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  1. Give a youtuber an Arri and see how they do... you'd probably think it's a bad camera afterwards as well .
  2. Much improved for me over the GH5, I really like it. Also anamorphic support for all different ratios is un-matched in the price range. Prores support is super convenient and colours are a breeze to get right. I've got nothing bad to say. The small form factor is also very nice for shooting with a small profile or on a gimbal.
  3. Number one advantage: 7D - CF card like 5Diii, higher continuous write speeds.
  4. I think 7D is a better choice personally, unless you really want the AF.
  5. I shoot Zcam e2 most now. I also have GH5 and 5Diii that I used previous and still use occasionally.
  6. Video above looks nice, doesn't strike me as being anamorphic though... Don't forget about the 7D for MLraw @Andrew Reid, I still like it the best for the image and I have a 5Diii now. Somehow I think the 7D has less fixed pattern noise.
  7. Not sure if it will be. For the price I'm not that fussed, I can't see a better option right now anyway.
  8. Remember there's actually no cheap version of the Ultra .64. Viltrox M2 is a good budget option if you are looking at the Ultra .71x.
  9. Don't forget the Zcam. It does 4K 120fps h.265 10bit 200Mbs. 👍.
  10. That zeiss lens is almost too sharp, needs a pro-mist or something.
  11. Nice job! Skin tones are easy to get right on the E2 and although there may be some noise due to M43 sensor size, I don't feel like it's an issue or limiting my work at all. I also consider getting one of the newer models when they come out, but I'm wondering how much that would really add to my production level. The low light is actually surprisingly good on E2, but I guess we always want better .
  12. DPReview? Never heard of it.
  13. That first video was pretty boring.
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