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  1. I really do not get it. If it would have bluetooth and the same record/crop modes as P4K they would sell a shitload of these camera's ! Apparantly it does have Gyro.
  2. The only logical thing is about possibly revenue from ads not going the right direction, so somebody forcing the channel to close ? No pay for anyone. It is almost always about the money.
  3. That means BMD should not make the app available to other Iphone users. I get big file sizes, the stills look ok-ish, but when I press play everything turns into moving blobs.
  4. OK, so I found out I can record to FILES instead of the app. But I cannot figure out how I can record Apple Log on my Iphone 13 ? Where is this setting ?
  5. Two thoughts. I shot a short second cam footage on my Iphone 13 with the BMD app. Next to my old P4K, the image is utter sharpened crap. I shot in prores... Second, does anyone have an EASY way to get the footage from the BMD app into my PC ? If not, forget about it. It is useless. The BMD cloud also did not work, because you need to pay a subscription, just to get your (local) footage from the phone to your (local) PC.
  6. I have known for ages literally everyone is running around completely blind on this planet. Deaf as well, by the way.
  7. In Belgium the S5 II is 2500 euro and the G9 II is 1900 euro. At 1500 I would buy it today... But one has to remember, when the GH5 came out it was priced 1999 dollar, and it was considered a very correct price. The G9 ii is a much better camera, and inflation happened ... (1999 in 2017 is 2450 dollar right now)
  8. Sennheiser promised this mic over 15 years ago when the 8000 series was released, to replace the MKH30. It was then delayed, scrapped, rebearthed, scrapped again. 4-5 years ago there was an online poll by Sennheiser (probably the beancounter department) to see if there was intrest. Now it will become reality (???) - and suddenly worldwide about 2,5K sound engineers will either buy 1 MKH8030, or - finally - buy into the series and get 4-6 mics. IMO some beancounters will faint, and some will be fired instantly, because they have cost Sennheiser a lot of money during those 15 years. If it is as durable and even better sounding then the MKH30, it will be the best (full-range) fig8 mic available.
  9. In defense to the size of the body : It has no fan. It does not overheat. The IBIS is stellar, so you could often get by without the gimbal. This alone makes it actually a lot more compact. Anyway, I tend to put everything on sticks, or walk around with it, and I need a new MFT photo camera - this means I am actually happy they release this. Except for the price.
  10. Oppenheimer speaking Dutch was the absolute low of the entire movie. It was a mistake a low budget, first ever beginner shoot should not make. Yoe dink wat E sed ouas Dotsh butt sanded Geirmann
  11. I saw Oppenheimer (and Barbie !) and did find Oppenheimer really good. I was not bothered by the complex timeline. I read beforehand this was an issue, but fail to see the problem. The dialogue : indeed, the editing makes for a roller-coaster type of dialogue. I was wondering if I could keep focused the entire length of the film. Actually I think this is the best part (much more than the cinematography) of the movie. When the testbomb goes off the most exciting moment of the movie has gone, halfway through. I thought literally, how are we going to get through the next 1h30 ... Turned the next half was even more exciting ! Probably it helps if you see this one with a clear head and enough sleep.
  12. Good thinking. I think you really need to do this, for more than one reason. And a brilliant opportunity as well.
  13. I really hope those ICBM launchers are not connected to Bing. At least this AI seems to be performing so poorly it won't launch in 0.1 s as Skynet did. It will take at least 3 seconds.
  14. Clearly it will be the next gen mft P8K dual iso cam, because that is the one I want.
  15. Another heads up for BRAW. The quality and flexibility you get (even white balance can be completely changed afterwards, ISO basically does not exist, except for the dual gain choice one has to make, carefully !) is great, while being more data efficient than the comparable prores. For me it is most often Q5 for 6-10 cam shoots, which typically are 2x 1.5 hours. That usually gives around 3TB of footage in 4K. Q5 BRAW 4K DCI at 25 fps typically gives something between 200 and 300 mbit/s if I am not mistaken. 400 mbit max for wide shots with movement and much detail.
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