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  1. Maybe the dopamine hits of social media are to blame? Is there a point anymore for a young twenty-year-old Herzog circa 2021 to beg, scrape, and steal to make a film? When you can just make a tik-tok? Get a million followers. Move on? Maybe social media takes away precious free-time that you need to concentrate to come up with, as David Lynch says, "catching the big fish?" Or maybe the social anxiety of life pre-Covid - the mental-health insanity of it all - left little time to be happy and creative? Or maybe with the movie theatres all about to die and the rise of netf
  2. That is great look and skintones. Super impressive. Would love to see a komodo vs e2-f6 vs mavo lf vs mavo edge vs red monstro vs etc shoot out ( when the edge comes out). mavo edge just interests me more personally because it has more professional features like dual sdi out.
  3. has anyone done tests between this lens vs like a lomo or kowa or SLR magic lens vs like a Kowa B&H lens? very excited about this lens for affordable anamorphic
  4. Yea mavo lf certainly looks like it has a much better skintones and iq out of the box. More than all the reds... even the monstro. I put in a preorder for the mavo edge, which seems to iron out some things in the mavo lf. Hopefully sensor is still good in low light and dynamic range is still good. and yea thats funny about vincent laforet being treated so poorly. He really help put red on the map. whats next? Is Shane Hurlbut even safe?
  5. I'm curious how it compares overall to the red epic mx that you can get used for around the same price. Seeing some comparison tests on reduser, between Komodo and the alexa - I like the curve of the footage - feels nice and rich. But definitely - and I don't know if its the grade - still has that trademark red handling of blue. Which kind of feels more electric or magneta than natural blues, and not the same quality of green that the alexa does so well with to make skintones and environments feel so natural. But hey, it's a 6k camera. But hey, also, I never, in a larger discuss
  6. Andrew and all: this is awesome reporting and a great find. Thank you for doing this teardown and an analysis of it.
  7. @rawshooter from your link here is co-founder Elle explaining it all. And also earlier you said db16 was really not a homebrew product but the work of some large Canadian company. Which implies that they lied and were deceptive with their kickstarter backers. “6 cameras have shipped so far. We have more built, but they each need to be hand tested and calibrated before they ship. After the holiday it should be faster and probably 3 cameras a day. There are many factors that go into shipping that have nothing to do with whether the camera is ready, like customs forms, verifying addresses
  8. @PannySVHS Agreed - Iḿ sorry. Itś just difficult to hear @rawshooter make acquisations that my friend Joes company was committing fraud and deception. It felt extremely personal. And was an emotional response by me. Iĺl tone it down. Okay @rawshooter maybe DB16 has an explanation for having in their BTS that they are using that camera. Maybe it has a modified firmware or chip or sensor that makes it the precursor to the DB16. I can ask Joe. But really, again, you accused them of so many other things. Like their kickstarter campaign was fraud and the founders were just pupp
  9. Oh, and one of your comments to accuse Digital Bolex of shadiness - they re-registered their company to Delaware, you say? Well guess what - that's legal to do. You can register your company anywhere you want. Apple is registered in Ireland! And that is legal!!! Unlike Red - which is doing things that are illegal. Like putting "made in the USA" on their cameras when they are made in Asia (most likely Singapore) as well as unfair practices against competitors, harassment, doxxing, etc etc. Dude, rawshooter, you are cornered. And I understand, this being the internet and all - and
  10. I already started to. I showed you the linked in and twitter account of Joe, the co-founder of DB. He has 1000 followers. That's not "social influencer" status which is 100k subscribers or more. And here's more about digital bolex from wikipedia that, unlike you, has citations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Bolex Digital Bolex was a partnership between Cinemeridian, Inc. and Ienso Canada, an engineering company, to develop the Digital Bolex D16 digital cinema camera. Development was funded via a successful Kickstarter in March 2012, raising $262,661. From Wire
  11. I don't think any of us is going to convince Rawshooter of anything. But, and I say this in kind of jest, your acquisation of Digital Bolex, which is so extremely farcical and bizarre, is the closest thing we have gotten to Qanon or Trutherism on this thread. Come on, dawg.
  12. Suing over a logo is fine. Apple has legally trademarked their logo. Suing over technology that you don't own a patent for - that is shady.
  13. Yea but to use your example. Imagine if Apple decided to sue a hot dog stand for patent infringement, and didn't even have a patent at the time. And the hot dog stand won in court. And is now counter suing Apple for libel, defamation, etc etc. I think most people would be on the side of the hot dog stand. With the David vs Goliath parable, I feel like most people root for David . Only recently do we seem to have a pop culture that sides with Goliath.
  14. Digital Bolex - whether this is true or not- and I am now friends with Joe the founder- yes I would love to see a video about all your revelations which I have never heard about until you wrote this. Do you have links to this info? I'm happy to ask Joe about this. here's his linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/politeinpublic If he's really a social media influencer in disguise, he doesn't seem to have the biggest following for that: https://twitter.com/theycallmejoe?lang=en But the difference between digital bolex and red is that red is a patent tro
  15. One more thing, @rawshooter. We all just want compressed raw on our cameras that doesn't cause massive overheating and record limits of 20 seconds. Don't you want that on your panasonic s1h or non-BMD camera to have this option? Pro Res RAW is like 10x more efficient that 4k Pro Res 4444. It seems pretty amazing. Don't you want to give all of us that? Come on, man. Let us just have this one thing It's my birthday soon. Pretty please!
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