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  1. I'm very happy with doing a part-time study program in filmmaking. Most of my class mates are already industry professionals but want to have a more creative role, so it has been perfect for networking and I've been able to join several of their projects not related to the class. At the same time it doesn't interfere much with my daily work and lets me build my portfolio efficiently. It also helps that higher education is next to free here. My decision might have been different if I had to pay for it.
  2. When I purchased my monitor a while back I ended up getting the LG 27UK850-W, which seems to have pretty similar specs to the 32UD99 (UHD, HDR10 and 350nits). The USB-C connection has been a bit unreliable for me, but that has been my only complaint. Otherwise very happy with my choice.
  3. EIS could in theory solve the problem by shooting with a much higher framerate and combining several short exposures into one longer stabilized exposure. However, given today's tech, I would much rather have IBIS.
  4. Where did you find the 4:2:2 part? 10 bit 4:2:0 is the new standard with h265 and will be used for everything. The Exynos 9820 processor in the Samsung s10 can record 8k30p or 4k150p. New tech is quite amazing. https://www.androidauthority.com/snapdragon-855-vs-exynos-9820-vs-kirin-980-929775/
  5. Which license are you even talking about? The h.264 license? EDIT: As a good netizen, I commented before I read the article. Having now read the article I noticed that at least the article is about the h.264 license. Whether Mokara is referring to a different license is another matter.
  6. The only other reason I can see for omitting 24p would be to keep the user interface cleaner. It's a quite poor reason, but I can see how UX designers who are not into filmmaking prefer sticking with PAL/NTFS/high framerate recording. Personally I'm more interested in whether it has full sensor readout.
  7. For me, the value of a GoPro is that it's small, robust, waterproof and "fire-and-forget". Modding it with a new mount removes all of those advantages. I guess it would still be the smallest camera with 4k60p at a high bitrate, but for most practical cases, a GH5 would make more sense. Then there is of course the entertainment aspect of doing camera mods.
  8. Thanks for the thorough post, but it makes me wonder, what use cases do you use the modified RX0 and GoPros for? I can't quite see the reason to not just use a camera with the right mount in the first place, but I'm sure you've got good reasons.
  9. I use it on the GH5. My suspicion is that it has trouble with wide angle lenses, but my plan is to just shoot some test charts with each new combination to verify their performance before using it.
  10. It's really worth testing these things with the exact setup you're planning to use. I found my Viltrox speedbooster+Canon L35mm1.4 to be unusably soft, while the speedbooster works great with the Canon 85mm1.8.
  11. My use case for the RX100 would be if I wanted to look as unintrusive as possible. Otherwise I don't really see many advantages for film makers. It also seems like a great family camera for casual holiday photos, but I don't think we are the target audience for that.
  12. Thanks for the tip. I've got some DIY NP-F plates so all I need should be the charger and the right connector. Is there a specific RC-charger you would recommend?
  13. Does anyone know of a charger for NP-F batteries where you can specify the cut-off limit? Either the voltage or %-wise. There is often considerable amount of time between each time I use my NP-F batteries, and the batteries stays much healthier if you only charge them to 80% or 90% instead of 100% of full charge. I am therefore in search for a charger where you can specify the cut-off, and preferably one which can also charge several batteries at the same time at a decent speed.
  14. This looks amazing on paper, but I would imagine it really needs some kind of external power to be usable for video.
  15. The viable options for improving performance in Resolve from cheapest to most expensive are pretty much: 1) Get an eGPU 2) Get a desktop computer (Might be more expensive than option 3 if you get the cheese grater) 3) Get a new laptop (15" MacBook Pro if Apple) Option 1) is cheapest and most portable, so it's definitely a sane choice even if it might not give the highest performance. The other options will be at least twice as expensive (and 4 times as expensive if you stay with apple).If an 570/580 is good enough, then go for it. The question is whether or not it's good enough. When it comes to computers, it's better to buy cheaper for what you need today than to buy expensive in anticipation for what the future might look like.
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