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  1. That zeiss lens is almost too sharp, needs a pro-mist or something.
  2. Nice job! Skin tones are easy to get right on the E2 and although there may be some noise due to M43 sensor size, I don't feel like it's an issue or limiting my work at all. I also consider getting one of the newer models when they come out, but I'm wondering how much that would really add to my production level. The low light is actually surprisingly good on E2, but I guess we always want better .
  3. DPReview? Never heard of it.
  4. That first video was pretty boring.
  5. Looks pretty good as long as you're not looking at all from the Lefthand side.
  6. Looks like it was shot on Iphone. I'd agree, content above all else, but better and more equiped cameras have their time and place. Choose the right tool for the job/budget. Also an IphoneX isn't exactly what I'd regard as cheap.
  7. 4K wide 160fps mode coming in new firmware for the E2.
  8. Zcam E2 is getting 4K wide 160fps mode in next firmware as well .
  9. The more I thought about that video I realised why he has a 100mm on. If you put something like a 70-200mm on you couldn't also have a 14mm on the same turret as it would be in the shot. Still pretty cool though, I like it.
  10. I've seen quite a few tests that show internal recording on the GH5 is better quality than anything done on an external recorder (except maybe 10it 60fps, which it can't do internal). Something to keep in mind. When I used GH5 as my primary camera I just transcoded the footage to Prores later.
  11. Yeah, ultimately time will tell. But the small amount of issues I've seen them have so far they've dealt well (and quickly) with. Most "issues" however have been user error, not issues at all. "A whole batch of Z CAM E2 have been working 7/24 under waterflawlessly for two months. All is well!" - Kinson Loo. I guess that's some good news haha.
  12. Yep the things you usually pay more for, DR, Ease of use, colours, internal recording, higher framerates, better build quality, constant firmware updates + smaller size for use on gimbals and in tight spaces. Another thing that no one seems to have cared to discuss yet is how Zcam are making small cameras with no vents that don't even get hot shooting 4K 120fps... meanwhile other brands overheat with lower frame rates in much bigger bodies.
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