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  1. Kamlan 50mm f1.1 mk2 Not so sharp at f1.1, decent at 1.4 and great from 2.8. I have it on one of my p4k almost every time.
  2. But you can change the order, of vst plugins anyway. You just need to know how ... the inspector panel is a hint, as are some arrow like thingies where you can accidentally click on. That is how I found out anyway...
  3. The clone tool has NEVER worked for me. It does not clone root folders, which is weird because as you format a SSD on a bmpcc4k, there are no subfolders to record in ... It also stops, crashes and gives errors. Total unreliability, which is weird because they promote it as THE way to clone/copy/verify your original media. ?
  4. I wasn’t joking you know of course, we should make fun of the guy on DPreview, more so as he probably meant it. i have been using p4k and p6k cams in multicam shoots lately, and I have to say they are pretty impressive. The GH5 and GH5s cannot keep up with the image quality. The P6k already allows for a decent crop in post. They all keep running until the 1tb ssd drives are full. No overheating signs ... If I would this kind of jobs on a daily basis, I would already have bought the 12k as a main cam.
  5. Yes, but even with 3 r5 cams you cannot do one shoot ... a 12k ursa is actually cheaper ... same goes for the glass if you already have it !
  6. Ok thanks. I was mistaken that more keyframes = less motion interpolation = fast movement more in sync with the music. As an example, some passages can have 3 times up and 3 down per second. The easy solution was to make the tutti camera (view from the hall) one frame early. It could be a visual/psycho acoustic thing, we are used to hearing sound late when viewing from a distance. I did not change the close shots, and they always seem fine...
  7. Thanks, I need to experiment more I guess. I am starting to think the amount of keyframes are the determining factor. you say there is not a lot of movement, but 40 string players bowing happily is a lot of detailed movement. It is exactly there where things happen, and the conducter is unhappy, because where does Resolve decide to put keyframes ? The timing is very crucial here. uploading in full hd to Youtube. What happens with keyframes there ? Anyway, youtube does not keep a tight sync between image and sound anyway, so all of this is a bit theoretical. I just need a good startin
  8. Hello, I have a specific question, which google did not answer yet ... I have to render a big orchestral video project. I need manageable filesizes but correct motion (timing of the image on the music is essential). Are there settings that give better/worse results ? CBR/VBR ? The amount of keyframes ? I am quite in the dark concerning these rendering settings. Thanks !
  9. I have this feeling this is all just a result of reduced timelines and segmented R&D. What if Canon intentionally did a bad thermal design, to have a thermal cripple hammer. What if, just months before the release, they realised the new sensor and cpu are so efficient, they do not really overheat as much. The overheating timers seem like an afterthought, implemented too quickly, by a five year old ! They will now engage a 12 year old for the firmware update, respecting the previously leaked time tables for the video modes. Anyway you look at it, they are utterly incomp
  10. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicpocketcinemacamera this is a nice mini peltier fridge. Seems like somebody already built a cinema camera around it ! The second joke is, not only the r5 overheats, but it also fries your mac pro ... Meanwhile I am editing 8-cam 4k braw (one actually 6k) on a 1k self built pc ! Canon is really insulting their clients if you ask me.
  11. That’s weird. When I click on support and scroll down on the bmd website, I have three options: forum, email and telephone. never tried calling, as I never needed to. But they clearly have regional telephone support. It does not seem hidden, there is a name and a photo of your regional support manager, business hours and a tel. Nr.
  12. This sensor seems like the next thing. 12K full sensor readout to 4K braw - how do they do it ? Intrigued by the new color science as well.
  13. The info says they will fit any camera using the lp-e6, which does not mean the p4k will actually use more than 50% of the capacity without a firmware update. But maybe that is a pessimistic view ...
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