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  1. For the majority of content creators (including my self) this machine simply does not exist. It was released yesterday in a parallel universe. Stop looking at it. If you need 28 cores and 1.5 TB of RAM for your every day jobs then this price tag is probably just fine for you. If you are about to start saving money by sacrificing other needs that you may have, so that you can buy the base configuration in the next year, then don't this. It's just silly. When you are buying the base configuration of a Mac Pro, you are actually paying for things that you can't use until you stuff it with overpriced components. You are paying for the "fact" that your machine has the "ability" to get significant upgrades like 1.5 TB of Ram, 4 TB SSD, 4 x Vega's etc. If you need to "save" money for the base configuration then good luck with the rest. It won't happen. Stop looking at it. The iMac 2019 right now is the perfect balance for almost any content creator that can't afford the new MacPro. iMac Pro is also overpriced for the majority of users. I' am working with iMacs and FCPX for the last 10 years as a full time video editor for TV shows. Every 3-4 years i am selling my iMac and getting the next one, so the actual cost for every upgrade comes to 1500 to 2000 euros. FCPX is a truly unique and reliable application and yes i have worked with Premiere, Vegas and Resolve before. You have to actually "work" with an application and not just "test" it to make conclusions. If you are editing 10 min highlights or low budget commercials then all of these work just fine but wait until you need to edit a full length movie or a 2 hour documentary to see how the app reacts to this massive amount of data. FCPX is "rock steady". Period. A "slightly" upgraded iMac 2019 with Intel Core i9, 1TB SSD and Vega 48 (plus user upgraded RAM to 32 GB) will cost you about 5000 bucks. Is this overpriced? Of course it is. But it's also much faster from the base configuration of the cheese grater and you get a great monitor plus peripherals. Is it upgradable? Of course not. But nothing is upgradable nowadays, even this cheese grater. In about 5 years from now, this badass Mac Pro 2019 and it's tech will be totally obsolete and in 10 years from now that fu*^%ing bul*&@t Afterburner (that i am sure it will cost 10.000.000 dollars plus tax) will be sold for 100 bucks in ebay.
  2. Lol, I think i will have my first dream about this in about two years when the prices settle down. Let's wait and see, but this is definitely going to be a killer tool.
  3. L5 Rumor Panasonic Cine Lumix S1H will be announced on May 31 It’s L-mount New Full Frame sensors Records 6K24p and 4k60p Records 10bit 4:2:2 internal at 30p and external 60p 14bit Dynamic Range Cinematography dream gear It’s built like a tank. Slightly bigger than the S1-S1R for better heat dissipation full built-in log settings lot more epxensive than the S1R (Lol)
  4. “I know it was THAT dark because I saw it.” I am watching everything on a 31" calibrated LG monitor. If i calibrate my monitor to pull out the blacks from this mess then everything else will be a pain to watch. Or does Mr Wagner suggests that we create a dedicated profile on our monitors so that we can watch GOT? So lets take this a step further and ask Mr. Wagner to create a GOT Color Chart. This is like blaming the audience for not being able to calibrate their 200$ speakers so that they can listen to the bass track on a 10.000$ audio production that have been mixed on a 100.000 audio workstation. WTF?
  5. It seems the Pana has adopted Sony's pattern in their mirrorless names. We have a plain S1 and S1R so maybe a model named S1S will follow later this year just as G5S came after GH5. I haven't seen a single rumour about this yet but it's very logical and possible to happen. Maybe they are waiting for A7 SIII to come out and then fight back. Given the fact that the pricing is on par with Sony, making them serious investments, i wouldn't buy any of these two at the moment (maybe a second GH5 would be a better purchase). Also, the pricing of the 3 new lenses is not competitive at all. These are normal prices for full frame lens but quite expensive for Lumix users that will make the jump into the new system. The new 50mm lens is seriously overpriced. I am curious though to see the build quality, hoping that it will be a step up from Pana's MFT line with their lame plastics.
  6. I am no fan of 8K either at the moment, it's too soon for our systems to handle it. I even wrote 2 articles last year on redshark about how the industry is pushing us to this direction with no reason at all (i mean there is no benefit for us, the reason for them is of course long term profit). But it will eventually happen and we have to accept this. Of course it will take some time as 4K is not established yet, i am still delivering in Full HD and no client has asked me a 4K export yet. Anyway, as i said the Axiom camera is an admirable effort but the concept of an adaptive body is not that simple. You can't just swap a camera's sensor with a newer one and expect it to work without serious software development and hardware updates. Even their prototype has a long way until it's fully functional and the specs are getting already obsolete by this year's releases.
  7. They where also getting close exactly 2 years before today. This is definitely a huge effort and i can partially understand the various difficulties behind the project but it is moving too slow in a fast moving market. By the time (and if) this camera is 100% functional, 8K will be a must, new sensors with better DR & sensitivity will flood the market (this has already happened) and ProRes (if not RAW) will be a standard codec in the sub 2000$ (if not less) category. As far as i know (i am not an expert in any way) this design is based on a couple of 5 year old (or more) sensors and i don't think it will be THAT modular and adaptive to newer sensor designs. Correct me if i am wrong on this but i think this project needs massive funding and a group of 10-20 full time developers to keep going, or else it's doomed.
