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  1. Very nice dude. I had a 4 perf 435 for a while but I just couldn’t rationalize it. That is the ultimate client pleaser though, like, it doesn’t make any sense to use it for a lot of projects but if you can you should! Love it.
  2. Always looking to top the previous video! The challenge is actually doing it, lol.
  3. We are shooting a car commercial and then a tutorial that’s like “How to Land a Major Car Commercial” or something. Will be using Cooke SF Anamorphics and shooting out in the elements. It’s a fantasy car commercial plot, so lots of cinematic lighting. Unfortunately we have to wait for it to snow so it might be a month before we film. Outside of that I’ve been using it on a project that I can’t share yet, which is a bummer as I wanted to post something fairly soon after getting it. And no, I don’t own Zeiss anamorphics, lol. That was a direct order from Panasonic as they weren’t
  4. You can shoot 4K without cropping in. I haven’t really done any 12K with this camera, I’ve only been shooting 8K, which is also un-cropped.
  5. Not to self promote but I think this is an underrated video on the quality standpoint. For whatever reason it didn't get many views for us. The Inspire 2/Zenmuse X7 with the 50mm lens combo is just...crazy. The parralax creates a look that's closing in on full size helicopter stuff. This was for a company to see how Inspire 2 footage upscales to 8K using AI for both resolution and framerates.
  6. Is amazing. I love it. Never going back to RED unless I’m forced to by a client. Just thought I would share. The IQ is pristine, colors are great and it’s just a breeze to use. Will post a few stills here in a day or two.
  7. Follow up: I was extremely rude to what seems to be a really nice person in Matti...and I feel bad. I have nothing against him personally but I have some (obviously) strong thoughts about the type of content he uploads. More often than not I side with Andrew on this stuff. If you have built an audience and a name for yourself the LEAST you could do is be authentic and try something unique. To just pander and make 10 B-Roll videos with fake surprise face thumbnails is almost non sensical. It shows your sense of priorities. That you care more about fame/numbers/likes than you do a
  8. Matti Hoopla uploads content that is watched once on a phone and then forgotten. He’s not making narrative stuff. Things you put time/effort into require the best visual medium for longevity. This is why Nolan and Tarantino shoot on 70mm. If you don’t give a shit about your content then shoot it in whatever is easiest for your audience to slop down right now. If you care about it and want it to stand the test of time you go for the best. This is not a complex issue. If discount Peter McKinnon is your example then I think you need to pick a different hill to die on. These guys are not
  9. My 12K URSA arrives in two days and I’m beyond stoked to play with this thing. Honestly it has a lot hype to live up to (for me personally)
  10. I think this is a bit different. At least my interpretation of it is.
  11. I love getting out and doing this. I have so many bits and pieces from over the years that don’t have a rhyme or reason. I think it’s super important to the creative part of your mind, to keep up on the craft for the love of the crafts sake. Otherwise it gets stale really fast. People do this with music all of the time, pick up your instrument and just play. We need to remember to do it with video too.
  12. Correct, if we are talking past tense then it's 100% as it was actually discussed in my first meeting with them. Whether they are still here is more uncertain, but I'm guessing they at least browse the threads that pertain to them.
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