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  1. As I understand things, WDR retains just as much DR as CLog. It's what I've always used on the C100MkII.
  2. The link is broken. What's the current story with Vimeo? Are they, as I believe this thread was pointing towards, taking down content that is in violation of copyright? If Vimeo is taking down this content, a quick search easily revealed that there is still content that is in violation. For example: A large body of my password protected Vimeo material contains very small amounts of content (mostly music frequencies) that I do not own or have not licenced. I'm wondering if I were to remove password, could it be identified and flagged in violation? Is Vimeo's DMCA policy still in effect? My Vimeo subscription is up for renewal and I'm wondering what others here are doing? Anyone?
  3. User

    Penis camera

    Finally a camera that lets me phycially adjust the bit depth.
  4. Wrong. With all this horrible PC bullshit, this is exactly where things are headed. Milo for president!
  5. Agreed. But I think that we'd agree that it's still good to have something of a base, even if it's rented. Thailand is wonderful... nice work Robert.
  6. Nice promo piece OliKMIA! It's a little too clean and tidy for my liking... but to think that Trump called it a shithole... was he off. Fuck. I also like the idea of 3 locations so as to keep things interesting... Italy is beautiful but I also struggle with the Italians No time in Spain, but I found the Portuguese are very civilized and well mannered.
  7. Absolutely. I haven't had a tv for 30 years... traded it for an internet addiction I guess it depends on just how much one is willing and ready to engage in their new surroundings. But you are right about not fitting in if'n you ever return... which doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing... as long as one has a few good folks around to have a strange laugh with. I believe it's well and understood that so much of the experience we will have shifting to a 'new' land will have to do with how we hold ourselves and participate in where we've moved from. And as much as I like the idea of setting up in a cheap beautiful country and developing a really wonderful drug addiction, I sort of know that this really isn't a way forward... so engaging in the local culture and building relationships is absolutely paramount. Moreover, having something reasonably challenging to do will be equally important as well. I understand that we all have different interests, but I'd be curious who here has their eye on a 'place' that they feel could be 'right' for them, where that is, and why? Anyone? @Márcio Kabke Pinheiro mentioned Algarve. Part of me has joking about moving to Pakistan just to get away from all the uncomfortable 20 something social justice warriors who have made life in the West (particularly North America) so unnecessarily frustrating. I recently started watching Seinfeld as an antidote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YHz493rnLw&feature=youtu.be
  8. Nice thread Webrunner5. I've spent 25 years hoping 40 different countries with long periods in several of them. As Kye put his finger on, I'd say the main challenge is building up a decent group of friends - especially in a world where many seem to be content with social media and their own families. In my younger years I thought I could set up in just one place and hang in, but I began to see that it was somehow better to keep my options open and that meant not owning property unless it's was a base in the country of my nationality, which I've managed. But it does get exhausting always having to hunt accommodation out in the wider world. The challenge is that after so many years in so many places, no place is home... even my home. So I constantly keep an eye out for a place that could work... the trick in going forward is to not get trapped in paradise Cuba gets interesting, highly educated and low crime... just have to wait for Trump's court date and the warming that we saw under Obama can continue. Let's see.
  9. In L.A. you know what you are looking at when you see it. Here not When Marsellus Wallace and Butch Coolidge stumble into that junk shop... that, for me, is Los Angeles. But who's counting
  10. I'm in love with the unique place where reality meets fiction, and then blurring that place beyond recognition. For my latest project, I'm on a long haul doc set deep in the bowels of a city (and country) in transition that has a well known reputation for being illogical and often ludicrous. Here, I actively hunt the staggering absurdities of daily life through the eyes and lives of the characters I choose. Herzog, Oppenheimer, Glawogger and Sauper are my heros... pass the green chilis please.
  11. Nice to see you folks kept the boxing glove laced up and this thread actually moved a bit... I guess there is no harm in chiming in. As I'm often found working in big dirty Asian megacities, I like having a few goats standing around nibbling on trash next to the camera... I find it the single biggest contributor to creating a 'cinematic' image. The psychology behind it is that having animals around gently lulls people into a gentler almost 'pastoral' headspace that sharply contrast with their new catastrophic urban landscapes... I call in 'goat-mode.' I also like dangling fruit from wires in places where it will no longer grow. Other than that, I'm with DBounce on 'motion.'
  12. Nice one Kye. Introspection seems a healthy place to start. More soon.
  13. There is a chain of command and protocol on the big shoots, so it's not like Youtubers come in a monkey with that... otherwise they wouldn't be there in the first place. Can someone please start another thread that is actually interesting? Pretty please?
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