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  1. Yep this is weird. Let's take this from start since i am using the same camera and software. You are importing your clips and then create both proxy and optimised media, right? Have you checked your project's codec settings for optimised media? Is it ProRes 422? You can try to import one of the problematic clips without creating optimised media (with different file name) and see what happens. Maybe there is some corruption happening when the original media are re-encoded and then replaced by ProRes files.
  2. If you render those clips in your timeline, do they still look pixelated?
  3. Hi Paul. Yep this works on every affected unit. Actually what it does is keeping the internal audio interface in standby mode as the popping occurs due to aggressive switching. The only drawback of this workaround is that the battery life is affected as the switching was there in first place to prevent fast battery drain.
  4. Hi guys, i will repeat my self once again just to make sure that you have been warned about this. Three out of four 16 inch units are producing pop sounds through their speakers during media playback. I have a 2019 15 inch model and it does this too, but the 16 inch models are producing louder pop sounds due to the new speaker design. This is by 90% a software issue but it's not known when and "if" Apple will resolve this through a software update. So maybe you should wait for a couple of months. If you are ready to spend 3000$ on one of those units, please take some time to read my thread on Apple's site before stepping in an Apple store: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/250758649?answerId=251719472022&page=1 I opened the above thread regarding my 15 inch unit's problem but many early adopters of the 16 inch laptop came in to report the same issue. I have uploaded 2 videos on YT demonstrating the issue. You will find the links there (there are 4 pages, read them all). In the second video you will see that during an editing session inside FCPX you will hear thousands of pops by just skimming through your media. There is a workaround but it will drain your battery faster.
  5. I can see some terrible artifacts there on the trees and especially on fast movements. I am not talking about compression blocks, those are normal. During the first minute i could see an entire tree wobbling around. This is a very promising drone so i can't wait for some SOC footage.
  6. Don't get me wrong, i am enjoying the platform too. My iMacs have been real workhorses and FCPX is a gem. But when you get into a situation similar to the one i described above you are forced to reconsider the real value of these products, especially the hardware part. Imagine paying 4500$ from your hard earned money for a laptop and then plugging in your earphones to avoid listening to the 2000 pops that will be produced during an editing session. Then imagine claiming your customer rights from a company that like @kaylee said above "doesn't talk about it". Also, the customer support in USA is way better than here in Europe.
  7. This is not my point. Of course my machine is faulty. My point is that a great number of these laptops are sold this way and Apple refuses to fix them. If your machine doesn't have this issue then lucky you.
  8. Guys, believe me the latest MacBook Pro generations are total garbage. After too much scepticism I finally decided to pull the trigger on an almost maxed out 2019 model. Just 3 months ago i ordered a BTO Macbook 2019 with 32 GB Ram and a Vega 20 inside. The first thing i noticed was the crappy butterfly keyboard but i already knew the story so I ordered a silicone cover to protect it from dust. Then while installing my apps i noticed that the right speaker was producing a pop sound every 30-60 seconds. After an extensive research i found out that this is a common problem with 2018-19 MacBook generations and Apple refuses to investigate the cause of this issue and fix it. You can find many videos demonstrating this issue on the net. Here is mine: The audio popping in my case is constant. On the video above you can see just a way to replicate this. Working with Final Cut is a nightmare as every time the cursor is falling on a clip or the timeline a pop is produced from the right speaker. Almost every 2019 model produces this pop while playing - skipping any type of media, although in a different volume. If there is a volume threshold where this is starting to annoy you, mine is over that. I visited 3 different Apple stores and i could clearly listen the pop on their display machines, although in a much smaller volume than mine. So many models have been affected. It is not known yet if this is a software or a hardware issue. As i said above, Apple technicians are refusing to investigate this. I don't know if the new 16 inch model will have this issue, as they changed the speaker configuration. So be aware, this new 16" model might seem ideal for video editing but if serious problems like mine appear, Apple may never fix them. PS. Shot on GH5 and Olympus 12-40, LOL
  9. Some people have been using them for a longe time without serious issues. My worst experience was with the Hero 7. I lost almost a full day of shooting on a kayak. I had the latest firmware back then, a tested SD card formatted in the device and while everything seemed perfect the camera didn't record a single frame. Actually i pressed record many times as i didn't want to end up with a single file and i could see clearly the record status on the display.
