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  1. P6K makes no sense to me, as you need another set of lenses. I will rent one, for a specific project where we need to crop in (a lot ?). Will be interesting to see the difference in that specific case. I bought a Kamlan 50mm f1.1 mk2 a month ago - amazing glass for the price. I just need to order the 21 mm now. Does anyone have more experience with the DZO cinema glass ? I like my panaleica 12-60 a lot on my gx80, but somehow it does not make me happy on the p4k. Too much distortion on the wide end. It is still parfocal though. I still prefer my older fourthirds lenses on the P4k ... Even the ois seems to have less quirks.
  2. More than a year later, seems like braw is a much underrated codec. It edits quite easily on a budget pc, does not generate huge files, and is free to use for other manufacturers. There is nothing like the p4k for the money, i needed resolve studio, so the bmpcc4k actually cost me 950 euro. More so, because I already had some decent m43 lenses. The 6k is another story, plenty of competition there.
  3. Did you miss this thread ? The facebook user page was also full of it, enough anecdotal experience with electrical problems. Anyway, the power supply you mentioned does not have enough wattage - I am surprised they sell it specifically for the bmpcc 4K. My powerbank is actually not much longer, and my cam is secured properly on the stand. I would also not trust my camera on a cheap plastic battery pack between the stand and the camera ... In my setup, switching position only takes a couple of seconds ! Also take note of the Kamlan 50mm f1.1 mark II :-) I need to order the 21 mm f1.8 asap.
  4. The output voltage is too low ... It is only 10.8 V which is the minimum. The output is only 2A max, the bmpcc 4K power supply is 2.5A ! Imo it is a product that works, but it is anyone's guess how long the bmpcc 4K will work without frying itself. I use a batpower 98Wh model, output is 15V. It cuts out before voltage goes out of bmpcc 4K specs, and transition to internal battery is seemless. It also has more than enough power to power the camera + OIS + 48V + SSD and charge the internal battery. It can output 90W at 15V, so it should be safe at 6A max (it is designed to power laptops ...) At only 110 euro it will power the 4K for 270' with T5 connected, screen at 60%, lens OIS on (the internal LPe6n battery gives 44' under the same conditions) So I can safely keep the camera on and recording for 5h ! (6h20 on SD card, screen at 30%, no OIS). They also have 148Wh and 210 Wh models (the 148Wh has the same physical size...) I use the smallrig powerbank holder, on a nato clamp. I have 2 extra nato rails on my cage (one underside, one on the top handle), so I can reposition or attach the powerbank in seconds. My advice would be : do NOT buy a cheap charger with less than 3A / 15V specs. I think 110 euro is already on the cheap side. My runtime with it equals 6,13 LPe6n batteries, which translates to €484 !
  5. We even have a number. Trump offered 890 M in the absence of his staff to the then ceo of the company. it was the same period when Trump was bloating about the US making the vaccine first. Clearly the US was going to BUY it first. The ceo was sacked instantly by the board of the company. The EU and German government intervened also. I do not think this is fake news.
  6. It is beyond me how any republican, democrat, libertarian, whatever could ever support that guy, who clearly has several personality disorders, and was not even a republican himself. The only party card he has is an opportunistic one. He is an open liar, opportunist, misogynist, racist, the list goes on. it is completely beyond me how one can support him, just based on the fact of him being potus. The thing I do not get is how people that can see this guy for what he is, get flamed, just because he got elected. It just shows how bad the system got, not only in the US, but the rest of the democratic world as well. It shows how badly this corrupted system has settled within all of us. we all have our mini trumps. It is still beyond me how anyone can defend them. .... News flash. Here in Belgium the situation seems quite controlled, people are following the severe restrictions well, and yet, the hospitalisations are DOUBLING every day. I think you all can see where this will lead us....
  7. I have a self built ryzen 3600 plus rtx 2060 super oc, well balanced gpu versus cpu. 4k h264 is easy. if you go for ryzen 3900 maybe 2x rtx2060 super gives more bang for the buck than the 2080 ? you cannot test with resolve free, it does not use the gpu for accelleration. ryzen 4000 laptop cpus will be almost as fast as the current desktop versions, but with less then half the power consumption, so no throttling ! They will even have a built in gpu, maybe the perfect match for your egpu ? maybe you can send me some h265 files, or a small project, so I can run it on resolve on my pc.
  8. If you go the laptop route, I would hang on a bit and wait for the newest (maybe they are out already) Ryzen ones. Power consumption is key. I saw a comparative review, a fast laptop + graphics card will need to throttle down working on battery - it cannot deliver enough power ! I think the new AMD chips are much more efficient. Or get a ... Macbook pro ...
  9. The S1 plus the extra video option is double the price of the P4K in Belgium. A lot of people already have good m43 glass. The internal battery is fine for me, most shoots are on AC. I bought a 100 euro Batpower solution, which gives me 4h30+45' internal in case I need it. Even with the cage and Batpower it is still half the price, because I really needed to buy Resolve otherwise. I pretty much gave up on PP. Then you have the speed and worflow of Braw. So, even if the S1 has better image quality (for Full HD deliverables ?), we have plenty of reasons to like our p4k. I do understand your point considering the p6k.
  10. candidate 2 is clearly superior. My guess is candidate 1 was shot on a GH5s, candidate 2 on a p4k. Candidate 2 is clearly smoother, less sharpening. the difference is almost invisible of course for the average user ! seriously, i prefer nr 2 ?
  11. I guessed correctly after a couple of seconds skipping through the AB comparison. Skin quality and skin tones on the P4K are better. The sharpening in the tree foliage is also obvious on the GH5s ... Quite a big difference IMO.
  12. Probably they are all waiting for the backups to finish...
  13. Indeed, charging time is almost 2x faster than useful time with the p4k. from the website specs : Recharges in around 2.5-3.0 hours full charge via the BatPower Adapter, 8-12 hours full charge from a 5V Micro USB adapter/charger. I only charged it 3x for now, but it does indicate 4/4 leds charge after only 2h. It would seem that the last 1h is to get the last few drops in ... The charger that comes with it is 68W. The 148Wh model can be taken on-flight, but not without clearance from the airline company. Maybe you could check, as it has (seemingly !) the same dimensions (maybe you should check that one too ...)
  14. Recharge is 3h. in the youtube vid he was connecting the npf straight to the camera. I thought he was just using the plate as an attachment. The main question remains if the smallrig plate does not drop below 10.8v under power draw. the thing i really like about this batpower is the moment it stops, the voltage drop below 14.5v is less then a second, probably it just switches off instantaneously and the p4k takes a few seconds for the indication to adjust to the internal voltage.
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