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  1. Think i saw one for sale a few weeks ago, maybe was this one...i stayed away from it, as the rear end looked odd; longer...different from the 2 examples I have. Not sure on the mount/clamp though.
  2. I know it's probably a long shot, but...does ANYBODY here know ANYTHING about this thing? I have scoured the internet, including Chinese sites, as best I can...there is next to nothing. As I understand it, the modern Chinese government would prefer people not know such things even exist....they want people thinking that China was not capable of highly advanced industrial achievments until AFTER the so-called "economic reforms" of the ~80's+. Obviously...they were indeed capable. Everything I can find dates this lens to somewhere in 1979 to 1983. They studied English, French and
  3. It stuns me that such things exist with essentially zero information online in this modern day... You folks with such knowledge really are a treasure/blessing, as is the information you're able to put out there for future filmmakers and lens nerds. Okay now here's one there's gotta be no way you've ever seen on its way back to me after some modernizing. Not anamorphic but...
  4. Okay, @BrooklynDan! I have some further info from the seller that might help figure some of this out. He said: "Hi there, Have shipped your lens this morning well packed for its journey! The lens came from an Eyemo-71Q Spyder turret 35mm cine camera and the lens fitted (from memory) directly into one of the turret mounts... It was a pretty top end outfit - the other lens fitted was a Nipponscope anamorphic with 50mm & 85mm Canon f1.8 back lenses and 400ft film magazines - it had seen some serious action! I received an email from a combat film camera collector when I was selli
  5. My second one is off having a bit of internal dirtyness cleaned up at Rapido (looks to be in fantastic shape and should clean up to extremely good shape). I am curious to see how second example will perform in comparison. I will also have to get out my baby hypergonar and give it another go. Need some taking lenses that match baby anamorphics better...best I have are FD 50mm 1.8, and olympus 45mm 1.8 (M4/3). Any other recommendations with properly small-sized and forward-located front element?
  6. hehehehe. Interesting, dont recall any problem with it but let me actually give infinity a bit more of a proper test. WE'LL DO A SHOOTOUT!! scifi-Old-west style, pewpewpew (anamorphic laser-beams)
  7. Wow, exactly the kind of interesting info I was hoping someone would have. Fascinating! So it is indeed not an on-camera adapter as I thought...awesome. I know the totalscope/totalvision/franscope adapter of similar design was often used with the early angenieux zoom, the 35-140mm (i think), using either a solid piece linking between the two focus rings so they focus together, or a "cam" or gear setup that focused both lenses together. Any idea what the typical setup with this thing would've been in terms of taking lens and focus? Thanks for your insight!
  8. Yes, they truly are amazing little jewels... It's quite incredible how wide these tiny things are actually able to go...although at wider end edge distortion gets really unusable. I'd say on the nFD 50mm here, the distortion is JUST at the very edge of what I'd deem usable without being insanely disruptive. But it can go wider. Ive used it on Olympus 30mm Macro lens (native MFT lens) and it does not vignette. I actually quite like the funky distortion and surreal bending...and this lens is actually able to maintain incredible detail, which makes for an interesting combo. An
  9. Here is some simple test footage of the baby kowa, as promised! Taking lens is a Canon nFD 50mm f1.8, mounted on a 0.71x Zhongyi speedbooster. Aperture varied between around 5.6 to 8 (on the lens, pre-speedboost). GH5 Camera settings: Natural profile, ISO 200, 4:3 "4k Anamorphic" mode (3328x2496). Desqueezed in Resolve, cropped sides to 2.35, rendered in DCI 4k 'scope (4096x1716). Slight contrast and exposure adjustments, slight sharpening added. Otherwise straight out of camera.
  10. Designed for super8 cameras....the smallest 2x scope out there. And believe it or not? This thing is superior to the much-drooled-over baby hypergonar. Significantly so. I own two baby kowa 2x's, and one baby hypergonar....all of them are in near-new condition. The hypergonar was practically "New Old Stock" shape. Anyway, here's a couple pics of it mounted tucked inside a Rapido FVD8a, along with a screengrab of fellas on the porch talking. Also some pics from around the net of what the baby kowa looks like by itself (since mine are mounted in rapido FMJ, dont feel like removin
  11. hahaha yikes...NOBODY?? What did I find here...the world's rarest Kowa anamorphic adapter or something?
  12. Here are the Bausch and Lomb, and Totalvision anamorphics I mentioned for comparison
  13. This looks to be a *camera* attachment rather than projector, but not sure... It reminds me of the Totalvision/Franscope anamorphics and the early Bausch & Lomb Cinemascope adapters. Anyway, I just bought it. Eager to check it out when it arrives...it looks to be a VERY early one with serial number 25. Hoping someone can tell me about it.
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