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  1. I hope it's not a problem here
  2. 2 very good test very thorough with a good analysis -https://www.repaire.net/forums/articles/canon-r5c-vs-canon-r5-des-performances-en-video-tres-differentes.1274/ -https://www.repaire.net/forums/articles/testbox-canon-r5c-comparatif-canon-c70-sony-fx6-red-v-raptor.1275/
  3. 92F

    Panasonic GH6

    Question to hyalinejim Can you film for a long time without significant heat problems, whatever the codec? What strategy do you use for the ventilator? Can it be heard with an external microphone?
  4. A good shot with the XF 605... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm22jlRD60g
  5. Yes ...but it's an all in one, reliable, nothing to add Fashion is FF and there is the DVX 200 in M4/3 at the same price, only it won't have the look of a Hybrid M4/3... It is a choice according to his real needs ... that of the customer
  6. What settings, Codecs etc ... Filmed by hand ? With what stabilization setting ..? Thank You
  7. Compact, light enough ... it seems to be a good compromise ... You filmed in full automatic ?
  8. 92F

    Panasonic GH6

    An uncompromising test which shows that a VND (as said above) is never neutral ... but remains much more easy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzF6hroocH8 It's a compromise, find yours
  9. The objective to make clicks.... and it does it works well....even here 😊
  10. 92F

    Panasonic GH6

    GH6 and S5 " Comme vous pouvez le voir dans la vidéo, le S5 et le GH6 se marient à la perfection ! La nouvelle color science du GH6 est presque quasi-identique à celle du S5. D'ailleurs, je vous met au défi de me trouver les plans filmés en micro 4/3 et les autres filmés en 24x36. Nous avons aussi été bluffé par la stabilisation du boitier assez incroyable. Tous les plans du GH6 ont été tournés en run & gun ! " Google Translate " As you can see in the video, the S5 and the GH6 go together perfectly! The new color science of the GH6 is almost identical to that of the S5. Besides, I challenge you to find me the shots filmed in micro 4/3 and the others filmed in 24x36. We were also amazed by the quite incredible stabilization of the case. All the plans for the GH6 were shot in run & gun! " Google Translate
  11. 92F

    Panasonic GH6

    GH6 review and test
  12. 92F

    Panasonic GH6

    Ideally, the market should not adapt by offering an ND filter for the GH6 which starts higher ?
  13. 92F

    Panasonic GH6

    Yes it's not a good thing to put several ND
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