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  1. Most of the younger generation are really into 3D and game engine now, it seems. I guess it's quite a bit more accessible too in some ways, with lots of free software and the limit being imagination, you don't have to use real lights and so on. It's also a far bigger industry in money terms and userbase than film and TV, so I think keeping new generations interested will also be a challenge if the prices keep rising.
  2. Since the small fan in the S1H works so well, i do wonder why no other manufacturer does this to alleviate overheating. It adds a little size, but it's a great idea...
  3. This looks ace, I would much prefer a 17-inch version though, as a 13inch screen is very small for working on... then again i guess they'll just put a 3080 in the laptop for that... but i had heard about the low powered laptop 3080s being WAY slower than desktop models. And this one has the external one which I guess is desktop spec... hmmm
  4. He is so scary in Sexy Beast. That and Paddy Considine in Dead Man's Shoes are some of favourite intense performances.
  5. Yes it's not quite online yet is it? But it is phenomenally powerful... I recently used it to comp in some real VHS distortion using it as a luma displacement map, i had no idea whether I could, googled it, took 10 minutes on YT tutorial and it was done! With an RTX3080 that was basically realtime. But it needs work for sure. It loves crashing.
  6. It's a great bit of software. There's no need for a dongle any more, if you have two machines activated and try a third it just de-registers the others, so it's all automatic. The "Cut" page makes no sense to me, and remember that Fusion is a distinct piece of software that they've bolted in, so it's more like learning After Effects than a bit of an NLE. But yeah I recently tried Premiere again out of curiosity and the terrible stability etc meant i didn't last long in it.
  7. I considered it but once I got a PC with a Ryzen and an RTX3080 the idea became a bit silly. I fear Apple's love of just dumping software and other things with no notice.
  8. Yeah I'm using the S1H and Nucleus Nano, the stills are amazing and the high-res photo mode is exceptional for still subjects, Vlog images are beautiful, and though Ninja V RAW is of limited use TBH it's still nice to have I think the issue is... how many of us are there? For me this is the best image available outside of Red and Arri, but are there enough of us who want it to keep them making these cameras?
  9. When you do shows in the USA the crazy union racketeering is amazing too. Like charging you thousands of dollars to move a pallet of stuff 100ft, or $200 to hire a $20 chair for three days, or demanding that a union registered man stand next to you at a charge of $1000/hr if you want to film something (at one particular show). It's a phenomenally corrupt business the trade show shebang. The people make it fun, everything else around it is s chore.
  10. That electronic ND is the best though, really wish it was in every camera.
  11. I believe they've moved to a DCT implementation of MJPEG, I'm guessing it'll have something to do with the processing requirements for wavelet vs battery life with such a little camera running on Canon BPs In theory it means you could see macroblocking at higher compression settings. I just haven't seen enough torture-test footage to know though.
  12. There's nothing here that beats the S1H I love and use in normal shooting apart from that electronic ND, it's a pretty disappointing offer. TBH if I were gonna go up to this sorta price I'd get the Red Komodo and enjoy the genius codec again, I'll bet it thrashes the Sony on IQ EDIT: I did a bit of research and the Komodo doesn't use RedCode wavelet compression like most Reds. Sigh. nothing is simple now...
  13. this all looks great! But if you STILL can't reorder audio plugins in fairlight I shall be very disappointed...
  14. It was a pleasure, thanks for having me! I do love having and listening to long conversations like this, so I'm looking forward to future episodes too!
  15. There's nothing with Arriraw per say, but it is pretty big files, which can be a problem for smaller productions. Redcode goes nice and small. ALEXA SXT Open Gate (3424x2202)ARRIRAW (.ari): 11.5 MB/frame & 996 GB/hour ARRIRAW-HDE (.arx): 6.9 MB/frame & 598 GB/hour ALEXA LF Open Gate (4448x3096)ARRIRAW (.ari): 20.9 MB/frame & 1.80 TB/hour ARRIRAW-HDE (.arx): 12.5 MB/frame & 1.08 TB/hour
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