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    Panasonic GH6

    Volunteer. Clearly you have to answer to all their shortcomings... šŸ˜‚
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    Spot The Camera?

    All good. I meant 'crappy' compared to what was available on the market. Obviously he chose a camera that wouldn't draw attention to himself... unlike the scene with that horribly exploitive tourist in Havana. Anyway, it was actually reassuring to see great new doc with rougher images... and a great story.
  3. User

    Spot The Camera?

    Thanks MrSMW. I watched Epicentro last night and it was reasurring to see another insightful and artful rendering of story by this director (shot on this crappy little camera) go the distance. It's been said a thousand times here before that very often all this focus on gear is just a cover for a lack of creative abilities... so another hats off to those who shine with less and still do wonderful work. Onward.
  4. User

    Spot The Camera?

    And to go back to the my OP, this just up on Epicentro.... and ties nicely into the rest of the thread: https://filmmakermagazine.com/110197-cinema-is-prophecy-it-creates-truth-hubert-sauper-on-his-sundance-grand-jury-prize-winner-epicentro/?fbclid=IwAR2xNjZnkA0OFJGtAhWntyhRTtR0liB8iRJMmZh4KBrbIjrE1onXdI46AvM#.X0vlRWKvA0N
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    Spot The Camera?

    Yes to the smile going a long way. I like comedy and using the gesture of touch to warm things up with as I move the camera about. I also learn enough of the local language so I can make light of and crack a few (self deprecating) jokes in the moment. If it's one thing I've learned it's that people usually love to laugh. And that it's good to have an exit strategy šŸ˜‰
  6. User

    Spot The Camera?

    That looks quite practical, good that it can be worn as a two strap back pack. Or a single shoulder sling. I usually fly with two large camera/ equipment backpacks and then break them down into a smaller day bag that I work from (Think Tank Retrospective). However, I'll toss the camera into a smaller cotton sac (like the one above) when I'm out tripping around not expecting to shoot in case something happens. I live in places for years at a time to collect the material I need. Blending in helps. A big part of me loathes 'media types' and how we must be perceived... so I try to play things down and quiet as I go along. I once noticed a massive caucasian guy in Bangkok fully dressed in black including the combat boots. He was sporting a huge lens on his stills camera and standing in a silly small park. It was comical until I imagined what the locals thought as he stalked the place. Totally menacing. Sometimes I imagine painting my cameras pink to somehow make them more friendly. It's good you have your family to focus on, that invites a confidence in the eyes of the public and allows space for you to just do your thing. Your kids will be grateful when they're famous... and the doc film director need their back story and an archive to go with it.
  7. User

    Spot The Camera?

    I imagine it to be something like the same for strapping a handgun to the torso. I've missed several incredible short docs because my camera bag was just too much to always lug while on the move. Once, a lorry with about 20k jellyfish had tipped over in an intersection during the height of rush hour in deep South India. What followed next was wonderful satire. At one point 3 dogs all stuck together (sex) pulled one another through the madness. Anyone else have a low key method for packin'?
  8. I've been a Canon junkie, but went to church every SunĀ­day mornĀ­ing. I'd lisĀ­ten to what the priest had to say, then to B&H to score. That seemed right: someĀ­thing good balĀ­anced by someĀ­thing bad. A woman I knew told me that I was doing someĀ­thing danĀ­gerĀ­ous and poĀ­tenĀ­tially life hazĀ­ardous. I then had to promise to never go to church again.
  9. User

    Spot The Camera?

    Thanks Kai. It's clear these camcorders are plenty good... and a camera in the hand is worth two in the bush. I'm having a shoulder holster made for my next undertaking. I'd be curious what make/model those blue wireless receivers are on the side of Herzog's camera? *Edit: Sennheiser AVX
  10. User

    Spot The Camera?

    Thanks guys... I suspected the image was flipped as well though I seem to remember a camcorder with a screen on the right side. I made my start with a Sony PD 100/ 150 (Sauper shot Darwin's Nightmare on a PD100) and certainly appreciate camcorders for what they are. Some of my wildest frames were due to the fact that I could just focus on the content and keeping things in frame which I think counts for a lot. Looking forward to Herzog's new one!
  11. User

    Spot The Camera?

    Hi Folks, I'm hoping someone can name this little camera, it looks like a Sony. Screen on the right side? I'm thinking that it shot the film that won the 2019 Sundance Grand Jury Prize for Documentary. No 8k required ;) The film is now beginning it distribution run... viva la Cuba! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2ycVtJ8leM Anyone?
  12. I do run and gun docs in difficult situations and I love my C100Mk2. The camera helps me get the shots I need... and that is worth more to me that a frankenrig with extra resolution. I would look at the C200/ C300MkII.
  13. Hilarious. Can you imagine 'The Crow' giving a talk at some PC University in 2020? Well I guess that settles that then. Nice.
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