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  1. Agreed. I really like shooting with the a7sIII, it just makes getting the shot so effortless and I love the image. Handling is the best of any Sony body to date. They nailed the ergos. I added the smallrig cage and Nitze top handle - overall its a nice little package that's easy to add a monitor, mics or whatever. Class leading AF, low rolling shutter, 10-bit color, great in low light, and 120fps is everything I need in a camera. Its great handheld, on sticks or on a gimbal. I do wish Sony would get the WB in custom modes sorted since I have my 1/2/3 set for fast switching between 24/60/120p. Internal ND's and a bigger/brighter LCD would be nice on a beefed up FX3 - maybe a FX4? I've used it a lot since it was released, I'm still really happy with the camera and not lusting after anything else for video - except maybe the a1 since I shoot a lot of stills and would love 50mp LOL! Looking forward to what the a7IV brings as the a7III is now mostly for photo's and my b-cam or backup to the a7sIII. Chris
  2. I've used this one for a lot of talking head stuff with one of the ipad prompter apps. Its a little clunky to setup and you need a sturdy tripod as its kind of heavy and the size makes it awkward, but it works great. https://www.amazon.com/Glide-Gear-TMP100-Adjustable-Teleprompter/dp/B019AJOLEM/ref=asc_df_B019AJOLEM/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312066954908&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=9592358752520061344&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9012073&hvtargid=pla-524458036017&psc=1 Chris
  3. Fuji's processing pipeline and that silly Xtrans could make 8k a challenge - we know both are processor intensive. If they can't get more than a few minutes of record time or any other issues, it would make sense to have something like an oversampled 6k camera with higher 4k frame rates. That would give them the edge over other APS-c alternatives. It'll be interesting to see if they adopt dual function card slots like Sony's to allow for higher bitrates and such or any external raw options. If Nikon can do raw, Fuji needs to be in that space. Personally I hope they go with a Bayer array and make the controls more like the GFX cameras. Stop with the dedicated ISO and SS knobs that can't cover the entire range and just make them customizable dials. Chris
  4. $1500 for that same ugly/chunky form factor from the Ninja V, a massive hardware upgrade with an equally massive bezel. Awesome capability, but I'll stick with the regular Ninja V - which occasionally goes on sale for $500, that's when I picked one up. Chris
  5. It would take a completely different sensor to go 8k since that's just over 33mp, so far we haven't seen anything that high rez from the 1" sensor. DJI has ProRes and raw on the older Inspire cameras, seems like that's a way to stay "pro" with the Pro 3 in addition to 4k60p. Personally I hope they go m43 and higher framerates/bitrates with pro 3. I had high hopes for the new drone, but the fixed aperture kills the Air 2s for me, I need manual exposure. Chris
  6. That's a huge difference, makes the a7rII a no-brainer if its mostly for stills, the difference means more lenses LOL! Chris
  7. I've used the $200 Glide Gear many times with an ipad prompter app - its been very handy despite being a bit clunky and surprisingly heavy. Its easy to setup and get right to shooting. Cue cards don't look as natural since the talent isn't looking right into the lens, if you're having people read stuff regularly, the prompter solves all of that. The Ikan looks like a rebranded Glide Gear. If you'll use it and it'll pay for itself, just get it. Chris
  8. I've easily shot 50k images with the a7r2 and its still my favorite of all the Sony sensors, eventually I'll probably own another as a landscape/backup camera. I'd love it if they did a faster version of the 42mp sensor for the next a7IV. Even at about $900 or so used, the a7r2 is a bargain for the IQ. But if I were in your shoes, I'd probably stretch that for a used Z7 just for the easy compatibility with lenses/batteries and same colors if the budget allows. Cheers Chris
  9. I wonder if it'll do 4k60p as well, that's the one thing missing from the Pro 2 for me. Will be interesting to see what the Pro 3 brings if this is getting the 1" sensor. Chris
  10. 49 AF points, looking at the Dustin Abbot review, its mediocre at best. This is definitely not the camera to get if you want any sort of AF-c. Chris
  11. I'm one of those that had issues with the 24-70, an early copy was an absolute dust vac so I sold it. I bought another at the end of last year when it went on sale for $899, after a few months of heavy use all outdoors (I don't shoot inside ever LOL!) its still 100% clean inside. Pic is the old lens, all the specks are dust UNDER the front element. There's a YT video showing its pretty easy to pop out the front element, I opted to ditch the dusty copy. IMO the sealing was quietly improved without acknowledging the defect to avoid a recall outcry. Chris
  12. I haven't noticed any pulsing like that, but I'm usually not shooting anything faster than f/2.8 or 4 with talking heads because they move around so much and the camera really sticks to the eye or face, if your lens breathes at all it will show in the footage - and most lenses do shift at least a little bit. Maybe slow down the AF a bit more so changes aren't so abrupt. Fuji did wonky things with shading too, the solution was turning off lens corrections. Off to try this with my 24GM and 35/85 1.8's to see if I get the same thing. Chris
  13. Looks cool, but I'm holding out for a Mavic Pro 3. I find FPV footage a little nauseating to watch, but they look like fun LOL! Chris
