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  1. Any rumors or ideas on when the next version of the S5 might be released?
  2. I made a comment on the live chat on YouTube and directly under me is the man who started it all. The wizard behind the hacked GH2. Nick Driftwood! 🙂
  3. I have solely used GH cameras. GH2, GH3, GH4 and GH5. When I look at the GH6 I say to myself I have the GH5 and it still kicks ass. I only use manual lens and could care less about auto focus. Being that the GH5 holds down MFT for me and some thing like the Z-Cam M4 looks like next level MFT. I'm really thinking of jumping into a S5 or the next version of the SHII. Anyone else feel the same way? The size of the GH6 looks around the same size as full frame cameras. The idea of seeing my vast collection of adapted lens in their native FOV and having the low light capabilities are more appealing than GH6. Anyone else feel this way?
  4. Being someone who has owned both the Kowa and Bolex like Kees, I would just add that the Kowa is amazing at letting the taking lens retain it's character where as the Bolex has a strong character added on top of the taking lens. You can go wider with the Kowa but might run into soft edges. Having the Kowa Inflight 1.75x as well, they were identical in flare and character. I have 2 Bolex 16/32/1.5x and sold my Kowa long ago and kept the Inflight. Both are great! Here is a shot with Kowa and Zeiss ultron 50mm f1.8 as taking lens.
  5. Redstan, Tony and Alan are all the same person. You can add Keyser Söze to the list to.
  6. What did you pay for and never get in return? I have bought over a dozen clamps and jackets over the years and had never had any issues.
  7. I think you are mistaken. First of all his name is not Tony and he is no where near this age from my feeling. I do hope this Tony and others do pull through in this horrific time for all our loved ones. Redstan is the devil, he will never die.
  8. If I was starting from scratch, I would go for a Sankor because they are cheap, all over the place and look really good. That with a ProtoDNA would be a nice combo I think. Bolex 8/19 would be nice to. If you are shooting s35 or Full Frame then unfortunately things get rare and expensive. The Vazen lens might be the best bet after DIY scopes. Or a SIRUI. Good luck!
  9. I'm gonna give it to you straight. If this can't even focus to infinity then you are looking at a big gold CinemaScope paper weight. Even if you could the amount you would pay for the variable diopter would be worth much more then this lens. Also you will have not many choices as far as taking lens and forget going wide. I think a Sankor would be a better way to go and much easier on your back to bring around. If it can't go to infinity forget it. Cheers.
  10. I came up with a solution for a 30mm FOV and love it but it's going to take some time and money for you to get all the pieces. It's MFT only and duel focus but I got it down based off of distances. Unfortunately there is no other way for DIY anamorphic to get this wide. LA700 would be the next best thing but you won't get this wide. I use a VoigtlÀnder 40mm f2 instead of the Pen F 38mm and it looks even better then this video.
  11. Testing Bolex Anamorphot set with various taking lens and the GH5 5k. 8/19/1.5x Ultra Wide Angle setup + VoigtlÀnder 40mm f2 or Olympus 38mm f1.8 (30mm FOV) + Raynox HD-6600PRO-49 Wide Angle Conversion Lens (0.66x) + 16x9 169-HDV75X-82 0.75 Wide Angle Converter Lens Bolex 16/32/1.5 "Unicorn" + Pentax 40mm f2.8 DA (80mm FOV) Bolex 16/32/1.5 + VoigtlÀnder 40mm f2 (80mm FOV) 8/19/1.5x + Jupiter 11a 135mm (270mm FOV) I mix the 8/19/1.5x and the Bolex 16/32 footage together. Adding to the lexicon of footage out there. If it does not show up in your country on Youtube, here is the Vimeo link.
  12. The Olympus 45mm f1.8 sounds nice. The Olympus Pen F 38mm f1.8 is a personal favorite of mine. Cheap, sharp and full of character. Other wise I use machine vision c-mount lens.
  13. Nice lens but I must say that shots have been fired 😉 I own the Baby Hypergonar and did own the Kowa 8 2x before I sold it. I would slow down with the Baby Hypergonar bashing. First of all, my copy and another friend who has the same lens both confirm that we could not reach infinity with the Kowa 8 2x. It is a lovely lens and you have produced some really nice images but nobody puts my Baby Hypergonar in the corner 😉
  14. I have been experimenting for years with aspheric lens and other wide-angle attachments to get a wider FOV for my anamorphic lens and never had very good results. I'm happy to announce that if you are a proud owner of a Bolex 8/19/1.5x, this might be a solution you will like. I shot these yesterday. By my estimate it's a 15mm on MFT or 30mm FOV full frame. The pros are no diopters are needed and you can focus as close as 10 inches. The downside is duel focus which is very easy with this set up for me. I did have chromatic aberrations but that could have been polarizer. I need to check. It's a great solution for wide establishing shots, car shots or getting wide close ups. Only works with Bolex 8/19 an MFT users.



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