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  1. Nice video showing dynamic range capabilities of the Nikon z6 raw compared to flat and log. There is clearly a good gain in the highlight with RAW and it is quite impressive. Nice
  2. As a photographer who has shot raw for 15 years, you don't know what you are talking about. I have used mainly 12 bit because I remember the time when we were all talking about 12 vs 14 bit raw and the difference was microscopic. Since then thse type of things like people complaining about 4k or 6k etc are moot to me. There will always be a bunch of nerds who will discuss ad nauseam about the .1 % difference between X and Y.
  3. Some really nice highlight recovery in this video, I don't understand everything as I don't speak German.
  4. Since DxO has been the most consistent camera sensor benchmark and has got the z6 at 14.3 stop. Now there are other DR benchmark that goes stricker (Noise level) but then everyone goes down by those measure. If everyone has shot with the king of DR will know it has also has some noise. As a raw still shooter with a d800 and z6, I know that the z6 is very very high DR and has less that pinkish color in the shadows than older Nion bodies like the d750. In the end, the z6 and any other Nikon for the last 4-8 years, have a ton of DR, I mean a ton. I am was not a fan of shooting RAW, because of file size and the fact I am on PC and use Davinci. But this is warming on me, for specific job, it might warrant the size and inconvenience. https://www.dxomark.com/nikon-z-6-sensor-review-targeted-performance/
  5. Yep, every Nikon (Sony Sensor) since the D800 have had 14+ stop of DR and now just magically they would go as low as 13 MAAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXX. If it was a Sony, I am sure it would be 15 stop 8 bit h2.64 glory.
  6. Its 4k raw. I was just responding because someone already started the bashing of Nikon as always without even taking 2 sec to read the spec, he then retracted.
  7. Very balance story about Nikon Z6 Prores Raw. One exciting thing is his talk about very good Dynamic range which you can also shoot at 100 ISO. It looks like it will mirror the stills raw experience. So we can expect depending on your tolerance to noise, 14+ stop of 12 bit imagery. https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/12/17/raw-over-hdmi-is-here-we-test-drive-the-nikon-z6-and-prores-raw/?fbclid=IwAR241dA3bDKX1Z8pvDMKzh1V33FjXuueX472uNc_1WNYnWp_MsaAZHm_DUA
  8. As someone with 2 z6, I am in same position The thing is that we are a bit in the middle of a 3 way fight. BM seems to want to push its BMraw and not that ready to implement Prores raw. Only if they have a ton of clients from film industry using a lot Prores Raw that I think they will do it. Secondly, I was hopeful that we could get BMRAW from the new BM recorder bu it seems that Nikon did colaborate a lot with Atomos and I think they should have some arrangement that will forbid Nikon at least for some time to do the same with another company like BM. The last is the antagonism between Atomos and BM. I don't see Atomos putting BMraw in its recorder any day.
  9. Yep, the bashing continues, how dare a company give RAW video only in 1080p, must be Nikon, ohhhhhhh shit I did not read it well. Another Atomos video, this one shows much more challenging colors
  10. Hey, another guy super pissed because Nikon gave us the low budget filmakers, the first (announcement) raw capable full frame camera for less than 2k. How bad they are of not having planned that after releasing the first full frame 10 bit camera just 15 month ago, something people have been praying for like at least 5 years. That they would give require only a $ 200 upgrade for the holly grail of filmmaking image quality. Here we are after 13 years and the Canon 5D large sensor camera revolution, having to pay 200$ is some kind of scandale, to not only get a raw camera but a damn fucking good camera... A very well made solid and very reliable peace of kit (I work in a tropical Island and been in very very humid hot environment from beaches, mangrove and tropical forest) with no problem until now. Superb ergonomic, I can shoot without leaving the eye from the viewfinder... A superb viewfinder that make me forget that I am looking through a EVF, the backscreen is also very good Then Add the IBIS and the nice grip and you can shoot handheld. I mean I have rig my 2 z6 with a cage because even for photo I prefer a little bigger camera. But many people think you are shooting photos as it is so small and no need to rig it at all. And best of all, superb out of camera colors and images. The 4k quality is just superb with very good 120fps HD. I would like the same 4k in 60 and 120 fps, but I can understand its for another model. Add to that a fast number of lens that are optically exceptional and the possibility to adapt about every other lens with Nikon super shallow flange distance. I almost forget, very good video autofocus. It the end, it makes for a killer video camera, now with RAWWWWWWWWWWW video. But guess what people will complain how Nikon did or didn't do XYZ to what effectively is a $ 2000 body/firmware full frame camera, as effectively the z6 is at $ 1800 now, add a Ninja V for another 650. That same Ninja will get you so many shooting features beyond just recording that you won't find on any other video camera below 6-7 k. I would recommend any people in shooting Raw (which is not my case for now, as I use Resolve), if you can try the z6 for a little time, at worst you can have a refurbish one for 1400 that you can then add the raw upgrade and ninja for about 2.1k overall. You will also be able to add almost all lens that cover FF or Apsc and test it. Don't listen to the naysayers. It is a very very good video camera. And yet, a year after launch of the z6, they would also give the holly grail of
  11. For those Canon users that want to get 10 bit or even RAW output and have a ton of EF lens. Autofocus seem's to work well for photo and video in their video. https://www.fringeradapter.com/blog/fringer-ef-nz-smart-adapter-engineering-sample-got-tested
  12. It depends on which camera market buyer you where. If you where in the Cine line of 30-100k camera, yes Red was a game changer. But for me anyone lower it was the Large Sensor Dslr market that was a game changer for anyone below that. If we have all the Canon, Sony, Pana large sensor camera in the 5 to 15K it is because of the accident that was the Canon 5d video.
  13. Its extraordinary when people who are in video comment on a lens, that any mean beat every cinema lens and cost like 1/3 an Arri or Cooke. Before laughthing go and look at the result from Dpreview, the thing is out of this world, it beats the leica noctilux which cost 1/3 more. In fact I see this lens will have a place in many place in video/cinema use, more than photo. But thinking about the last part, it is Z lens so won't fit on nearly anything. Some will perhaps just buy the z6 as an accessory for it.
  14. Can you point me to a place where the Ninja V is 600. Everywhere I look, I see it is 700 USD and why did I put $ 800, because as the owner of a Ninja Flame you have factor the price of at least 2 Sony NPF battery and a charger and a SSD reader which at least would cost you another 100-150 USD. I hold the Fuji, I thought I was holding a toy, at least compared to my z6. I mean I know for many only image quality count but for me other thing like viewfinder, body ergonomics, construction, AF etc count. Those funky little fuji with retro hipster style beauty before functionality is not for me. Nowadays has become like an extension of my arm and I can do so much with it that I don't want to go back to anything that is not practical.
  15. Yep but you still need to fork out another 800 for an external recorder.
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