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    bmp4k adventures

    The development of this app is fascinating since this kind of stuff is far beyond my skill set. Continued success. Chris
  2. Its not just people on gear forums, we post them to FB and YT and get comments about the crappy IQ from viewers. The company I produce stuff for is hesitant to invest big $$$ in something that may just be a passing fancy from a social engagement standpoint. I shoot tourism content, and it is cool to take people to a beach 360 or to a unique place like a natural spring full of manatees. Seems like it'll be awhile before a decent 8k camera hits the sub-$1000 price point, which is probably the most they're willing to spend at the moment. Chris
  3. Curious about the IQ. Been tinkering with the Insta 360 Nano S and video quality is marginal at best, there's just no detail. I get 4k 360 is pretty low rez so I'm not expecting miracles. And for some odd reason files exported out of the Insta Studio get worse. Seems like I'd have to spend $1000 or so for something decent, like the new Ricoh with the dual 1" sensors. Chris
  4. Sorry I wasn't clear about that, not for HLG delivery, just experimenting with another alternative to Slog since it seem to be capable of producing good results. I shoot all Cine2 or Cine4 right now. Chris Thanks for posting this, I'll take a crack at it to see how it works.
  5. Anyone in this thread worked with HLG files in Resolve? Lots of googling doesn't bring any consensus on workflow. Chris
  6. Perhaps the mobile team can return the favor and create a competent touchscreen experience on the Alphas? More cross-department pollination benefits all of their customers. There's a huge void as none of the camera makers have been able to create a more fluid experience of navigating settings, menus, shooting, app integration and so on. All have major flaws that could be overcome by breaking down the silos of development that separate various divisions. Sony being Sony, it likely won't go much further than this phone. Chris
  7. Betrayed seems like a harsh assessment - its a shortcoming you'll just have to decide if you can live with, there were certain to be some hiccups with adapting F-mount lenses. Its not like they pretend PDAF doesn't exist (Panasonic), or IBIS (Canon), or anything beyond 8-bit 4:2:0 (Sony) and so on. It took Sony 3 generations to sort most of its issues and they still can't get everything right (touchscreens, video bitrates). If the Z6/7 were released a year earlier - I'd be shooting Nikon instead of Sony right now. Every time I pick one up my kit and my credit card starts to shake in fear. I love the ergos and the video options are just amazing, but the AF just isn't there yet for me. Hopefully the gap between Gen 1 & 2 isn't as long as the d800-d850 wait. Chris
  8. There are Blackmagic facebook groups too, not sure if you've posted there yet, and of course BMCuser. Lots of places across the interweb to spread the message. Gotta get that blogger review hype like Sony with an Iceland junket, or maybe just get a bunch of them drunk. DPR seems to like Kickstarters that marry digital/analog tech, perhaps to can fuze a control tablet into an old tube amp. Good luck!. Chris
  9. Amazing job! I'm going to rent a P4k to take it for a spin, I'll be buying the app to support the community and your efforts. Push it to all the rumor sites like 43rumors and Mirrorless Rumors too. This should be on the front page of DPreview instead of some of the goofy Kickstarter projects they spotlight. Do you have an IG or Youtube page for this as well? Cheers Chris
  10. This would make the EOS R a VERY compelling option given the announced lenses and the EF adapters. I would likely move on from the a73 if such a camera surfaced. Right now the R’s aren’t that appealing as a hybrid shooter. IMO. Chris
  11. How reliable is the cards’ connection? Have you ever transferred video with it? I had one of these a few years back and it was not very fast or reliable. Reviews are all over the place with the 4th gen and I’m not a software tinkerer. Cheers chris
  12. The video from Matthew Staffords wedding looks like it was shot on a Red. I was at an event where they did this with an iPhone taking with a simple setup of a small fluorescent key/fill/hair light. They shot stills, boomerangs and recorded goofy slow mo stuff, sending it to an iPad through an app (don't know what the app was called, but guests were able to email the video to themselves), and broadcast with an Apple tv mirroring the iPad. In good light the iPhone 120fps looks good, and its fine for social. If you didn't have the app, someone could just shoot the video on a phone and airdrop it to an iPad or MacBook for a quick edit, and then it can be emailed or airdropped to other iPhones. I've attached a shot of the iPad that was used for review and emailing images/videos. Wish I could help with specifics, but a combo of iphone/ipad would be my solution. A ILC presents a lot of headaches in terms of file transfer, file size, edit/render speed and so on. I have the iPhone XS and XS Max (one is supplied by a company I work for, I'm not a two phone dink by choice) and the iPad Pro. I think it would be easy to pull off what you're looking for with my little setup with two people - a shooter and a editor to make quick clips and send them to guests. Five seconds of slow-mo video of someone dancing or throwing crap in the air could easily be edited in iMovie and emailed in less than a minute. Everything you need including lights and stands can probably be carried in one large bag/case. The days of the DSLR based photo booth are numbered, there's no reason to lug all that around for small instant prints or social when phones and a few lights will get you virtually identical quality. And you can probably charge a lot for the service. Hmmmm... Chris
  13. That seems less likely than essentially mirroring the plastic DSLR Rebel line in EOS-R, which is the direction I think they're going to go. But they've sold a lot of M cameras and some sort of adapter would give them a bridge into the new ecosystem. Now whether its possible with a 2mm difference in flange distance is for the engineers to figure out. I'm just playing internet prognosticator. Chris
  14. EF still has a long future, most of the workhorse lenses have been updated recently, and given the push into mirrorless it stands to reason the focus will be RF over the next couple years. There's no reason a company of Canon's size can't keep both alive and they'll still keep cranking out new DSLR's as long as people are buying them. The EOS-M mount seems to be the odd-man-out and probably won't see anything by the way of new lenses going forward. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a M->RF adapter at some point. They'll be similar to Sony's aps-c, new bodies, no new lenses. There has to be entry-level options because they sell really well, so Canon isn't going to abandon them completely. I do think we'll see the EOS-M line sunsetting and the entry aps-c line moving to RF in a couple years with a few plastic kit zooms. Then they can promote the mythical "upgrade path" to the more advanced bodies than few people buying plastic kit lenses will ever actually do. A RF mount cinema camera makes a lot of sense given the fact the lenses were designed for mirrorless. A ILC version of the XC10/15 with a s35 sensor would be awesome. Chris
  15. Panasonic has painted themselves into a corner with the GH and S1 lines, video spec is class leading but its pretty clear by the reactions 4k60p with a paid upgrade to 10-bit internal isn't really moving the needle. Fuji offers a similar spec to the paid upgrade in the $1500 XT3, and we know it won't be long before all the pieces fall into place and we get those specs in an IBIS body - and it'll be sub $2000. The GH line is getting a lot of competition from all sides and the $2000+ market is a tough sell when you're not FF and not better than other lower priced options. Nikon is unlocking some powerhouse video with Atomos, Panasonic and the S1... meh. DFD isn't competitive on the stills side. The demos of the new a9 object tracking that enhances the eye-AF - which is already vastly superior to anything Panasonic - are just amazing. DPAF masks a lot of Canon's other shortcomings and the EOS-R can serve as an addition to an existing kit. Asking people to invest many thousands to buy into a new system that doesn't piggyback on a massive user base - like CaNikon does - or offer substantially more than the competition is a big ask. We've seen the spec sheets for the next gen Sony sensors, lots will wait to see what the a7s3 brings to the table before taking the S1 plunge. Plus Sony doesn't seem to be placing a high priority on 4/3 sensors, leaving them with the same sensor they've been using for years. The GH6 will need to raise the bar to give people a reason to upgrade. Global shutter? Chris
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