  8. @Andrew Reid Some food for thought as winter is coming. EOSHD is already a big and healthy community. Guess what could compliment your site... Right! A bunch of servers. It does't have to implement personal funding. I would prefer paying a fee to you and this community than any company to store my videos. Not big enough to be subject to those silly regulations. Big enough for your videos to reach your audience.
  9. These are all valid points. I am going to try this anyway and give you guys some feedback here. The plans are monthly so it won't be o costly test. We can do some other tests too. I can post a video here and you can give me some feedback about it's playback performance. The facts are solid though. YouTube is low quality, Vimeo is unreliable and all the alternatives are expensive, at least for the majority of users. So we can push this further from being a debate to a collective effort towards a simple and clean solution. Apparently we are not trying to cover an extreme scenario, say a website with 2000 visitors a day and 4 digit number of videos. Something like this would produce a significant amount of income so the cost would not be a problem. Let's put down a typical scenario, something like a 100 video portfolio collection and 50-100 visitors a day. Would a dedicated server nail this? I don't know... But if there is a place we can address this it's this forum. I think we lean towards Cloud Storage VS Dedicated Server, money wise.
  10. Some (actually many) server providers have an extra back up service (paid). It is like the Time Machine in OSX. If you get an attack and your data are corrupted (or lost) you can contact the support and ask them to restore your system from automatically saved backups. The cost for this varies from one company to another but on average it's about 50 bucks/month. Too expensive for my needs though... Also, if you worry about disk failure you can choose a system with 2 drives and go with soft. raid. The extra cost is minimal, about 3$/month for an extra 2TB disk. Cloud storage works differently. The data are stored in multiple locations and their servers are software protected (kinda..) so they are less vulnerable than dedicated servers.
  11. Almost every company i spoke to takes full responsibility of server maintenance. Even on the cheapest plan the company is committed to change a faulty drive/power supply (these are the most common problems) in 3 hours. And this is the most self-evident thing to do as you are not the owner of the server, you are just renting it so you are not responsible for it's proper function. Many of these companies are offering free basic support services as well, like setting up the software for remote access and creating direct links for your data. Overall it's much simpler these days than it was in the past. Better & cheaper servers, simpler & more effective software plus better support.
  12. Yeah, the truth is i could use some help digging this The cost in cloud storage is calculated through many factors of usage. I am not sure yet what role does data storage location plays. It could be an alternative (i just saw vimeo in Google's client list for cloud storage)
  13. I just did a quick search on dedicated servers & pricing. Prices start from 8 bucks/month to 100 for a dedicated server (dual core Atom, 2 TB of storage and unmetered traffic for the cheapest option) and there is also the solution of a virtual machine where your data are being copied to different machines and stay intact in case of a hardware failure. You can rent a virtual machine with 18 bucks/month for 100GB of storage (again with unmetered traffic and 100mbps speeds). It seems like a solid solution. A little more expensive than vimeo but definitely cheaper than Wistia, Vzaar etc. You can always split the cost between associates. We just did a test by uploading an HD clip on our site's host and playing it through a free video plugin for wordpress and it worked fine. The video plays instantly (i can't say this for vimeo) and you can upload three different versions for different devices.
  14. Are you referring to self-hosting videos? This is the case with Vimeo also. The only difference is that Vimeo uses adaptive encoding. So will the same thing happen when using a direct link from Google drive or Dropbox into Elite? Will the player by it's self re-encode the file?
  15. The developer of Elite player gives some workarounds on their Envato support page plus you can buy the Wonderplugin which is a direct link generator for Google drive. This is by far the most cost effective solution for hosting videos on your low traffic page. It may not fit Andrew's needs for EOSHD but it is a good option for building a simple portfolio page. The suggested alternatives here look way overpriced, at least for my needs.
  16. Lol that was funny I am always enjoying your choice of words. They (and by "they" i mean all those giant companies) are always funding and embracing that waiting game. Actually we are all waiting for the next one (whatever this is). The only difference is that some of us can afford every single step while waiting for the next one while others will wait till the end of humanity for a product that will never exist. I am somewhere in the middle with a moderate GAS syndrome. The whole "mavic" concept was genius and innovative. If we set the Sony RX100's output as a golden standard for 1 inch sensor cameras at this specific time, then Phantom 4 is pretty close and that could be the case with Mavic 2 Pro. But apparently it's not. I bet this has to do with marketing decisions and not overheating problems or the lack of processing power. Sadly, this is the result of modern marketing in the camera manufacturing world: "great sensors being wasted due to marketing decisions for sustainable profit". We finally get this. Don't get me wrong. It's a great drone. It's very convenient and probably the right tool for many jobs. But it's not what most professional content creators expected. Of course we can't blame DJI for delivering a product that can't satisfy professional content creators in this price range. But it would definitely not be a "miracle" if they decided to do this. The "Lord" has it all: great sensors, blazing fast tiny processors, great developers and a massive audience.
