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  1. He said he had to send the camera in for repair.
  2. It’s on the product page for the camera as well as every review, the clean hdmi output is 8bit; not saying this couldn’t change in the future, maybe they could change this in a firmware update, but wasn’t mentioned and I doubt they’d bother adding it if they are focusing on Ninja V raw output.
  3. Well, there’s no 10bit coming out of the Mark III- with or without an external recorder- just 8bit, so I’ll just have to wait for the raw update come winter to see how it looks.
  4. Well I, for one, am pretty excited about this, went out and ordered the Mark III today. I was heartbroken to hear about the sale of Olympus, especially as I owned an E-M1 ii for quite some time and loved everything about it except that 8bit codec... so having just sold my X-T4, I pretty excited for this, even if it turns out to be Olympus’s last hurrah.
  5. I have not experienced overheating in the month I’ve had my X-T4.
  6. Mine doesn’t, at least not yet. Definitely not after only 20 minutes. The only reports I’ve seen of overheating for the X-T4 are all the different websites quoting the one Northrup video, and who gives a shit what that a-hole has to say?
  7. I bought an X-T4 four weeks ago, and reading articles like this really make me happy with my choice! (A strange feeling when you are GAS-afflicted!)
  8. As in, turning the camera 90 degrees sideways and shooting in portrait mode? Ok, I can do a test of that later tonight.
  9. Here's one more, with a slower move- I feel like I see micro jitters in 'IBIS- Boost Off' 'IBIS+DIS-Boost On' looks best to me.
  10. Here is my quick test I just did with firmware 1.02 and the WR 35 f2 lens. Honestly, I can't tell which mode is working best here. Am I moving too fast to see it?
  11. In fairness though, I've only gotten good results with IBIS on X-T4 with IBIS Boost On, I never turn it off, even if I am panning.
  12. What is getting ridiculous? There have been so many great firmware updates for the X-T3 over the past two years. At some point you have to expect the old cameras to stop getting new features.
  13. Also, just saw in the Cinema 5D article (I know, I know...) that “SIGMA has confirmed that implementing a LOG picture profile for enhanced Dynamic Range and greater creativity when coloring is not possible in this camera due to technical limitations. Turning “off” the color processing (Picture Mode off) is seemingly as close as one will get.”
  14. Just seeing the name of this camera printed here puts me in a bad mood; I was one of those early adopters that had it for a month when it first came out, took on a trip to Denmark even, and returned it harder than any camera I’ve ever returned before, it left such a bad taste in my mouth. It’s marketed as a hybrid camera, yet the AF was abysmal for stills, like really bad, like it makes the Blackmagic cameras seems like they have dual pixel AF. I was ok with not being able to playback CDNG in-camera (I was used to that from my early BMPCC days). But the aliasing, the unforgivable act of using
  15. It doesn’t even have IBIS it turns out, just some hybrid EIS+OIS system.
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