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  1. No, but I see a bunch of us jumping on this camera in a few weeks with an EF adaptor, and eventually some of us will probably give in buy some L-mount lenses, and Sigma will have won.
  2. Hey guys, what did I miss? Anyway, preorders start to tomorrow I hear?
  3. This is also properly scaled? Last time I used it it was either choppy/B&W (but properly scaled) or smooth/color (but cropped in, and not even center cropped at that). This has improved?
  4. Have there been any recent improvements with the live view? I haven't shot any ML raw in almost a year, but I check in to this forum every once in a while because I do miss it; I just couldn't get past how hard it was to focus with live view the way it was on the EOS-M.
  5. You're saying I need to actually come to the country to understand what's happening here? I was there two years ago, my 73 year old Dad got pickpocketed within the first few hours, lesson learned!
  6. I use the Music app in Catalina beta, its great.
  7. I don't think omitting 24p means they are pivoting this camera from one audience to a different audience- and I am SURE they would love the the "24p audience" to buy this camera. This isn't like Fuji putting IBIS in an X-H1 but not in an X-T3, or another company not making their camera weather sealed bc its geared towards soccer moms. This is one little setting that was left out of the UI, for god knows what reason, but I think potential customers have a right to be annoyed by it, especially considering Canon has a history of stifling their own innovation and limiting cameras in terms of features. Its annoying! Maybe it is a sensor issue, but history shows that it wouldn't be surprising if its just some douchebag exec at Canon saying that "market research shows that..." Also on a side note, I work at NBC here in the states, and all the footage that we get in from the shows all comes to us at 23.98, nothing is shot at 29.97, even though we transcode and export to 29.97. And yes, while it took a while to happen, as all the networks switch over to streaming services (NBC in 2020!) everything is 4k going forward. And the forum grows silent as others follow suit. Should we talk about the weather?
  8. As I mentioned earlier, I got a used RX100VA today, and its great. This new one that came out today is also great. I’m not one of the ones who are going to tear Sony a new one just because they released an incremental update. It would be nice if they fixed the awful menus, or put a damn grip on the camera, or brought back the ND filter, but either way, this new one is incrementally better than last year’s, so if you are buying for the first time it’s better than buying last years for the same price, and that’s good. I think what everyone is saying here is that the hype that this thing is getting, when it’s only slightly better than last years, is a little ridiculous. These guys get flown to Venice, given a free unreleased camera to play with for a day, and then they turn around and upload a video acting like it’s the greatest thing they’ve ever seen (instead of just a slightly better version of the thing they played with last year around this time). If you go from a Prius to a Model X you’re probably going to be really excited. If you go from a 2018 Honda Accord to a 2019 Accord, not so much. This is that.
  9. What is there to understand? I actually, just today, picked up a used RX100VA from BHPhoto for $700, I've owned every RX100 except the III and VI, and I wholeheartedly agree with this post. The idea that only positive things should be written is absurd, if it weren't for posts like these there may be some poor bastard who actually goes out and spends $1200 on this camera. I'll buy a used one for cheap(ish), but yes, please don't encourage Sony to keep doing this crap. Stop releasing a new version every year with some small, incremental changes just to try to trick people into feeling like their awesome, 9-month old camera is now archaic. Come back to us when you have some real changes. Eurgonomics, UI, codec, something. The biggest revolution in this camera line was last year's, with the lens, and most would say that was a step backwards in many ways. Keep going Andrew.
  10. I understand, I’ve gone through one myself already (having also owned the original, before it could even shoot raw, and hanging onto that one for several years) but getting the 4K version, by the time I got it I felt like maybe that ship had already passed, as it actually just made me appreciate the IQ of my X-T3 even more, as it didn’t blow the Fuji out of the water as I was expecting. I may just sit back and watch how this all plays out before recommitting to one.
  11. Yeah, I did sit down last night to ‘develop’ some of the raw files from the camera for the first time, in Lightroom, and found myself a little blown away by how good they looking, I may have to keep it and figure out a different route to the bmpcc 4K.
  12. Damn, I just bought a GRIII, I might have to return and repurchase a BMPCC4K now after seeing this.
  13. But h.265 is so much better than h.264.
  14. I agree, bless the X-T3, its the one camera I've owned (out of, unfortunately, many) that has withstood the constant onslaught of 'newer-and-better' temptations, I almost feel cured of GAS. This Sigma, though, may have to be a second body for me.
  15. I don’t see this coming in at cheaper than $2,000
  16. So many questions about rules- when is someone gonna post something? I’m ready to be inspired.
  17. Yeah, I ordered mine from Adorama last week, got it last Friday, returned it today, sadly. BHPhoto has them in stock now too. I read on the BM forums yesterday that BM confirmed that new versions of the camera can't downgrade the firmware to get back CDNG, and they claim it's because they had to switch their LCD screen supplier... So I wonder if this sudden availability has to do with having solved their LCD issue.
  18. Looks pretty good for stills. For video, I think I still prefer my X-T3.
  19. I guess it depends on what crop mode you are using... I've been using the (1504x1920) 1x3 binning mode pretty exclusively the past few weeks and the "realtime" preview (not "framing preview") is streched vertically in a big way. Pretty sure that is a just how it is with 1x3, restarting the camera doesn't change that.
  20. I'm not sure I follow- I use the 1x3 binning mode all the time, and the stretched or off-center liveview can't be fixed by rebooting, it's just how it is in ML. Very hard to shoot with unless the camera is locked off and focus doesn't need to change.
  21. Hard to shoot properly when you can't really see through the viewfinder though, no?
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