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  1. Yes it is, the gave it to me after purchasing, apologies, please delete if not allowed.
  2. Clear image zoom is not the aps-c crop, its a 1.5x digital zoom. I use it for quick punch-ins on the a73 all the time. Just haven't got around to trying it on the s3 yet. Chris
  3. FYI the Prograde V90 cards are on sale, if you use the code ALPHAGVRD20 they knock 20% off. I bought two 128gb v90 cards for $188. I haven't found a better deal. Chris
  4. As always an encyclopedia on info. I'll check the Kondor Blue cage out. I already have a bunch of smallrig stuff, that's why I kind of default to them. I do like having the camera on a QR, would be much easier going from a cage setup with the Ninja, audio adapter, wireless mics and so on to a gimbal. Just unplug the cables and pop the camera out of the cage. Nice find. Chris
  5. Nice! The 24/1.4 is my favorite E-mount lens. Its awesome on a gimbal too. Cheers Chris
  6. Haven't tested it yet, but Clear Image Zoom does a 1.5x crop in 4k and a 2x crop in HD. On the a7III there's no IQ loss.
  7. Got mine Saturday. Agree about the EVF, its incredible. The larger grip compared to the a7III is really nice, still wish it was about 2cm taller so my pinky doesn't wrap under and a 1cm or so further away from the lens mount - its pretty tight with fat lenses. Touch tracking is amazing, it sticks to everything. 4k120p in something this small also nuts. And you can use v90 SD cards for just about everything, as opposed to something like the R5 which needs the CFexpress cards. Haven't tinkered with raw/Ninja yet either. There's so much to this camera. So far no regrets. Cheers Chris
  8. I shouldn’t type before drinking coffee LOL! The handle itself isn’t the issue because obviously it’s in the way, it’s the shape of cable that allows you to move the K3M off the shoe, from what I’ve read it doesn’t seat properly with the small rig cage. Someone posted on the FB group that you need a hotshot extension to make it work. As far as the handle, it’s pretty much always on for me, just another option for carrying, more attachment points, and another point of contact. I find it very handy, unless it’s on a gimbal. The handle is also where I mount my Ninja, or a shotgun, or my G3
  9. @Hangs4Fun so many posts full of great info! Been debating between the K3M or the older one with the cable as I don’t need 4 channels. Some are repoing that the K3M’s cord doesn’t seat properly with a small rig cage and top handle. That’s going to be my usual setup as I like to put the Ninja on the end of my top handle. Hmmm... chris
  10. Went with the Zilr cable and another Amazon one that claims to be HDMI 2.0 with good reviews. Thanks for the tips! Chris
  11. Some of this is interesting, certainly the DGO sensor, smaller form factor and the OEM speedbooster - but not interesting enough to make me cancel my a7sIII order. The lack of an EVF in 2020 on a mirrorless camera is just a head scratcher. Adding a $1000 Zcam or some ancient Zacuto one is silly on a $5500 camera. WTF Canon? Chris
  12. You can get pretty much everything with a v90 card. I'm waiting for a Type A card as well - ordered with the camera and its on backorder until who knows when. Until then its v90 and the Ninja for me. Prograde Digital is selling them direct - they're on sale right now and alphagvrd has an additional 20% off discount coupon, so they're cheaper than the big online retailers. I have 2x128gb cards in my cart and its $188, insanely cheap for quality v90 cards. https://alphagvrd.com/ Chris
  13. Looking for a HDMI 2.0 cable to shoot 4k60p with the Ninja V and the a7sIII, curious if anyone has one that works without issues. There are tons, but just about every review on B&H and Amazon has people reporting they don't work with 60p. Looking for something flexible, not those heavy duty braided cables for TV's, and no a coiled cable like the Atomos cable, absolutely hate those. Would like something shorter than 3ft/1m as well so I can avoid the top handle coil LOL! Drop links with what you use. Thanks! Chris
  14. There are really no bad options among all the 10-bit FF hybrids, they all have warts, but they all are capable of producing an amazing image. Sometimes we get hung up on bickering over aspects that are dealbreakers for me but not an issue for you. I don’t have the time while I work or the eyesight for manual focus, so for me I need good AF and a few key primes. And I have no interest in a c300 size camera. Obviously others don’t have the same problem. But right now only Sony, Canon and Nikon cover the bases and despite a brief flirtation with the RF mount I’m sticking with Sony. My a7s3 is on