  14. Awesome, thanks for the tips. Another thing I've been debating is replacing my beachtek with a zoom to use as an audio interface. Just trying to streamline things a bit. I shoot Sony, but just can't quite convince myself to go with a proprietary piece like their XLR modules since a zoom can be used to live stream with phones and such. Chris
  15. Good to know! You always have the solution LOL! How would you compare the Deity to something like the Video Mic Pro+? Thanks mate. Chris
  16. Hmmm... B&H shows them in stock. Might take the plunge since my G3 is only one lav and the stick mic. They need a wireless go shotgun that we can put on a boom or just to get better nat sound. I feel like I own too many mics LOL, and I'm not even an audio guy. Chris
  17. I use the Zilr cable and another one off Amazon. Both are very flexible and do raw into the Ninja, so you should be good. The Zilr is the most bendy. Though the ribbon cables BTM Pix posted look more flexible LOL! https://www.amazon.com/ZILR-Ultra-Ethernet-HDCP2-2-Camera/dp/B07SFK3FVZ https://www.amazon.com/Poyiccot-Degree-Cable-Plated-Left-Right/dp/B07332ZBXV/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=poyiccot+HDMI+90+degree&qid=1614693702&s=electronics&sr=1-4 Chris
  18. Has anyone used these and found them to be reliable signal wise and quiet? I have a Sennheiser G3 that I'd like to shrink, but the 2.4ghz thing makes me nervous. Some call them the bees-knees and some call them noisy. A backup recording sounds handy too. Chris
  19. I work in tourism marketing in Florida, its been a rough year, lots of layoffs and visitation numbers collapsing for a good chunk of 2020. Lots of colleagues lots jobs as layoffs cut deep industry-wide. I've been fortunate to be at 2019 levels of income as there were needs for pandemic messaging and now slowly starting to welcome back visitors. Plus everyone is doubling down on local experiences, outdoor adventures and other social distance activities that can be safely done - so there's lots of content buckets to fill. Things are rebounding. I feel blessed to still be busy, but its been tough to create content with social distance measures, so lots of outdoor/drone stuff, I've been flying a lot. Its also been rough with all the negative attention FL generates. But vaccines are rolling out fast, so there's a light at the end of the tunnel. All signs point toward a busy summer, for better or worse. I did have some extra downtime so I made a point to exercise daily to burn stress, got faster on inline skates and on my paddleboard than ever before, and got into the best shape of my life. I think we all need something to keep us sane, I've had lots of friends/family get COVID despite most being very careful, and a few have died. Its been a rough year mentally just from the constant stress of everything. Chris
  20. v2.0 FW is out. Cinetone is the headline, but there are always under the hood fixes filed under "improves overall stability of the camera" https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/e-mount-body-ilce-7-series/ilce-7sm3/downloads This is the worst part of owning a Sony, not being able to simply copy to a card and update, have to plug in the camera and hope for the best. Chris
  21. Because if it were called the a7sIIIc, it wouldn't sell at $3800 There's an interview on Dpreview, its their drone cam among other uses. Sony is building out an ecosystem which is good since DJI seems to have forgotten about their entire line above the Mini/Air's. I think people are getting too hung up on the word cinema. Bloom makes fun of that in his FX3 video. IMO, rather than create a new line they dropped it below the FX6. Cheers Chris
  22. Well that's the FX6, I don't think anyone expects a shrunken FX6 that undercuts its price by that much. Though I think they could have pushed the price point a higher and included all that. IMO that's the problem with the rumor mill, it creates crazy expectations with all the bullshit, and then things come crashing down with actual specs or prices. Cheers Chris
  23. More choices are better. Kinda makes the C70 look a little overpriced. Man how quickly everyone throws shade. If this was released before the a7s3 it would be hailed as the greatest thing ever. Personally I like it, even though I love the EVF on the a7s3. The only thing I don't like is the lack of a convenient way to mount a monitor to the handle. If you're going that route, the a7s3 and a cage makes more sense. If you're all internal recording without a monitor, I'd probably go this route for something smaller. I do wish it had the internal ND's. If I get another video-centric Sony it will be the FX6, mostly for that and the ability to ditch NR. If the a1 and the FX6 were around before the a7s3, I may have gone that route for my hybrid shooting solution, my niece can get me the EDU discount LOL! I may still make that move if a few freelance opportunities come through, but I'll wait for the a74 before doing anything. Chris
  24. Makes sense, I try not to speak in absolutes because everyone has such different shooting scenarios where issues may arise that I'll never see. I guess the best solution is one of the standard single handle gimbals instead of the Weebill's design, time for a RS2 LOL! Chris
  25. I've had them micro HDMI fail on a camera and the one on my Mavic Pro 2 controller just broke. Fortunately Its a relatively inexpensive board swap. I love having the full size HDMI on the a7s3, such an underrated feature. I was so paranoid plugging my Ninja into the a73 because that one is so fragile. I'd like to see USB-c replace the smaller HDMI variants, seems more robust. Chris
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