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  1. please dial the other end on the aperture. and come back with the results.
  2. that explains everything, now is all clear! Thanks
  3. yeah sorry, I was a bit confused about the whole story and I wanted to be sure I understood well, thanks
  4. thanks for taking the time, what camera taking lens and at what aperture did you shoot the test?
  5. Does it go from minimum to infinity? Thanks!
  6. which single focus adapter allows you to get close to 16 inches.? so If I am understanding it right now the telecine moller version goes from 16 inches to infinity? Thanks are you talking about the telecine version? Thanks
  7. Sirui has not anamorphic characteristics at all so you can zoom in and out as you wish , you won't notice any loss.
  8. Obviously I was just joking with my statement because I think that each of these little beauties has its own character and that it is up to those who use them to enhance their characteristics and make good use of them artistically in what they want to represent.
  9. the rare anamorphot 22/1.5x Zeiss ikon beats both of them, sorry!
  10. Hey, feel free to join the Anamorphic gossip and share some myths https://www.facebook.com/groups/587919195445228/ Thanks!
  11. Hello Vladimir, so glad you made one 1.6X scope, looks good man!
  12. Cinemoller 1.6X with 50mm f1.4 FVD on 5d3
  13. To be honest what Dan Sasaki from Panavision says is much more valuable to me than what you wrote.You can read my private conversation i had with him. These are only DIY prototypes and there is no hacksaw involved, even a child would know that these would of course benefit from a new housing , but since I am not selling it or launching anything on the market I am not worried. But most of all please do not worry at all about my children, I am the father. How dare you!
  14. let off steam, remember to clean up when you're done.
  15. very true!!! thanks man!
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