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  1. I came to the same conclusion, though I don’t do pro work like you but want to buy into a system that ticks all those boxes and is likely to last (for now). Already got myself on a waiting list for the Z6II, first time I’ve ever gone on one for a camera launch.
  2. I was so close to getting the S5 but the AF in video was the deal breaker. The low res EVF didn’t help either. The launch offer was tempting but the Sigma 45mm is a bit soft wide open, so not much benefit over an F4 lens. Then there’s the question of how well non-Panny lenses will focus with DFD? I realised I should focus more on really good but affordable lenses and not fuss about body features too much. Nikon Z lenses seem to fit the bill for me. With the price of the Z6 coming down so much, I reckon I can get a body, F4 kit zoom and 50mm 1.8 for about the same price as S5 inc kit lens and free sigma. But I’d get more reliable and consistent focusing and the two Z lenses should be better too. I love the clever features in the S5 like Pixel Shift, Live View Composites and Post Focus but I decided it’s more important for me to have the day to day basics right.
  3. I watched this a few days ago and didn’t notice the pulsing. I’m not really a videographer and like most lay people, just watched the main focal point. But now you’ve pointed it out, I can see the pulsing in the background, especially in the start and end shots. In other tracking shots, it was hard for me to tell if there was pulsing or motion blur in the background. I am curious as to which set of factors makes it particularly bad. Such as static camera or subject moving towards the camera or background distance? If I understood DFD better, I might get why it does this pulsing when it already has the main subject in focus and tracking is locked on to it?
  4. Really interesting perspective. I am in the market for my first Full-frame ILC, so where the market is going is of interest to me. I believe we have to accept that specialist cameras are becoming a niche like record Turntables became thanks to CD players and then CD players thanks to streaming. We get less choice and more expense. The A7c looks a strange launch in late 2020 but is part of driving up prices in the market to make $2k full frame the entry point for enthusiast ILC, with $3k becoming the mid range and $4 for pro. Look at the where the Canon R6 and R5 sit. You are also right that the price of 2nd hand cameras is crazy. A used S1 can be had for about the same price as the S5 (taking into account the value of the lenses included in their S5 launch bundle), which is crazy. If this keeps happening then at least the 2nd hand market will thrive for a bit but this is of no help to manufacturers.
  5. Is this money offer lenses offer only available in mainland Europe? Can’t see it in the UK.
  6. In the UK there’s a main dealer S5 bundle for £2080 which includes 20-60mm lens, Sigma 45mm lens, extra battery and shooting grip. Given that the kit lens is over £400 more on its own, the value of the extras in the bundle makes the S5 body price around £1100. This assumes that you want the two lenses, grip and battery of course. But does put it at the same price level as the Canon RP. How would everyone have reacted if the body only price had been this low? Seems to me that Panasonic really wants to kick start sales of this.
  7. I am interested in seeing side-by-side tests with the cameras main hybrid, mirrorless rivals using settings as similar as possible. This means testing the R6 next to the A7III, Z6 and S1; shooting full frame 4K 30p H264 8bit 4:2:0 internal (these setting give as close as possible Mbps across the four camera as I read the various specs) and then seeing how long they can shoot for before overheating. With this test, we would know if the R6 has a fundamental design flaw compared to its rivals or whether this problem only applies when it is used in settings that the Z6 and A7III don’t have. If this test showed the R6 doesn’t overheat with these setting (any more than the others), it would demonstrate it has matched it’s main rivals at least for video. Then buyers can consider if the R6’s autofocus, IBIS, in camera colour science are important benefits over the other choices along with the stills side of shooting.
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