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  1. MDR-V600 Not headphones but I just picked up a pair of pair Dahlquist DQM-9 speakers.
  2. Incredible all around. I forgot to think about what camera it was filmed with. The footage looks amazing.
  3. Super8

    RED Komodo

    This is starting to talk to me.......a........little.
  4. I have made great friends and connections on Facebook that are professional. Friends recommend people for a reason and it goes both ways. "That wasn't my fault. I did my job on that wedding and that wedding guest had issues" Lol.
  5. One thing I know I have and that's talent. Talent in creativity, photography, vision and getting the shot. You can take that any way you want.
  6. What? This is crazy talk. Right? So now you don't trust a guy on Facebook's with a resume and links? So you only trust people face to face? This sounds like jealous snowflake, "you don't have what someone else has" thinking. I'm not a big shot director or cinematographer but people like you and @MrSMW motivate me to get to the big time just to prove a point.
  7. At least I can be honest with my comments and stand by them. Did you really use the "I wasn't talking about you card"? This is how you lose credibility. Please go read my past post. I never posted my work or attacked anyone else's work. @IronFilm sorry for calling you the audio guy. I know you've put in time and are out making some good work.
  8. Tell you what if I posted with my real name and info I would post the same way. I try to make honest post and not attack people. Because of this I don't trust people like you that have alternative motives.
  9. The majority of the EOS is anonymous in nature. This comes out of the mob mentality that base their opinion based on inner circle of influence. Sorry but your post is weird and creepy just for the fact that you think you need to know who I am and what I look like. People downvote my comments, get confrontational, say I live in my mom's basement and then ask for my real name, company website and link to films/tv I've worked on. You don't see an issue with that? I could very well be working on Stranger Things (before lockdown). If so what would that prove about my comments? or what would you do with that information? I have no doubt someone would make a call to people they know to affect my standing on said show. Just like most of us on here.
  10. I'll also take the DoF refrence from this film: You can have UpStream Color
  11. @IronFilm Thanks for the great info. My comment that was taken out of the original reply was about run and gun with the P4K and keeping the camera footprint small. MFT was mention as being great for run and gun. When did I ever say DPAF was the equivalent to having professional 1st AC pulling focus. DPAF or AF tracking with the new FF cameras lets true run and gun shooters get shots that would take hours to get with a professional 1st AC pulling focus. DPAF and AF tracking is not letting the camera do the guess work. It's also not a small minority that use DPAF or AF tracking. The GH5's and other cameras have faulty AF so defenders say things like "unless you're a small minority " and "let Canon's DPAF do its guesswork". And at the same time exucses for the GH5's color, bad codec and outdated image quality gets over looked. Now you moved the conversation to "professional 1st AC pulling focus" and "This is why you've got a 1st AC on all but the most micro of micro budget film sets." C'mon man this whole thread is talking about the most micro of micro budgets with GH5 users creating great feature films on low budgets. Do you really think we're suppose think the GH5 has a 1st AC attached to it? This will get us into the "lets save money by using the GH5 and rig it out because we can't afford the C300 II"
  12. Cost per unit changes with each new camera. The word NEW means a lot in the camera world. Cost per unit is not always passed onto consumers like I said before. Olympus financial numbers show they weren't selling that many cameras. No ripple effect will cross over to any other company. Even if it was FF the result of a poorly selling company calling it quits on helps the others. When Seag and Dreamcast got out of computer hardware did Sony increase the price of it's console? The camera market has survived the last 20 years and will keep on going just fine. It's not my fault you don't understand set MSRP that Sony and Canon and others set each year with each product release. Do we have any indication that the A7SIII will be $4,500 and that that's the entry price where the A7III used to be? If the A7SIII is priced as a flagship price it's because that's what it is. The next BMP7K will not be $3,500 and the next Fuji camera will not be $1,000 more than the previous model. What with the "right side doesn't match up that well" don't you get? It is what it is. What does it have to do with audio man?
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