  15. Hey use whatever works for you, if its the S5 that's great. The lenses and AF don't work for me, everyone's needs are different. Enjoy your camera. Cheers Chris
  16. At the expense of much worse rolling shutter, laughably bad AF in 2020, a downspec EVF, no raw, few native lens options and so on. The L-mount has a ways to go before its a competitive system with the E-mount and it doesn't look like they're ever going to get the AF sorted. Pretty much anything can produce a great image these days, if you need more than just a body, Panasonic FF is the worst choice among the big players - far behind Sony, Canon, Nikon and even Fuji. Cheers Chris
  17. @Dave Maze agree with your conclusion, now that higher quality 10-bit is the norm there are lots of great options in the budget/hybrid space. B&H started shipping according to some posts on FB. Looks like we'll start seeing more unboxing videos tomorrow. Cheers Chris
  18. If you already have one of the 4k60 action cams I can't see a reason to get a new one since the price keeps climbing on these. Until they bring something new, why would anyone upgrade, even skipping two generations? I see little advantage over a Hero7 or the Osmo if you must have a front screen. IQ hasn't gotten any better in the last few generations and most phones can shoot better video/slowmo. Quite frankly its surprising how little innovation we've seen in the action cam space - its gone completely stagnant. More "K's" isn't the answer Cheers Chris
  19. Few actually have the camera since its not shipping in most parts of the world. And I'm on a Mac, its Command-V Cheers Chris
  20. A good look at the a7s3 with some ISO tests using various PP's. I'm personally still a fan of the Cine profiles since ETTR is my preferred way of working instead of playing the over exposure game. But looking forward to working with Slog3 too. Cheers Chris
  21. Tinkering with the raw files, no LUT, just basic exposure adjustments and balancing the RGB parade on the first, the second has a little more saturation. I'm a novice with grading and working on my skills. I've been told by others here I can't see good color because I like what's coming out of the a7s3, so if its shit, it is what it is, but I'm still buying the camera. Plenty of detail on the guy's face despite not being oversampled like the a73. Looking forward to my copy shipping. Cheers. Chris EDIT: colors pop more in my FCPx window than looking at this page on chrome.
  22. Here's a couple short ProRes raw clips - not mine since the camera isn't shipping in the US yet. But a chance to tinker with some footage. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/08484b6d49a91db7c62cc92d364d4a5c20200916064042/d8415b?fbclid=IwAR2XITJ3z_JnTCA9s-ugbtFclpRNhnD9VsrCy2wMl8UzunFEP6XcVFAcao0 The FW update from Atomos is out too. Now to figure out working with raw in FCPx... Enjoy. Chris
  23. The a7c line has no impact on the future of the a6000 series. Its just another gateway to get people invested into the E-mount and buying FE lenses. There's nothing low cost or entry level about FF with the cheapest current body at $1798, and there isn't much by the way of small/cheap lenses which is where the low margin/high volume a6000 market sits. The marginal improvements made to the APS-c line in the last few years likely make it very profitable since they're the volume sellers. Many casual shooters have no interest in anything beyond the cheap 2-zoom-lens kits, and they're not going to
  24. I've gone back and forth on a RX100 or a X100 for something more compact and I always wind up just carrying my a7's with a single lens - usually a 24mm or 35mm, but sometimes a small zoom. I had one of the x100's and the a7III with a small prime was much better so I got rid of it. If you have the XT3, maybe something like the tiny xa7 with a pancake? Though I don't carry anything including my phone in my pocket since its too warm where I live to wear a jacket most of the year, and I don't find "pocketable" cameras comfortable to carry in pants/shorts pockets. So I always have at least a small
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