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  1. If the Red patent gets invalidated, that may not be the case. The a73 and Z6 are considerably cheaper in the US. The S1r made no sense at its launch price. The a7r3 is even down to about $2500, which is pretty amazing for those more photo focused. But its not just the body, the 50 and 70-200/4 are more expensive than the competition. The 50/1.4 is $900 more than the Sony with its current $100 rebate. SMH. Chris
  2. Everyone is putting stuff on sale right now, and with the Z6 refurbs going so cheap ($1800 with the 24-70/4) a $300 reduction isn't enough to get the S1 noticed. Panasonic's pricing strategy is still a little out of whack compared to the rest of the FF mirrorless world - outside of Leica of course. And they severely underestimated the importance of AF in this segment. They nailed the ergos and all the specs including class leading EVF and LCD and this camera just went nowhere, kind of like the Fuji XH1. The S line is forever going to be a small volume niche camera if they can't get AF issues sorted. DFD is going to be the downfall of the S line, which is sad because this camera could blow everything out of the water. I do like the Vlog image. Looking forward to seeing what else the S1h brings. Of course if the Z6 raw update ever happens, that makes the S1 a lot less appealing. IMO. Chris
  3. Your situation certainly sucks. I see the same comments about everything tech related and beyond. Mac vs. PC, Canon/Nikon/Sony service, Android/iOS, Ford vs Chevy and so on. The grass isn't greener, usually. Its just the world we live in. If its not working for you, by all means find a better solution. I'm certainly no Adobe apologist, as I happily ditched Premiere. Every piece of software has bugs, lots are not addressed, sadly it never ends. I don't think that will ever change either, there are just too many usage cases to cover everything and there's always a new version in the works so some things simply get ignored. I drive a Toyota, which isn't perfect by any means, but the shortcomings are more livable than what I didn't like about the Tacoma's competitors. Same goes for using a Mac/iPhone/iPad Pro, shooting Sony and using Resolve/LR/PS and so on. Good luck. Chris
  4. I went all in on Resolve at the beginning of the year, just the free version, and haven't looked back. You already know its the best grading software around, and the Cut tab in v16 is really nice, everything is streamlined and very logically laid out. I have free access to Premiere and I have to use it to collaborate with another editor and an ad agency my company works with, I dread using it every single time. Its just so clunky. Until they do a full FCPx style refresh, I'll only use it when I have to. Everything else is 100% Resolve. I've never used anything other than the $10/mo photo plan since Adobe went subscription, and for the money Lightroom and Photoshop can't be beat - in my opinion. Capture One is the only alternative I've seriously considered, but the cost and not enough time between jobs to spend learning a new workflow makes it a no go for now. If I can get a week to really do a deep dive, I may download the trial version and do a bunch of tutorials to get a feel for it. But I can do most of my adjustments really quick in LR, tagging and keywords are simple, its super LUT friendly, panos and HDR merges are simple, and then fine tune in PS with a few adjustment layers, there's little to be gained by switching. Again my opinion. Snapseed is great, but limited in comparison, same for mobile versions of LR and PS. LR Mobile is included in the photo plan as well. I use it a lot when I travel - which is frequent - and I like it a lot. I'd like to have the ability to merge panos and HDR images. Though Adobe says a full version of PS is coming soon. I also use Lumafusion as a mobile video editor, and despite its limitations, it's brilliant and only a one time charge of $20. But I also don't get the hate toward the subscription model, its cheaper than buying new versions every couple years (again the photo plan) and you get regular feature updates and mobile versions. $120/year is made back within a day or two of renewing my subscription. Otherwise there are plenty of alternatives. The anger in the comments of every Dpreview story on Adobe are hilarious, its just consumer goods, but people treat their business model like some kind of personal attack on them. Chris
  5. Great thread, may want to clean up the OP as its a little confusing with some confusion between BM cameras. The Micro is more appealing to me because of 60p, and the OG pocket LCD is junk anyway. Searching ebay for a Micro..... Chris
  6. just in time to punch all the a7r4 and a6400 buyers in the dick. that's so Sony.
  7. Don't get discouraged. I'm on the Social team at VISIT FLORIDA, marketing is a different skillset. And social is different from "traditional" marketing. Bums me out when people tell me they hate social media after finding out what I do, especially lawyers and politicians, haha. Chris
  8. Seems like the Tokina 11-16, Sigma 17-50/18-35/12-24/30/1.4, Canon 17-55 and similar would be my first choices for AF lenses, plus some of them are stabilized which would serve my needs as I shoot handheld a lot. Adapted is wide open, but there are some good deals these days on Zeiss ZF lenses, the original ones without electronic contacts, which can easily be adapted. Chris I don't think that would be the case, the P4k has been pretty much constantly sold out since it started shipping. Its still an amazing value and the cost + adapter is still less than the new camera. If people start dumping P4k's and prices fall, it gets even better.
  9. Wouldn't it be electronic shutter only? With rolling shutter the still capabilities are likely pretty limited. I would just carry another body for stills. Chris
  10. Looks amazing, great to see them leverage the body into multiple cameras, but the EF mount ... ugh. If there was ever a camera that should be a part of the L-mount, this is one of them. The s35 sensor on the P6k is appealing, files should be cleaner than the P4k and DR improved. Hopefully BMD can deliver (literally). Like Z-cam, any bets on a FF Pocket 8k coming soon? Chris
  11. A few quick thoughts -- on the topic of hashtags, you can use hashtag generators for ideas. As suggested look for dog/puppy related ones (there are a few that have lots of action like dogsofinstagram, puppylove, dogs and so on), indie films or documentary and gear tags like GoPro, Canon 5dmkIV or Sony a7III. Follow others that are doing similar things, even dog influencers, dog food companies, anything related. Your social feeds are just talking at people, there's no engagement, so your audience has no reason to stop scrolling. Create conversation, treat IG posts like a microblog. Make sure all of your channels are feeding each other. Facebook is pretty useless without putting any money behind a post, organic engagement rates are low. Putting $10 behind a post will increase its reach dramatically. Join Facebook groups related to everything in your film, dogs, rescue groups, the camera, the plane and so on, then post to those groups. I would put your trailer on IGTV and Youtube too, just because it'll get more exposure. Post any BTS stuff too, forum geeks love that kind of content. Good luck. Chris
  12. Agreed. I'm in a holding pattern until the fall announcements are live and Z6 raw is vetted. The Z6 and S1 are both really interesting, each has shortcomings that won't pull me from the a7III... yet. The Fp is the wildcard. My next camera will be 10-bit and have great AF, 4k60p is almost a must for me to upgrade/switch as well. I'm fully expecting to be letdown by Sony's next cameras - like 10-bit external only or something like that, but a new sensor and AF that grabs headlines and wow's the shill-bloggers. Chris
  13. Here's another piece (not mine) with 10-bit 4:2:2 Vlog and some 60p.
  14. The kit with a 32gb XQD and the FTZ is $600 more. A 64gb XQD is $130 and FTZ's are selling for less than $200 from people breaking up kits. I'm only looking B&H and used prices on Fred Miranda, not sure what anyone else is offering. There are other benefits to buying new if you want the full warranty and such, so I'm not ignoring that. Either way, what you get with the Z6 kits is a killer deal. Add $1000 for a Ninja V and a SSD and you have one hell of a photo/video combo that will be more of a use when the raw update is live. Chris
  15. Do you have a Gfilm profile for the Z? I still use that from time to time. Chris
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