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  1. tweak

    Autofocus (Af-c) using Anamorphot 40

    What's described in the first post sounds pretty pointless if I understood it correctly. If you have to focus anyway while the camera also autofocuses, then why not just use a single focus lens? I could see this weird dual auto focus setup just creating problems. Easiest way to shoot with AF is just to put a 1.33x adapter on an AF lens.
  2. tweak

    Behold & Sea - short film.

    Here's a little Kiteboarding short I put together over the course of a year shot entirely on 2x anamorphics. I'm happy with how it turned out and hope you enjoy it! https://www.knotfuture.com
  3. tweak

    el nikkor 63 enlarger lens

    Sounds close to correct. I use the smallest extension tube and then a spacer (O-ring) I made out of some thin plastic cutting board. Titos method of putting wire in-between is pretty ghetto and unexact IMO. You can wrap some tape around it afterwards to stop the lens spinning (it kind of turns even when tight).
  4. Yep me to. Can't see the draw over an M50. I had some hope, but I should have known.
  5. Cheers. That's a huge bummer IMO.
  6. Where does it say this? Source?
  7. I basically never use MLraw anymore, the 5Diii really only gets used for photos by me these days. Although I really love it, it's just not practical or suited to my needs so much. I'm probably going to get an E2 to go with my GH5 for the video stuff, they should be bringing a 4K Raw codec to the camera soon which will fill that raw hole . I just want a small, light camera that shoots good photos without much work SOOC, seems like RP could be that.
  8. Looks like I could be switching from 5Diii for my photo travel camera. This camera isn't the priority for me and I just want something smaller and lighter that shoots natively with EF glass. RP looks like it fits the bill.
  9. I never really have an issue with build quality (i.e. I've never broken a camera). The eosM50 is much lighter and less sturdy, but that build quality would be fine for my uses.
  10. I'm looking to replace my 5Dmkiii, I use it every so often for jobs (my main work is video though). This new camera entices me because it's so light and since I'm always travelling with a ton of stuff if it can do what the 5Dmkiii can do in a smaller, lighter package (plus as a C cam, or extra interview cam with 4K) I'd consider getting it.
  11. I don't mind the look of these Canon cameras. I'd agree they aren't special or ground breaking but I prefer how they look to Sonys A line (ergonomically speaking they also look superior to me without having tried one).
  12. I want to know more about this camera, I don't give a shit what you think of Canon x competition in every thread related to it. Thank you.
  13. tweak

    Aren't you waiting for the Panasonic S1?

    Not enticing me anymore, I think I'm picking up the Zcam E2.
  14. I only shoot on Tube cameras.