  10. This is just specs comparison. In real life OSMO action works like a charm with acceptable image quality in Cine D while GoPro cameras where always glitchy and unreliable. I can't tell about the new GoPro as i don't have it but Hero 4, 5, 6 and 7 where simply unreliable. Those bugs where never resolved so i wouldn't expect the 8th version to be better.
  11. For the majority of content creators (including my self) this machine simply does not exist. It was released yesterday in a parallel universe. Stop looking at it. If you need 28 cores and 1.5 TB of RAM for your every day jobs then this price tag is probably just fine for you. If you are about to start saving money by sacrificing other needs that you may have, so that you can buy the base configuration in the next year, then don't this. It's just silly. When you are buying the base configuration of a Mac Pro, you are actually paying for things that you can't use until you stuff it with overpriced components. You are paying for the "fact" that your machine has the "ability" to get significant upgrades like 1.5 TB of Ram, 4 TB SSD, 4 x Vega's etc. If you need to "save" money for the base configuration then good luck with the rest. It won't happen. Stop looking at it. The iMac 2019 right now is the perfect balance for almost any content creator that can't afford the new MacPro. iMac Pro is also overpriced for the majority of users. I' am working with iMacs and FCPX for the last 10 years as a full time video editor for TV shows. Every 3-4 years i am selling my iMac and getting the next one, so the actual cost for every upgrade comes to 1500 to 2000 euros. FCPX is a truly unique and reliable application and yes i have worked with Premiere, Vegas and Resolve before. You have to actually "work" with an application and not just "test" it to make conclusions. If you are editing 10 min highlights or low budget commercials then all of these work just fine but wait until you need to edit a full length movie or a 2 hour documentary to see how the app reacts to this massive amount of data. FCPX is "rock steady". Period. A "slightly" upgraded iMac 2019 with Intel Core i9, 1TB SSD and Vega 48 (plus user upgraded RAM to 32 GB) will cost you about 5000 bucks. Is this overpriced? Of course it is. But it's also much faster from the base configuration of the cheese grater and you get a great monitor plus peripherals. Is it upgradable? Of course not. But nothing is upgradable nowadays, even this cheese grater. In about 5 years from now, this badass Mac Pro 2019 and it's tech will be totally obsolete and in 10 years from now that fu*^%ing bul*&@t Afterburner (that i am sure it will cost 10.000.000 dollars plus tax) will be sold for 100 bucks in ebay.
  12. Lol, I think i will have my first dream about this in about two years when the prices settle down. Let's wait and see, but this is definitely going to be a killer tool.
  13. L5 Rumor Panasonic Cine Lumix S1H will be announced on May 31 It’s L-mount New Full Frame sensors Records 6K24p and 4k60p Records 10bit 4:2:2 internal at 30p and external 60p 14bit Dynamic Range Cinematography dream gear It’s built like a tank. Slightly bigger than the S1-S1R for better heat dissipation full built-in log settings lot more epxensive than the S1R (Lol)
  14. “I know it was THAT dark because I saw it.” I am watching everything on a 31" calibrated LG monitor. If i calibrate my monitor to pull out the blacks from this mess then everything else will be a pain to watch. Or does Mr Wagner suggests that we create a dedicated profile on our monitors so that we can watch GOT? So lets take this a step further and ask Mr. Wagner to create a GOT Color Chart. This is like blaming the audience for not being able to calibrate their 200$ speakers so that they can listen to the bass track on a 10.000$ audio production that have been mixed on a 100.000 audio workstation. WTF?
  15. It seems the Pana has adopted Sony's pattern in their mirrorless names. We have a plain S1 and S1R so maybe a model named S1S will follow later this year just as G5S came after GH5. I haven't seen a single rumour about this yet but it's very logical and possible to happen. Maybe they are waiting for A7 SIII to come out and then fight back. Given the fact that the pricing is on par with Sony, making them serious investments, i wouldn't buy any of these two at the moment (maybe a second GH5 would be a better purchase). Also, the pricing of the 3 new lenses is not competitive at all. These are normal prices for full frame lens but quite expensive for Lumix users that will make the jump into the new system. The new 50mm lens is seriously overpriced. I am curious though to see the build quality, hoping that it will be a step up from Pana's MFT line with their lame plastics.
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