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  1. I am a big fan of Michael Moore but I think he was duped in this film by his the gibb guy. I think the guy just told him corporations are doing green washing etc and his hate which most of the time is justified and he got triggered. People they are showing 90s footage, and the guy is talking about Solar panel with 8%...... conversion. I mean when was that, even 10 years ago we where in the 15+ % and now 20-23% for commercially available panel. He is talking about waste, today's good panel are between .2 to .5 % loss in capacity per year. We are talking 50 to 100 years lifecycle with over above
  2. For me, all in one unit are so much easier to work with. I have the clar 300, having always to connect like 3 unit is a big hassel. Now some people will say that these unit have battery power, but the price of those batteries would cost like the same as those units. If you want to run those 300 watt units, better go the generator or those solar generators, because vmount for these wattage are very very costly.
  3. From what I recall the Amaran construction is mainly plastic. We will have to see these ones, what they are made from and if they are more durable. That could also be important for many like me, as the light have to support some modifiers etc. Having a 300 watt model also is something to consider. Time will tell when some will be able to do test. To think that these kind of unit use to cost between 700 to 1200 is quite extraordinary. You could get 3 like these for the cost of the aperture 300, its just crazy. The thing is, once you reach those level of wattage, battery doesn't make real sense.
  4. These reading are very clever for the Chinese manufacturers that, I think from the launch of the forza, used special reflectors that are tailor made for the size of the COB to concentrate the light really at the center, which makes the reading very high. The problem is that he himself sees is that unless you want just lighting a face, the hotspot is not good at all as you don't really get an even spread. He also got the surprise that for example testing the Forza 500, when you use it with the reflector he was reaching 1.2k hmi lumens, but once reflected or put in a softbox, the light was signi
  5. This reminds me on the fumy article on Nikon, I mean the day that Nikon will die, the likes of Panasonic, Sony, Fuji will already have died and the camera industry dead. Yes Nikon is not in the best of shapes, but so is everyone, more so the likes of Panasonic and fuji which have 4 to 5X less camera market. Sony itself is selling a fifth of camera it sold in 2010 even if it has 2x to 3x market share. All these will have quit long before Nikon.
  6. WOW at lease one poster who has some insight. Panasonic and Fuji are at 4-5% of the market, 4 to 5x lower than Nikon and Nikon is neck in neck with Sony. Guess what its Nikon that is going to die. Then they tell you, but Canon Sony Panasonic form part of bigger companies.............. While Nikon forms part of the Mitsubishi Kieretsu, the biggest, bigger than Sony, Panasonic, Canon etc group in Japan, with one of its investors being the biggest bank in Japan. Nikon has been positive until last year and was sitting on more than 2 billions in cash in 2017 at least. They even have been bullish ab
  7. I post it here even if I am a bit disappointed about lack of 10 bit internal in the latest z6ii because this guy has a nice perspective of a hybrid shooter shooting the z6ii compared to the Canon R6. At least with Z6ii you still get 10 bit prores/dnxhr recording external and even RAW, with now not only Prores with Atomos, but also Black magic RAW which will go to 4k 60p in RAW (1.5 crop). The rest of the Z6 camera is just so good, very very good EVF, IBIS, body build and ergonomics, with the magic switch (from photo to video) and what I like the most very very good image quality even in 8 bit
  8. Is that true, perhaps they are paying some licensing.
  9. Now I never thought about shooting RAW, but that BMRAW is intriguing because of the size and from every first hand account and on the net it works very well in davinci resolve. The 12.1 would be about 220-230 mbits, that is insane. The 8.1 would be about 300- 320 mbits which is also very very low.
  10. I am also a hybrid shooter, I own 2 Nikon Z6 but don't know if it can fit into a hybrid shooter because of the external recorder. Now when I think about a recorder like this might be smaller than a Flash.
  11. (0% of usser including me are expecting and complaining about 10 bit h264 internal not RAW. I don't understand that obsession about size unless you want to do spy shots. I mean I can shoot RAW video with cameras that is smaller than my last dslr Nikon D750 and a flash on it. In fact I prefer and camera with an external recorder than one with all internal WOW spec that will overhead. In a any narrative, high end commercial and documentary filming where I think RAW can be warranted, those size a ridiculously small. I mean the z6 + ninja V might be barely bigger than a Canon 5d mark ii. So what
  12. But 90% of the people that buy this camera would complain because the Sony or Panasonic is 500 usd cheaper. From what I saw with the double expeed processor the autofocus is even better for video from a German reviewer. They have also added eye AF for video and 60 fps RAW. I mean I could not have dream of FF raw under 2.4 to 2.7 K 2 years ago. People also have to a bit realistic, when we are talking about external recording. These Z cameras are already much smaller than normal dslr and an atomos V is about same size as a flash. So nowadays we have raw video it about same size as a Nikon d5500
  13. Exactly, sometimes people don't understand those simple logic. Companies have to do some profits. I am very critical Nikon did not put 10 bit internal in these cameras, I guess they thought as they give you the choice external, and that the 8bit internal is extremely good, people would not bother. But now I see people complaining why it is not internal or $ 200 dollar upgrade. I mean in two years we went from 8bit to 12 bit raw in 2000 usd FF hybrid camera. Largely because of Nikon. It's been like 5 years people have been complaining that we were stuck with 8bit (which is right) and only now t
  14. Sincerely, how can people complain that much I don't understand. I am hyper critical of not putting 10bit but for RAW update how can people complain. The original z6 came out 2 years ago for 2300 USD, the z7 for 3300. Now the new one is 2000 and the z7 2700 usd. It means that for example the z6ii is cheaper, while having 60p 4k and better AF, dual card slot etc than the original one including the firmware update. You are comparing it to the Panasonic S1H which is 4000 usd. That is twice the price and I don't even know if it has 60 fps RAW.
  15. I understand your point fully, but I think this a bit less true since BMRAW. When you look at the bitrate of Braw and from feedback of some friends who work with it and Davinci Resolve, it works very very well. At 12.1 which I saw some test footage is just slightly less sharp than other less compressed version, we are clearly less heavy than normal PRORES. We are closer to H264 compression rate!!!
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