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  1. candidate 2 is clearly superior. My guess is candidate 1 was shot on a GH5s, candidate 2 on a p4k. Candidate 2 is clearly smoother, less sharpening. the difference is almost invisible of course for the average user ! seriously, i prefer nr 2 ?
  2. I guessed correctly after a couple of seconds skipping through the AB comparison. Skin quality and skin tones on the P4K are better. The sharpening in the tree foliage is also obvious on the GH5s ... Quite a big difference IMO.
  3. Probably they are all waiting for the backups to finish...
  4. Indeed, charging time is almost 2x faster than useful time with the p4k. from the website specs : Recharges in around 2.5-3.0 hours full charge via the BatPower Adapter, 8-12 hours full charge from a 5V Micro USB adapter/charger. I only charged it 3x for now, but it does indicate 4/4 leds charge after only 2h. It would seem that the last 1h is to get the last few drops in ... The charger that comes with it is 68W. The 148Wh model can be taken on-flight, but not without clearance from the airline company. Maybe you could check, as it has (seemingly !) the same dimensions (maybe you should check that one too ...)
  5. Recharge is 3h. in the youtube vid he was connecting the npf straight to the camera. I thought he was just using the plate as an attachment. The main question remains if the smallrig plate does not drop below 10.8v under power draw. the thing i really like about this batpower is the moment it stops, the voltage drop below 14.5v is less then a second, probably it just switches off instantaneously and the p4k takes a few seconds for the indication to adjust to the internal voltage.
  6. That is a reallly bad solution, only 7.4v. Extended use will probably destroy the camera. My solution above stays above 14.5 V all the time.
  7. The Muxtronics man answered : there were still a few little problems, and he has zero time to finish the development. In the meantime I got this BatPower EX7D 98Wh. It fits the smallrig powerbank holder on my smallrig cage. Great. The EX7D is about 18cmx2.3cmx8.4 - so is slightly larger than the website & manual state. If the size of the next model is correct, you can get 148 Wh in exactly the same case ! My first tests (after what I think was a full load, but not completely sure about this): BMCCP4K with an old 4/3 lens with OIS enabled / p4k lcd at 60% / recording to T5 drive : genuine Canon LP-e6n 1865 mAh battery : 44 min BatPower EX7D 98Wh : 270 min (with the Canon battery fully charged in the camera) Retested the Canon LP-e6n, this time OIS disabled / p4k lcd at 30% / recording internally to SD card : 55 min In theory this would result in 337 min on the BatPower EX7D 98Wh - need to rerun a very long test to confirm this ! Bonus : the powerbank outputs an almost steady 15V. There is also a 20V mode, but that does not seem to work on the p4k (need to test if this is maybe defective ?). When the capacity goes to 0, it switches off. Transition to the internal battery is flawless and recording continues ! This gives at least an extra 44 min to the 270. Or 55 + 337. In theory, with the 148 Wh version, this results in 7-9h of actual recording time. I think the 98 Wh is enough to get through a full day of (30%?) shooting. You can also charge the powerbank while it is powering the camera ... The only downside for me is that I expected a slightly smaller enclosure, but it fits the Smallrig holder perfectly. I either mount it on top, or I can hang it under the camera, which is much more stable handheld, but needs some time to put on a tripod. edit: i was shooting max 4k dci, braw 12:1
  8. Ok, i’ll send two camera’s ! Can you advance the shipping costs ? Or this
  9. If you give me a. 20% deposit, i will give you a Ferrari for free ! I need the advance to get you in front in the delivery cue, but after the transaction i will refund.
  10. Yeah I had high hopes for my Ipad pro. But it is still clumsy to get in and out, your T5 trouble is just not worth it. Moreover, Apple's own Prores on Ipad seems centuries off, so now that I finally have my P4k, the Ipad pro is completely useless. Luckily there are some nice games on it. And facebook, if you are still into that. The Ipad pro : a social doorstop or gaming presse papier. Can someone remind me what's pro about it ? Ah yes, it has the speed, we just need to find a way to use it.
  11. The designer of this power bank clearly knows something about batteries. He has a complete list of parts, and could be willing to share/license this for almost nothing. personally i cannot do this kind of DIY, but maybe some users on this forum have the skills ? @BTM_Pix ? imo this powerbank should power the p4k for at least 2,5 h, plus a perfect handover to the internal battery for an extra 45 min. The cost should be less than 120 euro, even when commercialised.
  12. Posted this at blackmagic as well : I have stumbled upon this: https://muxtronics.nl/powerbank.html if only I could contact the person. Maybe if he receives 50-100 demands, he would take it in production. This powerbank seems like the ideal companion to the p4K : constant voltage, programmable (!), variants with more 18650 cells are possible. The standard form factor is really small, and fits the smallrig powerbank holder perfectly. I want to order one, have tried contacting, no response yet. I did not find a direct email ...
  13. I Realize many are on a tight budget, myself included. But i think the t5 is very cheap. If it is too expensive, you need to get out of video as soon as possible. A decent filter or two costs more ! i remember the time we did backups on cd-rom, when they were about 2 euro each. That is about 2500 euro to backup a 1 TB t5 drive ?
  14. The yellowish cello is with the Jordanwright lut, the reddish is the same fram with the standard p4k to extended video lut. I can disclose that the real instrument is quite yellow, but I am not sure about the hand. No other grading done on these shots, straight out of camera.
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