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  1. UncleBobsPhotography

    Atomos Shinobi (monitor only version of the Ninja V)

    After getting used to bezelless smartphones, my only complaint would be that the frame around the screen is unnecessary large. They can justify it for a recorder, but for a monitor-only I wish they could make it smaller.
  2. UncleBobsPhotography

    Speedbooster and ND throttle in one

    Get rid of the physical shutter, replace it with a variable ND. I guess that's what the FS5 has done and should become more and more viable as electronic shutters improve and sensor read speed improves.
  3. UncleBobsPhotography

    Cleaning vintage lenses

    You'll probably be fine as long as none of the airports or road legs have sub-zero conditions (celsius). I have worked with temperature sensitive logistics and most of our issues came during the loading/unloading process, but we also had heated trucks.
  4. UncleBobsPhotography

    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    I found it to be too clunky. I would have been interested if the adapter was able to draw power directly from the camera (no need for extra battery) and I could adjust the ND directly on the adapter without any extra handle and transmitter. I have found such an adapter, but it doesn't have the option for no ND or aperture control and is therefore not practical: https://www.amazon.com/Vizelex-Throttle-Mount-Adapter-Built/dp/B00N9B870W An automatic ND such as kye asks for would of course have been even better.
  5. UncleBobsPhotography

    Honest Zhiyun Weebill Review

    I'm located in Norway. I talked with the store today and the supplier had picked up all the WeeBill units from all the stores in Norway to return it to the vendor for upgrades/adjustments.
  6. UncleBobsPhotography

    Honest Zhiyun Weebill Review

    I put in my order for the Weebill about a month ago, but all the stores in my country have been out of stock. Today I got an email going something like this: "As you have probably heard, this model has been recalled from the vendor due to technical issues. It is therefore uncertain when we will receive the product and we would therefore like to know if you wish to cancel your order." I haven't heard about a Weebill recall anywhere else. Does anyone know what the issue might be?
  7. UncleBobsPhotography

    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    I hope they realize that GH5 users are buying it for video and not for taking pictures. Replace the mechanical shutter with an internal ND!
  8. UncleBobsPhotography

    Exposing properly with Dual ISO cameras

    It seems like setting ISO to 400 or 3200 and ETTR would be the easiest way to get the same results as using "high ISO for bright scenes" and "low ISO for dark scenes".
  9. UncleBobsPhotography

    any Thunderbolt 3 users? cheap way to test connection?

    You make it seem like Thunderbolt3 performance is predictable. Here is one example of how unpredictable it can be: The left side Thunderbolt3 ports on a 2017 MacBook Pro Touchbar has higher bandwidth than the right side Thunderbolt3 ports. I want an external GPU, but it seems like the only way to find out how well it will work on your specific configuration is to test it yourself.
  10. UncleBobsPhotography

    any Thunderbolt 3 users? cheap way to test connection?

    USB 3.1 can also be used as displayport, but only has 10Gbit/s transfer rate compared to Thundersbolts 40Gbit/s. I would therefore image the issue is how to test if the connection has the full 40Gbit/s capabilities. I have no solution for this, but I would mention that USB-C/Thunderbolt has been a somewhat unreliable technology from my experience.
  11. UncleBobsPhotography

    Follow Focus on gimbals effective?

    Most of these gimbals have mechanical focus servos, which works with any lens capabal of manual focus. Unfortunately no first hand experience myself yet. WeeBill is on backorder 😞
  12. UncleBobsPhotography

    Canon Has Solved No IBIS On EOS R

    Fast shutter speeds is the only way to solve the softness issues with EIS. Maybe they'll be able to improve EIS with spatial oversampling in the future.
  13. UncleBobsPhotography

    Honest Zhiyun Weebill Review

    Hopefully the negative feedback is mainly because they are comparing it with gimbals which are quite a bit heavier like the Ronin-S. About half of the negative comments I have read is about the lack of motor power, however, the other half is about half-finished firmware and app support.
  14. UncleBobsPhotography

    Honest Zhiyun Weebill Review

    Too bad it doesn't have any "wired" focus control. It would have been nice to at least get "push to autofocus" since it's often enough for me to simply set the focus once before recording. It doesn't seem like my local shops have the follow focus listed (unless it's the same one as for the Crane 2), but I'm sure I'll be able to get it later if I'm happy with the gimbal. I'm using the GH5. My 2 native lenses should be well within the weight limits, but I guess my adapted Canon L-lenses will be borderline too heavy. The GH5+speedbooster+Canon 35mm f/1.4 is 1.5 kg.
  15. UncleBobsPhotography

    Honest Zhiyun Weebill Review

    I'm planning to get this as my first gimbal. I'm using an overhand grip most of the time I'm filming, and with this gimbal it looks like I can adapt my current style quite easily. I would be curious to know how the follow focus works, and how their plans for the HDMI out is going to pan out, but I think I will like the gimbal even without those features.