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  1. Overall, maybe I'm just spoiled, I don't tend to get all that excited by cell phone footage. Ultra wide depth of field, the digital stabilization only works in good lighting conditions (also the reason why I'm am never all that happy with every 360 camera I've owned). I know lot of people think shallow depth of field is overated, and they'll list a bunch of classic movies that were shot on super 16 back in the 60's that have deep DOF, but I think it's magical, and those movies they always list are classics because of their stories, not their cinematography. They're classics in spite of their cinematography
  2. I have the S22 Ultra which also has an 8K setting, but I've only used it like once because it didn't look very good to me when I was pixel peeping, and I assumed they were just upscaling from 4K; I'll have to give it another try. I use FilmicPro though most of the time, which gives you log and 580Mbps bitrate, but alas "only" 4K.
  3. I don't know, I've gotten my hopes up too many times the past few years about Fuji's latest and greatest, X-T4 (I've owned all of the X-T series models) was a big disappointment to me, I thought the X-T3 was actually a better camera. And this new one, from the reviews I've read so far, seem to indicate the same culprits- AF that isn't as reliable as Fuji makes it out to be, and stabilization that is jerky and only really useful for static shots. Also, not really loving anything in particular in the above video.
  4. I realized I couldn't really afford it at the moment, that's really the only reason I returned it. Just like the GH6 I had right before it that also got returned for same reason. It sounds like GAS, but those two really are the only cameras I've bought in the past year, been camera-less for a year, it's hard, I needed a taste. If those two cameras had a baby... Well the first baby might end up with Panny's AF and Canon's rolling shutter, but if they had a second baby with Panny's stabilization and ProRes specs with Canon's AF... and then maybe it turns out the father isn't really the GH6 but in fact an S1 and the baby got his sensor... man, to dream.
  5. Haha... "I heard from someone that hyalinejin said that herein2020 said... that your camera sucks!" I don't know how I ended up with a quote within a quote.
  6. Wait a second- just to argue something that is completely uneccesary here, the R7 is $1500 and the S5 is $1700. That math doesn't equal $100 less! Where are you getting your S5's, let me in on this deal, I need a new camera and you guys just sucked the excitement out of me about the R7 (which I did actually own a few weeks ago for a whole few days. I was surprised by how much I liked the IBIS with the IS kit lens, and I'm coming from an Panny/Olympus background... but damn you guys ruined this for me, I came here to convince myself to give the R7 another try and now you have me scraping around for an S5. And as a former S1 owner who knows now he shouldn't have sold that S1, theres some serious pride swallowing going on here for me to even consider a lowly S5, the camera I turned my nose up at when it first came out as I tucked my S1 into bed with me).
  7. Maybe, but they could have done waveforms for the X-T3 or the X-T4, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.
  8. Anyone else have a context-less pdf to share? just kidding, I read sonyalpharumors too.
  9. Also- and I realize I may be completely wrong here- do any stores have the camera yet? And even if one does, I can’t imagine it’s finalized firmware right? Not that I am now defending this camera, everything the troll describes sounds as I would expect.
  10. Well it seems the bigger the sensor gets, the shittier the IBIS gets. Panasonic and OM have the best, while Sony has probably the worst (for video). I understand that for some people, for the things they do with their cameras, that doesn't matter, but to someone like myself, its a big advantage.
  11. I was really tempted when I saw this announcement the other day, but after reading a handful of reviews, I realized I was experiencing the X-T4 all over again, just with 6K ProRes this time. Same iffy AF, same sticky IBIS, basically all the things Andrew mentioned. I think I’ll stick with my GH6, if I have to rely on manual focus, I might as well go with the camera that offers better stabilization.
  12. OM-1, GH6, in 2022, both overpriced for what the competition is offering these days. My phone is shooting ProRes at this point, it’s not exactly a killer feature anymore, esp with how good hevc is these days.
