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  1. The GH5 was good but that 10 bit 422 wasn't really great quality compared to what BMP4K is getting out of that sensor. No sure Sigma is close to anything. Can you provide links to great Sigma footage? It's all about full frame right now.
  2. Right now the S1H looks good spec wise. In 8 months it won't look so special with the new sensors coming out.
  3. Where do you get this opinion from? It goes against the unspoken artist rule that artist live by. You don't rag down on other artist. I've seen true artist create art for the love and enjoyment of creating art. That's art. They don't have to be one of the "greatest artist" of all time. I've also seen talented artist that have ego's the size of a small city and they think they're the greatest. Both create art. The first artist I mentioned could suck but they are creating art. Just not very good art. I hope "all artist" are calling themselves artist and think they're creating art. That's the point. The fact that you make a few comments like "if you think you're an "artist" or creating "art" you probably aren't one and aren't creating it.", really rubs me the wrong way. Artist, photographers, videographers, writers, etc, have a hard enough time making a living doing what they love. You might be a part time video dad or whatever but give the rest of us a break and let us create.
  4. Seems like the point of Tatsuo is You Tube views. He's not creating art or trying to capture anything but a lucky photograph. I don't mean to be harsh and will check out more of his work.
  5. What are your thoughts on the Z Cam E2 ?
  6. It doesn't matter. It's a full frame cine camera shoot out. The reason why I want to see the quality or lack of quality from the S1H, Z6 and EOS-R is to see if we really have a wide gap between cine camera and these mirror-less hybrid cameras. I personally think the these 3 cameras would have held up well. Can anyone answer why the FP was in this test? Is it considered anymore of a cine camera the the 3 camera I mentioned that didn't make the test?
  7. Nice work and thanks for testing. Why is Sigma FP being tested? They should have included the Lumix S1H and Nikon Z6 in this test. Also throw in the EOS R and really make it interesting.
  8. I just used the A7III for a quick photo shoot outside. I was asked to tag along and be the photographer and didn't have my gear. My take: - The viewfinder display is lacking compared to Nikon and Canon. It had a lag and I couldn't tell if I was nailing shots or not. I was shocked by this because of all the reviews and positive feedback. - Burst rate was fast. - Color? No as bad as I thought it would be. It has a look it wants to give you, not sure I dig that. I'm trying to get my hands on a Z6 and Canon EOS R to do a shoot out with the A7III
  9. If Kevin can get me access to the Falcons or large sporting event I'll be glad top stand by my word. I honestly didn't mean to disrespect Kevin at all but out of all his Atlanta Falcons shots I saw one that was good. I crew up with Sports Illustrated and NFL films and unlimited access and behind the scenes with a NFL team is almost unprecedented. His photo's are his own. It comes down to finding the shot. Again, I'm sorry that I offended anyone with my comments. I respect the photographer but I don't like the picture he takes. I could say I don't prefer or his photo's don't do it for me but it means the same-thing. Kevin is blessed with access to big events that other don't have and I'm sure he paid his dues, I respect that. The great thing about photography is it's one picture at a time, one. Photographs can be amazing and can capture the moment in so many ways. Let's not forget that.
  10. HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry couldn't resist. Bad skin tone from a Professional Sony photographer. Let me in and I'll nail the shot and skin color with a Canon. To be honest I am impressed with the access Kevin has to big events. I like a few of the photo's he's taken regardless of the camera. Update comment: For all the access Kevin has to the Falcons, how come those pictures are so boring? I don't mean to disrespect him but I don't get it. His photo's are bad. No anticipation, very bad composition , bad color, nothing dynamic, missed focus.
  11. I'm new to all things Fuji. This footage looks great. Is the X-H1 a relavent camera in 2020? How does it compare to the newer Fuji cameras for video? I noticed the Z-H1 can do 200mbps at 4K. Can the newer Fuji cameras do this? As a first time Fuji shooting what would everyone recommend?
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