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  1. yes, Emanuel you're right. For now: https://youtu.be/coW5cvCMlaE?t=198
  2. This shines only with the new R5 10bit 422 codec: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKwG0zSJRjw
  3. I like slowing down 30p to 24p. It gives a more filmic mood to your video.
  4. For example there. Take a look in that video report:
  5. Interesting thread. This is a good contribution. Pleasant reading.
  6. Agreed. I am interested on the original topic. It does not make sense focusing around 8k. The title of the thread is very clear. These rantings end completely useless. Empty talk. I have opened a new thread. Something valuable of valid contributors is welcome.
  7. There are reports the fast h.265 handling is faster but lower quality comparing with the Intel capabilities. Will ProRes or other have the same issues? I also had asked it there but no answers so far: I also wonder if h.265 transcoding / encoding with software isn't possible to overcome those issues of M1 hardware?
  8. I wonder the ideal laptop specs for Fusion...
  9. But, it seems HDR isn't finished yet.
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