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  1. IBIS... jack of all trades but not always better than master of one.
  2. I have read lens stabilization and autofocus only works on 8K50P when powered externally... Is it true?
  3. Does it record 8K50P internally after all? Full lens stabilization and autofocus internally? Supplied with the EF lenses via their adapter too? What lenses have you used there?
  4. Okay, I asked because you mentioned the other camera in the previous page of this R7 thread. In the other thread, I read that you have one R5 C, yes? Do you mind to help there then?
  5. Any estimation how bad rolling shutter is on R5 C 8K50P/60P?
  6. Any estimation how bad rolling shutter is on 8K50P/60P?
  7. People debating over screen grabs of a Youtube video, I do not see anything wrong about. I have seen Oscar level cinema of every kind here or anywhere else outside Hollywood bubble.
  8. 😆 It didn't look actual Canon science color... HDV yes, I thought some Sony.
  9. Roger, it is even more complex, for example see this CML discussion about perceived discussion, different DPs, different opinions: https://www.cinematography.net/edited-pages/percieved-sharpness.htm
  10. Without idea. So many options we have today. Tweaked color profile? Sony?
  11. These guys are right. No math involved logic and perception are the cinema.
  12. Any word on the 6k and 4k recording modes? What about the compatibility of the accessories?
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