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  1. .... This is now my last post on eoshd. I seem to not be able to handle social media. I really gave it a good try. But I can't. Just not a good way to talk to someone. Everything is heightened. Apology to you Emanuel! Bye all.
  2. Hi I have tons of stuff for sale on my ebay account: https://www.ebay.com/str/eddaviddp make me offers, I usually accept.
  3. You seem like a very nice, innocent person, Emanuel! I mean that as a compliment. Here in America, things are very nasty. People are nasty. Brutish. We are having a major class war. Many of us have a different view on billionares and job innovators. We distrust silicon valley. We distrust pharmacuticals. We distrust heads of energy companies and goverment leaders. We distrust the mainstream media. We distrust until we are proven right. We trust whistleblowers. We trust contrarians and outcasts and outsiders and artists and musicians and intellectuals and w
  4. If I spent $1300 on a phone that was promised as a revolutionary way to control the red, and then it didn't. Then promised I would get a deal in return for the hydrogen 2. Then told that the hydrogen 2 is over and that the president and backer of the hydrogen 2 is retiring, I would be very, very, very upset. You maybe extraordinary in how you treat red. You may also be confusing the company with a form of friendship and community that overrides any anger and loss if you lose thousands of dollars. Personally, I think, and would argue most people would think - that cameras shoul
  5. Emmanuel, Jim is an example of "progress"? Your words. See below. Probably the best summary of how he runs his business. The poor people who invested thousands of dollars into his "inventions wrapped in art." As someone else wrote, "good riddance".
  6. Thanks for your response, Emanuel. I have spent time as a cinemotography with a lot of interesting people. I worked on a doc with a murderer of two people (he was an armed robber_ as we filmed him coming home from jail. He was super nice, super sincere. A really nice person. I worked with the CEO of a major corporation responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people due to his policy that goes against most ethical standards. Again, really, really nice. Very mellow. Nothing weird or evil about him. No conflict from what I could tell. We talked about personal matt
  7. I agree, I don't take anything for granted either that I read on the internet. Or information I get from anywhere. I always do research first. And when working on news stories, I always call or email the main source. Hence was the case on the Jinnimag latest video. I personally emailed Dr. Fossum, the inventor of CMOS, who is heavily featured in the latest Jinnimag video. I got his response, which he later published to imaging world blog, that corroborated most of what the Jinnimag video said. The Jannard silencing of his employee during the Lance Armstrong criminal trial was report
  8. Should you be celebrating a man who almost shut down EOS's blog in a threat of a lawsuit? A man who got his employee to lie under oath about Lance Armstrong doping? Who lied to the public about the origins of his camera? Who is responsible for the Red Hydrogen, literally the worst tech product of 2018? Who has bullied and banned people left and right in the cinematography forum? How is this man superior to other people? Why are we even discussing him or red? I owned the red one mx. I owned 2 of them. I owned the red epic. It was a great camera. Flawed of course,
  9. According to newsshooter it does RAW lite internally. This camera, along with the c500 mark ii seems to mark a new era for Canon. Alexa-like dynamic range and skintones. Full frame. Compact. I have a lot of optimism for Canon.
  10. yup got $600 back! and a free repair! consumer advocacy works!!!! I reached out to their sales rep about the matter - I'm not taking full credit, but I reached out and we should all do this about any product if we are not happy with it.
  11. But why would Apple spend all this money on a lawsuit if the patent is not stopping them from doing something?
  12. This is the slow death of mirrorless cameras, just as the smartphone killed a huge share of the point and shoot camera market. Once this gets improved, for non professionals it will be good enough and definitely for stills shooting.
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