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  1. Trek of Joy

    Quality backpack suggestions?

    I have the Lowepeo Flipside Trek 450 AW and I absolutely love it, far better than the overhyped Peak Design bags. Mine has been to 40+ countries, on countless planes, trains, busses, tuk-tuk’s and so on. It’s survived Africa, Patagonia, hikes up 10k foot volcanoes, treks through Indian cities and it still looks like new. It’s comfortable to wear all day in 100f+ heat, does a great job in heavy downpours and protects your gear well. I use it everyday and if lost I’m buying another immediately. Check it out Chris
  2. Trek of Joy

    Canon EOS R first impressions - INSANE split personality camera

    This is c700 territory. Seems like $20k is a little low. Canon certainly isn’t going to sell a Global shutter camera with this spec sheet for $4000. The 1dc was what, $15,000 when it was released? Chris
  3. Trek of Joy

    Canon EOS R first impressions - INSANE split personality camera

    That looks destined for the Cinema line. They're not releasing a 10mp hybrid and they're certainly not releasing a 4k60p hybrid or something that does 12-bit internal given how conservative they are with 5d4 or EOS R video specs. Its a Cx00 sensor if anything. Chris
  4. Trek of Joy

    The Resolve / Colour Grading resource thread

    So far so good, after a couple weeks its becoming very intuitive - almost as fast as FCPx with better audio editing tools. I'm focusing on my three needs -- audio production, grading and most of all editing. I'm really liking just about everything about it. Its replacing FCPx & an older version of Protools, or Premiere and Audition depending on the project. Its really well sorted on just about all fronts, if you see the logic behind it, it really makes sense. That's why I like the BM video so much, they show a lot of really great features that I hadn't discovered in other overview videos I've gone through in the last few weeks. What seemed like a really steep learning curve is actually no worse than any other NLE I've worked with, it just has its own process and its actually pretty easy to grasp once you see the basics. And its so easy to move between editing, audio production and grading, I love just clicking on the icons on the bottom and bouncing between media, edit, color and audio. It took awhile to wrap my head around nodes and the ways to link them, how to use them and so on, now it makes perfect sense. I just have to figure out how to get it to show the estimated file size when exporting a finished edit, so I can adjust the bitrate to suit file size limitations like Facebook uploads without waiting for the finished product. Most of the time its not an issue, but I was doing 1-hour versions of a Yule Log project and getting the file size correct took a few tries, at about 4 hours each. Then there was the 8-hour version ( lots of looping) that took 22 hours to export. And it took 4 tries to get the bitrate right and it froze on me a couple of times. Grrr.... But I think the project just overtaxed my ram or video card. On shorter pieces, like 30 sec to 6 min its been fantastic, and really fast from start to finish. And that manual, aye. Seems like a good chunk is Fusion and that one is way beyond most of my needs. I'm not a motion graphics person, so I'm all about the templates. But I do need to learn to animate titles so after getting comfortable with grading, audio and editing I will start work with Fusion basics. The above is a long winded way of saying no regrets about jumping in and making the switch. I really like the all-in-one solution. I tried v12 and didn't like it, but v15 is so much better. I'm now producing photo and video pieces for VISIT FLORIDA and Resolve is going to play a big part in what I do going forward. Eventually a Pocket 4k will too, I shoot a lot of sunrise/sunset stuff so raw will be a welcome addition sometime early next year. Every day I spend 30 minutes or so on a tutorial to sharpen my skills. Thanks for all the help and resources. I check this thread almost daily to see if anyone posts anything new. Cheers Chris
  5. Trek of Joy

    I will never buy electronics from Amazon again

    You need to contact Amazon since you were not shipped the correct item. Amazon backs that guarantee, I've exchanged a lens that wasn't a US version and they took care of it promptly. Did you register the serial # after you bought it, I've done that with stuff bought outside the US and got a warning about my address not matching place of origin. Good luck. Chris
  6. Trek of Joy

    The Resolve / Colour Grading resource thread

    Just saw that Blackmagic has uploaded tutorials. The grading tut is linked above, but I found their intro video to be far more comprehensive than any other I've watched so far. If you're new to Resolve, this is where to start. There are a lot of clever tools and time savers that nobody else talks about. As an editor its far more powerful and well sorted than I first thought. I get all of this is in the manual, but I'm a visual learner and things like the edit overlay and how you can choose where your clip is inserted into the timeline is much easier to grasp when you see it in action. Highly recommended. Chris
  7. You know being Sony it will be gimped I’m many ways because they certwill not stop heavily segmenting their models.
  8. A7s3 will get a watered down spec sheet. The rest seems destined for the FS line and above given Sony’s way of doing things. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for anything mind blowing. Just because it can doesn’t mean Sony will let it happen, remember how long we’ve had the same 8-bit 420 video in the e-mount hybrids. Chris
  9. Trek of Joy

    Help wanted with PC spec for Resolve

    Lots to chew on. Thanks for all the input. I'm considering selling my iMac and my Macbook, then moving to a newer iMac with more power. Maybe I'll just run windows on the Mac. Ran into the compatibility issue today, an agency sent me a file that my PC wouldn't open. So I still have to live in both worlds. Chris
  10. Trek of Joy

    The Resolve / Colour Grading resource thread

    This couldn't have come at a better time as I downloaded R15 over the weekend and started my (super procrastinated) transition from FCPx/Premiere to Resolve. My goal is to complete at least one new tutorial every day. I'm still doing just the basics, but this thread is a bookmark. Thanks Chris
  11. Trek of Joy

    Help wanted with PC spec for Resolve

    I've been editing some raw footage and my late 2015 model (4ghz i7, 4gb video, 32gb ram, 1tb ssd) slows down considerably. I'm not 100% sold on going Windows as I'd hate to mess with two systems. Its already a PITA dealing with multiple cameras. Just seems to be something that will make collaborating easier, and the iMac Pro's eye watering prices are too hard to stomach. I wonder if those will be any faster than my current iMac. I won't buy something for a marginal gain, I'd rather buy the P4k and grind it out with my current setup. I'm really looking for a noticeable difference. Thanks for the links.
  12. Trek of Joy

    Help wanted with PC spec for Resolve

    Yeah, I looked that the guide. Some of the boxes spec'd are $10k+, but the common theme is more cores in the processor and lots of ram, plus a high end GPU. I haven't looked at PC's in years, but with Dell you can add 1.5 TB of ram for a cool $45,000. Yikes. I'm getting a HDR monitor as well, that's not included in the PC budget. Thanks. Chris
  13. So true. That’s a $25k camera. We’re going to get more of the same 8-bit 4:2:0 stuff.
  14. Trek of Joy

    Slow Motion in Resolve - I must be missing something

    Hate to drag this thread OT, but thanks for the tips. I decided to move to Resolve a couple days ago and it’s been daunting. I’ll check out the manual, I haven’t bothered because most are completely useless. Thanks. Chris
  15. Trek of Joy

    DJI Announcing Something New On The 28th

    What it doesn't address is carrying another expensive disposable device for people that live on their phones. I just don't see many teenagers carrying this to do something their phone already accomplishes. There are apps that will do exactly what you're talking about with video for instant sharing, and no need for the Osmo, since everyone will still have to carry a phone. Like I said, cool what they're doing, just not sure who its aimed at. Chris