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  1. Found the video. He answers the question at 9:50.
  2. I recall seeing a video where Gerald actually says that he doesn't consider himself a filmmaker and that he's only ever done small corporate gigs and that's why he never shows any footage. He's more of a technical guy that's interested in testing cameras and camera gear.
  3. @Andrew Reid Gerald Undone has made comments regarding the drawbacks of having the second native ISO at 12800 in his video where he discusses his reasoning for switching to the Sony A1 (9 minute mark).
  4. I could be wrong but I think the K is for the package that comes with the kit lens while the other one is body only. No difference between the cameras themselves.
  5. I'm just hoping these 1 inch sensors eventually make their way into DJI's pocket and action cameras.
  6. Does anyone know if 1080 on the S5 (or S1) is downsampled? The 1080 clips that I've seen look way softer than the 4k when viewing at 1080 on Youtube. On the other hand, the GH5's 1080 looks pretty much identical to the 4k when viewing at 1080 on Youtube.
  7. No mention of 10bit recording on the side of the box. 🙁
  8. Hahaha, that or a laughing emoji would be good. This one would fit perfectly 🤣 Canon: "Oh, so you want to record in a HQ video mode?" R5 User: "Yes please" Canon: 🤣
  9. I think they were hoping that chatter among the photography community would drown out the complaints coming from video focused users. I think they designed the camera with photography users in mind and added the 8k for that wow factor on the spec sheet. I can't see why else they would add such a feature and then hamper it to the point of it being completely unusable.
  10. I'm a far more cynical individual but I think Canon were trying to hedge their bet. I think what they were originally hoping to do was create a camera with amazing specs to wow customers, artificially cripple it, release it and then gauge consumer response. If sales figures and adoption are low, ease back on the crippling and see if they can gain more customers. Ideally, I think they were hoping that no one would care all that much about the crippled performance and that they wouldn't need to do anything. They wanted their cake and they wanted to eat it too. They wanted to show the class leading specs without actually having to give them to the consumers. Canon's actions have long demonstrated that they want their dslr/mirrorless cameras to be used for photography. If Sony, Panasonic and Fuji weren't pushing video so hard in their own cameras the R5 would likely have the same mushy 1080 as the Canon T2i.
  11. I know this is probably crazy talk but I wouldn't be surprised if the R5 isn't overheating at all and Canon have just implemented a time based system to purposely make the HQ modes completely unusable. Armando Ferreira tested the camera and he was getting the overheating warning despite the camera and battery being cool to the touch (that part of his review can be seen here https://youtu.be/E0851VJfPmg?t=629). Canon have long been criticised for crippling the specs of their cameras so they've decided to take a different approach with the R5 and crippled the performance instead. That way they can say "Hey! We listened! We've given you a camera with amazing specs. We tried our best!". If sales figures for the R5 are extremely poor and they suddenly release a firmware that "magically" solves the overheating issues then you know something is up.
  12. Hah! Thought so! Those pavers just shout Australian backyard to me. 40C? Mate, are you from Perth? It hit 42C here in Perth today. Hopefully it's not like this for the next 3-4 months.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can almost feel the "Australian" heat in that second image. With my level of skill and the amount of shooting I actually do, a Canon IXUS is probably more than sufficient for my needs. However, buying new gear is like half the fun of shooting! That said, I've managed to make it through Black Friday without the purchase of a new camera. Thanks for help guys.
  14. Is there any reason to get the G9 over the GH5 when they're so similarly priced? The G9 is supposedly way better for photography but how much better is it? I know it's got the 80mp sensor shift, faster burst rate and bigger EVF, but outside of that is it really that much better than the GH5 for photography? If I were to get another camera it'd be for both stills and video. People seem to hate on the GH5 for photography but I don't see how it can be that much worse than the G9 considering they use the same sensor.
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