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  1. so @Gujarish what is your solution ?
  2. PANASONIC S1 quick 1st hands on I had the opportunity to do some very quick shots during a presentation of the Panasonic S1 pre-production firmware on Saturday 9th of March 2019 with 24-105mm f4 zoom, shot with high ISO In this film you will see samples in : 4K 3840*2160 59,94p. 150Mbps (4:2:0 8-Bit LongGOP) Normal mode 1/50e in 24p sequence 4K 3840*2160 23,98p. 100Mbps (4:2:0 8-Bit LongGOP) Normal mode 1/50e in 24p sequence tests @105mm with no stab and @105mm with stab (Dual IS 2) and slow motions : 4K 3840*2160 slow motion 48fps out in 23,98fps 4K 3840*2160 slow motion 60fps out in 29,97fps FHD 1920*1080 slow motion 150fps out in 29,97fps FHD 1920*1080 slow motion 180fps out in 29,97fps Thanks to Panajou, Bordeaux Thanks to Panasonic France Thanks to Tchie-Kung vimeo.com/sebfarges https://vimeo.com/323170506
  3. On line in few minutes https://vimeo.com/297889091 LAST SUMMER with SLR MAGIC 1,33-40 compact anamorphic lens Shot on LX100 4k, GH4 4k, C100 MarkII 1080p and GH3 1080p with Pentax 40mm f2.8, SLR Magic 25mm f0.95, Canon 50mm f1.8 and LX100 fixed zoom @f2.8 musics : LeMatos "King Filth" & "End of Summer" Thanks to Andrew Chan from SLR Magic and to Château Grand-Français, Hayley, Lisa and her daughter, Clémence & Baptiste, Nina, Céline, Pascale, Anne, Géraldine, 3iS students and Héloise & Rémi shot btw june and october 2018, in Bordeaux, Bègles, Brive, Toulouse and Floirac (France) a Seb Farges movie
  4. Mmm not so sure be careful, I had to crop a little sometimes because of the moving vignetting. It also depends of the construction of the lens
  5. Thnaks Keessie65. I have to think about it. And will do some test with a more tele lens to avoid the slight crop
  6. Thanks elgabogomez I do appreciate. The problem is that the vignetting is moving with the stabilization... For a medium shot maybe between 3 and 4 meters. Thanks Teemu, I've watched your video, nice work. I told 35mm to the GH5. I don't have the GH5 with me but I don't think there is slo-mo yet on 4:3 aspect anamorphic mode is in h264, 10 bit I don't think so. I have to check. I shot only in 6K, which is 8 bit bad fully not yet desqueeze in the camera Thanks PannySVHS No I was in natural mode -5 everywhere except saturation at +4. I hope firmware will give better results for the IBIS, such as choosing the horizontal or vertical stab yes it should be better with this choice We'll see if one day we would have the choice of type of IBIS
  7. This is my first test of using the 6K 29,97p 3:2 ratio on the new GH5. I'm happy with the results, please tell me what you think. But I want to share my teething troubles working with the GH5. 1- The first question was which focal lens setting did I have to choose for the stabiliser. My prime lens is a 35mm, but did I have to include the 1,75x factor of the anamorphic, that is influencing only on the width ? My first impression is that the internal stabiliser is not really the friend of anamorphic lens, some distortions or rolling shutter. There is some small moments in the movie that you can notice, but most of the strongest were unedited. Because of the prime lens which is 35mm, and maybe the wildest I can use with my baby Hypergonar anamorphic lens, I had to zoom in the image sometimes, when it's in movement for example, to avoid moving vignetting in the frame. I did up to 17%. 2- the H265 codec that is used for the 6K mode I had problems editing the 6K mode video. I have Premiere CC2017, but even when it downloads the H265 / HEVC codec, I couldn't really import the original files. Some of them were working, but most of them had strange result on the timeline with green colors. And not to mention the lag with playing the video, on Premiere or VLC. I test it on two different iMac, mine that is a end 2012 with 24 Go of RAM, and at the university that is a 5k iMac with 8 Go. So I transcoded the video with Handbrake, which surprisingly accept the 5184*3486 with H264 5.2 level. Then I decided to export directly in anamorphic without the black bars, in 5184*1976, then doing a same dimension sequence in Premiere. Badfully I couldn't export the same dimension when I finished my edit on Premiere, so I did it in the maximum that my version of Premiere accept at my home : 4K (4096 maximum on the width). When I will find the solution, I will export it in its original dimension 5184*1976. Having troubles with a new camera and a "new codec" and new dimension "6k" is not new for me and I accept it I remember when a long time ago when I bought the GH1 I had to switch from Final Cut Pro 7 to Premiere to be able to edit the H264 clips directly on the timeline. Thanks for watching the movie and do not hesitate giving me your opinion and your experience with editing 6K material from this new beast named GH5 ! GH5 6K 5184*3486 3:2 29,97p export to 4k 29,97p anamorphic 4096*1560 prime lens : Qioptiq 35mm f1.6 wide open most of the time anamorphic lens : baby Hypergonar 1.75x focus module : SLR Magic Rangefinder Imperial ND filters : Hoya 32x, 4x and 2x slight black and white levels / no color correction cropping due to vigneting of the anamorphic due to the stabiliser from 0 to 17% Thanks to Virgil for his GH5
  8. Thanks LOM I do appreciate. I never saw this original music video , but I like so much this track !
  9. Thanks Timotheus. Yes it's pairing well with the Pentax lens
  10. Here is some street videography taken in cinemascope with SLR Magic anamorphot 1.33x-40. As you can see rack focus works good and is easy to do. The combo with the prime lens is quite compact and lightweight. GH4 slow motion mode 1080p SLR Magic anamorphot 1.33x-40 on Pentax 40mm f2.8 at f4 Hoya ND filters music : Superpitcher "People" Lumetri (SL Bleu Intense (Universal)) + slight levels corrections Thanks to Andrew Chan from SLR Magic, Emmanuel, Tchie-Kung and Nina
  11. Filmed with Panasonic Lumix LX100 4k 25p 3:2 with my baby Hypergonar anamorphic lens 1.75x and SLR Magic Rangefinder Imperial with Hoya ND filters no CC slights levels Filmed in La Reunion Island and Maurice Island end of january and beguan of february 2017
  12. Here is some clips with the anamorphot SLR Magic, the one with the focus module Rangefinder integrated, on LX100
  13. For sale SLR Magic Anamorphot 2x 50 Anamorphic Adapter http://www.ebay.fr/itm/-/112268980367? a very good anamorphic lens with single focus ! (put the prime lens on infinity, then focus on the anamorphic lens) in good condition. No diopter needed ! Works with little vignetting with the 20mm Lumix pancake, and no vignetting beyond. LENS : No haze, no lens separation, little little dust, little cleaning marks BODY : in good condition, but two parallel scratch lines (see picture), and a 58mm step ring stuck that I prefer letting the buyer take it of if needed. Sold with front and rear caps. the last pictures are video 4K stills Here are some movies I have made with it : https://vimeo.com/120495775 https://vimeo.com/131668399
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