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  1. Yeah, I ordered mine from Adorama last week, got it last Friday, returned it today, sadly. BHPhoto has them in stock now too. I read on the BM forums yesterday that BM confirmed that new versions of the camera can't downgrade the firmware to get back CDNG, and they claim it's because they had to switch their LCD screen supplier... So I wonder if this sudden availability has to do with having solved their LCD issue.
  2. Looks pretty good for stills. For video, I think I still prefer my X-T3.
  3. I guess it depends on what crop mode you are using... I've been using the (1504x1920) 1x3 binning mode pretty exclusively the past few weeks and the "realtime" preview (not "framing preview") is streched vertically in a big way. Pretty sure that is a just how it is with 1x3, restarting the camera doesn't change that.
  4. I'm not sure I follow- I use the 1x3 binning mode all the time, and the stretched or off-center liveview can't be fixed by rebooting, it's just how it is in ML. Very hard to shoot with unless the camera is locked off and focus doesn't need to change.
  5. Hard to shoot properly when you can't really see through the viewfinder though, no?
  6. I'm not posting this bc I'm proud of it, but this is something I shot last night with 1x3 1504x1920... I got the viltrox focal reducer and the Tamron 45mm VC 1.8, in hopes of lessening the rolling shutter... Don't think it helped, maybe a little less of the vibrations, RS is definitely still there; yes, I know the walking shots were doomed from the get-go, I won't blame that on the camera. (Sometimes there are also still micro vibrations- I assume the VC is working bc it has a switch on the lens, can't image the adaptor somehow is disabling it?) This whole thing has been pretty incredible to play with, and what Magic Lantern has been able to do is pretty incredible as well, but I think I may let go of this... aside from the RS, I just can't get past the live view... So many of these shots are out of focus because you can't really see much with live view... If you set to Framing as I do, the fps in the view gets really slow when recording and it's really really hard to follow the focus that way. If you set to real-time, the stretched image you see isn't even the center of the image so it's really kind of useless. I guess I might be ok with the 1080 settings (RS is a lot more manageable) but hate that its just short of HD, don't like having to scale up... if HD is all I'm after, I'm almost tempted to go and buy a used BM Pocket for $400, had that camera for years and loved it. This is the second time I've gone out and bought an EOS-M bc of ML (last time was last Aug, back when 1080mv was the latest development)... Maybe I'm too impatient but I doubt the liveview will ever get better. If it does, maybe I'll buy the camera a third time and come back to it. BTW, no pink frames for me at all with this shoot, and sd_overclock was on.
  7. I’m using the 7artisans 35 1.2 for Eos-m, super small setup and pretty awesome lens for the price. Though I think I’m going to get the Viltrox adaptor and Tamron 45mm for the stabilization. I can say that the rolling shutter is a lot better in the 3x3 mode... in 3x3 mode (1736x1158) the rs shows a percentage of 57% (however that translates), whereas 1x3 mode (1504x1920) shows 84%. It seems to get better the lower the resolution, which makes sense of course.
  8. https://vimeo.com/312472183 Here is something I shot yesterday using the 1x3 mode, video comes out as 1500something by 1920 (4500something by 1920 after upscale). Tried my best to not move too much bc of the rolling shutter.
  9. He mentions in the YT comments the ML settings he used, 3x3 mv1080, which I've used before on this camera... The highest resolution comes out to something like 1736x1120... So HD one way and almost HD the other way. Unless he picked a different aspect ratio, but either way it's never full HD.
  10. I've been playing with these new ML settings the past few days, pretty cool. Not sure its really fair to call it 4k or 5k, since its really shooting 1/3 of the Horizontal lines and then desqueezing at the end, basically anamorphic without the anamorphic lens. And lots of rolling shutter. But still a very nice image, and for $160 (what I paid for my camera recently) insane deal.
  11. I dont understand these comments about the X-T3 feeling like it could fall apart. Ive owned tons of Fuji’s as well as Panasonics, Sonys and Nikons, ove never felt the Fuji were somehow cheaply made. I think this is just becoming troll central.
  12. I had the little Osmo camera for a week, it sucked. The gimbal part was ok, as was the active tracking when it worked correctly, but the sensor itself was awful- every shot, something was either blown out or too dark.
  13. The places would be ebay or http://fredmiranda.com/forum/board/10 If we are, in fact, talking about the M8 (which is 12 years old, so kind of an unfair comparison), I have never, ever seen one for lower than $1200, anywhere, and that one would be jacked.
  14. How do you have some graded HDR test clips shot from the X-T3 when the firmware enabling HLG HDR recording hasn't come out yet? Also, why not just export from Resolve as Prores 4444 and then convert to 10bit h265 in something like Handbrake? That's what I do.
  15. It needs to be sub $900 to be cheaper than Leica? A brand new M10 is $7000, a used one goes for $6000. Even an old, underwhelming m8 goes for, at best, $1500 these days. What are you talking about? I'm not saying that this is going to compete with an M10 of course, but where is your number coming from? Several camera brands already offer this automatic uploading of photos to the phone (Sony has for years, and if I remember correctly, Panasonics can do it too). I never used it bc it seems dumb, a good way to drain your phone quickly and always jpgs, no raw. I like how you refer to evf as 'traditional' when compared to an optical vf! People spend thousands on Leicas that don't have evf or, in some cases, screens. I don't think this is aimed at the average soccer mom or dad who would be happy with an A6500. This is for someone who actually loves rangefinder cameras. People don't buy an X100 so that they can use its efv.
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