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  1. I have been shooting on BMPCC for years and have had some great experiences with the Digital Bolex. Sure its a really odd camera but there is some sort of mojo about it that can't be explained. Its got that Kodak CCD that is truly unique. I shot a shot film on it using their own Kish lenses and REALLY enjoyed the process.
  2. Dave Maze

    Sony a6300 4k

    "Sony Colors" is what I have always said too. Then I started using these cameras and going into the white balance shift and pulled some of the "greenish blue" out of the image and now I have been very satisfied with the colors. Especially when using an external recorder to get ProRes out of it. I did a grade with the a6300 footage online and it turned out pretty good. I hate that most all the sony footage online is so washed out and blueish. I wanted to try to get something warm and saturated. Was really pleased with the results.
  3. Dave Maze

    Sony a6300 4k

    I downloaded some of the a6300 footage that is on YouTube and did a color grade with it. It held up really nicely and was pleased with the results. Looking forward to getting my hands on one soon
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