  13. I think I first contracted G.A.S. before I discovered EOSHD, but not long before, and this site helped guide me through it quite nicely. I’m now mostly recovered, only falling off the wagon every now and then, but overall I’ve defeated the disease (I couldn’t care less about the A7iv). But I learned a lot, things I don’t think I’d know now if it weren’t for this site, things like 10-bit, Magic Lantern, All-I, why Panasonic is so amazing when all of my friends think it’s just a TV manufacturer from the 80’s. Lots of important stuff. I think I probably bought just about every camera that Andrew recommended (at least those which I could afford), and none disappointed. When he says he’s lost his creative desire, I read that as he just had a painful breakup with a woman. If true, I can’t take that pain away, but I can say it will pass. Maybe EOSHD will survive, maybe it will be sold. Either way it will never be the same, and I guess that’s ok, what’s important is that is was what it was, and that means a lot to a lot of people. Best wishes for the future.
  14. I would say we do need fake depth of field, bc that is maybe the biggest difference in look between a video show on a phone and one shot on a mirrorless, aside from low light capabilities. I’m not sure iPhone footage is know for having high noise reduction applied (Samsung for sure, Apple not so much). If you shoot with Filmic Pro, there’s no noise reduction, definitely nothing being done to skin, and you can shoot 10bit SDR if you don’t want HDR. Even now, it does still look like a phone. But a few more iterations and I bet you it won’t.
  15. You don’t have to use an “ancient” codec, you can continue to use the 10bit HEVC, which is definitely not ancient, and the next best thing after ProRes.
  16. Should be “and I CAN’T imagine going back to a ‘big’ camera”
  17. I agree with that for the existing portrait mode for photos, especially around hair, they haven’t nailed it yet. But that video Apple showed today, to me it looked WAY better than what we’ve seen so far, for video or photos. Could just be selective footage they showed though. also, the original BMPCC had what, basically a 1” inch sensor and shot ProRes. So a 1/2” sensor on a phone shooting ProRes isn’t hilarious to me, especially when it’s got decent portrait mode that potentially makes the footage look like it was shot on a much bigger camera. I sold my mirrorless camera last year and replaced it with the IP12ProMax, and I can imagine going back to a “big” camera. I’m excited for each of these small steps.
  18. A little off topic, but a while ago I was playing with making an iOS app that would use the phone’s LiDAR and having the app connect to my BMPCC4K via Bluetooth to control focus. I sold that camera awhile ago and forgot about it, but recently I was playing around with a little Apple Airtag, and that thing, with my iPhone 12 Pro, can seemingly measure distance down to centimeters, if not even smaller. Now Apple hasn’t yet opened the Airtag to developers (if they ever will), but if they do I could see an app that tracks the distance of an Airtag and then sends that info to my S1 for focus, especially since Panasonic does already have an SDK for developers to build apps to control Lumix’s. Something like that could help level the playing field for Panasonic camera’s AF woes. Panasonic just switching over to phase detection could also help 😉
  19. I don’t know why I’m so happy to see my S1 at #1, I did it, I’m not one of the stupid customers! It does deserve it though, they had me at 10bit+IBIS. And yes, the ergonomics are superior. In terms of low light, doesn’t the S1 also have dual iso?
  20. Yes, I mean Sony already has IBIS in their APS-C’s, but it’s unusable. I’m not here to defend this camera, there’s a lot left to be desired, but don’t hate it because it’s beautiful and plastic (like my hometown of LA here).
  21. What’s with all the hate, it’s an alternate-looking Z50, and last I checked the Z50 was pretty well reviewed. Granted, I doubt I’ll sell my S1 for it, but hell, isn’t Nikon days away from bankruptcy? They’re trying out something that the masses might actually buy, I get it. Has phase detection, un-cropped 4K, it’s no worse off than one of the Sony APS-C’s.
  22. Yeah, well resolve has a whole slew of controls in the raw adjustment settings area, you could do a complete grade just from that one section, contrast, shadow/highlight recovery, WB, saturation. FCP offers WB and exposure adjustment. Everything else needs a plug-in added to adjust. And the raw adjust is in the footage’s info section, and you can’t copy it from one clip to the next, the whole thing just doesn’t seem all that intuitive.
  23. I actually just returned a Ninja V back to Amazon today after playing around with it and Prores raw the past few days. I didn’t think the extra weight and size was worth it relative to the IQ bump I was seeing in raw, I just wasn’t blown away. Plus as a longtime Davinci Resolve user who had to jump back to FCP after many years away from it in order to work with Prores raw, I wasn’t happy, not thrilled with the raw control in FCP.
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