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  1. Say it ain’t so... I’m gonna have to base my future g.a.s. decisions on whatever the hell Kai or Casey is pushing this week, shit. Take care all.
  2. Also, just saw in the Cinema 5D article (I know, I know...) that “SIGMA has confirmed that implementing a LOG picture profile for enhanced Dynamic Range and greater creativity when coloring is not possible in this camera due to technical limitations. Turning “off” the color processing (Picture Mode off) is seemingly as close as one will get.”
  3. Just seeing the name of this camera printed here puts me in a bad mood; I was one of those early adopters that had it for a month when it first came out, took on a trip to Denmark even, and returned it harder than any camera I’ve ever returned before, it left such a bad taste in my mouth. It’s marketed as a hybrid camera, yet the AF was abysmal for stills, like really bad, like it makes the Blackmagic cameras seems like they have dual pixel AF. I was ok with not being able to playback CDNG in-camera (I was used to that from my early BMPCC days). But the aliasing, the unforgivable act of using a non-articulating screen, the waste of time they spend making those stupid “Cinema” color profiles and the stupid waste of button real estate spent on them as well, the fact that you couldn’t easily switch between Cine and Stills mode without ALL your settings (shutter, iso) carrying over as well, it all left me with such disdain for Sigma. (They did release 3D models of the camera which allowed me to 3D print a hand grip, that was pretty cool actually). So, like most, I returned the camera, only to read them announce this upcoming firmware which would include Cinemagraphs (hahaha), and ProRes RAW... The Z6 getting ProRes RAW was a pretty exciting read. The Sigma FP on the other hand, the camera that already records raw onto a $70 SSD, hmm, not quite sure this is something this camera was calling out for in the first place. But I guess someone, somewhere, can import footage easier now, is that the advantage? Great use of 8 months of firmware update time Sigma!
  4. It doesn’t even have IBIS it turns out, just some hybrid EIS+OIS system.
  5. Interesting, I was thinking about that as I watched the video, I assumed it wasn't something Nikon allows you to change. Sloppy.
  6. He's from the future. Around late-April to mid-May, firmware 1.01
  7. Preordered! Excited! Long-ass wait!
  8. Yeah, well your past posts have shown a bias against Fuji; I’ve owned both the A7iii as well as the X-T3 (I’ve got full-blown gear acquisition syndrome, though it’s true that I do tend to skip Canon due to their sensors always scoring lower than Sony-made sensors) and the idea that the X-T3’s AF is somehow subpar is ridiculous. No, it’s not dual pixel, as I said, but yes, it is as good as Sony’s. If you want to disagree with almost everyone here and almost every reviewer out there, I won’t stop you.
  9. Seems digital stabilization is coming along with the IBIS, as well as 240fps https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-x-t4-coming-with-digital-image-stabilization-that-works-in-conjuction-with-ois-ibis-x-processor-4-and-240-fps/
  10. Are people not happy with the focusing system of the X-T3? Maybe not dual-pixel AF, but easily as good as Sony’s implementation on their cameras, no? I wouldn’t hold my breathe on the R5 just yet, I know everyone is losing their shit over the potential of it (and rightly so if it turns out to be as good as it sounds) but never underestimate Canon’s ability to really screw things up, especially when something is suddenly leap-frogging all their current hardware; I’m interested to see what their version of 8K actually entails, or the quality of their IBIS. Or, at least, the price! Assuming that rumored €9999 price is wrong, but we’ll see. If correct, it shouldn’t be in the same conversation as a $1700 X-T4.
  11. Well the main differences between the two was the X-H1 having IBIS vs the X-T3 with that awesome codec with ALL-I/ high bitrate/10bit. So either the XH1 is getting that same codec/bitrate treatment, or the XT3 is getting IBIS... really just depends on how you want to look at it.
  12. 6K I’m ok without, but it better have 4K, or else we’re going way back!
  13. I f’ing HATE when companies announce development of a camera. Just develop it already and THEN announce it. Better than nothing but still..
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