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  1. Can anyone comment on the non-corrected distortion ? My DZOFILM 10-24 almost has none, but is sometimes a bit too soft towards the edges.
  2. 5 cam in 4K with previews running, plus programme ? Which PC do you have then ? I cannot do that in my Ryzen 5950X machine ... Not at smooth 25 fps. I can do that zith braw. braw is more compact than prores at same quality levels. If I have a multicam shoot, and there is a GH5s running, it is like 200 GB for the GH5s (on 150mbit, not on 400 mbit codec !), and about 300 GB for braw Q5, same resolutions. So, braw is more performant and actually more compact, because for the gh5s I need to create proxies.
  3. Try editing and color correcting 8 cam live shoots with compressed codecs ... yes, archival is a problem, but highquality h264 is not that much more compact than braw.
  4. What if Panasonic are planning the GH6 ? What if the GH5 still is a viable camera, but due to older parts, difficult to assemble & sell. Hence the GH5 Mk II with a few small improvements ? Then the bulk of this thread is moot.
  5. Indeed, my dzofilm 10-24 is in fact 9.4 mm in 4k dci with almost no distortion !
  6. Good suggestions, thanks. I'd probably need to find time to test. I never thought of putting everything on a 2K DCI timeline ... I should test the performance hit as well, sometimes we have a 8-10 cam setup, so even a small difference adds up when doing the multicam edit.
  7. Hello, i have a not so trivial question. I have been shooting with my bmpcc4k cams in 4k dci, because intuitively, it has the best quality. However, I always render at 1080p, delivery is full hd only. I actually prefer the 4k dci aspect ratio, but does this method give the best quality ? downscaling 4k to 1080p is maybe easier, as 4k dci to full hd while keeping the aspect ratio, means you actually do not have a 2:1 line ratio anymore. More complex math involved ? Even if quality is not an issue, would this possibly cause a performance hit on my cpu ? I imagine scaling 4k t
  8. Kamlan 50mm f1.1 mk2 Not so sharp at f1.1, decent at 1.4 and great from 2.8. I have it on one of my p4k almost every time.
  9. But you can change the order, of vst plugins anyway. You just need to know how ... the inspector panel is a hint, as are some arrow like thingies where you can accidentally click on. That is how I found out anyway...
  10. The clone tool has NEVER worked for me. It does not clone root folders, which is weird because as you format a SSD on a bmpcc4k, there are no subfolders to record in ... It also stops, crashes and gives errors. Total unreliability, which is weird because they promote it as THE way to clone/copy/verify your original media. ?
  11. I wasn’t joking you know of course, we should make fun of the guy on DPreview, more so as he probably meant it. i have been using p4k and p6k cams in multicam shoots lately, and I have to say they are pretty impressive. The GH5 and GH5s cannot keep up with the image quality. The P6k already allows for a decent crop in post. They all keep running until the 1tb ssd drives are full. No overheating signs ... If I would this kind of jobs on a daily basis, I would already have bought the 12k as a main cam.
  12. Yes, but even with 3 r5 cams you cannot do one shoot ... a 12k ursa is actually cheaper ... same goes for the glass if you already have it !
  13. Ok thanks. I was mistaken that more keyframes = less motion interpolation = fast movement more in sync with the music. As an example, some passages can have 3 times up and 3 down per second. The easy solution was to make the tutti camera (view from the hall) one frame early. It could be a visual/psycho acoustic thing, we are used to hearing sound late when viewing from a distance. I did not change the close shots, and they always seem fine...
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