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  1. Amen. I think what Skip77 doesn't realize is that his brain (if you'll excuse the exaggeration) fills in the spaces (gaps) between the frames so that 24 fps comes across as smooth motion. But if he were mindful enough in the first few seconds of turning on a 24fps film, he may actually see the 'stutter.' Especially if watching something at 50fps beforehand.
  2. Yep, and just imagine how many Malaysian (because that where the majority of the world's electronics cardboard comes from) old growth trees it will take to package one of those fuckers? Of course the payoff will be kicking back all smug with a tasty single malt (and a woman you can no longer get it up for) as a horrified orangutan races across the screen... on fire. Of course the 8k will show off those charred hair follicles... and make you wonder about your own. But for the man who has everything (except inner peace), how much is actually enough?
  3. If countries like France send their TV content out at 5 Mbps, what do streaming sites like Netflix etc send (Mbps) their hi res content out at? Edit: I found this: "A regular HD Blu-Ray has a bit rate of 40mbps. A 4k Blu-Ray is like 100 mbps. Netflix says you need a 25mbps connection for “4k content” which means the bit rate is even lower than that." Streaming throughput will increase... in time. But properly pushing an 8k monitor from the web is still quite far off.
  4. Ha. Exactly I certainly love the camera tech side.... but at the end of the century, it is these well crafted 'love letters' that will be remembered not the sensor size etc. But we know this. Lets just be sure to spend some time in the field... and amongst the waves. I say this for me as much as anyone else here. Now... let the pixel debate rage on!
  5. In the meantime... I'm reminded of how some folks are making the most of a camera. Onward!
  6. This is how one says very little about nothing. Congrats.
  7. It's alright (not great) for what it is... a portrait of some folks living in a big city which had not been done before and I think that's why Netflix took it. No idea how much they paid or how the filmmaker was able to approach Netflix unless it was through an agent or well established producer... word is that one doesnt just call up Netflix. Maybe you could expand on this?
  8. Fuck most people. I know someone who recently sold a doc to Netflix shot on a 5DM2. All these sods constantly tripping over themselves for the 'best' image while regurgitating the same tired shlock. Story and form trumps all. C100 or die!
  9. Let us not confuse praying with mindfulness Grasshopper Now let's get back to the camera gak!
  10. Go mix another drink and... calm down. Please?
  11. C100MkII No muss, no fuss.
  12. Alrighy then. Here ye. Here ye... Nobody has a gun to your head... vote with your dollar... and carry a big stick.
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