I had seen videos with some mirrorless cameras showing an ability to track a person once they had been selected via touch on the screen so they could be followed even when the eyes could not be tracked. Maybe it was a dream:)
  2. androidlad I appreciate the technical knowledge you bring to the discussion board. That said, is there a technical reason the senor likely to be used on the X-T4 (which is the same I believe on the X-T3) cannot deliver us better subject/object tracking in continuous autofocus? Eye focus is great but somewhat limiting. I have not seen this discussed on this site unless I have missed it.
  3. Same for me, and I checked the X-T3 manual as well.
  4. Very nice footage indeed, at least to my eyes, which were focused on the story. The ending brought a smile to my face.
  5. Many thanks - I will order that version!
  6. Do you mean Davinci Resolve Studio. The 10 bit files don't play in the (my) free version which is not unexpected.
  7. My apologies for what might be a noob question but my searches have not found the answer to the question whether Davinci Resolve Studio supports the 10 bit files coming from the Fujifilm X-T3. I can transcode these files successfully but hope I can just edit the 10 bit files on my timeline. I currently use the free version of DR but will upgrade if it works. Thanks for any help on this.
  8. I have had my X-T3 for a week, and while I think my GH5 touchscreen was more responsive and the menu system more intuitive, I am loving the camera's overall image and video quality. This video from DP Review shows some of the X-T3's video quality and showcases a number of lenses and autofocus capabilities.
  9. Maybe I am missing something here . . . but . . . I find the touch to focus on my GH5 works extremely well. The other AF options can be a hit and miss. What I was looking for were comments on the XT-3 touchscreen touch to focus.
  10. Thanks for your quick reply. Are you satisfied with the general video quality of the XT-3 in comparison to the GH5?
  11. I am seriously considering moving from a GH5 to the XT-3. Can anyone with experience of both cameras talk about the general responsiveness of the XT-3 touchscreen in comparison to the GH5 which I use a lot for touch focus and menu navigation. I have always found the GH5 touchscreen to work great. Thanks for any help on this.
  12. Can you upload a short clip (with key settings, including AF sensitivity) that addresses the focus issue you raise. I intend to get a XT-3 for the supposedly improved AF. I have watched as many clips as I can on line and have been quite impressed with the AF I have seen thus far. But maybe I am missing something important. Thanks.
  13. Sorry I missed this. I use my Shure VP83F shotgun microphone and occasionally a Rode Filmmaker Wireless lav. No issues, but since I have never used XLR microphones don't know how much I might be missing out on. For my purposes though, these microphones work very well with the AX700.
  14. I have a GH5 and Sony FDR AX-700. I really like the Sony, especially since I don't have to worry about autofocus (alas, aging eyes). I use it for both personal and professional work (disability policy related video interviews and stories). In any event, this short video gives you a sense of the Sony colors - less than a minute on our dahlias -
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