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  1. Ok, so for a full readout p6k 19.8 ms and p4k 16.2 msec. P6k in prores 4k will be the same 19.8 ms.
  2. I would still like to see a shot of a (static) scene filmed at 4K on the P4K (native glass, know to be tack sharp) compared to the +- the same shot of the same scene filmed at 6K on the P6K but DOWNSCALED to 4K. Probably the P6K will still have a slight advantage, but how much ? Certainly not as much as showing upscaled 400% zooms of the 4K footage ... On another note, some youtube reviewer mentions that the color science is almost exactly the same between the two. Incidental viewers on this and the P4K thread see the P6K footage as having much better color science and filmic motion cadence. Weird to say the least & confirmation bias ? Blackmagic themselves say p4k and p6k have the same color science. Probably rolling shutter should be better on the P4K (can anyone confirm the rolling shutter on the P6K), but the P6K could surprise us here ?
  3. A more interesting test would have been to downscale the P6K footage to 4K, same size as the P4K. Blowing up looking for detail you won't need is not very interesting, nor fair. One reason to buy the P6K would be - IF - you really need that extra resolution, and are willing to cope with the file sizes and processing power needed. Also, there is a speedbooster in the equasion, producting some of the softness, and I would guess the loss of contrast ?
  4. I pity all those trying to sell a new p4k online for 1735 euro ...
  5. What does this actually mean for the new PL 10-25 mm native m43 lens ? Does it also suffer, as it has been designed for thicker sensor stack ?
  6. I hear blackmagic design make a very good pocket 4k cinema camera !
  7. Quoting entire posts just to say +1 should be banned also @BTM_Pix i was barely able to resist downvoting you ! It is a pity one cannot downvote with a ๐Ÿ˜€
  8. My experience with flash drives is that even the tough & pro ones die instantly, without any warning. Never was able to recover one.
  9. That is strange. I used the GH5 once, and skin tones did not look any better than on my GX85. I used 2 bmpcc4K cams once (together with the GX85), and the skin tones looked dramatically better. Both conditions indoor, on a big (classical) concert stage. Still waiting for the p4k to become available ... Luckily rental is quite cheap (but you do not get the Resolve license of course)
  10. That is how we do it. Nine times out of ten I can make an undetectable edit+Crossfade without listening to it. Far more accurate and quicker then scrubbing. Image is another thing, only 24 frames per second. 24 notes per second is not that extreme...
  11. " the skull crushingly loud wide dynamic range audio mixes that are so in fashion at the moment. Theyโ€™re better suited to a cinema than a living room TV." I have to remark that the audio mixes are in fact low dynamic range, not wide. If they would have great dynamic range, the loud passages would sound loud, but natural. This point in time everything is really loud, so the loudest things are compressed to hell, and sound really obnoxiously ugly. In cinema, the norm would be wide dynamic range, but alas the same phenomenon has been going on for at least a decade. But at least one has clear guidelines for cinema. This is in fact my biggest complaint about Netflix quality control. Image wise they have total control (?), but sound is all over the place. I have to put my TV volume somewhere between low to extremely low ๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. So I've got two rented bmpcc4k, I'm off for a concert shoot this afternoon/evening. Some remarks: 1. my Panasonic 4/3 to m4/3 adapter works, but autofocus (on the old 4/3 12-50 phase detect AF panaleica lens) does not. Not a big deal, it would take approx. 47 seconds to focus anyway, and the manual focus tools are great. The physical aperture ring also does not function, but camera control does. Fine. 2. my cheap m4/3 12-32mm kit lens and my panaleica 12-60mm work great, stabilisation and all. Looks quite steady when handheld, of course not as good as the dual ibis but anyway. The nice thing is, the OIS of the old 4/3 panaleica lens still works. 3. the camera's are quiet, but not noiseless ! I can clearly hear them in my studio from 1m. During a classical shoot, I would not go near the main mic in a silent hall. Not within 2m. 4. the menu is a breaze. It took about 0 seconds to start changing settings. Also (and this is very important to me): no hidden/buried settings. 5. I do not know if it is possible to move the AF box. That is the only thing unclear.
  13. Well, this man seems to like braw: after seeing the footage, I think I don't care about what is missing with the latest update... Found rentable bmpcc4k nearby, finally going to test one shortly ...
  14. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Still using it, mainly for complex recordings/mixes
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