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  1. You cannot turn IBIS off and just use the IS, hence a bless no IBIS, no wobble. On R5C, a professional cinema camera, you must be safe with your expensive wide angle RF lenses only with IS.
  2. On R5C, you can have IS and you don't risk random results. No IBIS is a bless for owners of RF lenses with IS. On R5, you cannot have IS without IBIS. They want you buy Canon modern lenses. Old lenses are not welcome for business. This is the problem for many of you. These people should buy a different option. This camera isn't made for vintage lenses. It is made for their recent lens ecosystem. Canon wants people to switch to their product.
  3. That's not a minor development: "Sony’s new architecture is an advancement in stacked CMOS image sensor technology. Using its proprietary stacking technology, Sony packaged the photodiodes and pixel transistors on separate substrates stacked one atop the other. In conventional stacked CMOS image sensors, by contrast, the photodiodes and pixel transistors sit alongside each other on the same substrate. The new stacking technology enables adoption of architectures that allow the photodiode and pixel transistor layers to each be optimized, thereby approximately doubling saturation signal level relative to conventional image sensors and, in turn, widening dynamic range."
  4. Real world experience is fine but you'll go nowhere without solid theory.
  5. I agree with others, no doubt C300 Mk2 does the right thing, except for stills or 4k 60p, use the hybrid 1DX Mk2. Duck soup recipe in my opinion.
  6. I agree, it's weird to set the shutter speed for video with hybrid cameras.
  7. Artificial sharpness is never welcome. Period.
  8. This is a hell of a release to continue pushing this gaming star forward. It has boosted the flow of this industry also. Our workflow.
  9. techie

    Noise reduction

    Resolve is great but Neat Video is still getting my job done.
  10. I found it enough for handling the task. A computer is beyond the CPU.
  11. Yup @ntblowz how about that a few weeks later?
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