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  1. That is strange. I used the GH5 once, and skin tones did not look any better than on my GX85. I used 2 bmpcc4K cams once (together with the GX85), and the skin tones looked dramatically better. Both conditions indoor, on a big (classical) concert stage. Still waiting for the p4k to become available ... Luckily rental is quite cheap (but you do not get the Resolve license of course)
  2. That is how we do it. Nine times out of ten I can make an undetectable edit+Crossfade without listening to it. Far more accurate and quicker then scrubbing. Image is another thing, only 24 frames per second. 24 notes per second is not that extreme...
  3. " the skull crushingly loud wide dynamic range audio mixes that are so in fashion at the moment. Theyโ€™re better suited to a cinema than a living room TV." I have to remark that the audio mixes are in fact low dynamic range, not wide. If they would have great dynamic range, the loud passages would sound loud, but natural. This point in time everything is really loud, so the loudest things are compressed to hell, and sound really obnoxiously ugly. In cinema, the norm would be wide dynamic range, but alas the same phenomenon has been going on for at least a decade. But at least one has clear guidelines for cinema. This is in fact my biggest complaint about Netflix quality control. Image wise they have total control (?), but sound is all over the place. I have to put my TV volume somewhere between low to extremely low ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. So I've got two rented bmpcc4k, I'm off for a concert shoot this afternoon/evening. Some remarks: 1. my Panasonic 4/3 to m4/3 adapter works, but autofocus (on the old 4/3 12-50 phase detect AF panaleica lens) does not. Not a big deal, it would take approx. 47 seconds to focus anyway, and the manual focus tools are great. The physical aperture ring also does not function, but camera control does. Fine. 2. my cheap m4/3 12-32mm kit lens and my panaleica 12-60mm work great, stabilisation and all. Looks quite steady when handheld, of course not as good as the dual ibis but anyway. The nice thing is, the OIS of the old 4/3 panaleica lens still works. 3. the camera's are quiet, but not noiseless ! I can clearly hear them in my studio from 1m. During a classical shoot, I would not go near the main mic in a silent hall. Not within 2m. 4. the menu is a breaze. It took about 0 seconds to start changing settings. Also (and this is very important to me): no hidden/buried settings. 5. I do not know if it is possible to move the AF box. That is the only thing unclear.
  5. Well, this man seems to like braw: after seeing the footage, I think I don't care about what is missing with the latest update... Found rentable bmpcc4k nearby, finally going to test one shortly ...
  6. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Still using it, mainly for complex recordings/mixes
  7. My first digital audio workstation, designed in 1991-92, bought in 93, was coupled to a Intel 80286 PC. When you just pulled the plug out of the PC, the audio & recording just went on&on without failure. If you pulled the plug out of the DAW itself, the files where there, intact, up to the very moment the power was pulled. Never one corrupted file. Now, if that was possible in 1993 ... Sometimes I wonder in which school modern day programmers learnt their trade. It is my understanding a RAW recording cannot get corrupted in the P4K, as it is written frame by frame. Are we talking about prores here everybody ?
  8. Is it just me, or does the P4K look less videoish and more warm/smooth than the BMCC 2.5K ? It does not strike me as being too sharp, or too modern/digital, at all.
  9. Does anyone agree it is strange the above tester mentions it is hard to get skintones good on the P4K, while in all his footage the skintones look much worse on the GH5s ? Or is my monitor calibration off ?
  10. Only a pity you cannot edit prores (by Apple) on an Ipad pro (by Apple), which can cut consumer GX80 footage at 4K like butter. That is the only downgrade I am facing when I get my P4K.
  11. If you would have done that, you could have earned 33840 GBP today if you'd sold them on Ebay ! FYI if you tell me how long you have been using pro camera's, and the P4K really works for you, that is quite clear to me. Whenever I get around to buying a new cam, this will be it, unless I wait until 2021 ๐Ÿ˜‰ It really is a no-brainer for my situation.
  12. The joke about the battery was a joke ... No downvotes or a pointer to power solutions needed. I either need 3h battery (=wall power) or 40 min handheld (albeit short) is enough for those occasions. Anyway, the above example was shot in raw, how long can you go before you need to switch recording media ? Even on a 512 GB harddisk ? I don't imagine being able to shoot a 2h concert in raw ? raw 4:1 should be about 700 GB ...
  13. Luckily it is only 3min long, otherwise the 40min battery life could have been an issue.
  14. Last year I was planning on getting a video assist 4K to complement my GX80 (to get around the 30min limit). 700 euro. Oh, and some batteries x2. And a hdmi cable. And some really expensive SD cards. The grand total of all this would have been more than a single P4K, T5 drive included. Without a resolve license. Without the original cost of the GX80. While I agree 1h or 1h20 battery life would have been really nice to give us, it is not a deal breaker.
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