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  1. I feel so seen. My entire identity is based on the name printed on my camera. How insightful LOL! Meanwhile Canon unleashed its lawyers to crush all 3rd party lenses. And Sony is the big corporate devil because Samyang needs to update its firmware. You just can't make this shit up. Keep jousting at those windmills. Common sense isn't very common these days, especially on the internet. Cheers
  2. It's a new body, even Sony lenses need FW updates, don't you get that? Have you ever updated FW on your lenses? Lots of new camera releases have a lens FW update to optimize its functionality. There are tons of YouTube videos with 3rd party lenses on the a6700, this discussion is silly, the 18-50 clearly isn't the only lens that works with the body. I'm out. Chris
  3. I'm not offended at all, my camera is just a tool to get the job done. I'm not brushing it off as a non issue, I said more than likely the lens needs a FW update, like lots of lenses need when a new body is released. But claiming its widespread simply isn't true. I mean here's a quote from a DPreview post about Samyang. "I wrote to Samyang support and they wrote back that they want to analyze it as soon as they get an A6700 delivered. However a firmware fix could take month before it will be fixed." Shocker, needs a FW update. And they don't even have a camera to test it. LOL! Chris Chris
  4. More nonsense. No camera manufacturer has opened up camera body code to allow others to tinker with it, so yes focus breathing is Sony lens only. Duh. You make it seem like Sony engineers wouldn't have to do massive amounts of extra coding to make focus breathing work with 3rd party lenses, it would take a ton of work, testing and so on. No camera company would do that. This paranoia about Sony bricking 3rd party lenses is also complete nonsense. The backlash would be massive and they'd be hit with lawsuits from every manufacturer. You could hit them with a class action from every owner of 3rd party glass as well. It's pointless arguing this, the E-mount is open and has been since 2011 - that's a fact, your tinfoil hat theory is nothing but hyperbole. Enjoy your camera. Chris
  5. This supposed "problem" isn't something that's widespread, and your sky is falling stuff is just silly. OMG, a user has a problem with one lens, there are still hundreds of others that work fine. Cheers Chris
  6. That's really not the point since I also said hundreds of lenses work fine with no issues. Some 3rd party lenses have linear focusing motors that match the best Sony has, Tamron is using them in their VXD lenses for example. But I'm mostly Sony as well because there are tons of great deals on used lenses. The newer G's and GM's are just so small and light compared to others like Sigma. I've bought dozens of Sony lenses over the last decade of shooting E-mount, always used, and always much cheaper than new. Cheers Chris
  7. That's mostly false. Breathing comp is an in-camera computational operation like active stabilization and the new reframing. Pretty sure Sony isn't going to pay its engineers to add 3rd party lenses to that capability. Other than TC's and hitting the a1's 30fps with tracking, Sony hasn't restricted AF in any way. The E-mount is open, they don't even charge a licensing fee. Sony does specify there is a license agreement and I'm sure that contains language about features that will be exclusive to Sony, like the TC's and 30fps. If a company is going to commit resources to developing lenses, there's also likely language that says Sony isn't going to suddenly brick their lenses as well. Non-functional AF is a product of the lens, not the camera, since there are literally hundreds of lenses without issue. Without knowing all the details from the random game of telephone quoted above, old Samyang lenses have horseshit AF, it wouldn't surprise me if there were AFc issues without an update with some of them. And some may not work well with new bodies period. I had the original orange glow 85/1.4 and it couldn't track anything shooting video - it was useless as an AF lens with video. Chris
  8. This is going to be my new and much smaller wireless mic/external recording solution, love it. Rode fixed everything I didn't like about the previous two and made lots of improvements. I really like everything this has to offer, my Sennheiser G2 and G3 lav and handheld systems are finally getting replaced as I'm trying to trim my kit size/weight down and just simplify my workflow. My external recorder is history too. This more than covers all my wireless mic and portable recording needs in one crazy small package. No need to mess with batteries and SD cards, you can skip the app - plug the charging case into a computer and just drag all the files to your computer, they function as standalone recorders if you're just getting audio, you can use them for streaming or zoom calls, real 32-bit float, auto safety track and so on. As for them being shiny, some 1000 grit sandpaper will take the shine off in a few seconds, but I'll use them with lav's or one of the small Rode shotgun mics, so its not an issue for me. Cheers Chris
  9. Nonsense. Sony isn't clamping down on anything. E-mount protocols are open source - its precisely the reason every 3rd party AF lens maker has E-mount lenses and why there's nothing for the RF and only recently some for X-mount and such. The poor functioning lens likely needs a FW update, much the same way Sony bodies get an incremental update when certain lenses are released or lenses get FW updates when new bodies come out. Newer bodies like the a6700 with the AI functionality will certainly require some lens updates. Everyone outside of Sony is not openly sharing AF protocols so they have to be reverse engineered. Nikon seems to have something with Tamron and Fuji has allowed Sigma and Viltrox in, but as we know outside of Sony options are severely limited. Chris
  10. Trek of Joy


    The FX30 is a crippled hybrid plain and simple, take the FX3 body which is a sunk cost, don't shrink margins by writing code for the photo features and call it a cinema camera. It's comical seeing all the YouTube shills parroting the cinema camera BS, it's just a next gen a6000 with photo features stripped out. It will be funny watching all of them whine about this when the new a6000's are released with all the FX30 video features plus the ability to shoot 15fps or so, bracket and so on. It doesn't have a 16:9 sensor like the actual cinema cameras, along with a lot of other features. And it doesn't even take advantage of the higher mp photo sensor with 6k or open gate modes - which would actually be very useful. Much like the new ZV "Baby A7sIII" - it's just a marginal revenue product with lazy engineering and some new features for the clickbait thumbnails. The FX30 is a fine camera. And its a cripple hammer hybrid. Cheers Chris
  11. Trek of Joy


    What's your overall budget? I would say whatever ticks the most boxes while allowing for the best glass. If the a7IV is too big, something like the a7c is quite a bit smaller. I like the x100's, but with so many good, small lenses, I've never been able to warm up to that one. And its capabilities are pretty limited. Cheers Chris
  12. Trek of Joy


    The FX30 is a hybrid, just a heavily crippled one thanks to the exclusion of a mechanical shutter and competent photo modes - something the FX3 has. It's just the next a6000 camera sensor inside the recycled FX3 housing. But since it's so bad at taking photos, Sony will sell you another camera to do that job. With a readout speed superior to the current 24mp sensor, it could - and should - be a really great hybrid body. If it were a cine camera it would have more of the cine tools the FX6/9 have like waveforms, ND's and shutter angle. But it doesn't, so it isn't. It's all marketing BS and Sony hitting it hard with the cripple hammer. Cheers Chris
  13. Trek of Joy


    What's the point of this? I'm simply pointing out that if you plan on taking a lot of photos it's a mediocre option. People get so triggered when you point out any negatives about their gear. The rest is just noise. At least the FX3 has all of the photos capabilities of the a7sIII, so you can shoot bursts and it does have a mechanical shutter. The rest you listed are irrelevant to my comment. Cheers Chris
  14. Trek of Joy


    FX30 has no physical shutter and is a single shot only camera. If you need to take photos, it's probably the worst new camera option you can find today. Since its ES only and lacks a stacked sensor like the a9's or a1, it will also be a major PITA indoors when it comes to banding from the light cycles. I'd go a7IV without hesitation. I have one, it's a really great hybrid. Chris
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