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  1. the varicam lt is not as good in low light, and doesn't do full frame nor has, in my opinion, skintones as close to alexa as the c700. but yea I got my used. varicam is a lot cheaper - but that's the price I got the c700 for used
  2. in the states, you can rent it for around $300 a day on sharegrid and kitsplit - but I don't know the demand for it, but I think it's probably fairly good, especially wtih an odyssey for arriraw. But as a former owner of a sony f65 - having a big giant heavy power-hungry camera with a slow boot up time definitely limits creative choices that you can get with a smaller camera. You can't fly on a gimbal or steadicam as easily you can put it in a car or other tight spaces, you can handhold for as long. But still, yea that alexa has some great skintones, and so easily. still though, an ursa mini pro with a custom olpf filter or red scarlet maybe more useful at that price range
  3. I have the new lcd. Makes the c300 ii so so so much more ergonomical . I shot some tests c300 ii and c200. Email me at [email protected] and i can get you the raw dpx files
  4. just the youtube web version - yea it's still really bad, but if you look at what's on youtube, I'm just trying to help them - help the little guy
  5. the 200c is $2290.00, so maybe like $3k or so. but its rgb vs just daylight. aputure 300d ii is gunning for the joker 800 and arri 1.2k also with the 2x fresnel, probably same output as a joker 800 if his photometrics are right! if 25% brighter than 300d mark i with fresnel lens 2x its 97500 lux a t 1m, and joker 800 with frosted fresnel is 46403.22, with wide angle it is 216591.405. so not as bright as with wide angle, but brighter than joker with frosted fresnel - more like a joker 1600 with a frosted fresnel!
  6. i regraded it for them to make it better. tried to get rid of macro blocking:
  7. wooooooo 575 vs 300 watts . DAMN GINA! that's like a joker 800
  8. much improved design - really nice to see a company listening to feedback!
  9. hopefully this starts a trend towards affordable high speed!
  10. completely portable. small. 6k vs 30k used for a phantom miro. excited about this guy. curious to see dynamic range vs miro (from demo reel chronos looks like 10-12 stops similar to miro and red one mx)
  11. dang that looks like the same light!! THANK YOU CHINA!
  12. all in one! 20% more light! presets! BOOOOOOM
  13. the hardest thing for the x7 or x5 is that the brains are inside the inspire - so you would have to make a seperate brains for the ronin - but I'm sure they could make an add on piece or a brand new ronin that has inspire brains
  14. my extra predictions either for NAB or Cinegears or that Europe NABish event: -DJI will make the Z7 to use on a gimbal -slr magic will come out with 2x anamorphics in PL mount, not their 1.4x ones -fs7 iii will have fs5 ii improved color science and pro res
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