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  1. I mean, ok. I said it could shoot C4K, which it can, I just chose a different aspect ratio for this particular video. It can shoot raw up to 60fps, I choose 24fps, I don't consider either a low frame rate. The face is blown out I guess at some point, I need to go back to find it, but likely user error, I overexposed. I also owned the EOS M to use the magic lantern hack, and that DID suck, bc you didn't get a realtime preview, or if you did it was insanely cropped, and the Dr sucked. This looks much better than that, we can agree to disagree, and it has optical stabilization, focus peaking, realtime preview, 4K, 60p. I'm not claiming this is somehow better than a modern mirrorless, but very few modern mirrorless shoot raw, hell most are just now getting to 10bit. This looks better than the videos I get when using the stock video app. And I'm fucking poor and can't afford a modern mirrorless, so yeah, I have this (relatively cheap) phone that all of a sudden can shoot raw, I'm going to enjoy it.
  2. Just a recent discovery. I think I still had an iPhone the last time I even thought about raw video on a phone, and there wasn’t a useable app anywhere at the time (esp. not on the iPhone, I assume there probably never will be). The closest I got was the iPhone 13 Pro with ProRes, but after dropping close to $2k for the 1TB version so that it could hold all that ProRes, I started to think it wasn’t worth the money, for what I was doing at least (which is filming my kids basically). So I was kind of floored yesterday when I just happened to discover Motioncam, especially the fact that I could dust off my old T5 ssd and plug it into the phone to record straight to the ssd. Such a cheaper setup, and I’m getting 4K raw. I kind of thought I was giving up on mobile filmmaking when I went over to android, but I guess not!
  3. I’m super late to this game, but I just discovered Motioncam- raw test from my Pixel 7 Pro, straight into 500gb T5 ssd
  4. Ugh, sorry, I should’ve known there was an existing thread!
  5. Maybe this has been discussed before, (Or maybe people don't care about such things at this point in technology), but I just discovered this app for my Pixel 7 Pro called Motioncam Pro that can do C4K raw CDNG, and to an external SSD at that. Again, maybe this app has been around for awhile and I'm late to the game, and I know its just a tiny sensor, but for someone broke like me, who can no longer afford my old GAS lifestyle, this is a pretty fun and cheap way to get back into the grueling fun of raw video. The app can even export gyro data for use in Gyroflow, for stabilization. Nothing too exciting here-
  6. Overall, maybe I'm just spoiled, I don't tend to get all that excited by cell phone footage. Ultra wide depth of field, the digital stabilization only works in good lighting conditions (also the reason why I'm am never all that happy with every 360 camera I've owned). I know lot of people think shallow depth of field is overated, and they'll list a bunch of classic movies that were shot on super 16 back in the 60's that have deep DOF, but I think it's magical, and those movies they always list are classics because of their stories, not their cinematography. They're classics in spite of their cinematography
  7. I have the S22 Ultra which also has an 8K setting, but I've only used it like once because it didn't look very good to me when I was pixel peeping, and I assumed they were just upscaling from 4K; I'll have to give it another try. I use FilmicPro though most of the time, which gives you log and 580Mbps bitrate, but alas "only" 4K.
  8. I don't know, I've gotten my hopes up too many times the past few years about Fuji's latest and greatest, X-T4 (I've owned all of the X-T series models) was a big disappointment to me, I thought the X-T3 was actually a better camera. And this new one, from the reviews I've read so far, seem to indicate the same culprits- AF that isn't as reliable as Fuji makes it out to be, and stabilization that is jerky and only really useful for static shots. Also, not really loving anything in particular in the above video.
  9. I realized I couldn't really afford it at the moment, that's really the only reason I returned it. Just like the GH6 I had right before it that also got returned for same reason. It sounds like GAS, but those two really are the only cameras I've bought in the past year, been camera-less for a year, it's hard, I needed a taste. If those two cameras had a baby... Well the first baby might end up with Panny's AF and Canon's rolling shutter, but if they had a second baby with Panny's stabilization and ProRes specs with Canon's AF... and then maybe it turns out the father isn't really the GH6 but in fact an S1 and the baby got his sensor... man, to dream.
  10. Haha... "I heard from someone that hyalinejin said that herein2020 said... that your camera sucks!" I don't know how I ended up with a quote within a quote.
  11. Wait a second- just to argue something that is completely uneccesary here, the R7 is $1500 and the S5 is $1700. That math doesn't equal $100 less! Where are you getting your S5's, let me in on this deal, I need a new camera and you guys just sucked the excitement out of me about the R7 (which I did actually own a few weeks ago for a whole few days. I was surprised by how much I liked the IBIS with the IS kit lens, and I'm coming from an Panny/Olympus background... but damn you guys ruined this for me, I came here to convince myself to give the R7 another try and now you have me scraping around for an S5. And as a former S1 owner who knows now he shouldn't have sold that S1, theres some serious pride swallowing going on here for me to even consider a lowly S5, the camera I turned my nose up at when it first came out as I tucked my S1 into bed with me).
  12. Maybe, but they could have done waveforms for the X-T3 or the X-T4, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.
  13. Anyone else have a context-less pdf to share? just kidding, I read sonyalpharumors too.
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