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  1. The older ZE's are really great bargains for such amazing glass. CA is an issue on many, but that's really no different than any other vintage lens. You can also find great deals on the Nikon ZF/ZF2 versions, the first ones didn't have electronics so they can be found really cheap, even lenses like the 21/2.8 and the 100/2. Years ago, just after the 5d3 came out I found a great deal on a set from a local guy that was moving from Canon to a FS700 (this was before the adapters we have now existed) that included the ZE 21/2.8, 25/2, 50/2 and 100/2 - which was perfect as I preferred the look of the macros over the 50/1.4 and 85/1.4. Finances forced me to sell them, but I really enjoyed shooting them with the 5d3. I've always kicked around the idea of getting them again to build a vintage lens set, but I do the same with Zeiss C/Y's and Leica R's. Chris
  2. A poster on the Dpreview Nikon forum says the z6 raw update took less than an hour At a Nikon service center. Doesn’t sound like a hardware upgrade if the turnaround time is that fast. The $200 sounds like a license fee. chris
  3. Meanwhile Sony keeps rolling with 8-bit 4:2:0 in the a7’s and no log in the a9’s. The already announced specs on this are incredible, and still people complain.... chris
  4. I think the 24-70/2.8 may be heavier. This is definitely a chunky camera. Chris
  5. The Fred Miranda Buy and Sell boards. Here's one with Vlog for $1650 https://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1623339/0?keyword=s1#15054947 They come and go. Just set up an alert. B&H was blowing out some like new open box models too recently. Chris
  6. If you need to add the Ninja, I'd go EOS R for Clog, 10-bit and AF. That's the appeal for me, the DPAF with the recent eye update is just amazing and the crop is easy to work around with one wide APS-c lens like the Tokina 11-16 or the new speedbooster. I like the Zed's a lot and the lens lineup Nikon is building, but they just aren't quite there for me yet. Just my opinion. Every option in this space has significant warts, the perfect hybrid just doesn't exist ... yet. Sony could easily build it, but they clearly won't. Panasonic just sticks their collective heads in the sand pretending PDAF doesn't exist and the jarring DFD is somehow better, but it isn't. That's why I'm also considering a mashup of the Zcam or the S1 as video centric camera along with a photo workhorse - the rest are just because I like to tinker with new toys, haha. The R appeals to me as a gimbal body. I shoot lots of stills as well, so I will always have one FF body. I shot Fuji for a long time, about 25k frames over the year and a half I rolled with a couple XT2's, but for most of my paid work I still used the extra DR and resolution of Sony's 42mp files. Used a7r2's can be found for under $1000, at those prices FF is a no brainer. Again my opinion. I have a gap of about a month between projects, so I'm looking at shifting my a73 kit in a couple weeks and getting a S1 with a couple EF lenses. Of course that means the a7s3 will be announced shortly after and it will blow everyone's minds. Chris
  7. That's why I'm looking elsewhere, I just don't see Sony stepping into FS5 10-bit territory with one of the a7's unless its priced at $5000. My bet is the mythical a7s3 has same 8-bit internal with a 10-bit external like the EOS R - which ironically is another option I'm considering along with the S1 and either the Zcam E2 or S6. All could use adapted EF lenses and the EOS R/Zcams have the added benefit of using speedboosters. But for handheld stuff - which is how I mostly shoot - the IBIS on the S1 is just amazing. I was tinkering with it and there was a significant improvement over my a73, along with the vastly superior EVF, LCD, grip and so on. Used copies are already in the $1600 range with Vlog and dropping. Chris
  8. Vlog looks amazing on the S1, so good it has me seriously considering selling my Sony a73/a7r3 kit and moving to the S1/S1r. After handling all the S1's last week, I don't want to carry the S1h, and used prices are crazy low on the standard S1 and even the S1r if you need resolution for stills - which I do. But the Vlog image is just super nice, great colors, great highlight rolloff, and just very natural motion. If Panasonic had AF like Canon's DPAF or Sony's new active tracking I'd be all-in on the S1's. Its the AF that's holding me back. I use a gimbal a lot for video and shoot a ton of stills for paid work which would mean at least one body in another mount to get great AF, still waiting for that unicorn camera.... Chris
  9. Trek of Joy

    RED Komodo

    After spending some time tinkering with the Zcams at B&H a few days ago, can't see the Komodo's appeal unless you really want Red's raw or the RF mount. Raw, ProRes, CFast or SSD recording, lots of HFR options, two brilliant and incredibly tiny m43 bodies - one costing just $800 with raw capabilities, a 6k s35 body with a m43 or EF mount and two FF cameras that cost less than a FS5. Zcam posted on their Facebook group that a fully electronic E-mount is coming as well in the next few months. I'm sure the Red cult will be all over the Komodo, but in this space I'd go Zcam. Chris
  10. Was at B&H a couple days ago and I am absolutely floored by how small/light the E2’s are. I forgot to grab a pic, but they had a S1h on the shelf next to the Zcams and when I handled both the S1h felt absolutely gargantuan. Same for the Pocket 4/6k’s. They also had the Meike knockoffs of the Veydra cine lenses. When paired with a E2 that’s an amazing small combo. I think I’m going to shift from hybrid do it all bodies to splitting my photo and video into at least two bodies. The S1h and the Zcams are at the top of my list. I just have a lot of reservations about buying into the L mount. chris
  11. I think tinkering with mounting a monopod to a tripod is probably your best bet if you need something with a larger footprint than the Siuri. I have the 025x CF tripod, if you take off the head and the vertical extension, the legs by themselves are super light. Or perhaps you can 3d print some extensions to the Siuri feet? I'm interested to see what you find as I use my old Manfrotto video monopod a lot and I'm looking at the Siuri or the iFootage Cobra as a replacement because they both seem to be more stable than my current setup. Good luck. Chris
  12. Sachter Flowtech is a faster way of adjusting a tripod - I think with a little practice it would be faster than my monopod with snap locks. After tinkering with one for awhile in B&H, its really well thought out. https://www.sachtler.com/en/flowtech/ But I mostly use a video monopod with a wide feet base or a gimbal these days, so my tripod usage is pretty small in comparison and I really can't justify the cost of high end sticks. Chris
  13. Great find. I just ran through a bunch of his videos. That Inspire X7 image is really nice, its going to be my next drone, I shoot a lot of high contrast scenes and the Mavic Pro 2 hits its limits sooner than I'd like. Chris
  14. I forgot to mention those as well, the Driftwood and other tests look great.
  15. Nice hands on experiences @Geoff_L and that aurora shot looks great! The new FW looks like one major complaint has been solved - manual exposure in HFR modes. Interested to see if anything else is significantly improved. I want to test one and see if it can replace my a73 - which has been a photo/video workhorse. Chris
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