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    - Bread and butter... it can take you there. Or at least buy you a meal when you get there.
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    I chose the topic because I like projects that are difficult to capture and convey. And yes... my wish is to make more docs in the future, despite how terribly challenging it is. I've passed over a decade in that country and love the people and culture and it was always my plan to retire there... so I don't want some government stooge denying that. To give some perspective, a previous top commissioning editor for a very forward thinking European country was blacklisted because she commissioned a film about an extremely uncomfortable even that happened there. The director was also blacklisted. The film caused a necessary stir and was immediately banned and blocked from Youtube there. The good news is that the film was added to a growing voice of social media and consciousness that has brought important discourse, and change. My project doesn't mine this hard ground... it's more of a deep dive into the outlandish absurdities of daily life with some far out and tough characters who tell the story... but still, I don't want any issues from the 'high-minded' conservative keepers of cultural integrity. Managing another identity sounds like a pain if you are trying to leverage other peoples money... which the other cinema traveller I mentioned, is most probably not. But I quite like this... the freedom part.
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    I'm curious if there are any of you here who publish your works under another name... preferring - for whatever reasons - to remain anonymous? In going forward, I'm carrying a fairly large doc project set in a country where a bunch of right wing thugs have taken over and have previously banned Western filmmakers for mining socially relevant stories that society is still struggling to come to terms with. At the same time, part of me likes the idea of publishing works that are less prone to attacks because of my race, social class, age etc. And finally, I don't exactly have a name that rings with excitement. And as quiet confirmation, I noticed another another cinema traveller out there there years ago, who does wonderful work and goes under pseudonym... a big part of me likes it how he doesn't bring his name to what he does, though he easily could. Any thoughts?
  4. Absolutely. I love photography, you get to be a quick thief. Though we know that when everything comes together in motion picture - including evocative sound - little else can compete. Well... except for a high alpine stream.
  5. Please just make your comments in ONE post. You are lighting up the notification every two minutes with every post...
  6. Say it with me... EditReady. I took the unmodified files that FCP recreated for itself (in its Original Media folder) from the BPAV folders, and then fed them to EditReady which made short work of rewrapping them. Somewhere in the future, I hope someone gives a fuck about all this all this media we are all generating and giving our lives to make... preserve.
  7. I have some old Sony XDCAM BPAV Folders from an EX1 that I want to convert to something I can easily work with. I was hoping to just rewrap the files (not transcode) into mov files. In the past, one would use the XDCAM Transfer tool, but that is dead. Sony have made another tool (Catalyst Edit) that will allow to transcode to other formats. I'd be happy with .mov but it's not an option. One option is MXF but I have no experience with this. Can anyone recommend a codec that won't balloon the files and will be supported in the future... or the near future? I can import and open the files in FCPX... FCP does something where it rewraps(?) the files with a .mov extension... but when I import these into PPro they don't play properly. Anyone? Spent the past 6 hours trying to find software that would 'batch convert' (but not transcode) BPAV folders... ugh.
  8. Very cool Rawshooter, good to know. Thanks!
  9. Heartwarming On a side note, and as I understand it, Youtube uses ads for revenue. But I use Adblocker Plus (yes I'm a bastard), so I've never ever seen an ad on Youtube. So I'm left wondering why should I stick with clunky Vimeo. I guess it's like FranciscoB said, Vimeo is about some kind of community feeling. Vimeo viewing experience = Full screen mode, hit space bar to play film, full screen window then minimizes. Day after day, year after year. Half the time the player just hangs. 2020 folks. If you were to dine on the slow roasted bodies you Vimeo or Youtube execs... which would taste better?
  10. What happens to my material on Vimeo if I no longer pay? Anyone?
  11. I remember that Andrew had a thread going quite some time ago on just how fucked Vimeo's business model had become, never mind their player. I'm a 'Plus' member and I absolutely can no longer stand their super fucked up 'ANALYTICS'. They should just go with the first 4 letters in naming this asinine feature implementation. Is there anyone else here who is thinking of ditching them for something else? If so, what? Is Youtube the only other real answer?
  12. From 2002-2006 I traipsed the planet with a Sony PD 150 in search of the ridiculous and downright absurd. I then parked that camera for another and in going forward, took things right off a cliff. Though in truth, I often felt guilty for leaving the 150 in a cold basement away from the action it had known. In a world that I believed couldn't possibly get any weirder (though I always hope does), I just sold the PD 150 to a man in the Congo who will now use it to capture evangelical 'speaking in tongues' ceremonies deep in the bush. All kneel and praise... long live the PD 150! 😉
  13. Thanks for the insight Brian. In the end I wasn't able figure out how to remove the 'padding' as @androidlad had mention and got fed up searching around on how to do that. So in the end I exported two files. 1) Original format. 720x480 with back pillars so wide that I had a nightmare that they were following me around everywhere. 2) 720x480 with the width stretched from 100 to 110 to fill a widescreen monitor just a tad more, but not fully. This looks just fine for what it is. Loaded both to Vimeo, I like the original best. And actually the interlaced version looks best despite the jagged combing crap. I tried to figure out how to best deinterlace without losing quality but that became a slippery slope. The truth is that the interlaced material has a perceived sharpness... maybe it's just that the interlacing gives the feeling that the material is sharper. But actually there is less artifacts in the shadows and somehow the colour didn't shift a tad on export like the deinterlaced Prores file did. Strange? Anyway.
  14. One of my favourites now live streaming! https://www.visionsdureel.ch/en/forum/masterclass-peter-mettler
  15. Well said Newfoundmass, thanks. With the empty Chinese food boxes splashed out on the table, it was the last meeting of the NTSC designers late that Friday night. And you know what the last words that were said.... 'Fuck it'.
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