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  1. I have been advocating for Nikon for ages. I am utterly disgusted by this, I hope they are feeling the heat as the backlash seems to be loud online. For me the Z6 is such a wonderful camera and they have so much potential, I just did this video with the Zlog
  2. The z7 60 fps 4k is 93% of the frame, it is the world upside down at Nikon.
  3. That's the only positive thing I saw today, I cannot even express my disappointment. Blackmagic Raw is coming to the z62 and z72. For both models, 10-bit output to an external recorder with N-Log is possible as well as the capture of new HDR (HLG) video and output in 12-bit ProRes RAW with the optional upgrade. For upgrade customers, additional support will also be included for Blackmagic RAW when using the Blackmagic Design Video Assist 12G HDR recorder. This upgrade will also be provided for existing customers who have already purchased a ProRes RAW upgrade for the Nikon Z 6 or Z 77.
  4. I have been shooting compressed raw on my dslr for more than 10 years because I have seen test between Uncompressed and compressed with no perceivable difference. My guess it must be close to the same for video RAW.
  5. Yep it is so good, even a 3k version of that would be good enough for me. I hope they get creative. Already from leaked pictures there is no full articulating screen. which is a pita but at least it was not leaked.
  6. After 2 years, they should have asked for a faster one. They have devised a system to read 4k and not 6k from the full sensor for the RAW video, they should have done the same for the the 60 fps. In fact I wouldn't have mind even a 3k 120 fps. The 1080p 120 fps is surprisingly good, at 3k it would inter-cut very well with the 4k mode.
  7. I will be a little disappointed if it is only a 1.7 crop 60 fps 4k. The reason is more about the name, if it was an S update as first stated, yes no problem as a mid life update. But if it is a 2.0 version and the counter saying the next chapter, they have raised the expectation a lot if it is only that. They are doing a lot of things that should have already been there from the start like dual card slot and true battery grip. The most criticism they got where from the AF (photo) which got much much better with new firmware, dual card slot, the battery grip and shutter blanking in the viewfin
  8. The 4k youtube link.
  9. Is the lag also in the viewfinder, I didn't feel so. I know about the hdmi and thought they decreased it with firmwae, but perhaps I am confusing with another camera.
  10. So I have got the Nikon zlog profile about 6 week ago and since then it has become my go to profile. I personaly love it. I already loved my Z6 as a video camera, but this is even better. I get so much dynamic range and the colors are great. I haven't had time to do comparative test but even in 8 bit internal it is wow. Its anecdotal but the fine noise it produce might break up 8 bit banding also. So this is my entry for the My Rode Reel contest. Its a 3 minutes documentary and all filmed with 2 z6. I hope it will be sat least selected. Youtube doesn't do justice to it. There is a link f
  11. My only hope is that the big studios put pressure on BM to implement Prores RAW as Resolve is the number one grading tool.
  12. Forgot the link https://www.dpreview.com/interviews/3679521489/nikon-interview-its-time-to-get-excited?utm_source=self-desktop&utm_medium=marquee&utm_campaign=traffic_source#viewComments
  13. Long but also very interesting article, I sincerely hope they do bring really exiting features. The z6 with internal 10 bit and the full sensor 6k raw at 2-2.5k would already be very good. I would just dream like a 120 fps 4k (or even 3k) time limited version. I personally don't need it more than 1 minutes, just for slow motion.
  14. I don't feel sorry for my 2 z6 purchase at all, when I bought the first one it didn't have things like eye AF, much better autofocus and even raw video. Sincerely the Z have always been full featured while the Canon where really underwhelming. It's not because Sony and Canon just released there first 10 bit camera than Nikon did not offer that 2 years ago.
  15. Personally I hope they stick to h264, h265 is a nightmare to edit. They should add higher bit-rate also, same as we have different jpeg setting. High bitrate 10 bit h264 would be a dream for 90+of jobs. When I see what you can already do with their 140 mbit codec, it would be both practical and lighter weight.
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