  17. It is almost sure that there will be a Platinum version with more efficient sensor scanning after next Phantom's release. But then with that in mind we are again stuck in the waiting game which is not so efficient... I will also let this pass. The expected IQ is clearly not there. The old mavic's picture was a total mess, worse than any phantom. This has apparently better low light sensitivity but then again it's not enough. What's the point of being slightly better from something really bad... I don't say that everything shot with the old mavic is crap, a nice shot is always a night shot. I saw some nice shots ruined by it's crapy codec for sure so this is not a valid argument. As for the new mavic, we have seen wonders from 1 inch sensors so we all know it could have been better than this.
  18. There are plenty plugins for wordpress and joomla. Elite Video Player can stream videos directly from Google drive, which seems like a nice solution too.
  19. I believe the majority of film makers are interested on a place to build their portfolio collection. So with the same money that Vimeo asks, you can share a dedicated server with 2-3 persons and build your portfolio there. Then you can enjoy many benefits like better speeds, reliability and a player of your choice. At least this what i 'll do. Vimeo sucks anyway and DMCA regulations are here to stay. It will only get worse from here.
  20. Thanks for your input @Stathman Indeed i used ProRes 422 for my tests and this where the color shift pops up. Choosing my icc profile in project settings didn't work in first place (i was getting strange results) but i just tried the sRGB 2.1 colorspace you mentioned and i can say it's the closest thing i can get to the rendered file. Thanks for that man! This is legit workaround and more reliable than using my own lut. As for Resolve, the most common solution is what KnightsFan suggested. Making a custom LUT through DisplayCal.
  21. I just calibrated my monitor again, but this time used DisplayCal as @KnightsFan suggested, instead of iProfiler. Same settings but totally different results. X-rite's app (iProfiler) gives a strange red shift. Many users have mentioned the same thing, so i can definitely confirm this. As for After Effects, i forced the application to use my icc profile and the results where totally off. I tried the same thing with Premiere by exporting stills which i passed through a simple colorimetry process using Photoshop. I am sure i made a lot of mistakes and this was not a scientific test in any universe but i can say this with confidence: The color management in Adobe video apps on a mac doesn't work in harmony with Colorsync. Even if you force these apps to implement an icc profile you can't trust what you see. KnightFan said that VLC's color is not accurate and i totally agree. But i was not expecting in any case that i would see the exact color management inside 2 widely used Adobe's apps. I made a custom lut in Photoshop, then added that on an adjustment layer in AE and exported my files again. That was the quickest way to fix the color shift and it worked as a charm. I think... Overall i think those are major issues and must be discussed more on the forums. It's funny cause we talk everyday about how disruptive a codec or a compression method could be and i just discovered that every single clip i have exported from AE has been rendered in a slightly shifted colorspace.
  22. Thanks @KnightsFan! This is valuable info. As far i know FCPX uses the icc profile, specified by the user. Actually i opened a project on FCPX and tried to change my icc profile. The GUI colors changed instantly but the image on the preview window of the editor took a 1 sec delay to adjust so i think this might be indicative. I guess that Quicktime also implements the icc profile because i can see no gamma shift there. But indeed, things start to get complicated with apps that don't implement the icc profiles, like Premiere and After Effects. So even if a grade seems fine on Adobe's GUI and even on a player like VLC, the proper reference is Quicktime which uses the icc profile, right? So if the image looks desaturated on Quicktime the solution is to make a custom lut for After Effects which pushes the gamma to higher values. Is this correct? Scary stuff...:)
  23. Hi guys. I don't know if this has been discussed before but i didn't find a topic about this. I am working with FCPX on a late 2015 27 iMac and i am seeing a red shift while playing back my videos on VLC. I am seeing the exact same gamut with FCPX when using Quicktime. Now, with After Effects i see the exact opposite phenomenon. Videos that are exported from After Effects play fine on VLC, while Quicktime introduces a drastic desaturation on the red channel. After calibrating my monitor using iDisplay Pro last year, this is getting kinda tricky, don't knowing which application to trust. Is there a standalone player that you trust more than these two? Any ideas why this is happening?
  24. There where numerous debates in the late 90s about bit depth & sampling frequency in audio. The majority of professional audio engineers today will agree that a 24 bit, 96 khz audio recording is more than enough for music, except sound design applications where you may want to slow down the recording. With a proper parallelism, a musician will get this. A 1080p video will be totally "fine" for every web application just as 16 bit/44khz will be more than enough for an audio track that will end up in Spotify or Soundcloud in a shitty audio codec. But if your client/musician are one of those guys who are considering analog equipment as superior due to it's "warmer" sound, or he is trying to justify a 10000 $ investment in a single rack audio unit which magically adds wonderful harmonics on a poorly mastered track, then don't try to explain anything. Just shoot in 4K and make him happy :).
  25. It's kinda strange that Syrp's variable ND hasn't been mentioned yet. Great build quality and IQ. I am pretty happy with it's performance.
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