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  1. I had that computer as well, I think it was my longest serving mac. I also purchased the camera top left last year haha.
  2. Needs and wants are totally different things, for example; you need a camera to make a film, you don't necessarily need IBIS to make a film (although it can be a great tool for certain situations).
  3. Same with me, went from GH5 to Zcam, no IBIS, I felt my work looked better without. IBIS is like that little thing you think you need when you first get it but really you don't.
  4. I've had 8 Kowa-8s (also 8Bs in there). Sample variance is huge. Flares can be all different colours, sometimes matching front to back, sometimes not. Some are much sharper than others even when tuned (normal with all scopes). I kept these in the shadow a long time, but when I first stumbled on one I couldn't find even one picture of one on the internet, or even a single word that they existed, it felt like digging up treasure. I've made some videos with them, but prefer the isco 8s too be totally honest (although how wide a kowa8 can go if you know the right taking lens is pretty amazing
  5. Thank you @Andrew Reid. I'm starting to think Camera Conspiracies YouTube isn't as satirical as I first thought...
  6. New Jinni.Tech video up on Youtube...
  7. These characteristics you like are not from un-coated elements. Removing the coatings is far more likely to ruin the image (and lens), rather than achieve something nice.
  8. I don't really use AF, Noise is a non-issue for me and I don't need IBIS (I can understand how some people think these are important though). E2 is 10bit. Yes, E2 can operate for hours, even in my waterhousing shooting 120fps 4K and it never overheats. The housing is quite hot afterwards, I wonder how the canon would fair? (For the record my GH5 which basically never overheated very often would occasionally overheat in my water housing). I get how people want a DSLR that does this stuff (I want one that can do this stuff as well!), but I think it's kinda silly to look past the Z
  9. I'm most surprised anyone watches these people. What's the demographic do you think?
  10. Tinkering with lenses and hacking together stuff is what makes anamorphic fun to me, I think some people totally miss the point of why many of us do it.
  11. Correct. Thank you, I was trying to remember what it's called, it's hard to find in search.
  12. https://zcamuser.com If everyone used something like this it would help. The issue is people seem to to be convinced FB groups are good for stuff like this.
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